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🖤 SOA-Preference: Them surprising you with romantic gifts while they're on a run 🖤

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Jax: He would surprise you with a cute puppy. He wants you to feel distracted while he’s been gone … and it calms him to know, the dog is a guard dog too.

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Tig: He would send you some naughty & funny texts while he’s been away. He doesn’t want you to feel lonely therefore you would find a box with a “vibrating content”

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Chibs: He would surprise you the old fashioned way with a hand written letter expressing his true feelings for you. And if that wasn’t enough, he would have named a star after your name. He would love the idea to feel close to you whenever one of you would gaze at your star.

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Opie: You would receive a bracelet engraved with coordinates (the place you both met the first time). His evidence of true love.

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Kozik: He loves to surprise you with some classic gifts like a gilded rose and chocolate dipped strawberries. He would make sure they would be your favorite ones.

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Happy: He would customize a gun (with your initials) for you. He wants to know you’re safe while he’s on a run…besides it’s a huge turn on for him to know he’s got a bad baby that can handle herself!

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Juice: He would surprise you with a box called ‘’Reasons why I love you’’. A cute lil’ box full of pictures, tickets and memories you two shared. He would even leave his favorite shirt in the box only for you to wear it and smell his scent when you’re feeling lonely.

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Welcome to the Haikyuu blog familydom! I'd love a scenario of Tanaka getting his first kiss from his girlfriend! Fluffy Tanaka is so rare! Thank you!

Thank you fam! And YES WE NEED MORE TANAKA FLUFF OUT THERE! He became an instant favorite of mine as soon as he walked in through the gym haha! I hope your answered ask is okay!

The calendar on your desk seemed to be mocking you as it proudly displayed the highlighted holiday. Tomorrow was February 14th. Aka Valetine’s Day. 

You groaned out loud as you spun around in your chair. This would be the first time celebrating a holiday with Ryu and you wanted to make this one special. You weren’t so much worried about making the chocolates, but what did your boyfriend like? Or dislike? Did he like dark chocolate? Milk chocolate? Maybe he didn’t like chocolate at all! You knew you should have figured it out sooner but with Ryu being busy with his upcoming volleyball games and you with your club, time just seemed to fly by. 

Gripping your hair in frustration you decided to call the best person for advice. His sister. After dating Ryu for a couple of months, (93 days, but hey who’s counting right?) you and Saeko seemed to hit it right away when you first met her. 

“Hey Saeko!” You cheerfully greeted when she picked up your call. 

“What’s up _____! Don’t tell me my brother is causing you trouble!”

You giggled at Saeko’s question but you knew she was joking. 

“He’s not! But I actually have a question about him.” You heard a hum from Saeko and you continued on. “Does Ryu like chocolate?”


It was silent on the end for a second before you heard a burst of laughter. “You’re so adorable _____! Of course he does! I bet he’ll eat anything you give him! Ah, are you planning to make him chocolate for tomorrow?”

You felt your cheeks redden from Saeko’s comment. “He would? And yeah I’m planning to make some chocolate but I need to know what he likes…”

“He’ll be fine with whatever you plan on making him! Trust me, this little brother of mine, is just sooo in lo-”

Saeko’s sentence was soon cut off by the sound of running steps and the familiar voice of Ryu. “Is that ____?! Why is she calling you?!” 

“Because she’s sick of you!” Saeko screamed back. “She’s asking me if I know any better looking dudes than you! Now go away! Wait, let go of my phone!-”

“What?! Stop lying sis! Ugh please don’t listen to whatever she said  ______! I’ll see you in school tomorrow!” 

You laughed at the continued bickering noises from the Tanaka siblings and you decided to hang up before they could drag you into something crazy again. 
“Well, thanks for your input Saeko!” You could just picture Ryu’s face as he emitted a small gasp. 

“What?! Saeko what did you and ______ really talk about?!”

“Yeah see you _____!” Saeko replied back as she ignored Ryu’s cries. “And remember what I told you! Good luck!” 

You shut your phone but not before hearing Ryu’s frustrated groans and Saeko’s teasings. Feeling a bit better from Saeko’s input you decided to get to work.

The next morning you were scrambling to get to school because it took you so long to tie the bow onto Ryu’s gift. (Not your fault that your scissor was being annoying and wouldn’t curl the ends!) Based on Saeko’s advice you decided to make a mixture of milk, dark, and even strawberry dipped chocolates. The small red package was safely hidden in your bag as you just barely made it to first period.

“Safe!” Your friend laughed as you sat down in a hurry, avoiding the teacher’s gaze. “So, what happened with you and Tanaka?”

