making art

did like a 1 hr sketch of baby face Fareeha because im lovs her also shes angry because i’m angry that I have to keep doing finals when I just wanna nap and play overwatch so here u all go 


I made a bunch of AU versions of my monstersona because character design is fun and also why the heck not \o/

Info about them is under the read-more if you’re interested!

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Robbie Rotten has never done anything wrong ever in his life.

Anyway my  friend who doesn’t even watch LazyTown made me watch episode 1 and now I’m watching it? It’s really fun and cute and it makes me happy. Robbie is relatable - I, too, enjoy eating cake, doing nothing, and desperately want to get invited to parties and be people’s friends but am too awkward to just ask.

If you’d like to please donate to the Stefan Karl (the actor for Robbie) GoFundMe ( to help in his recovery and fight with cancer!