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ok but this: hanaoi, flirty barista au. (i prefer makki as the flirty barista. like he constantly flirts w people but he flirts more and tries to woo oikawa, who is a frequent customer)

kinda just paired this with a college au and ran with it lmao

  • at first for hanamaki its just like his usual flirting with customers making them feel good and making those tips
  • oikawa is there to study in the afternoon since thats when its quietest
  • he just appears so well put together like his hair, his outfits, Amazingly Pretty
  • oikawa also orders really pretentious drinks that hanamaki didnt even know they offered
  • so in true hanamaki fashion hes like hmm hes cute but Sounds Fake 
  • oikawa then starts going to the coffee shop in the morning and Oh Boy
  • his hair is still cute but in a slightly messy just rolled out of bed way rather than I Took Three Hours To Style This and i Look Hot
  • his outfits are significantly more casual and,,, he wears his glasses (hes probably on his way to class so makes sense)
  • hanamaki is weak okay
  • naturally thats when bad puns written on his cup start
  • im talking like i think your a cu-tea
  • i like you a latte
  • youre teariffic etc etc
  • oikawa doesnt notice at first though bc hes still more than half asleep before his morning coffee
  • by this point hanamaki is Pining and hes like you know what fuck it
  • writes his number across the cup in the largest way possible 
  • “wait are you flirting with me?”
  • “have been for the past 2 months thanks for noticing”
  • cue flus t e r e d  o i k a w a
  • they eventually go on many dates and iwaizumi/matsukawa make fun of oikawa for how long he didnt notice since hes usually observent

Well, hey.
What should I do for this milestone?

I did make a pretty nice custom character sheet for my cleric this morning, and I’ll be making another similar one later for his dog. Would you guys be interested in seeing those?

Oh, and next Monday I should have my first set of dice! I’m excited.

Anyway, let me know what you guys want.


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Thank you guys so much! I would love to do a giveaway or something for all of you, but I can’t buy any packs :( If you want me to do a followers gift for you please lmk and give me some ideas on what you’d like! 

I can’t make any custom content, edits, or giveaways :(

Anyway, thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you x a billion wow gr8


Day 16 of #AllanAugust with Bruno, my first bend leg Allan wearing Ken In Switzerland. I actually intended to make him into a custom doll but the fact was he had bend legs which the seller didn’t disclose. So instead I tried making a reproduction of the Switzerland fashion to show off his legs, but a few months ago I finally found the vintage item for a great price.

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I'm a bit confused about chips???? How exactly do they work? I'm sorry I know this has probably been answered before but it's the only thing I'm confused about.

Chips are kind of like when you go to an arcade and buy some tokens! You can go around and spend those tokens at the arcade, and at the end of the day maybe you got a whole bunch of tokens! You can then exchange those with us for cash.

So say that you make 50 Chips on your posts through various tips. You can then sell those back to us for $5 USD!

You can receive Chips on posts, or get them sent to you directly. You can even spend them on things like emote slots (to upload your own custom emotes) or on badge templates (to make your own custom badge). I hope this explained it all!

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I don't want to be a bother but I'm using your binder covers and like there are 2 classes that don't have one? Do you think you could make one for World History (aka Humanities) and/or one for European History? Thanks in advance. Sorry I'm a little obsessed with detail and I want everything to be the same but both of them fall under history? Thanks again!

I’m not currently making additional covers, but you can enter the giveaway that’s in the video I linked on the post! I’ll be continuously picking new winners to make them custom sets. 

My personal dollhouse pet peeves:

1: using wallpaper as flooring
2: when someone says they’re making an abandoned house and they paint it black and use halloween themes (i scream every time)
3: dollhouses made of hot glue from the last decade or so
4: old wiring thats most definitely going to burn the house down
5: when someone builds a dollhouse and finishes the outside beautifully then does NOTHING with the inside and has no furniture then lists it for $500+
6: losing a very small expensive prop
7: literally everything about shingles
8: old ass dollhouses that come with missing parts that you need desperately but cannot find because the part is an odd shape so its either custom make it or cry
9: bespaq and its prices
10: when 1 floor of lights in ur dollhouse goes out because u tapped a light on accident

dude wtf…. at target today these parents came in with a little boy and they bought him a bunch of captain underpants books. the boy was so excited that he started reading them as soon as i rung them up. the dad was trying to find his debit card and he was like “hey bud, are george and harold up to something cool?” and the kid nodded while he kept reading


I did a thing!

So, I hit 1000 followers almost two weeks ago now.  I was going make some custom content to say thank you, and since it is pride month I wanted it to be pride related.

So, I made pride banners!  

~ There are three swatches

~ Get Together is needed, sorry. 

~ If you use these in your game can you please tag me :)

Download here


I spent my snow days this week finishing up these two Richonne sets I’d been working on for a while.

-Richonne from episode 7x10 featuring junkyard cat sculpture and Rick’s bloody hand. Not to toot my own horn but I’m so in love with this one 😍😍😍
-Richonne from episode 7x12, day packs and all. I’m pretty happy with these.
-and a bonus Jerry cause i love him so much.


Haven’t seen it uploaded here yet, so here it is.

Custom Hero confirmed for Sonic Forces.