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A Tag Chain

My notifications have been on the fritz for a few days now, so I’m only just now seeing that I got tagged by a few people in their favorite blogs and just.. yay! that makes me so happy because I’m awkward and stuff.. Fuck, I’m not good at this. *deep breath* Honestly, I love all the blogs on my dashboard at the moment and I really enjoy reading everything all of you even more amazing writers write. But, I have to actually make a list and so, here I go.. Honestly, I hate picking because like I said, love you all dearly.. But I’m gonna try this.

@sisteradelaide I love you. I love seeing you on the dash. I’m glad that I clicked follow and I know we don’t get to talk often, but I hope that changes. You seem like a really amazing person and like one I would really get along with. You’ve always been nice to me and you’re generally just a very nice person which is a very good thing. Also, I’ve read some of the things on your blog and you are amazing, I am blown away. 

@oraclegazes I love you. We’ve been talking a lot on here and we just… Clicked? We share so many similar things that it genuinely makes me smile because before I just wasn’t sure if anyone else liked similar things. You are this amazing and genuine and kind person and I am so glad to have you to talk to. 

@helluvawriter from literally the second that I started talking to you, I have loved it. I love you, tbh. You are this sweet and genuine person and I love the way you’re always encouraging others. I also love that we can thirst over Cesaro. And you’re starting to get me back into Sheamus [ shhhh! our secret lol] and I just… You have been a great friend to me! 

@alexahood21 I love you. You crack me up and your stories blow me away. I love how we can talk about Jai and Rory and that entire conversation we had about the movie Electrick Children. You make me smile. You have also been a great friend to me and I really enjoy our talks. 

@imaginingwwesuperstars i love you and I really love seeing the stories you post. I am very glad that I clicked the follow button. I love how you encourage and care about people, you take the time to help if you see someone struggling, it’s heartwarming. And I love hearing what you have to say about things and how you’re able to keep cool in the middle of the drama that seems to pop up all the time, haha. 

@wwesmutdonedirtcheap WE BOTH LOVE TYLER. I know I have never regretted following you. You’re a very amazing person and you always make me smile or laugh and I look forward to reading the things you post. I just love you and I think you are a sweetheart, hope we get to know each other better. It’s been really fun letting my thirst for Tyler out with you, good times. V. good times. 

@amaranthine-reign @fan-fiction-galore Raini, you are a beautiful person inside and out. I’ve said it once before, I will say it again. You have not hit your peak with your writing, it’s amazing and everything you post continues to completely blow my mind, there’s so much heart in it and WE ALL NEED THAT. You are an epic person, never forget that. I love you, okay?

@alexispoo We just started to talk on here what, a week ? Two? but I have enjoyed every single one of our conversations. So glad you sent me the message that started it up because… OUR GRUMPY MURDER PANDA SAMI. I love that we can both agree he’s an actual teddy bear. Love you and you really seem like a sweet person and I look forward to getting to know you better.

@writergrrrl29 You are an amazing person. And you have been a huge help to me, even though I don’t think you realize it. Your posts always make me smile and your Baron A/O continues to be one of the stories I read over and over. You were probably one of the first people I talked to on here and I know we haven’t talked in a while, but I still love you. 

@hiitsmecharlie you are an amazing writer and an amazing person. I really hope that one day, I can get my shit together and my writing flows like yours seems to. We haven’t actually talked often but I love how you stick up for your friends and speak your mind. Also, you have a pretty rad sense of humor. 

@hushothermuses I don’t know you well yet but I do know you seem like a very sweet person and I would like to get to know you better. I love reading your one shots. I don’t get why you get so much anon hate, honestly, because you seem like a really good person. If you ever want or need to talk, I’m almost always on here, I just want you to remember that.

There are sooooo many more of you. So many more. 

Fuck it.. @ everyone because all of you are amazing and I cannot just narrow down to favorites!!!

2017 is already here and I’m super late but I guess better late than never! I just wanted to thank all of you for sticking with me and following me, I’m pretty sure I don’t deserve such nice mutuals since I’m an awkward mess and never text back. I love each and every single one of you, thank you for making my dashboard an amazing place! Here’s to a wonderful new year and a warm adieu to the old (even though it was horrible), here’s to happiness good times, good cheers and the many joys yet to unfold! xxx💕

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This is the first time I’ve done one of these but this is a homage to all those amazing people that make my dashboard interesting! And for all the followers who acknowledged my blog when it wasn’t even this big a count!

