making fun of white people

And honestly to white people making fun of poc for being terrified of Trump being president, to white people who say shit like “racism is over”, or when confronted with racism say “I don’t see race/color”, like fuck you. Just because racism never affected you doesn’t mean you ever had a right to tell us that our experiences are invalid or undermine our fears of trump becoming president. People are literally marching in the streets telling us that we don’t belong in this country, that the color of our skin or our religion offends them so much that they want us dead. And for any white person who’s gonna try to say this is “freedom of speech” or equate this to blm or the women’s march then just fuck of …please. People of color and jewish people have every right to be terrified at this moment, don’t try to invalidate our fears.

Zen Wisteria vs. the World

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Does reverse racism exist?

no, no, no. Racial prejudice can be directed at white people (like making fun of their obsessive need to nay nay and dab) but racism is intertwined with power relations and privilege. You can’t be racist to white people because they sit at the top of the systematic racial hierarchy. Many white people call black power such as black lives matter racist against white people, however, rebellion, and even anger, is a legitimate response to oppression - if a group of oppressed people fear or slander white people for the oppression carried out in their ‘whiteness’ it’s not racist, it’s fighting for justice in the face of systematic abuse which would otherwise go unnoticed. Bottom line: Racism requires privilege and power, both of which are held by the white population after hundreds upon hundreds of years of genocide and abuse against POC. White people are not oppressed.

Black tumblr (cause it's mostly black tumblr and y'all know it)

So ima tell y'all where I stand on this. Idc that I don’t like white people. what you will not do is make fun of any person, regardless of race, for their mental illness! (Unless they just a shitty person cause tbh mental illnesses are not an excuse for you to be racist, sexist, misogynistic, or just shitty in general)

I keep seeing videos and posts where black people and other poc are making fun of white people for doing things they view as “crazy” when it is stated that the person has a mental illness.

Unless the bitch actually crazy I need y'all to stop.

I keep seeing posts with people going on about being “bullied” for being not white. 
“OMG when I was little, people teased me because I have an ethnic last name that is hard to pronounce!”

“When I was in preschool, kids made fun of my lunch because my mom packed Chinese food and all the other kids had lunchables! TRIGGERED.”

“I HATE WHITE PEOPLE because I was made fun of in 8th grade for wearing a bindi! Those evil white kids!”

You know what? I’m white, and all the other white kids made fun of me in gym because I had chubby little toes so they all started calling me ‘sausage toes’. You are NOT special, kids will literally make fun of people for anything. It’s not because you aren’t white, it’s because kids are stupid! Everybody was made fun of for something while they were in school. Sit down, drink a glass of water, quit being a whiny bitch and GET OVER IT. 

This is not a trick post or a cleverly worded post. This is because I want different perspectives than mine, because I have slightly warped aliefs and beliefs concerning these things.

I’d like to ask what people on Tumblr think about this statement-

“Everyone who has not made a particular effort not to be racist is racist. Because [specific girl who is white who the speaker doesn’t know well] hasn’t ever been exposed to antiracism, she’s inherently going to be racist.”

And then how about this statement-

“Every day I wake up feeling outraged at the way that black people and black bodies are treated in this society.”

I am particularly interested in whether this is a normal state of affairs for black people in general. I am most interested in how other people who have similar feelings have dealt with and assimilated these feelings in a healthy, non-toxic way.

And then this statement-

“It’s impossible for you to empathize and relate to the world the way that I see it, as a black woman.”

Are they true, are they false, are they technically true but kind of inaccurate nonetheless, or so on?

wtf is wrong with the world. someone not apart of your culture loves your culture so much they want to join in it and you all blast them for that? make fun of them cuz they don’t know perfect pronunciation or whatever. how is that  negativity supposed to make the world a better place? all it does is make people afraid to embrace your culture, therefore separating us all… it only adds to the hate we see in the world that’s derived from not embracing our differences.

 like what if kpop stars did that to non koreans singing their music? do you think these kpop stars care if non-koreans pronounce words not 100% perfectly or do you think they’re fucking happy that non-koreans are enjoying korean music/culture and want to be apart of it? that’s a legit fucking question. do you think luis fonsi or daddy yankee called jb a gringo when they ALLOWED him to remix the song in spanish? no, they were happy that a non spanish-speaking person was listening to their music (just like we are when non-english people love our music).