Taken aback from your friend’s question you could only give her a curious look. She continued on with a whisper. “He was in a bad mood today! Did you guys have a fight?”

Wait….Don’t tell me!

“We’re fine.” You calmly replied, but inside you were screaming. Ryu probably misunderstood the whole situation from last night! Knowing him, he probably believed what Saeko was saying. 

“Well, I ain’t no matchmaker but today’s Valentine’s Day! Did you make chocolates for him?”

You smirked at your friend and you gave her a sneak peek of the red package in your bag. “Of course I did!” 

You couldn’t wait until the lunch bell would ring since that would be the only time you would get to see Ryu before he would bolt off to volleyball practice at the end of the day. You smiled at your athletic boyfriend’s enthusiasm since you knew he could appear off as a rough and tough gang member, but you knew deep down he was such a goofball and a sweetheart. 

Time to seem to drag on and on and when the bell finally rang, you grabbed the red package from your bag and ran to meet Ryu by his classroom door. Thanking your friend’s good luck wishes you rushed out the classroom and made a bee-line to class 1. 

“Hey Ryu!” You greeted cheerly as you finally spotted him leaving the classroom. “Ryu?” 

Okay now you were worried. Ryu had dark circles around his eyes and he looked so troubled? You’ve never seen Ryu look so down so you decided to make a light joke. You jabbed him lightly at his sides with your elbows,“failed your english test?” 

You watched Ryu’s face slightly twist into a smile but he still looked so down. “Okay, fine Ryu. What’s wrong? Is it what Saeko said last night?”

Ryu nodded in silence and you couldn’t help but giggle at your boyfriend’s pout. “Oh come on Ryu! You know Saeko was teasing! Besides I have a small surprise for you!”

Ryu seemed to perk up at the word ‘surprise’ and snapped his head back to you. “Surprise? For me?”

You nodded in excitement and decided to drag Ryu outside. “Come on!” You laughed at Ryu’s expression turn from a frown to a smile. 

Once you were outside, you had Ryu cover his eyes with his hands. “No peeking!” You could see Ryu shaking from excitement as he waited patiently for your gift. 

“Can I see now?”

You make a small noise in agreement and held out the red package in front of Ryu’s face. “U-um, Since Valentine’s Day is today I wanted to make you something special Ryu…”

Feeling bashful from the silent Ryu you continued on. “The reason why I called your sister was because I didn’t know if you liked chocolate or not! So…I hope you’ll enjoy the-!”

Ryu cut off your rambling with a strong hug that lifted your legs of the ground. 


“Are you kidding me ________?” Ryu laughed as he spun you around into a circle. “Thank you _____! God I’m so stupid for believing that!”

You laughed as you watched Ryu smile even bigger. “Yeah that was pretty stupid of you Ryu.” He finally dropped you down back on the ground and carefully opened the red package. 

Ryu practically inhaled the chocolates once he peeled back the plastic and melted into a mess of content. Ryu watched you smile and he couldn’t help but wanted to share this moment with you. 

“Um…______ can I?”

You glanced at Ryu curiously but not before being shocked again when he came closer to you and placed his hands underneath your chin. 

“I-I’ve always wanted to do this _______.”

You smirked at Ryu’s shyness but he seemed to hesitate. “What did you want to do Ryu?” You cheekily asked him as you nuzzled your cheeks closer into his hands. He hesitated a bit longer before finally reaching down to plant a kiss onto your lips. 

The pressure of his lips was so delicate, a feat you never knew Ryu had until this point, but at the same time it suited Ryu. 

When you finally broke apart from Ryu, he had the look of amazement and bewilderment at the same time. “W-wow…”

You could only copy Ryu’s statement and smirked when you licked your lips and tasted the faint milk chocolate residue from his lips. 

“Hey Ryu, I wonder what dark chocolate would taste like on your lips?”




Someone needed to resuscitate Tanaka after this. 

Astro says “I love you” for the first time...


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JinJin tells you he loves you… kind of by accident? You two had only been dating for a few weeks, and though he’s loved you from day one, he doesn’t want to move too quickly. This sleepy koala bear was up all night practicing, so you bring him his favorite coffee and a box of doughnuts to split for breakfast. He’s so grateful for your kindness that the words just kind of slip out…

“Thank you, jagi! I love you so much…” *realizes what he said* “I mean-!”

