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Hi friends! Today I’ll be sharing with you a list of apps that I’ve found useful in my life as a student. I’m currently in my second week at community college and adjusting to that #collegelife. A lot of these apps are helpful for both high school and college students while some pertain to living on campus/ meeting new people. This is not a comprehensive list by any means, but I hope you find some new apps that may have some purpose for you!



an app a lot of you probably already know about, forest allows you to set a timer for long you want to be productive and stay off your phone. In that time, a tree grows and is placed in your digital forest. If you go into another app during the time, however, the tree will die :(


- a well-known language learning app, duolingo is simple to use and focuses on words and sentence structure in your target language.


similar to duolingo, but has a larger database of words and generally more to it. try both out to see which you like more!


a classic/ essential! create notecards and use a variety of methods to study them. my favorite part is that you can input your next test date and it will create a study plan for you and remind you to keep revising until you’ve mastered all the concepts.

I would also recommend downloading the app for whatever your school’s online learning platform is (if you use one). It’s so helpful to be able to quickly check what assignments you have due, check grades, and message your instructors right from your phone.


Cronometer- a simple and very comprehensive food tracker that has every food you can think of and shows you every macro and micronutrient you’ve consumed. it is important to make sure you’re consuming the proper amount of nutrients and this is the only app i’ve found that is free and shows you everything. there is also a place to log your weight and other biometrics and see trends over time.

Lifesum- another food tracker that gives tips on how to be healthier. beautiful interface and easy to use, although more in depth features require a membership.

MC- my cycles is a period tracker that allows you to input your flow, symptoms, mood, and any medications to effectively track your period with a simple and beautiful interface.

Foodstand- a great app for tracking nutrition, fitness, and water intake goals. all you have to do is draw a checkmark on the screen every time you’ve taken a step towards your selected goal!

Stop, breathe, and think- a fantastic meditation app! Input how you are feeling mentally and physically and the app will generate a list of guided meditations for you to choose from.

Sworkit- strength, cardio, flexibility, and yoga workouts, many of which don’t require equipment and are dorm friendly. you can even customize your own workout with your favorite moves!

Waterminder- water and liquid tracker, there’s all there is to it!

LaLa Lunchbox- this app is geared towards little kids but it allows you to create a meal plan and put foods from each category into your “lunchbox” to create an easy and healthy meal. depending on what foods you select for the week, the app generates a shopping list as well! this is so important to me since i commute and there is nowhere on campus to buy food.


Sleeptown- from the same developers as forest, you input your bedtime and wake up time and leave the app open while you sleep (your phone can be turned off). while you sleep, a building is constructed and added to your town. if you go to bed too late or go on your phone, the building is destroyed. it has an alarm in app and helps to develop a consistent sleep schedule.

Carrot Alarm- this app was KEY for me back when i had trouble waking up in the mornings. basically, the AI robot screams at you and forces you to perform certain tasks in order to turn the alarm off. I wouldn’t recommend if you live in a dorm unless your roommate is on board.

Sleep Time- a sleep tracker that monitors your breathing and movement to determine the best time to wake you up so you don’t feel groggy in the morning.


Heyy- this is such a fun app for when you’re making connections with a ton of new people. Input any contact information and social medias into the app and when you meet someone, you select which information to share with them via airdrop. makes meeting new people so much easier!

Spaceteam- a fun game that requires multiple people to safely guide a spaceship through the galaxy. great for in the dorms when you and your friends want something silly to do, also great for making new friends!

1 Second Everyday- simply film one second of video everyday and the app compiles them into a single video so you can look back on all you did in the year.


Productive- to do list and habit tracker with a simple and modern interface.

Thinglist- one list for all your tv shows, books, places, and other bucket list items.

Pinterest- find links and photos for studyspo, study tips, life hacks, style ideas, recipes, and sooo much more! you can organize them into “boards” so you can always find what you’re looking for.

Daily Budget- input your weekly income (or how much money you’ll allow yourself to spend in a week) and the app divides it among the days in the week. whenever you spend money the app deducts from that day (and the next if you spend too much) and any money you have left carries over to the next day.

Starbucks- the Starbucks app is great because it allows you to digitalize your gold card (spend $75 and get a free drink or food item) and gift cards, place mobile orders, and partake in challenges to earn more rewards.


Youtube- pretty self-explanatory, but you can find so many tips for school, life, health, etc. on youtube!

Google Photos- free up phone space by automatically backing up all of your photos online.

Spotify- find and create playlists for any mood, including sleeping or studying. the free version works great but premium membership is only $5/month for students!

Netflix- obviously.

There you have it, the apps I can’t live without! I hope you find them helpful! Study hard!

Part Two 

Paralyzed (Grayson x Reader)


Requested: Nope, just an idea I’ve been having for a while.

Summary: You, Ethan and Grayson grew up together. You were very close to both of them but you were closer to Grayson causing deeper feelings to arise, it became harder and harder to control those feelings especially since he keeps coming for girl advice to you.

Word count: 1453

Warnings: Sad, all over the place.

(A/N) : I haven’t written anything in a very long time so my writing is pretty rusty, I apologies for that.

