making blend is really hard


“f-fuck off”

the personality for these is really fun to come up with, but actually drawing out the concept is always so difficult ^^;;

here’s what i have in mind for their personality:

  • stoic on the outside
  • A N x ie T yy on the inside
  • obsessed with outerspace & conspiracies (they’re out there)
  • glow in the dark stars
  • INHALES ANY WARM BEVERAGE (tea and coffee and apple cider)
  • L A Y E R S
  • body temp is v inconsistent
  • says mean things on accident
  • only has one snakebite bc they’re too scared to get the other one
  • is a huge mess, but obsessed with cleaning???
  • their floor is covered in clean laundry
  • weakness for small animals (birds&guinea pigs)
  • will flip u off while stuttering
  • s k i n n yy
  • super dark under eye circles
  • chews on hat strings
  • c-can’t tie my shoes, but i can f-fuck your bitch
  • meditates (loves peace and quiet)
  • can and will kick ur ass

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fly-with-you-later  asked:

I love your art; I can't believe it's Copic! My colors always look pretty choppy and separate even with a blender pen. How do you get yours so painty-looking?

The point is to work fast! And color in a circular motion instead of going side to side in a zigzag. (this method makes the colors turn out smooth instead of blotchy… at least to me)

Try to overlap the ink so every bit of the area you’re coloring is covered with ink.

As long as you work while the ink is wet, the color will turn out smooth! Once the ink is dry it’s really hard to blend, so make sure you blend the colors while they’re wet!

And another tip: When you’re using the colorless blender, use it when you’re blending really light colors. Using it on dark colors will make the ink look blotchy (unless this is what you’re aiming for). If you want to blend a dark color, use a lighter shade of the same color family.

I’ll use the recent Elsa & Anna picture as an example: I used colors from the blue-green family (BG) for Elsa’s dress. I started out with the darkest color, then blended out with a lighter color, each time blending it out with a lighter shade of color. I actually used 4 different colors for her dress.

I’m not sure if this makes sense, but I hope this helps?