making fun of the states

ok New Jersey is the butt of just about everyone’s jokes, and so it honestly shocks me that no one ever talks about pork roll. Because it is frankly the most hilarious thing about New Jersey.

Pork roll is a pork-based processed meat that’s served as a patty. It’s essentially a hotdog shaped like a hamburger, and it’s exactly as disgusting and horrifying as it sounds.

Except everyone in New Jersey loves pork roll. We fucking love it. Every deli offers it as part of a sandwich, and some people just order it as a side and eat it with a fork and knife. The capital of our state literally has a yearly pork roll festival. Even the McDonald’s in New Jersey will make you a pork roll egg and cheese (called a “Jersey breakfast” around here). We are fucking serious about our pork roll.

I forgot to mention the best part, which is that only half of us call it pork roll. The other half calls it Taylor ham. North Jersey says Taylor ham and south jersey says pork roll, and central jersey is our Switzerland because they say both. Multiple New Jersey newspapers have done studies to try to figure out where the line between the two names is, and they’ve come out with tons of different maps trying to show exactly where the border between Taylor ham and pork roll is.

And this isn’t a friendly debate: people in New Jersey are ready to go to war and die over what the correct name for this lunch meat is. I went to college in central jersey, and I witnessed people get into legit FIGHTS over what it’s called.

The most hilarious part, though, is that a couple years back, state legislators thought it would be fun and easy to make it the official state sandwich. Except then they DIDNT KNOW WHAT TO CALL IT, and the politicians we elected to represent us literally spent our tax dollars debating the name of this lunch meat on the fucking senate floor. And the best part? They never made a decision and dropped the bill altogether. The debate between pork roll and Taylor ham rages on, and probably will forever.


“I swear I heard a voice just now, though…”

(slight redo! had to add the magic that I forgot and upped the glow a little. c:)

equius  asked:

i just moved to texas like two weeks ago and i am overwhelmed by all of the texas things, like, i went to HEB and there was cheese shaped like texas i was crying??

like other states make fun of texas but they genuinely fail to grasp how texan texas is we have texas shaped everything

texas shaped gravestones

texas shaped mirrors

texas shaped cheese

texas shaped pools

texas shaped glasses

honestly i could go on tldr is that if you can think of it you can probably buy it shaped like texas

Discovered this afternoon, my favorite appellation for 45: Twittler, our SCROTUS (So-Called Ruler of the United States)

He’s just so EASY to make fun of.  Makes you almost forget the scary train he’s riding on.

His ||Jungkook|| 0.2

Member: Jungkook x Reader

Type: Angst, Fluff, Smut.

Teaser | 0.1 | 0.2

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to you, i thee wed (chapter nine)

They didn’t know they were marrying each other until the bride got to the altar. And then panic ensued. Married at First Sight AU.


Parts: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

WC: 8.5K

thanks @booksfullofme for the edits :)

The morning air is crisp, an icy wind settling into her lungs as Marinette gazes into the Atlantic Ocean shining brightly from the warm sun. They have oddly been blessed by good weather despite the first snowstorm that trapped them here. Not that Marinette is complaining; Faroe Islands—Vagar, to be exact—has been wonderful and a breath of fresh air.

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Jungkook has shown that he cares about Jimin in multiple ways. He acts harsh but at the same time he would treat him with a gentleness that you would have to take a second glance and make sure it’s really him. He would go out of his way to make sure that his presence is known and that there’s someone that loves him. He knows the type of person Jimin is and takes care of him in his own way.

People think he doesn’t care but he do. Think of it like this, a boyfriend would tease you and sometimes make joke that can go too far but if someone else do it. It’s a big no, no. For example remember the time when he scolded someone that he has looked up to for the longest when they said a joke about Jimin. That someone was Namjoon and once he had taken his attention off the camera, you can hear him scolding him in the background. Mind you, Jungkook did a quick laugh for the camera but once he had taken his attention off of it. He became serious and actually scolded his hyung. Now we all know how in South Korea it’s a big deal to show respect and all but he knows Jimin is the type of person to just smile but secretly he’s affected by the comment just as much as anybody else who has a low self-esteem. At that moment it wasn’t a hyung-dosesang thing but a concern boyfriend to a friend, who knows that his boyfriend isn’t as strong as people made him out to be. Also take into consideration that he didn’t do that for anyone else. He makes fun of Jimin but would be the first to defend him.