Firstly my friends off of Tumblr that make not only tumblr exciting, but make it acceptable to talk about otps and shipping aloud ( ̄▽ ̄):

cheezigal jessy-princess,captain-ball, bon-jdoodles, bon-j, djlemmiex

Next are the amazing people i follow that i HIGHLY recommend if you ever find yourself in the Ben 10 fandom:

awkward-dark-nerd , benzarro-smash negaben, hisp2nic2non , ilcielocapovolto , iteps, justwantasmoothie , k-dos-10nnyson , lingi-15, omnitricies2014 , yourfriendlyneighbourhoodladyl , zaldiuvas55 ,thegreatbentennyson, askben10, askbrooken, ask-kenny-n-devlin , ask-madben, ask-badben, ben10outta10, biram-s-house, missnatkat and seira5486, theboywiththewatch

For all you people that love Ao no Exorcist and continue to follow the story:

brilliantakane , demonexorcist, demondick, gunslingerrin, littlebitchshima, thebreakingexorcist ,thesinfulexorcist, ao-no-exorcist-obsession, aonoexorcistcaps ,pinkheadshima, bonrin, blooxorsista, asksatanthesecond
a0-n0-ex0rcist, darkflamemastercheeky

For all my lovely Danny phantom Followers (still strong 10 years after the show ended! You strong people!):
dannyphantomfanart, ghost-chicky, lingi-15, promsien, ectober-comic, phantomdannyfenton dannyphantomfanart, textsfromamitypark, vladmastersofficialfruitloop amityparkghost and amityparkhorror

For all my recent BIG HERO 6 Followers, This are the people to watch!:

ask-thehamadafamily, askantihiro, askkira-td, efron04, gogoing-gxne, hiro-hamada-six, hirohamadonewithyourshit, littlehiro6 , lusir2412, runescratch, textsfromsanfransokyo, bonbonpich
ask-hamadahiro and tadashii-hamada!

Disney and Pixar!: ask-jimmy-p-sullivan, askmikewazowsky, juliajm15

Fitblrs! Thank you for the moivation!!!!!!!!!! (^◇^):

female-fitnessinspiration, feminismandfitness , fitblrvictory, fitdietblog, fitness-barbie, fitness-is-coming gymandmotivation, nutrifitblr

The rest of these amazing people you should ALL definately check out!:

acertinfukhed, adoringladies, aidanketchum, alyssabcarr, amazingphil, anime-admiral, animecommentary, anxietyandhumor, anythingforasunnyday, aonoalchemist, atokniiro, backwardsberlin, bbb35, benzarro, blueneko97, breedafool, brightorangerain, brokenblackrabbit, c2ndy2c1d, candystiches, caughtinyourhipster, chudol, cuddleswithcas, dajo42, desudino, diaemyung, doctoroctupus, dragerytterdotexe

edo—tensei, elizabethbanks, elricity, emirra, emmytheginger, extraordinarymacy, fedoracat, felidaebay, ferestv, fireshootingstar, freedomfriesandapplepies, fueled-by-willpower, girania.

hevlaska4, heyalexandrahey, hlwim, ionahi, jameswedgeworth, kitten-left-alone kouiako, ladysatsuk1

m7angela, mabychan, magiccatprincess, majortvjunkie, manichestringonoaria, mellowlunawantsparklers, my-party-poison-romance, nerdationship, niteriddler, noabop, ohmystarburst, pax-etlux, pbandjellyfishhh, pewdie philislactose pleasefireme,


rckbell, rocambolesca, rotundrosa, sasaki-hais, sc6341-chariot, serious-lazar, sgnod, silveryogi, social-nerd, spaghetti-toes, squishybunnyowo, starkid-nerdfighter, stops-time-tell-your-friends, sugamama-k, tarball-sauce, the-guardian-of-fun, the-second-star-waits, thequietgamer, thesweeterstuff, toasters-overdose, tobiasandguy, tortoro15, upset-corgi-dog, washichan, wemustneverever, wherever-itleads, wuffen, youwillnevereverbealone, you-know-you-want-the-lumps, ysolitarie, yuuba and zcatz!


