making dumb faces


HEY who wants shitty cell phone progress photos? Well here they are anyway. Mainly because I’m excited about it. >v>; I had’t put all the pieces together till today so I’m happy that it’s looking good! The knees (for now) work, but they’re annoying to put on so I didn’t bother for now. Photoshopped in the tattoo cause why not, and I’m not about to waste one of the real ones on a dress rehearsal. I’ll get better photos at the actual con and/or when the bow is done. This is probably 99% complete with time to spare to help my friend do his Mercy.

Also, yes, I added the D.Va selfie pose cause it occurred to me that maybe the first time I show my actual face around here I shouldn’t look like I want to murder the world. >_>;

CN internship: Update 3

OK so today was my first official day (since yesterday was just orientation and tour etc.)!!! It was a very nice day!

I started off by going into work and then heading to the recording booth, where I got to sit in on an awesome recording session with the SU cast!

Here is all of them in the booth (Grace posted this picture)! It was awesome getting to see Deedee, Michaela, Shelby, Jen, and Grace as always, but it was the first time I’d met Estelle and AJ in person!

As someone has pointed out on twitter in this screenshot, I was also featured on Michaela’s instagram story making a dumb face, RIP me

SO yeah!! Then after work I bumped into some of the other super cool interns from orientation who were going to this mini art gallery being held downstairs at CN, so I hung out with them and it was super fun! All the other interns are so kind and talented and it’s amazing! And we went and got pizza and it was awesome!! It was a great day!!!

me, depressed: i don’t care about…… …. .. anything
me, springing up in a cold sweat: EXCEPT *WHEEZE* E-…ERNST ROBEL’S WELLBEING

anonymous asked:

Why do you draw kraglin with such a huge ass nose and thick brows? I'm not saying you cant, artistic freedom and all, but im curious since that's not even close how sean gunn looks

You’re right! From now on, I’m only going to draw him like this.