He stated multiple times that he doesn’t share clothes. He made it apparent that he dislikes the very idea of even sharing clothes. But he made an exception. His exception is Jimin. It doesn’t count if other members takes his clothes without permission. It was caught on camera more than once with him offering his clothes and him holding it out willing for Jimin to take it. To show that it’s okay and he doesn’t mind. He doesn’t hesitate to give him(Jimin) his clothes, such as his jacket or shirt. He doesn’t care if Jimin takes his food and let’s do a mental count with how many times Jungkook has feed Jimin himself or even gave Jimin his own drinks. Let’s also remember how he handles Taehyung differently compare to Jimin. There a significant difference to how he treats them separately even though Jimin and Taehyung are both 95 liners and are both his best friends. Taehyung can’t get away with half of the stuff that Jimin does. He doesn’t rough up Jimin the way he roughs up Taehyung. He also allows Jimin to hit him, but if Taehyung does it he would push or hit him back without hesitation.

He doesn’t refer to Jimin as Jimin-hyung, which by itself is a testament to how close they are. There always the long questionable stares that he gives to Jimin as well. Plus his tendencies to stay close to Jimin. If you see Jimin, you see Jungkook and its vice verse. Don’t also forgot about the times were Jungkook would hold Jimin and would become oblivious to everything and everyone around him but Jimin. He’s doesn’t do that with anyone and even if he was to hug someone it would either be a side hug or a brief hug. While with Jimin it would take a while for him to even separated from him. He has to have a warning look given to him for him to even step back or be reminded that they’re in public. You can tell that’s he’s reluctant to even let go as he lingers around and slowly retract his arms from around him.

He’s also makes it apparent that he doesn’t want no one touching Jimin as well. He expressed his jealousy with his band members multiple times, even with Yoongi and Namjoon. He may have not done it vocally but his body language changes and his facial expression shifts. Jungkook has the habit of doing the tongue thing when he’s jealous, right? Remember when they were watching their performance with Spring day and when it came to Yoongi and Jimin part he did it.

He even moved Yoongi when he was standing besides Jimin and placed himself next to Jimin. A friend who doesn’t hold romantic feelings wouldn’t go through the trouble of even doing that because there the chance of you guys sitting next to each other or interacting at home. You guys see each other everyday and have almost the same exact schedule. Even if you guys aren’t together you guys are in a group of 7 people. Doesn’t it seem a bit odd that you only want that place besides Jimin to only be occupied by you? Which brings to the fact that they’re closer than you think beyond friendship. It was a very glaring and obvious move on his part.

There was also the time when Taehyung sat next to Jimin and Jungkook was behind them. He purposely made Taehyung leave his spot and took the seat beside Jimin himself.

Now let’s talk about back hugs. I just had to add this in here since y'all got me started.

He doesn’t do it to just anybody. He does it with Jimin. An iconic moment was at the Seoul music award when they were posing for a group picture. Once again his jealousy got the better of him once he saw J-hope and Jimin together. You can see him saying something to J-hope and out of left field he moves. While J-hope move, Jungkook went behind Jimin and completely disregarded everything around them once again and didn’t seem to care about the picture they were about to take. Jimin on the other hand may have just ignored him but he didn’t pull away. If Jimin didn’t feel comfortable he would have moved. Even if people say they fight a lot, remember they’re always back together at the end of the day and I felt that J-hope was a reminder of the fact that Jimin is a very attractive person. A person that many people have swooned over. They may have fought that day but for Jungkook to see Jimin pressed up against J-hope could have been an eye opener.

