making custom artwork


Trafalgar Law’s BJD version I did make-up for my friend. Yesterday we went to doll event and it was funny the longer he stood, the more companions he got.

I still need to fix his make-up a bit later.

Doll owners:
Law belongs to Hippori
Mini Law & Mini Doffy belongs to Lusiferchan
Let's Plays, D&D, and the occasional art timelapse!

This is the link to my YouTube Channel, where I post 30-60 minute Let’s Play videos twice a day, six times a week. I’ll play just about anything, prioritizing Final Fantasy games, and polls are held regularly so you can vote on what I’ll play!

Every Saturday, I post parts of my group’s online D&D sessions. Come join the adventure as we explore all of Faerun!

I make custom artwork for most of my video thumbnails (which I’ll be uploading here soon), and am always taking commissions! Contact me for details.

Sometimes people tell me that they consider me to be a rather ‘cool’ person, and I welcome the compliment with a smile– but deep inside I am thinking about how much of a nerd I am, and how I fangirl when people tell me they’ve read my books, and also the fact that I make custom album artwork for each of my personal mixes:

And I kind of sit there thinking to myself: "I am not sure if cool is the word I would use.“