He has no regrets in saying it (because it’s true <3) but his first concern is to make sure you aren’t uncomfortable. Once he knows you’re okay with it though, he starts to tell you he loves you much more often~


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MJ has been saying everything but “I love you” since you two started dating. He sings songs about your smile, compliments you 6000 times a day, and stares lovingly into your eyes whenever he can. You’re slightly hurt that he hasn’t said it yet, but you can’t really blame him, since you haven’t said it either. One day, you two are making chocolate dipped strawberries, and MJ asks you if he can eat the berry you just decorated. You agree and hold it out to him. He grins and mumbles the words casually…

“Thanks, I love you jagi~”

He then stuffs the strawberry into his mouth acting innocent to your questioning. MJ knew exactly what he was doing sly dog and made sure to wait for the perfect moment to say it. He really just enjoys seeing you flustered~


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Eunwoo has thought a LOT about this! Ever since he realized that he loves you, he’s been trying to figure out the best way to tell you. He wants it to be memorable and romantic bc he’s Eunwoo and he’s been wracking his brain to come up with the perfect solution. When he finds out he’ll be an MC on Music Core, a light bulb goes off in his head. He texts you before the show starts and tells you to make sure you watch him on TV. At the end of the show, he wraps up with some very special ‘thank you’s…

“Before we leave, I’d just like to say thank you to our guests today, to the other MCs, and to Y/N… I love you, jagiya~”

The audience and MCs all burst into applause and choruses of “awws” and “ohhhs”. Eunwoo winks into the camera and throws a heart, and waves goodbye. When he gets back to your place, you tell him you love him too, and he’s so thrilled that he showers you in kisses~


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Moonbin literally just forgot to tell you that he loves you;;; smh You guys have been dating for a while, and during lunch at practice, he realizes that he’s never actually told you he loves you, and almost chokes on his food. Well, that’s not gonna fly! He calls you up immediately and you answer…

“Jagiya? I love you. Did I ever tell you that? I feel like I’ve never told you that, but that can’t be right… can it? Because… I do.”

You inform him that he hasn’t, in fact, told you he loves you up until this point, and he face-palms in utter embarrassment. He can’t believe that he never told you! He assures you that he meant to ages ago, and continues to berate himself until you tell him not to worry, and that you love him too~ He blushes and tells you that if he could kiss you over the phone, he would, and you promise to make it up to him the next time you see him~ <3


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Rocky is very straightforward with you about his feelings for you, and he always has been. So when he first tells you he loves you, you know he must mean what he says! You two are on a date when he brings up the topic rather suddenly…

“So… do you love me, Y/N? Because I love you.”

You’re a little flustered at Rocky’s boldness, but you assure him that you do indeed love him~ He’s relieved by this and explains to you that he was worried his relationship with you was a little one-sided, since you hadn’t told him you loved him yet. You point out to him that he hadn’t told you either. He laughs and admits that that’s true, then he kisses your cheek and promises to make up for all the times he wished he had said “I love you”~


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Sanha never thought saying “I love you” was that big of a deal in the first place. It’s just a way to tell someone how you feel, like saying “that’s cool” or “I’m hungry”. Not that there isn’t much more emotion behind the words when you tell someone you love them, but Sanha isn’t the type to have any sort of internal struggle about it. Once you’ve broken through the initial awkwardness of dating, if you both clearly love each other, why not say as much? So, from early on in your relationship, Sanha has told you he loves you very often…

“I have to go to practice now, jagi!” *kisses the top of your head* “Bye-bye, I love you~” 

He tells you whenever he has to leave you, whenever he texts you, whenever you do something he finds cute, whenever you do something nice for him… You’re not sure when he started saying it, but you never have to question this beagle’s feelings for you~

Special 100-Followers Scenario! ^o^ Thank you guys, I love each and every one of you~ <3 Nessa

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happy headcanons

im really sad about LiS rn so have some of my weird, happy headcanons

  • Max wears bunny slippers to remind her of Kate
  • When Max has nightmares, she calls Kate and Kate always answers because Max did for her and Max tells Kate everything because she always knows what to say
  • Every time they are intimate, Max takes the time to kiss all of Chloe’s scars to remind her that she is still here
  • Kate adopts all of the animals in the local kill shelters and finds them good homes. Except the bunnies. She keeps the bunnies. 
  • Nathan didn’t die and he got help, and even if others don’t forgive him, he forgives himself and goes on to help abuse victims
  • When Max and Chloe finally get an apartment together, Chloe’s first thing to buy is a mini trampoline for the living room and Max is definitely not okay with it (but when Chloe is gone, Max jumps on it while listening to really loud, cheesy music) 
  • Kate goes on to be a children’s author, and she goes to local children’s hospitals and reads her stories to them to make them feel better 
  • Chloe makes Mickey-Mouse pancakes for Max when she’s sick, and gives her extra whipped cream. It’s not her fault that some always ends up on Max’s nose. 
  • Max just really likes taking pictures of Chloe asleep because she looks so peaceful 
  • Chloe wakes Max up by tickling her or kissing her, whichever she feels like that day
  • Mark Jefferfuck/Bark Yifferson goes to prison for pretty much forever and never sees the light of day
  • Max makes little chocolate-dipped strawberry bunnies for Kate’s birthday
  • Warren starts dating Brooke because oh my god, who cares if Max went with Warren to the drive in, get over it. 
  • Sooo many pricefield cuddles. Just.. So many
  • When they stay up late at night watching movies, and Max falls asleep, Chloe always picks her up and carries her to bed
  • Chloe finally learns to truly love herself 
  • Also none of episode 5 happened the end. 