The face Jungkook made as he closed his eyes while he rested his head on Jimin’s shoulder could be interpreted as peaceful to others. But I think of it as acceptance. He accepts the fact that they fight. He accepts the fact that they aren’t perfect but most importantly he accepts the fact that he loves Jimin and would make it known that he’s a jealous man. With that it came peace as he relax with Jimin in his arms. If I’m not mistaken they posted something the same day with them smiling together. There were other moments were Jungkook would back hug Jimin, but I think the music award is a good example.

Instead of Jimin doing the chasing it’s now Jungkook. The only difference is that now the feeling is mutual. There no more hesitation.

And Jesus this took longer than expected.

“Hinata may have been supportive of Naruto in her mind since the beginning, but it did nothing for Naruto, it did not help him at all during his early childhood. It’s no different from people ignoring him or being mean to him because in his mind she was just one of those who ignored him.”

This pisses me off when antis try to blame Hinata for the way Naruto grew up alone. Every problem they have with the series whatever it may be is always pinned on her somehow. The ending, the Ninja War, and now Naruto’s childhood???

Let’s get something straight first. No one was there for Naruto in the beginning.. Not even team 7. He had no one. Hinata was the first person to think of / treat Naruto as an actual person. She’s the only person to ever not doubt or not bully or make fun of him. She’s been behind him 110% of the time. Kishimoto has stated this several times.

During Naruto’s early childhood Hinata was a child herself at the time. She had her own problems being shy child inside of an emotionally abusive home. She could have just went with the crowd like everyone else did and have a negative view of Naruto but amazingly, she didn’t.

How about we blame the adults that could’ve made a difference but didn’t?

Jiraiya - He was Naruto’s godfather and was his Minato’s sensei. He could have easily taken Naruto under his wing and raised him.

Minato- Minato did not need to die. There could have been another way of stopping Kurama instead of sealing him inside of his son but he put the village before his life and his own family.

Hiruzen - He left Naruto to become an orphan, could’ve taken care of him but didin’t. Instead he put him in an apartment at the age of 5-6 forcing him to live on his own.

But nope. Let’s blame Hinata for this! This is all her fault right?

Mere Speculation

Part One

Pairing: Jughead Jones x Reader

Summary: Reader is new to Riverdale and peaks Jughead’s curiousity

Warnings: Mentions of death

A/N: This is the first fanfic I’ve ever posted so please go easy on me

Jughead sat in his usual booth in Pop’s, his laptop open in front of him, casting a blue light over his features. He was distracted, however, by the strange girl working behind the counter. She spent much of her time in the kitchen. He caught a few glimpses of her flipping burgers, shaking the oil from baskets of fries, and she would occasionally venture out to work the register while Mrs Lodge waited on tables. Her apron was spattered with grease, her hair pulled up into a ponytail with wisps too short to be tied back hanging out by her neck.

Jughead was intrigued. It wasn’t often a stranger would appear in Riverdale. First Veronica Lodge, now this; and all of it just months after the mysterious death of Jason Blossom. It might all be mere speculation, but speculation was one of Jughead’s favourite pastimes.

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Subtle affection

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Fandom: Marvel

Pairing: Loki x Reader

Gender of the reader: Not specified

Summary: Requested -  Hello! Can I request a reader-insert prompt with Loki from Marvel? The prompt would be “A: Say, B, would you shoot me for a million dollars?“ "B: I would shoot you for free. Why?” Thank you! -by anon

Word count: 774

Warnings: None.

Loki had been ‘in your charge’ for a while now. It all started with your best friend Jane asking you to teach her boyfriend’s brother everything that would make him change his mind and let the idea of ruling the planet go. Why did they trust you with this? Well, basically because you knew a lot of things (and when you didn’t know something you looked it up on Google, as anyone would do) and you had a lot of patience. However they didn’t exactly tell you what to teach him, so in your opinion, the only way to dissuade Loki was to make him see just how much he didn’t want to rule humans.

