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Seventeen 13 days of Winter

So kids Christmas is aproaching and I’ve been preparing since October, so here’s the thing: 

Here ate a bunch of dialogue prompts, scenario prompts, etc. Choose two (you can mix and match or only send one, or send one of each, idk whatever you see fit) with the name of one of the boys form SVT and I will be writing 4 full lenght fics leading up to christmas and one fic every day starting Dec. 12!!!

Have fun kids!!! If yours doesnt turn into a whole lenght fic I will make it either a bullet point or a text scenario so don’t worry!! (also do keep in mind that the 13 days of christmas is each for every guy)

[x] = taken

Dialogue Prompts: 

  1. “Oh how convenient that there is mistletoe above us.”  [x]
  2. “Have you got your presents yet?” “No, I’ve got ages.” “Christmas is tomorrow…”
  3. “It’s a time of good will, not whatever the hell you’re doing”  [x]
  4. “Who have you got for secret Santa?” “I can’t tell you. It’s called secret Santa for a reason.”
  5. “Come out in the snow with me!” “I’d rather stay inside where it’s warm and I can’t slip over on my ass.” [x]
  6. “You’ve never been ice skating!?” [x]
  7. “Is this the first time you’ve seen snow?”
  8. “It’s New Years, aren’t you going to kiss me?” [x]
  9. “All I want for Christmas is you…” [x]
  10. “You’re not going to spend the holidays alone and sad. I won’t allow it.”
  11. “Why is there no decorations at the top?” “Because I couldn’t reach up there.”  [x]
  12. “That is the most thoughtful gift anyone has got me.”
  13. “You’re useless with wrapping presents!”
  14. “You know i could never leave you alone on your favorite holiday.” [x]
  15. “I know that people usually kiss under mistletoe but.. I had other things planned.” [x]
  16. “Are you seriously crying over Rudolph..?”  
  17. “You spent how much on decorations?!?!”
  18. “How did you know? I only ever told one person.” [x]
  19. “If you throw that snowball you’re declaring war”
  20. “You don’t have to go to all this trouble, you know”
  21. “Secret Santa is bullshit”
  22. “No offence meant, but I do not trust you to carve the turkey”
  23. “Step away from the cookies.”
  24. “You know, you remind me a lot of the Grinch. The only difference is in the end, his heart grows three sizes, but you stay an asshole.”
  25. “What do you mean I have to dress up like santa?!”
  26. “Santa?” “No, it’s the Easter bunny. Of course it’s Santa.”

Scenario Prompts

  a)  Character A and Character B, sworn enemies, are chosen to prepare the company Christmas Party.

 b)  Character A can’t wrap gifts to save their life. Character B is thir neighbor and can help.

  c)  Character A’s ex will be at the Christmas Party A is attending. Character B poses as A’s fiance.  [x]

  d)  You made me a Christmas playlist but it’s just Mariah Carey’s “All I want for Christmas is you”. I can’t tell if you’re hitting on me or if it’s a joke   [x]

 e)  We’re neighbors and I just got locked out of my apartment, I was baking cookies that will burn if I don’t get in there quick 

  f)  I met you on Christmas but haven’t seen you since, until today on Christmas day, are you an angel? Wait, you actually are?  [x]

  g)  I’ve never seen snow in person before, until now, what is this white stuff falling from the sky? Why are you laughing at me? 

  h)  There’s one Christmas cookie left, so I challenge you, winner takes the cookie 

  i)  I drew your name out of the Santa for secret Santa that we’re doing with our friends and I really had no clue what to get you, we don’t know each other too well so on the day of the gift exchange I asked what you wanted and that I was sorry but I couldn’t think of anything. you pulled me under the mistletoe oh god

  j)  it’s hella snowing outside and the power went out on the third floor (aka your floor) of our apartment building. You come up to my door, asking for blankets because you’re freezing but I just pull you inside and oh wait you’re actually very nice 

  k)  I got a candygram a week ago and it had a cute Christmas poem on it in which I was compared to an angel, I’ve been trying to figure out who it was but it finally hit me when you held the door open for me and said ‘no problem, angel [x]

  l)  we went through a really bad break up a month ago, but I already bought you a Christmas gift. it’s too late to return it now and I know you’d really like it so I show up to your house on Christmas Eve and present the new watch I bought to replace your old one that’s nearly falling apart and I swear I see tears in your eyes 

  m)  Person A has just been through a terrible break up and has found themselves alone during the holiday season. They end up going back to their hometown, where, out of pity and familial obligation, they get invited to a Christmas party. At first, they awkwardly stand around, trying to keep out of sight, but it’s hard to do when a certain cutie accidentally pulls them into a kiss instead of another partygoer that happened to be wearing the same outfit… 

  n)  Character A is stuck working in coffee shop on Christmas Day and Character B is the lonely soul spending their whole day there.

