making fun of old art


A series of doodles to celebrate Shiro’s sixth birthday because it was just too much fun playing around with that meme . Also yah Shiro would totally gobble down a big ass cake made by Hunk just for him <3


*itadakimasu = thanks for the food

anonymous asked:

Can you draw Benny and Pete as friends? I can see Benny being like a big brother to Pete. I totally headcanon Benny teaching Pete how to open the fire hydrogen.

HAVE YOU BEEN READING MY MIND????? i think about them being friends a lot

now that benny has an actual job and like life plans and stuff hes got to pass on his legacy


anyone ask for roughly one million sketches of my squadmate reyes design (here)? no? whoops

Thank God, the new Rocko’s Modern Life revival is a satire of reboots and today’s culture. Seems like the writers actually know what they’re doing, they’re not adding current trends and technology as a desperate attempt to relate to kids. Instead, they’re making fun them. They even kept the old art style. I’m really hyped for this, Hey Arnold: Jungle Movie and the Invader Zim movie. Nick is actually doing these old shows justice, while Cartoon Network still has Teen Titans Go and that fuckin’ blasphemous Powerpuff Girls reboot. 

why do aphobes always take old ‘no frick frack’ 'cake is better than sex’ etc. things to go “LMAO LOOK HOW CRINGY ACES ARE!!! THIS IS SO STUPID LOL”

like A: those are ANCIENT and literally no one makes/says things like that anymore. you wouldn’t take an old meme that’s aged terribly and then mock everyone who ever liked it at all

and B: even if people still do that, it’s completely harmless. it may be 'bad’ but it hurts absolutely no one, likewise using it as evidence that we’re all Totally Lame is pretty much like making fun of kids’ old art on dA (but it’s no surprise most aphobes participate in cringe culture anyway)

y'all are desperate