For him, learning that humans were capable of all those horrible things you told him about only managed to confuse him even more: on the one hand Thor, Jane and the whole lot of the Avengers insisted that humans were amazing and good by nature and needed protection and help rather than orders. On the other hand there was you, telling him just how useless and dumb you all were and how it would be a waste of his time because ‘really, Loki, have you seen us? Our final goal is to destroy ourselves and we don’t even know it. Trump was elected, Loki. We’re doing this to ourselves’.

Loki didn’t like many things, but one of the things he hated the most was not understanding. And so he decided he would stay in Midgard until he figured out what was the truth. But was he going to live by himself? Of course not, no one trusted him to be on his own, therefore he was to have someone with him at all times.

And that was you.

That’s the reason why now Loki and you are at your house, you watching Netflix on the sofa and him doing whatever on his laptop at the table. Every once in a while he would ask you to explain something he didn’t understand but for the most part there was a comfortable silence between you two, only broken by the sound of the TV.

You loved this curious and relaxed side of the god. It was so different from the Loki everyone knew that it made you feel special being able to see him like this and you’d be lying if you said that you saw him as nothing more than a responsibility after all this time you had spent together. And let’s be honest: he was handsome. Really handsome. And he had been nothing but respectful towards you (except the first time you met when he smacked your hand when you offered it for a handshake because you were a ‘filthy human’, but a punch to his face and an ‘it’s (Y/N) for you’ suddenly made you worthy of his respect).

When the episode you were watching ended and you were about to start the next one, Loki startled you with a rather odd question.

“Say, (Y/N), would you shoot me for a million dollars?”

“I would do it for free. Why?” You answered immediately.

Loki seemed perplexed.

“For free?” He repeated with a grimace.

“Yeah. I mean, what are my chances of being able to shoot a god? Got to take the opportunity if it comes. Also, you’d probably disintegrate the bullet before it reached you, so it’s more curiosity than wanting to shoot you.” You explained carefully.

Somehow that relieved him, the fact that you wouldn’t shoot him for… well, being him.

“I wouldn’t shoot you.” The honesty in his voice threw you off.

“How come?”

“You’d get hurt. You humans are too fragile.”

You decided to let the last bit slip, as he was simply stating a fact and not making fun of you.

“Aw, you care” you said jokingly, even if a huge part of you hoped it could be possible.

“It would get boring” he said looking at you.

‘He hasn’t denied it!’ your mind provided.

“They’d probably assign another person to ‘replace’ me” you laughed bitterly.

“To try to replace you” he corrected and when he saw the confused expression you wore, he continued. “No one could ever replace you, (Y/N), you’re too dear to me for another to occupy your place.”

You found yourself at a loss of words. Had he meant what you thought he meant?! You were so busy freaking out that you didn’t notice him getting up from his place at the table and sitting by your side on the sofa, controller in hand.

“So, (Y/N), what are we watching?”

The only audible thing was the intro of the episode.

I hope you liked it!

Requests are open~

I’m seriously tired of people who claim themselves righteous and “supportive”

They say they know you yet they claim to make false claims. Btw I’m 20 years old and yes I study something in STEM and I’m not saying what it is. It could be anything along the lines of life science, computer science, technology or engineering. 

Yet I’m not telling you what because clearly you don’t deserve it. But you know who I detest most? Backstabbers

Yeah, you guys were so supportive of Leafy and drooled the fuck out of him but when he became irrelevant, you guys were like “fuck him”. I guess that’s the world these days. When someone goes down, very few people support them. and most people either make fun of them or ignore them. Although I don’t see much of Leafy’s vids these days, I would never make fun of someone who still sees his videos because I was once a fan for him, so why would I make fun of someone who is? And yes, at times I do support him as I was once his fan. But you guys clearly went on the “hate” bandwagon, it’s disgusting! This is why people get depressed, because toxic people like you make fun of others and state blatant lies and when someone is going downhill, simply neglect them and call people losers who support them. No, they’re not losers…. they’re called “humane people” because humans are supposed to support one another through good and bad times. 