This is my first follow forever and I just want to say all the people I follow for this year, whether on this list or not, are amazing! I’m glad you guys exist and it’s an honor to even talk to some of you! Some I have never talked to before and probably don’t know I existed but your blogs are amazing!! Thank you to all the people that follow me, you too are equally amazing! ♥ 


aegors | allyriadayne apriki | ariannsmartellaryastarks | asharas | bericdondarrionboromirsbran-stark | brandon-starks | candykhaleesicatfromjapan | corahale | daeneryus | davosseaworth | delphinecormier | bethablackwood devilsdouble | donewithwoodenteethdragonborn | dramatisecho drogonqueen | emiliaclarke 


farmircaptainofgondorfat-walda | hannibalingha-harleyquinn | hawkmans him-e | hiswhiskeybreathhouselannisters | jaimecerseijaimelannister | jaimelannistersjennlawrncejoannalannister | joffersbaratheonjonarya | jongrittejon-snow


kallielef | karsnark kingbranstark | lady-arryn lastisle | llithyia | leias | lordeddardstark | lushcola mashamorevna | mihtrandir naevia | ninasergeevnanoblefighter | nobodysuspectsthebutterfly | novaisprettyinpink | numenorss


persephoine | queencerseiqueenrhaenyra queenofwarth | queenshireenrhaenystargaryen | rubyredwisp | rrue | samtyrellssansalayned | sayidjarrahssixpenceee songsofwolves | stannisbaratheon stormborns | stormbornvalkyrie 


talesofnorth | theclashofqueenstheloupgaroux | theonflayjoys travellersfarfromhome | ttyrionlannisters | tyaene varous | voldermortewildlinging | wizengamots

+ blogroll

I highly recommend checking this list of people out and following them! They all have lovely blogs! ♥

so i recently hit a big goal for myself (7k omg what) and i just kinda wanted to recognize the people that i really admire and think they’re really awesome and i look up to as great blogs and hopefully great friends. i don’t talk to all of these people (i’m v v awkward and shy i don’t talk to many people oops), but i love following them and seeing their posts on my dashboard. they literally make my day sometimes because they are so funny and so kind. there’s definitely some people i forgot so i’m so sorry if i did, but just know i love you!

#-G: 19hemmings, 5sos-official5sosordie, 5soseductive5sostrum,  5sosyum69secswithirwin,  alltimecliffo, anusirwin, ash5sos, ashtonlmfao, ashtonsjigglypuffashtontwerkatomicliffordsawmanluke, ayehoodbadashluke, barakissesblurrymichael, booticalbumcalcalumfoodcalumsbonercalumskinkycalumsexualcashtonsextapecavalierhoodcitylightslukecliffordsniall, cliffwad, craving-cliffocondacutelucas, cutielukes, cvlum-hood,  damnlucas, dicksconnecteddreambig-hemmo, downunderirwin, duhlucas, extravirginlucas, emoirwinfairylightashton, fedoraashfkncalumflannelxhemmingsflappyclifford, fluffyirwins, fluoroluke, fuckingmichaelgalaxy-cliff0rd, greenlght, grungemike, goofyclifford

H-P: hahahemmohaxxystyles, hemmingsologyhemmofulhemmohearts, hemmukes,  herondaleboyshighforhemmohoodcalumcuddle, hoodcalvmhoodparadisehotdamn5sos, icarusirwin,  irweinsirwinee, irwinghoods, irwinsfab,  irwinsobsirwintyirwxns,  jammingto5sos,kalhood, kinkyclifford, kissedhoodlaughablelashton, legatolucas,leisuringluke, louteadsaleluekshemming, lukey, lukeyslegs,  mikrowave5sos, mukecliffordsmukegiggles, mxlum, netflixirwin,  nuclearcliffords, pinkymikeypoutymikey, probablyclifford,  puffdaddyirwin, punklukeaupunkrock5sos

Q-Z: radiotourashton, sassirwinslayhoodsmashton5sos, starbucalum,stfucalsweetlukeythehemmosexualthreesomewithmuke, towerofluke, vevolucas,  weirdmikeywhorecal, withcalumxhemmings, yolucas 


so… how do you start a follow forever… ⚆ _ ⚆

after years of being on tumblr doing absolute shit ofc, i finally decided to make a follow forever to thank everyone who made those years wonderful and amazing to me ♡ i’m not the kind of person to stick with one thing and i would’ve left tumblr long time ago if it wasn’t for the great people and friends i met here ♡ now, i might be awkward and lame and don’t talk a lot with some of you but i consider each one of my following as a friend, a good friend. even though you don’t give shit about me, you’re still my friend ouo! thank you♡again, for making my dashboard joyful with your works and posts. and thank you♡for bearing with me through the years, for bearing with how many times i changed my url, for bearing with my lame and boring text posts and ugly looking edits! thank you a lot! and i love you all so so so so soooo much (。´ ‿`♡)

i don’t wanna take your time with my rambling so here it goes~ (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ* ・゚✧