  ñ)  Character A and Character B compete in Christmas house decoration.

  o)  Character A returns to their birth-town for the holidays. Character B is their estranged childhood best friend.

  p)  We have spent christmas together since we were children how did I just realize you’ve never gotten me a present???

  q)   we’re going ice skating for the first time this year and it’s pretty obvious that you’re secretly an olympic figure skater or something how the hell are you so graceful you’re literally twirling around on one foot on a frictionless surface and i can barely make a left turn [x]

  r)  you asked me what i wanted for christmas and i was feeling really sarcastic so i said “a unicorn” and you actually went out and got me a stuffed unicorn i hate you so much but actually it’s really cute and i might sort of love it [x]

  s)  i know we hate each other but it’s christmas eve and your flight was cancelled please come inside 

   t)  i live below you and i was minding my own business watching the snowfall out the window WHEN I SAW A BODY FALL ARE YOU REALLY PUTTING UP CHRISTMAS LIGHTS NOW   [x]

   u)  we were playing in the snow and you suddenly tackled me to the ground and now…we’re just…staring… at each other… 


   w)  TREE DECORATING (bonus points if one of them is doing it completely wrong omg why am i in love with you) 

   x)  “i did that annoying thing where i put loads of smaller boxes inside one big box and you’re getting really mad but you don’t know that the ring is in the smallest box and i can’t wait to see your face  [x]

   y)  i didn’t know that this holiday party was a dress-up thing and when i came to get you, you answered the door in your full-on GRINCH COSTUME and i almost had a fucking heart attack

   z)  I wrote you this very heartfelt christmas letter and somehow it found it´s way into your sister´s gift and OML This cant be happening

The prompts came from here, here, here and here 

Have fun kids!!!


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obstinatecondolement replied to your post: guys i might make a bullet journal

I was threatening to start one a few months ago. Bought the notebook and everything but haven’t quite made it as far as the crucial step two: write things down in it. I might have another go in the new year

i mean my “”“system”“” in grad school was basically just a chaos notebook, a bullet journal without the organization. it worked. i don’t know why i ever try to change.

My Kind of MariChat
  • Chat and Marinette hanging out as friends and talking about their crush struggles with each other.
  • Chat not saying who he likes, because he knows that Mari is best friends with the Ladyblog girl and he can’t risk Ladybug finding out how he feels through the Internet. How tacky!
  • Mari not saying who she likes, because she’s afraid Chat will see her love for Adrien as just a celebrity crush. Also she has a tendency to malfunction when speaking his name aloud.
  • Chat giving Mari advice about how to calm her anxiety and be more confident when talking to her crush.
  • Mari giving Chat advice about how to come across as more genuine and less flirty when talking to his crush.
  • The two being 100% oblivious.
  • The two practicing on each other and totally NOT blushing  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • The two encouraging and pushing each other to ask their crush out.
  • The two making a pact to do so the very next day.
  • Mari going up to Adrien at school and remaining 50% calm as she asks him out for ice cream.
  • Adrien internally screaming because he didn’t realize Mari had a crush on HIM and now he feels like a jerk.
  • “OH, uh that sounds like it’d be a lot of fun, but I can’t eat ice cream… model diet, you know?”
  • Marinette trying to recover. “Oh, right. Well, uh…what about a movie?”
  • Marinette regretting her decision the moment he says “Look Marinette-”
  • Adrien trying. “You really are an incredible girl and it means a lot to me that you’d even ask. I just- I already have feelings for someone else.”
  • Marinette accidentally blurting out, “Who? Chloe?”
  • Adrien not knowing whether to laugh or gag. “No, no, no! She uh, she doesn’t go here. You wouldn’t know her.”
  • Marinette thinking that it’s probably some gorgeous model.
  • Marinette sending only one text to Alya instead of her usual 50.
  • “He likes someone else.”
  • An akumatized villain showing up at the absolute WORST time.
  • Chat Noir noticing that his lady is off her game for some reason.
  • Ladybug noticing that Chat is making fewer puns for some reason.
  • Chat pulling her away from the press after the battle.
  • “My lady, I need to tell you something… I love you.”
  • Marinette’s gut clenching because HOW did she not realize Chat had been talking about HER and then she’s reminded of Adrien’s rejection and she’s overwhelmed by hurt and confusion and guilt and-
  • BEEP BEEP go the earrings.
  • “Chat… this isn’t a good time. I- I have to go.” 
  • “Then meet me tonight on the Arc de Triomphe at 11 o’clock.”
  • Ladybug just nodding before she swings away.
  • Chat trying not to be discouraged.
  • Marinette checking her phone after she detransforms.
  • Alya: “Oh girl. I’m so sorry.”
  • Alya: “Are you okay?”
  • Alya: “I’m mandating an emergency sleepover tonight. Just you and me.”
  • Crap.
  • Marinette trying to “go to bed” early so that she can sneak out and meet with Chat.
  • Alya making her stay up because it’s a Friday night and “you promised me we’d watch Moulin Rouge”.
  • Chat somehow managing to set up a candlelit dinner on the Arc de Triomphe because he’s a hopeless romantic.
  • Chat pacing back and forth with droopy ears as it gets later and later.
  • Chat growing incredibly disheartened as he picks at the food and thinks about how he rejected Marinette only to be rejected by Ladybug.
  • Mari worrying about Chat and crying over Adrien.
  • Chat finally heading home around 1:00 AM but stopping when he sees Mari on her balcony. 
  • Mari feeling awful and tearing up when she sees Chat.
  • Chat feeling awful when he sees how upset Mari is.
  • The two hugging and crying and realizing how much they hate seeing the other hurting.
  • The two trying to comfort and encourage each other.
  • Mari telling Chat how funny and brave and kind he is.
  • Chat telling Mari how talented and beautiful and endearing she is.
  • Mari and Chat looking into each others eyes, each wondering if they’ve been pursuing the wrong person all along.
  • Chat leaning in slowly and kissing Mari.
  • Mari kissing back.
  • Alya opening the trapdoor and screaming.
  • The End (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Remember when Andrew and Kevin were drinking while Neil was standing at the edge of the balcony, watching his friends dancing and having a good time, knowing he could never be a part of that? Well:

  • The whole team goes on another trip to Columbia to celebrate their victory
  • Neil’s debating whether or not to go dancing, but of course he isn’t going to say anything and he likes staying with Andrew too
  • And Neil knows there is no point in asking Andrew to dance because even if he agreed to, Andrew would not be comfortable on a packed dance floor
  • And Neil wants Andrew comfortable a lot more than he wants to dance with him
  • When the upperclassmen and Aaron and Nicky are heading off to go dancing, Renee asks Neil if he wants to come along
  • Neil hesitates for just long enough to reveal he’s considering it
  • Aaron takes off without waiting to see Neil’s verdict while Nicky starts up the “Come on, Neil. You never dance with us. Just once can’t you follow someone other than Andrew and Kevin’s lead and actually try to be fun?”
  • And Allison’s already trying to drag him out of his chair while Dan tries to talk him into it and Matt chants his name in encouragement

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21.4.2017 I’m back from a hugely busy Easter holidays! I’m so sorry I haven’t been posting - I’ve made so many drafts and taken a lot of photos but not posted them! I’m back at uni now so expect much more from me again, especially as this is the lead up to my final exams! Xxx Emily

ways to stay productive in summer-

1. learn a new language-

ah, all the time in the world we all have during summer! currently, i’m trying to learn Italian, which isn’t too hard because my first language was Spanish. if you all want a different post on how i got started tell me!

2. start a bullet journal-

with no school in your schedule, you have time to make your bullet journal as complicated or as simple as you’d like. i recently bought a journal and used it as a bujo. i love it!

3. practice your handwriting-

i know many people hate their own handwriting, but how are you going to like it if you don’t practice! i’ve changed my handwriting completely this summer. if you guys want a post about it let me know.

4. make a studyblr/blog-

that’s what i did! i’ve started my studyblr, instagram, and blog (all are linked on my tumblr page ;) )

5. practice calligraphy-

i’ve learned how to do calligraphy with Crayola markers. it’s very easy once you get the hang of it. There are plenty of tutorials online.

6. clean your room-

it’s a great time to clean your room! i know when it’s the school year i never have time to be cleaning my room. you can do a deep decluttering because you probabaly haven’t in a while…


please for the love of god, do! your! summer! homework! if! you! have! it! i finished my summer homework a couple weeks ago, but my friends still haven’t started. i’m saving their butts by helping them with it. i know plenty of people are going to start doing it two days before school starts. please don’t be one of those people.!-

i know a lot of people don’t like to read but maybe with your summer boredom you’ll get so bored that you’ll want to read? currently, i’m reading Lord of Shadows by Cassandra Clare.

9. try to prepare for the upcoming school year-

look up your classes and research about them. it’s good to start preparing for what you’re going to learn. it helps so when you go over those subjects in class, you can excel in it ;)

10. relax-

this is summer. your free time. relax and get ready for another stressful school year <3

warhammers, shields, arrows, swords...what century is this?? have you not heard of guns??