making art

By the turn of the century they’d turned jaded and cold to it all. Each coronation simply meant a different hand holding the same leash. Another human, soft-skulled from their heavy crown, thinking they could portion the world with parchment and ink.

 Pressed together, shoulder to shoulder in the ballroom, they took small comfort in the warmth of the other. The too-tight silk between them stifling simmering thoughts of “At least you’re suffering too”.

Chicken Soup for the Bitter Teenage Nation’s Soul™

I shouldn’t draw at night x’D I found an old sketch of mine about Alvin holding his two guns, and I decided to turn it in this way (originally it was supposed to be the ToX2 version) because I really like the way I drew Alvin with Zaveid’s costume some time ago (especially for the long hair °^°). And in this way those holsters are more useful ùwù’’

The guns are horrible, I’m sorry.