100710-tt | a7lamimi | aeqyo | ahngniel | ahyoungies | ajisaidoori | bamaro | bnghn | bulletan | but-im-shy | buxiban | buyngsoo | bwihope | byung-hoar | byunggay | byunghunny | capji | cappiecat | chang-joe | changhyuns | changjeo | changrick | chanqjos | cheongster | chunji-u-lil-shit | chunjis-boobs | crapmonstah | daesoo | daeups | doffeine | dumbseoks


foreveryourfan | foxeu | gayoonss | gomgomi | he0ta | heyhyuna | heysung | himechans | hololulus | hwanggies | hyosong | hyunea | iseuli | jaekyng | jimins | jiyeolie | jjangjo | jjebyul | jnhysng | jongbyung | jonghyun-ah | jongin-a | jongins | jonqwoo | jujyu | junhyng | jvnpeis


k-ahi | kasiany | kebinwoos | kotaflow | krystals | leechanhee | leetaeil | lhoe | lickjoe | ljjang | lulubyte | m-jups | merongyeon | mrchoijonghyun | myungthoo | n-i-e-l | nielfacts | nielsucks | nodeychu | ohsojins


p-pominit | pabovoice | partimecat | pilsuks | qirlsday | ravikim | rickppa | rxkhyun | seoulcty | shawoltaeminho | soojungs | taehyungs-v | taek-xing | teenpocent | teentop-reactions | teentoping | teentopq | tiny-dick | tljoe | tuam


vangtan | xiaohun | yoongicat | yugyeom | yultisic | zelo | zelow | zuins

special FF to


i literally went through my following because i don’t want to forget anyone, but if i did… i’m really sorry (◞‸◟;)!! i still love you (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ! ♡♡


So I hit 6,000 followers and I’ve been meaning to do a follow forever since i hit 4k and I’ve put it off for too long! It’s time to finally do another one!

I’m so beyond giddy about how far this blog has come and how many amazing people I’ve met and became friends with because of it! To think I made this blog only to keep track of everything tmr and didn’t expect anything to come out of it or that i would be devoting my life to it and these books. I read the books in October 2011 because my biology teacher suggested I may like it, I didn’t think I would get this emotionally invested in them. Then I made a blog in May 2012 and everything changed from there. And to have 6,000 individual people follow this blog, that’s just really mind blowing for me. I’ve always wanted to be one of those “big fandom blogs” and it’s kind of happening, I suppose. 

✖ ok so time for the category of my main cuties!!!! Basically we’ve talked before and i love you and you’re super great and thanks for actually talking to me and stuff! (in no order) (I was gonna do messages but it was gonna be too long but if you’re on this list, i love u and that’s enough) 

runnieundies / (jessbowns) - vegangrinch - brogitsune -  captaingalileo - punkgally - allthatklunk - breadandfiremakestoast - gladerboyfriends - ohnewty - ohgally - wickedisgood - wckdnewt - sarcasminho - amazerunners - kirayukicutie - queergladers sarasnewtasticmusings - newtforisaacnewton - shuckfaceparadise- punkbrenderesa 

✖ Time for the ol' follow forever!!!! All of you cuties are amazing and make my dashboard fun/pretty/etc. Thank you for being wonderful and so great! And just because you are in this section, does not mean you are any less important, You are very important to me as well but I have a terrible memory and I don’t want to feel awkward by putting you in a category and then think “what? we barely talked” or we aren’t very close friends. I’m not going to do that thing where I bold my favs cause you all are my favs!!! Well let’s get to it! (abc order)

abc: bloodygreenie - blackthornesboxtrolly - clarkeriffinclaudia-stilinski 

defdailygladers - damesjashner - dylanobrizendystopianheroes -  fcknobrienforgladers - frypans 

ghi: gallxgaynewtgayrunners - getoutofthebugginmazegladerfamily - grieverstung - hailfrypan - hastilinskihieloreiisaacfignewtonisaacoftheinternet - itwasteresaitwastitledkillorder 

jkl: jemwalkerjenuinelyy - j-halz - kihongsminhokillingorder - kismesiis - leaderoftheglade - lycorine 

m: maevesdaggersmahzerunnersmarkblckthornemaxshreave - mazenalby - mazerimmermazerunners - mazerun - themazerunnerdailymazerunnernews - mightiestgladers - mightygladers - minhotherunner

no: newtalby - newtjpg - newtpng - newtlimp - newtritionfacts - newtiscute - newmas - newtmarenewtscranknewtshair - nnewt - obriensokaynewt 