You know what’s more sickening? The fact that people who are supposed “to support you” take sides for the other people who doesn’t support the person they’re “supposed to support” aka @nicoletteesachef. She claims she’s supportive of Leafy, yet takes side of someone who calls Leafy supporters losers!  That’s rather sad honestly. Moreover, I am honestly disgusted by the people who support my haters yet act nice in front of me…. real 2 faced honestly.

Anyways I’m done. I’m going to be starting summer classes rather soon so I’ll be waaay busy doing school work than involve in your stupid drama games. I’m out! I don’t want to have to do anything with you toxic people aka backstabbers. Clearly, I’m writing this an hour before heading off to work so yea I’m a busy gal but tries to multitask, but I ain’t wasting time with you guys no more!  

Anyways, for the other blogs not involved with this drama, I guess you’re quite confused. But just keep in mind, there are actually good people who may not claim they are (believe me I have experienced this irl) and people who act all cuddly with you but break your heart immensely. All I can say is it takes experience to spot a backstabber/ snake. Calvin I hope one day you’ll see who are the type of people you’re involved with and hopefully stay away from them. That’s all I can say right now. This is your life, you make the call… 

P.S I’d like to thank some blogs for being supportive of me because they deserve the praise! @clajira @comedically-blunt @melmayworld @lizziebct @pyroisswag @thestarryknightsky @calvins-ass @leafy-is-a-penguin  @actuallyleafy and @shibainu-komugi for their cute shibes to make my day! Anyways, follow their blogs, they’re cool people! :) 

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London’s Calling

1 || 2 || 3 || 4 || 5 || 6

Chapter Seven: Lonely

Word Count: 2640

☏ ☏ ☏ ☏

Riley Matthews may be considered a chump to many but she’s clever when it comes to hiding her feelings from her loved ones. In the months that have passed since Riley’s first day of school she has been living two lives. One, the version of reality she shares with her parents each evening when she returns from school, similar stories told to her friends back in New York and two, the truth. 

Riley’s first day of school; the story told to her parents.

Nerve wracking of course, new school, new people but overall she’s positive about it. The people are nice and welcoming, her teachers are helpful and the whole experience was one she rambled on and on about. The brunette spins a similar story to Lucas when he calls her that evening. 

Riley wasn’t exactly sure why she lied to them. Part of her felt embarrassed about the truth. Without seeming conceded, Riley partially thought that she’d be big news at the school, being a new student and American but things didn’t exactly go as she imagined. 

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This post is going to be addressing a few opinions that I have seen while I was scrolling through Tumblr.

Earlier as I was scrolling through my feed, I saw a couple of people comment on the fact that some fan fiction is about real people. I had no problem with this at first and it didn’t really bother me. This first post I saw about it was put rather kindly. The second post I saw was down right disrespectful.
The post started out by explaining their option, then finished off with calling everyone that reads fan fiction ‘gross creeps’.
By the time I was finished reading this post I was pretty mad. I decided to scroll through this persons blog to see what all they post about. I saw another post commenting on a fellow reader’s opinion about their first post. They did the same thing again but worse. They insulted us, saying that we were creeps,stalkers, and that we are harassing that people we read about.
I will not stand be these posts and I will not let these people insult us like this. They have a right to their opinion and we have a right to ours. There are millions of ways that they could have stated their beliefs, but making fun of us is not one of them. Like and/or reblog this post is you agree with me.

lavender + vanilla ; one/two

one/two , two/two

pairing; taehyung x reader

genre; angst angst angst

word count; 4.7k

a/n; inspired by a text i saw while scrolling on tumblr

summary; a story about a boy who had forgotten his memory of you

After break ups, you usually would find yourself wanting to forget your significant other in order to heal all the pain by doing multiple things that either included drinking to forget their name, going out for a run to feel at least somewhat better your body and soul, or cleansing your mind entirely by painting or sleeping for a whole month. But in this case, you never thought forgetting someone could lead to a break up.