Growing up with two very sporty and energetic boys was hard at times, especially since you weren’t a very sporty person. Ethan and Grayson have always tried to get you into sports and they succeeded as you played a variety of sports with them when you guys were younger.

School was hard, people were making fun of you for hanging out with them, they often teased you saying that you were dating both of them. Mean words were thrown at you and they defended you every time. Ethan was better at keeping his cool and he was only throwing words back at the bullies, you couldn’t say the same about Grayson. He was the one getting more physical when guys were starting to really bother you and some of them touching you without consent.

You understood the reasons as to why they left but they left you alone to fend for yourself. With time, you grew immune to the insults and started defending yourself when the guys or girls were starting to get physical. You owed it to Grayson and Ethan for teaching you how to do so. Having two masculine influences growing up was starting to become an advantage.

When they decided to move to Los Angeles it was one of the most devastating moments in your life. You were so mad at them that you didn’t even help them pack and you didn’t even say goodbye.

“Gray, we have to go. We need to arrive in time at the airport to get trough security, we waited long enough. She isn’t coming.” Ethan tried to make Grayson get in the car as he was standing on the front porch of your house.

You were in your room, tears streaming down your face as you peaked from the window of your bedroom. You were afraid that the moment you hugged him, you weren’t going to be able to pull apart. Not only did they left you by yourself in school but they were going to leave you for good. Visiting during summer wasn’t enough and it wasn’t the same.

The day they left wasn’t the most devastating moment, it was a close second. The most devastating moment is happening right now.

You were in Grayson’s room, on his bed to be precise. You were staring at him as he was running his hand trough his hair in agitation. He was rambling to you about this girl he saw on Instagram. That girl was gorgeous, you couldn’t deny it. No one could. He’s been talking about her for about a week.

You tried to push the strong feelings that you had developed for Grayson but you couldn’t anymore. It was killing you inside, seeing him look at girls that he meets, a certain way. The way his eyes sparkle, the way he bites his lip eyeing the girl up and down. His face becoming flushed, he begins stuttering. You were seeing those reactions for those others girls.

With you he was his normal self, you know all of his emotions, form angry, to sad, to happy, to goofy. You have never experienced the flushed Grayson though. Now, you have, for another girl.

“Should I message her? No, that would be too weird. I mean, what do I say?” He has been rambling on and on.

“How about you text her a hey, Gray? Don’t you think that would be a good start for a conversation?” You asked him as you placed your hand on his shoulder, in order to ease his nerves.

You were very good at masking your emotions, at pretending that everything was fine.

“You’re right. I’m such an idiot for getting so worked up.” He chuckles as he wraps his arm around your waist giving your hip a little squeeze as he places a gentle peck on your cheek.

“What would I do that you, Y/N?” He asks with his big, mesmerizing smile.

You have him a weak one in return, the one you thought resembled a grimace.

That night, you had difficulty sleeping, it was becoming harder and harder to control your emotions. It’s been so long since you discovered that you were falling for him. How could you not? He’s the nicest guy you ever met, besides Ethan of course they were both very similar in that way.

Grayson could change your bad mood with just a simple smile, he had that kind of a big power on you. It was becoming too hard for you, being so close to him and not act upon your feelings.

Not seeing him that often was suppose to help and it did in a way. When you weren’t around him, you had the illusion that your feelings subsided but once you come and see him again, staying with him for three months of vacation. It’s a lot and the departure destroys you.

The night before the day you were supposed to return home in New Jersey, your feelings were all over the place, it was becoming too much for you. You couldn’t control your breathing, your mind was in a very dark place and you couldn’t escape all the bad thoughts. You had to tell him.

You, Ethan and Grayson came home after being out, you were distant the whole night.

“Okay, Y/N, you need to tell me what’s going on. I’m here, I’m always here to listen and you know that. Did the fans we saw earlier say anything bad to you? If they did you need to tell me.” Grayson pressured as he crouched in front of you as you were sitting on the edge of the bed.

You shook your head with a frown. “No, they didn’t say anything bad. They were really nice actually. It’s just…something that has been on my mind for a really long time and I don’t know how to say it. I’m say it, actually.”

Grayson’s worried expression changed to a confused one. You were scared? You’ve never been scared to tell him anything before.

“I..” You stopped as you had to take a deep breath, your heart was pounding. You squeezed your eyes shut. You had to do this, it was hurting you too much.

“I can’t come visit anymore.” You blurred out quickly. Your eyes opened wide as you stare at him, that wasn’t how you planed to tell him.

His eyebrows scrunched, his mouth was parted as he stared at you.

“Wha-what? What do you mean you can’t visit anymore? Are you guys having money troubles? Because I told you before, we’d be happy to pay for your ticket, we said that since the beginning-”

“No! Grayson, it’s not money problems. I just can’t be around you anymore.” You interrupted him, getting up as you started pacing around the room.

You couldn’t look at him, you couldn’t see his hurt expression after you said that. Grayson didn’t get were that was coming from. What did you mean by that? What did he do wrong?

“Did I do something wrong?” He asks, his voice quiet and wary.