Kuroshitsuji Cookbook:

  • Title: Eton Mess with Dark Chocolate Strawberry Meringue Roses
  • Episode/Chapter: Ssn. 2, ep. ?


  • Yield: Eton Mess: 10 regular size desserts or 20 mini ones
  • There are multiple kuro entries for each recipe in the anime/manga. Check out my ‘kuroshitsuji cookbook’ tag for more.
  • Image and recipe source are the same.


Chocolate Dipped-Strawberry Meringue Roses (Makes: 28 2-inch cookies)

  • 3 large egg whites
  • 1 package (3 ounces) Strawberry Jell-O
  • ¼ cup caster sugar
  • ¼ cup freeze dried strawberries
  • ½ teaspoon pure vanilla extract
  • Chocolate Chips (for dipping, I used bittersweet chocolate here) 


  • Preheat the oven to 200°F. Line 2 baking sheets with parchment paper or silicone mat. 
  • Grind freeze dried strawberries and sugar in a food processor until powdery. Set aside.
  • Place the egg whites in a large bowl and with an electric mixer fitted with the whisk attachment, beat on medium until frothy. Pour the Jell-O, and strawberry mixture into the bowl in a slow, steady stream. Turn mixer on high and continue to beat until the egg whites are stiff and shiny, about 5 minutes.  Add vanilla extract until just combined. 
  • Scrape the meringue into a pastry bag fitted with a medium star tip and pipe the cookies onto the lined baking sheets.  Starting in the middle and make 2 full circles, about 2-inch in diameter and 1 ½-inch apart.  
  • Bake the meringues until they are firm, about 2 hours. Turn off the oven and leave them in there overnight. 
  • In a microwave heated bowl, melt your favorite chocolate chips on high.  Stirring chocolate in 30 second interval until chocolate chips are just melted.  Slightly cool melted chocolate before dipping the bottom of the meringue roses and place them on a lined baking pan.  Refrigerate for 15 minutes or until chocolate firmed up.

External image

Eton Mess with Dark Chocolate Strawberry Meringue Roses

  • 2 pounds fresh strawberries, divided
  • 1 cups sugar
  • Juice from 1 lemon
  • 1 teaspoon of fresh thyme leaves
  • 2 tablespoons framboise liqueur
  • 2 cups heavy cream
  • 6 tablespoons of powdered sugar
  • 2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract
  • a dozen of Dark Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Meringue Roses


  • In a medium sauce pan, heat 1 pound of the whole strawberries, sugar and lemon juice on medium-high heat.  With a potato masher, crushed the strawberries until there’s no big chunks. 
  • Add the fresh thyme leaves now (take the leaves off the stems or simply tie the whole thing with a kitchen twine for easy removal of the stems). Bring the mixture to a full boil. Lower the heat and simmer for 10 minutes, stirring occasionally, until the mixture is syrupy. 
  • While the mixture is cooking, sliced the remaining one pound of strawberries.  Remove from heat and add the sliced strawberries.  Then, stir in the framboise liqueur while the mixture is still hot. Let cool completely and chill in refrigerator. 
  • To assemble the dessert, spoon a couple tablespoons of strawberry syrup into a tall glass. Top with some freshly whipped cream, then crush some strawberry meringues on top.
  • Spoon more strawberry syrup on the meringue, follow by more whipped cream.  Top with some more meringue (crush or not). It’s easier to eat if you crush them, but it makes a more beautiful presentation if you leave the meringue roses whole.

External image


Cat Scratch Fever

Klaine, 1450 words, A03

Part of a series of “Season 7” ficlets that look at events in the early married life of Kurt and Blaine.  The first part of this fic is a flashback of sorts, set on Halloween between 6x07 and 6x08.

A lot has changed in the past year… but not the fact that Kurt looks super-hot in a cat suit.