It was that morning when you remember answering your boyfriend of 3 years, Taehyung, on the phone when it was 8 and he had told you that he just left his class to greet you a good morning. It was your favorite type of calls- just hearing his voice in the earliest of day when you were too tired to get up and the only source of energy that got you awake was him- even though you miss the smell of his vanilla scent on your pillow.

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I Could Hold You Like This Til The Stars Go Out. [Jax Teller x Reader]

[ @homicidalteenagedream request: Jax Teller / ‘I could hold you like this til the stars go out.’ & ‘Are you gonna come to me, or are we gonna do this the hard way?]

It was a night off for the two of you. A night off from everything. No club duties, no work duties, nothing. Just a whole night to be in the company of each other and not have to worry about anyone else interrupting, or pulling you away from one another. And so, night off meant date night!

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anonymous asked:

So I saw you like Drrr!! and I was just wondering, who is your fave character(s)? (And just in case what do you think of Kida cuz he's lowkey my fave and I just. need to know haha)

……………………………. Izaya. And Rocchi. And Shizuo and Kadota and Kuon (from Durarara!! SH), but my absolute most fave is Izaya - there’s those characters, the ones that are just your faves even between all the characters in every story you’ve ever gone through ever, and you’ve been in love with them for over a decade and that just doesn’t seem like it’s a thing that’s changing any time soon, you know? I got two, and one of them is Izaya

I love Kida tho! Between the Raira kids he’s my favorite and he’s still got one of the most interesting and good arcs in the whole story, by the end of it he was the one I was cheering for the most!

Blood and Water

Pairing: Mauatoa

Rated: T

“Ow!” Maui hissed.

“Well stop moving! This wouldn’t be so difficult if you would just sit still!” Tamatoa snapped.

The two huffed in aggravation at each other. Maui stared out the large bay window as Tamatoa continued to clean the wound on his cheek, his dark eyes staring at the trees as they lifted their branches smoothly up and down along with the breeze. Tamatoa’s hazel eyes roamed from the cut on Maui’s cheek to the bruise swelling his nose and lip.

“You shouldn’t have fought them,” Tamatoa said.

“They shouldn’t have called you that word,” Maui replied curtly.

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koifuu  asked:

can i please request chiaki, mika, kaoru, and adonis where their small and usually sweet and affectionate s/o sticks up for them because another person is making fun of them? and the s/o just roasts and threatens them and is overall very intimidating to the bully? thank you!

i’ll take that as a follow up to that previous request we got, about ra*bits’ s/o standing up to them ! aaaah what a cute request ♥ - mod mademoiselle

Chiaki :

  • Chiaki sometimes kind of loses himself in his “hero of justice” fantasies, and you’re used to it. After all, that’s how you like him ! He can be so considerate of people around him, too : you think that’s a lovely trait.
  • Whenever you go out, he always loses focus on the date and instead sets himself a mission, often ranging from rescuing kittens stuck in trees to catching a pickpocket in order to give her purse back to that nice elderly lady. To be honest, your dates kind of feel like being the secondary character of a tokusatsu show. And you love it !
  • That one time, things didn’t quite go as smoothly. As you were coming back from a date at the arcade together, you stumbled upon a group of guys around your age who seemed to be violently bickering and threatening another guy. That looked dangerous, and as much as you wanted to just go away quickly, Chiaki insisted to intervene before things go awry.
  • Turns out it was just a fight like many others, and the guys weren’t exactly happy to see your boyfriend barging in and trying to push them to “be good friends with each other”. Fortunately they were more annoyed than angry, but they did take their frustration out on Chiaki. They insulted him, pushing him around and threatening him. Chiaki was still acting calm and resolute (Ryusei Red was inhabiting his body after all), but you could see he didn’t feel really at ease. The hero of justice never really had enemies, aside from the trees the cats get stuck in…
  • You couldn’t stand it and jumped to your boyfriend’s rescue. He never did anything wrong, far from it, and that bunch of losers wanted to take their anger out on him ? Fine. You’d take yours on them. They were so surprised to see the sweet person hiding behind Chiaki step up and start roasting them, they just stared at you, eyes wide.
  • They didn’t even answer when you started threatening them : judging by your murderous expression, you were 100% serious and that was not a fight they wanted to get in. It’s much easier when it’s just intimidating random passerbys who quickly go away, after all.
  • When you were done, they just silently walked away, looking a bit pissed. Chiaki didn’t answer when you asked him if he was okay, instead just taking your hand and bringing you back home. He was deep in thought. You acted so cool and passionate when he was there, feeling lost and not really knowing how to react.
  • Turns out he was actually really impressed and started suggesting you become the sixth member of Ryuseitai, even stating he had a Ryusei Pink costume ready for you. Apparently, you have what it takes to become a hero of justice and join his fight against evil. You’re not sure about that last part, but you’re happy you got to help your hammy and overly theatric boyfriend.