pqr: panfriednewt - popunkscottprincemaxonpunkassaris - runnerstiles  

stu: shuckitandrunshuckitnewt - shuckitshank - shynewt - tereseagnes - thominho - sangstergasm - subjectalby - subjecta5newtella 

vwx: vlavlaed - wazernuuerwickediscruel - wickedminho - xproskeith 

If you’re not on here, it’s most likely cause you changed your url and I couldn’t remember what your new url is or I just have terrible memory and i’m sorry. I have a ton of different fandom side blogs so I follow a bunch of different blogs for different fandoms, so I have to go looking for certain blogs manually rather than looking in my following list. But i love you all and thank you for being so great and having such amazing blogs and making my dashboard enjoyable!!! And that’s a rock fact!

hello my lil petals nd sunshines!! i have finally hit 100 followers on this blog so i’m posting my first ever follow forever!!! i know 100 isn’t a big number to some people but to me it’s a lot considering that i’ve never had this many people follow me before and i just wanted to post something in my appreciation n love for you guys… thank you SO MUCH for making my dashboard so much fun to scroll through, for being the nicest people i’ve ever met, for putting up with an awkward hyungwon stan (me). i know i don’t talk to a lot of you all the time, if not at all, but you still mean so much to me!! i treat every one of you guys as my friends and i hope that you know that you’re appreciated n loved..

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(look at me I actually finished it hella)

Hello! So I recently reached 600 followers (!!!!) so this is a celebration of that. It’s also a yay-rosie’s-had-a-blog-for-one-year, spring has sprung, and a hey-i-I’ve-made-new-friends follow foreverJ. I’m really sorry if if forgot you, I follow an insane amount of blogs and I didn’t want this to be stupidly long so yeah. But I love all of you, and thank you for making my dashboard fun:D

Bolded means I consider you my friend and italicized means I really like your blog but I’m too shy to talk to you sigh I’m so awkward sorry





after-plaidshirt-days, allstooswells, alonewithchangingminds, amilionlittleshiningstars, amourfalls, Andthatlittleblackdress, andyoucallmeupagain, blushingallthewayshome, butyourequicksand, cametotheshowinsd, captainrask, carriedgroceries, classy-swiftie, colferswift, comebackbehere, comingeasily, couldruntoyou, crowdsinstands,


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Scarletletterswift, Screamingiminlovewithyou, screamingllonglive, send-a-smile, sexualnico, shutupandspin, Snogsastark, sogladyouwerearound, Starinthecosmos, staytaystay, swiftie13pb, Taylour, tenerife-swift, teylurs, thanksforsayingthat, Thatswiftblog,  the-red-in-our-ledgers, theangelscity, thecolorguardinstructor, thestarsthatshined, thinkingyourfutureisme, thisiscolorguard, thistrainrunsoffitstracks, Thosegeorgiastarstoshame, throughthesleeplessnights, tisfearless, tookmeaway, tredswift, tsweezys


voguetaylor, wat-does-merida-say, What-a-b3autiful-disaster, Whatamarveloustune13, whenyouthinktimmcgraws, xloveswift, Youareworldsaway, youbettercatchsomething, youkeepmyoldscarf, Youmaytakethefloorincompetition, yourememberitalltoowell, yourselfatmydoor, youucantgetridofit



HeHello hello helloo guyyys~ since this is the last day of 2013 and  i reached +1.5 followers long time ago i decided that it’s time to finally do my first follow forever! yay~ ^^

omg i didn’t know it was so hard to make one u.u anyways i want to thank all the people that follows me even tho my blog is nothing special. Thanks to my old and new followers, you know without you i wouldn’t be here. and thanks to all the people who make my dashboard flawless :3

during this year and a half i’ve been here i’ve met amazing people and i know i’m awkward and i can’t really hadle friendships and these things but i want you to know that i don’t forget and i’m really happy to be here with you so i’m sorry if i ever disappointed any of you.

probably i forgot someone but you have to know that i appreciate everyone who follows me 







lee-kiseopludeerlylumilks; luhanitedluharsmatoki-projectmeh-rongmemento-x-morimnseoknamsongohyeolspinokaioprankyeol
































Who wants to be my valentine?

Hello there, Kibum is the name. I’m 18 years young, going to school to study theater. I’m quirky and a bundle of energy, always looking to make people smile. I left for a while and came back recently, so my dashboard is a little slow, sad right? If you reblog/follow I promise I’ll drop by your ask box and say hello. Don’t worry, we can skip the awkward part and just jump to being best friends!

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