i’m seeing so many people shit on justin bieber because he tried to sing in spanish to respect the SPANISH roots, instead of hijacking a spanish song with shitty english verses and you’re all beating him up about it? 

this is a song in almost all spanish

and its #1 on the billboard hot 100. in the US.  it’s the first song in spanish to top the charts here since macarena from 1996  and instead of looking at this as an opportunity to broaden the embracement of spanish/hispanic/latin culture, people are making fun of “white girls” because they were introduced to reggaeton because jb sang in spanish on a remix of an already global hit. 

when people try to embrace different cultures they get shat on but then y’all complain about how people outside of your culture don’t understand you. 

music is supposed to be fun, the safe space away from bs like this but nope, people would rather be assholes. 

Actual white people baby names I have encountered in the wild, part 1

(to preface, I am in no way trying to make fun of the children. white people just have this really, really odd tendency to come up with really, really peculiar names. i am a white people. i understand we are ridiculous with the way we choose names. please enjoy the cringe as much as i have, but never, ever mock a child for their name. they didn’t pick it.)

  • Rally
  • Benz
  • Emberlie
  • Nyxon
  • Rizal
  • Varik
  • Jagger
  • LaysaLeea
  • Vine
  • Vanellope (i kid you not, like the girl from Wreck-It Ralph)
  • Mase
  • BraxLee
  • Feyra
  • Nouvalee
  • Kisty
  • Glacien
  • Kili (yes, like the dwarf)
  • Swasey
  • Tytan
  • Samule
  • Baisi
  • Krag
  • Kru
  • Crew
  • Anaeli
  • Kylynn (encountered this twice)
  • Janeika
  • VaLeea

and my favorite

  • siblings Cagalli and Athrum, which are apparently based off anime characters who are lovers, except Athrum is supposed to be with an “n” not an “m”?

Y’all, as a white people who will one day name babies, I’m sorry on behalf of white people who name babies.

But also, I have more for later.

I really do love Fuller House but their cultural appropriation is just sooooo face palm worthy like how do they get away with this???? Dressing up like Geishas? The only black kids on the show are the bad students who go to summer school? Danny Tanner dressing “gangster”??? I mean at least they make fun of white people (and Trump) too but it’s so cringy sometimes 

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I hate when black people make fun of white people in so many different ways buy when it's the other way around it's considered racism. Racism goes both ways.


like youre literally saying someone making fun of the way you dance when the beat drops is the same thing as being shot by the police purely because of tour skin color.

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I'm sorry, but people definitely can go from Mercy's skintone to McCree's with a tan. I'm not saying that that makes Jesse white, but the "seasoned colouring" you made fun of it's something very common in some areas (southern Europe, for example).

Jesse Mcree still has a marginal chance of being white, Bunabi. Here’s how Mcree can still be white, Bunabi. Don’t make fun of real colored whites of color people, Bunabi. These are your priorities?? You live like this??

The issue here is that people would literally rather concoct headcanons and reach for justifications and stretch all potential ways their whiteness can be canon than accept a simple explanation for their complexion: being non-white.

It happens in every fandom. In players defending Fenris’s complexion as a side-effect of Danarius’ lyrium experiments. In fanartists trying to unwravel the mysteries of Peridot’s hair when it easily just be a shaped fro.

Please, at least by your second-hand bystander on-the-outside-looking-in empathy, try to understand how ludicrous and annoying it is watching this happen over and over and over and over.

It doesnt matter how many hypothetical dark whites live in the hills of Europe. The “assumed white and tanned until proven POC” mentality has to go.

LOL you may not be a racist for making fun of individual white people or other non-blacks, but you can still get this call out for being an asshole. Some people go to far with their “wokeness.” If you don’t like the person, that’s one thing. But going out of your way to make fun of them and even cyber-bully them is another. No one needs to see you take pictures of strange white people and calling them ugly for retweets or notes.

y’all ever remember how seabury was literally pointless and was only there for people to make fun of him? and how people (primarily white fans) still cling to him and make entire blogs based off him even though hamilton is about including poc in the historical narrative and seabury is 1 of the only 2 white ppl in the whole damn obc

the trend of ending posts with middle aged suburban white people names in order to make fun of people who say stupid shit is not a possession of black culture just because white is one of the listed demographics, bonnie