Kaoru :

  • Smooth, flirty, handsome. That’s what Kaoru tries to be around you. He never fails to find new ways to surprise you, even though he’s been your boyfriend for a while now. That includes taking you on lovely dates in spots you never heard about.
  • That one time was at a really classy restaurant. The food was amazing and the atmosphere too, and you were still laughing and chatting with Kaoru, walking hand in hand with him. It was getting really late, and he was escorting you back home, as the gentleman he is. That’s when the wolf whistles started.
  • A group of seemingly drunk guys were catcalling you. You were already walking away, but Kaoru gently let go of your hands, getting ready to face the rude guys with a suave attitude. “Gentlemen, this beauty here is already taken.”  They didn’t really need more to start howling in laughter. One of them started to shout. “Hey, aren’t you that guy who’s always with someone different ? This one’s way too good for a bastard like you.”
  • Kaoru wasn’t pleased at this and started arguing with them (yes, in the middle of the street, at night). The argument quickly got ridiculous, as expected from drunk men. After roasting Kaoru’s physical appearance, they started to make fun of him and imitate him. Honestly, you wouldn’t even have taken them seriously if Kaoru didn’t look really angry. When one guy blurted out “What’s with all those girls anyway ? D'you have mommy issues or something ?”, Kaoru’s face noticeably got three shades paler.
  • You knew that look on your boyfriend’s face and pushed him behind you before he could get into a fight. Instead, you stepped up, slapping one of the guys for trying to punch Kaoru. Everyone got eerily quiet as you started putting them back in their place. They flinched when you called them disgusting drunk pigs. Kaoru was looking at you, with a surprised but slightly vacant gaze.
  • Once you deemed the guys had enough, you walked away furiously. Kaoru soon followed, asking you to wait. He apologized for getting you in that situation, saying it was dangerous for you and yet he acted stupidly and selfishly. Although he was really embarassed about you having to come to his rescue, he thanked you. And judging by the tears in his eyes, he really was glad to have you. He hugged you tight, and the two of you came home, holding hands once more.
  • Now he acts as though he’s forgotten all about that one moment. Sexy suave Kaoru doesn’t need to be reminded he almost got his ass handed to him by a bunch of drunk retards once, and you saved him in extremis. But he’s so glad you’re here by his side, and you can bet he’ll never forget that.

Mika :