You quickly shook your head and stopped pacing, you were facing him now, his eyes were filled with sadness.

“No, you’re doing everything right and that’s the problem.” You said, your voice beginning to shake as tears were welling up into your eyes.

“I can’t be around you anymore without wanted to hold your hand or kiss you. I can’t watch you fall for other girls. I can’t be the best friend. I’m sorry, Grayson. I tried, trust me. I really tried to bury these feelings away. Our friendship means so much to me but for a while now, all it does is hurt me.” You finally let it all out, tears were running down your cheeks. Your vision was so blurry that you could only see his figure. The lump in your throat made it hard for you to finish your sentences.

Grayson was speechless, he couldn’t believe what he was hearing. How did he not see that his best friend was hurting. How did he not see that he was the cause of your suffering. He slowly made his way towards you and wrapped his arms around you, letting you cry into his chest. He was holding your shaking body to him, holding back his own tears.

“I’m sorry.” He apologized quietly. What was he apologizing for? Was he sorry for not noticing? For not return your feelings? Or both?

The day of your flight, your said your goodbyes to both of them. You couldn’t look Grayson in the eyes, the guilt that was in them made your heart ache, your heart has suffered too much already.

(A/N) : Well that was pretty crappy, I’m sorry like I said my writing is pretty rusty. Leave some feedback, is you want and if you guys have any requests I’ll be happy to hear them out! Thank you for reading !

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Have you ever been in a situation, wherein you just want to give in and let death take you and your pain?

Where everything is falling apart, like nothing good is happening, people are leaving, eyes of disappointments, failures; multiple heart aches and struggles that never ends.

Depression is such an ass. He can be your friend at times, but mostly your enemy.

It makes you weak and sometimes people don’t understand the problem of being depressed.They make fun of the situation prolly because they’ve
never been in that kind of pain. And yes, I know we’re all struggling with our own problems and pain;

that we should just suck it up and be brave and continue living. That we should be positive at all times.

But you forgot that we are all different.

Have you not realize, how many times they’ve considered it? Being strong, and positive? It’s double the times you told them to suck it up and be brave. Thousand times they have to force themselves to be okay in the eyes of others.

And it is quite exhausting to live a lifeless life.

to pretend you’re okay, when you’re not,

to say you’re fine, even though you’re breaking apart,

to smile, even if you’re crying in the inside.

And let me tell you dear it is not easy to be brave when you’re at war with yourself. Constant battles in your head, and it’s tiresome to live like that. To live your life to what other expect you to live.

So to you my friend,
my dear.

It’s okay now,
it’s okay if you’re unhappy, you can let it all out. You can cry if you don’t want to smile, it’s okay to get tired, it’s okay not to fight and pause for awhile

it’s okay.

Take some rest.

But never let depression eat you and take your life away from you.

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Okay. I feel the need to freaking mention a few things here. First off, is there a need to be that close to each other? I mean seriously, guys! Why would you stand that close together especially in those get-ups! What gives? Some people like to make shippers feel insane and dirty, but look at you! You have crossed each other’s personal space and are practically inside of the other by how close you are.   

Secondly, really Rhett? You’re on camera and you are practically brushing your crotch on Link’s arm. Another inch and their would be friction on your nether regions. Either: A. you don’t give a shit who sees your thirstiness, B. you are unconsciously doing it and that’s a whole other story C. it has become second natural to be that close to your boyfriend that it is just pure habit. or D. You’re doing it to get a reaction or create “awkwardness” as Link put it in the AMA.

I absolutely love these two. And I adore the fandom. Sometimes, I feel like this is just an exercise in creativity.  A way to make gifs/fics, have fun and connect with other like minded people. But then I see shit like this and it makes me do a double take. Like is there really something to all of this shipping. I feel like there is more to this relationship than even we (we, shippers) like to imagine. It really makes you think. 

Shadowhunters is finally back on our screens and we couldn’t be more excited. Before we all get too deep into the new season, we just wanted to say thank you to all the people who’ve helped making these last three months a little more fun! Thank for wanting to participate in our little fandom event, either by cheering from the sidelines or by creating wonderful content every week!

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Love, the SHAUMondays squad

It’s the holiday season! Everyone at the Shadowhunters Rarepair Network wanted to celebrate by hosting a gift exchange! If you love Shadowhunters and rarepairs and making fun content for other people who love Shadowhunters and rarepairs, feel free to join in!



  • applications close on december 5th
  • giftees will be assigned by december 10th
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Imagine going to a cafe with Hoshi

  • saw you being stressed out with work and everything
  • so he decided to cheer you up 
  • eventhough you didn’t have time, you agreed (because this annoying shit jumped on you and didn’t want to move until you say yes)
  • of course he ordered multiple drinks at once 
  • with extra cream, cause he’s hosh
  • “ah look, I have something on my lip. could you pleaaase remove it?” *puppy eyes*
  • makes fun of people passing
  • holds your hand while talking about everything that comes to his mind
  • “you know, eventhough you don’t wear makeup or anything today. you look very very beautiful today”
  • you could tell by his eyes, that he was being honest