Halloween, 2014

Kurt sighed as another group of squealing small children ran up to where he and Blaine sat on the steps of Sam’s house, the children’s parents trailing behind them.

“They’re kitties!  Look, mommy, two black kitties!” one little boy exclaimed, nearly tripping over his superhero cape as he climbed up the porch steps to get to Kurt and Blaine.

Blaine was already on his feet, commenting on each child’s costume as they swarmed around the two of them.  Kurt stood up and held out the large plastic pumpkin full of candy.

“What do you say, kids?” a parent prompted.

“Trick or treat!” came the expected response.  

But the little boy in the superhero cape was just staring at Kurt, his eyes wide.  “Mommy, can I pet the kitties?”

“I’m a panther,” Kurt muttered, stepping away despite himself as Blaine crouched down next to the child.  Kurt’s costume was <i>not</i> the same as Blaine’s – where Blaine had the fluffy ears and tail of a domestic housecat, complete with a cozy black sweater and drawn on pink nose and sweet whiskers, Kurt was a fierce predator, dressed head to toe in a sleek black lycra suit that clearly indicated his status as one of the fastest land animals on the planet.  And no, as he had informed Rachel earlier, this was obviously not what he had worn for the Singles Ladies dance – did she not realize how much he had grown since then?  His shoulders alone…for god’s sake, give him a little credit.

While Kurt grumbled, Blaine continued to charm the small children.  “Want to touch my ears?  They’re furry,” Blaine said, and was nearly toppled by the pack of preschoolers as they crowded around him, reaching up to touch the triangular ears that poked up out of his hair.  Blaine had gone easy on the gel for the evening, and the little rugrats tugged and pet at his curls, Blaine just smiling at them until their parents dragged them away.

Kurt huffed and sat back down on the cold concrete step.  He had hit a new low – he was jealous of the five year olds that got to touch Blaine.

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In Dreams You Lose Your Heartaches

Set in Season One, after episodes 1x09 and 1x10.

The final item Iris needed to unpack that would officially mark her as settled into Eddie’s apartment was the framed photograph of herself and Barry that she managed to swipe from her dad after exchanging goodbyes. She removes it from the otherwise emptied cardboard box at her feet and sets it onto her vanity table. From now on, Barry’s still, smiling face would survey her whenever she glammed herself up. Somehow the thought of Barry, even in a mere picture, watching her apply makeup, style her hair, or just reach over for a bottle of perfume makes her cheeks burn. She stares at the photo longer, first at her arm perched over his shoulder, then back at Barry’s face beaming at her, before she finds she has to look away. Whether or not it was telling of her to save displaying the photograph until the very end of her move is not something she wants to contemplate right now.

She doesn’t have much control over what her mind wants her to contemplate these days anyway. Things with Barry are still somewhat tense, even after he assured her it was all going to be okay, sealing his promise with a fist bump, like he would do when they were younger. None of that had managed to console her, not when she can’t overlook the sadness in his eyes, or forget the dejection in his voice, or disregard the compassion in his words to her even though her decision had hurt him. 

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i wanna talk about the simultaneously best and worst thing that’s ever happened to me

i was sitting on my couch watching some tv after a long day at work, and you know what comes on tv? a commercial for this life-ruiner 

dole fucking dippers

what are dole dippers you ask? it’s literally just frozen fruit covered in dark chocolate. i’ve only had the strawberry, but it also comes in banana, banana with nuts, and pineapple. it’s the kind of shit you see on pinterest and fitness blogs for people who have their lives together and go jogging in the morning

because i have the impulse control of a toddler, i saw this commercial and immediately thought, “that looks okay i guess,” and when i went to the grocery store that night to get food for the upcoming week, i picked up a pack



because dole dippers are fucking delicious. i hate that i love them. but they are genuinely fucking delicious, and you wouldnt think they are because its just fruit covered in chocolate. usually when i want something sweet, i indulge in children’s sugar coma-inducing cereal, like, i actually have a box of shitty captain crunch donut cereal with sprinkles in my cupboard right now

but this shit is so good. and i would be fine with this if it weren’t for one detail

this shit costs me $3.99 at my local grocery store ok and i could actually buy my own box of strawberries and my own dark chocolate and make my own chocolate-dipped strawberries for cheaper

but you know why i wont? i wont because im a lazy piece of shit who doesnt have my life together and go jogging in the morning. so instead, im just gonna pay the overly expensive $3.99 for this delicious bullshit

so fuck you dole dippers for tasting so good and appealing to a population of lazy assholes like me who wont make my own frozen chocolate-dipped treats for half the price and twice the product