  • Getting Valkyrie back on feet is pretty hard. But if it’s for your boyfriend’s sake, you’d do anything. Even sit through their dance lesson and watch Shu get angry for the sixth time already because Mika messes up that one part.
  • Shu’s pretty reclusive and has what Mika calls “limited energy”. So it’s often just you and Mika working on Valkyrie stuff. Which is why you were downtown that one day, with Mika in his Valkyrie outfit and you handing out flyers for a concert.
  • You were just advertising the unit to passerbys at first, but then Mika had the idea to let flyers in the district mall’s shops so that people could see them when shopping. Which gave you an idea : how about asking shopkeepers if Valkyrie could have a small live in front of their shop ? You remembered the twins doing that to get more fans, maybe that could work for Valkyrie too !
  • Mika found a very good spot, right in front of a florist’s shop. The two of you came in asking for permission to occupy the spot in front of the shop. Turns out the shopkeeper was a rather angry middle-aged woman, who was busy bickering with her employees before she saw you coming. She looked at you suspiciously, eyeing Mika’s outfit.
  • As Mika was fumbling with his words, you took it from there and explained you were representing an idol group from the nearby school, asking for her permission to take up the spot in front of her shop. She flatly refused. Mika tried explaining Valkyrie was in a really tight spot but promptly got quiet as the woman started shouting at him. Apparently he would be really bad publicity for her shop, what with his weird looks.
  • She started making fun of the way Mika looks, stating he looked like a scarecrow, or maybe one very ill crow. She also commented on his clothes before stopping at his eyes. “With eyes like this, I’m not sure anyone’d give you a listen anyway.” Customers were getting in the shop and Mika looked like he was about to cry. You had enough, and everyone jumped up in surprise when you started talking too.
  • The woman just stared at you while you were roasting her and defending your boyfriend. Seeing how displeased she looked, you gave her a piece of your mind before storming off her shop, slamming the door behind you.
  • Mika apologized profusely,  even shaking a bit. He was crying, too, and you hugged him tight, even kissing his cheek. You made it clear to him none of what the rude shopkeeper said was true and went to buy him something sweet to eat.
  • He felt better after having a bit of ice cream, and the two of you even liked the shop so much you offered the shopkeeper a collaboration with Valkyrie. The shopkeeper gladly took up your offer, and you and Mika shared a happy grin. Mission accomplished.

Adonis :

  • Adonis likes being an idol, even though he’s a bit awkward with certain tasks involved. The one thing he doesn’t like is photoshoots, and you know it well.
  • When Rei announced his intention to have one for UNDEAD’s new concert posters, your boyfriend frowned. As soon as training was over, you got up to Adonis, telling him everything would be okay. He nodded, but you could tell he wasn’t entirely convinced.
  • The d-day came way too fast. Rei and Kaoru were exceptionally good in their own solo shoots, and Koga was surprisingly more talented at being a model than you thought. Last up was Adonis. He gave you a shy smile when you came to encourage him, giving him a quick kiss when no one was looking.
  • Adonis tried his best. Really. The photographer soon got fed up and started to shout instructions. Your boyfriend tried to follow them, adjusting his pose and forcing a smile. The photographer wasn’t satisfied yet and made him change poses at least fifteen times. Rei was frowning, next to you. That wasn’t a good sign.
  • Maybe the guy had had a bad day. Or maybe he was just a rude asshole. Whatever the reason, he started to take his frustration out on Adonis, yelling at him for being so bad at modelling. Everything was wrong : his posture, his expression… He even told Adonis to quit making this stupid face, to which your boyfriend meekly answered that was his normal face. You felt your patience being tested but decided to stay calm. Rei clicked his tongue, visibly displeased.
  • When the photographer got angry at Adonis for having tanned skin, even telling him he couldn’t possibly look as good as the japanese guys, Rei looked at you pointedly. You weren’t sure whether he was asking you to intervene or just being curious as to how you’d react. You sure as hell didn’t need Rei’s permission to walk up to the photographer, hands on your hips, and give him a piece of your mind.
  • He sure tried to defend himself, stating he was only “doing his job”, but you snapped, reminding him all the racist comments he’d made. You then gave him a ultimatum : either he started working professionally and giving Adonis a chance, or you’d fire him and just find another photographer. He grumbled but got back to work, silently this time.
  • As soon as Adonis’ photoshoot was over, you rushed to see him, asking if he was okay. He looked so sad you couldn’t help but kiss him, swearing he was the world’s most handsome boy to you. He’d have kissed you back were it not for Koga being a nuisance and just ruining the atmosphere.
  • That evening, you took Adonis to a neko café to forget the photoshoot disaster. He didn’t really tell you, but you saw in his eyes how happy he was to have someone like you by his side.