making friends in the nosebleed section

“In seventh grade, my entire class went to an old heritage town for about a week.

Since I was a drama student, me and the drama class, about ten people, got to go to the stage and perform there. The theatre was big, bigger than any we had performed in before, and proper, professional-level proper.

So we loved it. After the first practice there, my friend and only other guy had to go to the bathroom, which was far backstage. He made me come with him and stand outside while he was dealing with his needs, cause he was creeped out. So while I was standing there waiting for him to finish his business, the goddamned lights turn off. The ones in the bathroom remained on, but I had to go and turn the hallway lights back on. At the time, I didn’t think much of it. I thought that the other drama kids had played a cruel joke on me, so I remained pretty calm. I find the light switch, turn them back on, and went back to the bathroom. 

My friend at that time had finished, and came out, and I hear him down the hallway, “Spitnam? You’re not Spitnam.” I was a bit confused, but then he turns to me, eyes wide as dinner plates. He had seen someone coming down from the other end of the hallway, quickly told me, and then ran back to the stage where the rest of the kids were. I followed.

I then inquired about the lights, asking if they were motion sensitive. They weren’t. I then asked everyone in the theatre at that time if they had turned off the lights. They didn’t. But that wasn’t the last thing, oh no.

Me and bathroom friend came in about halfway into the play, (it was a short skit, about five minutes long,) and during one of our rehearsals, he taps me on the shoulder and points up into the nosebleed section. I look at him, confused, and he says, “Isn’t there someone up there?” I spent a long time looking, and couldn’t find anything, and then our cue came up, so we ran onto the stage. During one of the breaks in my lines, I look up, and there is a figure just chilling in a seat, watching us. I panic a little bit but finish all my lines and go off stage. When Bathroom Friend comes back, I tell him I saw someone up there. He says he did to. After the play is finished, we ask everyone else. They all saw him as well.

Me, being either brave or stupid, decide to go up there and check up close. Bathroom friend came with me. I open the door to the nosebleed section and see this motherfucker sitting in the same seat, then get up as I got closer, make his way up the stairs and walk through a fucking door. Bathroom friend saw it too. My bravery/stupidity continued as I went to those doors and tried to open them, only to find that they were sealed shut somehow, which we later identified as a padlock.

We kept on seeing him every time we went there to practice, and on the day of our performance, I swore I saw him clapping.

Tl;dr: Ghost in theatre turned lights off and watched us perform.”

By: Spitnam (Creepypasta are great, but does anyone have any good true creepy stories?)


This is a long shot but…. Today my friend diffscarletletters, who I met because of you, and I woke up at 6am, got to the ATT stadium at 8am, and have been here all day. I drove from Oklahoma to here and my girlfriend who’s with us came from England! We waited on the red carpet for 4 hours for you, AND YOU DIDN’T EVEN WALK THE RED CARPET and I feel so attacked. Our feet are killing us (we’ve sat down for maybe 40 minutes this entire time), I have a sunburn, buuuuut you know what would make that better? Meeting you. Hugging you. Y'know. We’re in the nosebleeds (section 448, row 15……….. nudge nudge) and honestly, meeting you would make us the happiest people alive. We’ve been waiting 9 years so… maybe it’ll finally be our time? Just maybe? I know this is probably annoying, but you have no idea how happy meeting you would make us. It’d honestly make our entire life. We love you so much and have for 9 years. Love love love you.


the first picture is me holding the ticket to 1989DC (first show of the 1989 world tour that i saw) i also went to boston and nashville. the last picture is me in our rental car in tampa. i was in tampa at the same time taylor was but didn’t have tickets, we were there to visit a college. there was no way i was gonna be in tampa and not see taylor. so after we saw the college i was on ticketmaster about to buy this side view/practically behind the stage $156 ticket. i didn’t care about the view bc i had seen this tour 3 times already and bc i just wanted to be there and experience seeing my idol on halloween in tampa on the last u.s show. but then my dad goes, “so you’re going to the show tonight. i already got you tickets, section e.” (floor seats 10 rows from the stage and close but not next to the catwalk.) the last picture is screenshots from a video of my reaction to hearing those words and i still can’t believe that happened. at the other shows my seats were: in a suite in the lower section, the 200s, and the upper level/nosebleeds. so seeing her this close for the last show was incredible. i could actually see her facial expressions without looking at the screen the whole time.
taylor makes me so happy and i’m so glad i got to see her so much. i’m so thankful for those nights. 2015 was a rough year for me. i lost a lot of friends and i was always upset and i always felt like something was wrong with me, but those nights taylor reminded me what happiness felt like. there were some days i just wasn’t sure why i was living. i didn’t want to keep living in sadness. i didn’t see a purpose or reason why i should keep living. it was the worst year of my life by far for so many reasons and things that happened. i’m not going to get into that or else this will turn into a huge rant post. not to mention i can’t put into words how awful i felt. but in the end, i made it. taylor got me through. i still have a lot of days where i feel like that, but i have been trying to stay strong for taylor. thank you so much for making me so happy taylor. thank you for saving my life. i love you so much!