making another one bc i can

Why is no one taking about this clip? Here you see yet another a guy who defeats gender roles. You can tell bc “usually” guys don’t have pink lacy curtains and pink phone cases and cute pastel picture frames (I’m talking about stereotypically. As I am a guy who has these things) THIS MAKES ME SO HAPPY BC YOU DON’T REALLY NOTICE AT FIRST BC ITS SO SUBTLE BUT OMGGG. Plz love him he’s gr8. His room looks like the room of a female protagonist in a shoujo anime but he’s a male side character in a sports anime and I’m shook. Bless this anime.


Disney Dream Cast - The Princess and the Frog

Tiana - Lupita Nyong'o

Naveen -  Sendhil Ramamurthy

Charlotte LaBouff - Alison Sudol

Doctor Facilier -  Idris Elba

Lawrence - Timothy Spall

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i want to read magnus/alec fics bc i love them but can't find good ones. do u have fic recs? thank u!



this is a lot lmao!!! but yeah these are some i’ve REALLY enjoyed so hopefully you will too :)

A Lost Bet

Requested By: @bkwrm523

Drabble Prompts: “Wait a second, are you jealous?” AND “Come over here and make me.”

Pairing: Cas x reader

A/N: nsfw warning *dryyyyy humpppiiinngg*. most of it under the cut bc I don’t know how to keep things short apparently hahah.


“I’m telling you, Y/N, Cas likes you,” Dean said, tossing back another shot at the booth you, him and Sam were sitting in.

“Yeah right,” you rolled your eyes, taking your shot. “He can barely look me in the eye.”

“It’s cause you make him nervous,” Sam smirked.

You furrowed your brow, and Dean cut you off before you could say anything. “Seriously. But if you walked over and talked to one of those guys at the bar, I guarantee he’d suddenly appear and rip the guy a new one.”

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Can’t Help It

Request: soooo Seb has finally hooked up with the reader and all he can do is watch her sleep bc he cant believe it

Words: 414

“Quit doing that.”

Nuzzling into your pillow, you try your best to suppress the feeling washing over you. The swelling of your lips is a pure result of his eagerness. You hate giving him the satisfaction of making you smile.

You wait until you have fully suppressed the smile to offer up your response.

“Looking at me.”

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December 14th

A/N: I’m sorry I didn’t post anything yesterday like I had planned >.<  School is being really really stressful at the moment but I’m still trying to keep the work up so here’s something short but cute I guess!!


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Winter Days With Jungkook:

  • the snow making it way too comfy in bed to get up
  • lots of cuddles
  • sleepy Jungkook smiling his bunny smile
  • his ruffled hair would be sO CUTE
  • “Jagiyaah, I don’t wanna get up”
  • “If we don’t get up we can’t do anything fun today!”
  • “I could think of more than one fun thing we could do in bed” ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • but then he gets up anyway bc you left the bed and staying on his own isn’t fun
  • having hot chocolate or coffee and ending up cuddling for another hour on the sofa
  • watching the snow fall whilst being wrapped in a fluffy blanket
  • going ice skating in the city
  • there’d be Christmas music playing and pretty lights everywhere and it would get dark early so it would look very pretty
  • he’d probably be so good at ice skating bc that boy is good at everything
  • but then you’d stumble and pull him down with you
  • he wouldn’t be mad, he’d just giggle and make fun of you
  • it would start snowing
  • you’d try and catch snowflakes in your mouths
  • “Jagi I got one in my eye!”
  • when he’d notice you’re cold he’d hug you soooo tightly and try to warm you up
  • lots of BUNNY SMILES
  • afterward you’d go for a walk on the decorated streets and visit a Christmas market
  • “Look that dog has a winter jacket on!” “Let’s get a dog Jagi, please??”
  • you’d buy roasted almonds or a baked apple and you’d feed each other
  • his bunny cheeks and nose would be red after a while and you would be freezing as well
  • and he’s steal a kiss from you and both your lips would be so cold but it would warm them up a little
  • on the way home you’d take the bus and sit next to each other
  • it would be completely dark by then and you’d feel tiredness kick in
  • your head would lay on his shoulder and he’d smile at you bc you’d look so cute
  • you’d nearly fall asleep on him
  • “Baby we gotta get out at the next stop”
  • “I wanna sleep”
  • “We’re almost home, baby”
  • at home you’d get wrapped up in a huge blanket and walk around the house looking like a queen with a cape
  • “Cuddle me Kookie”
  • “Of course my highness”
  • okay I’ll stop there it’s getting out of context bYE
This Isn’t You

Request:  Can you write about Shawn getting angry/ upset in public (a party or something) bc of someone said something rude to his gf?? And she tries to make him leave but ends up in a fight with the other person???

Word Count: 2,354

This Isn’t You

“You want another beer?” Brian asked me, well, yelled at me. The music was very loud and people were laughing and talking vociferously.

“Yeah, sure” I smiled. I turned around and patted Shawn on the shoulder. He looked at me.

“What about you?” I asked him. 

“What?” he mumbled back.

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based on a convo i had with @dwmaweapongirl16:

tango returns to samwell after winter break and whiskey just

hes not sure what to do with this new development and neither is the rest of the entire population

i hope ngozi sees this and either A. personally kicks me out of the fandom or  B. makes beard tango canon

Letters From Far Away

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Summary: Newt is far away in Africa on the search for a Thunderbird, and you’re back in London. You have to make do with writing letters to one another. 

A/N: So I’m hella proud of this one. I hope you like it! also tagging @quiddy-writes bc she loves muggle!reader fics

Dear Y/N,

I write to you from the boat on my way to Egypt. I’m not entirely sure what I will find there, but there have been rumors of a captured Thunderbird. I can’t imagine what horrors it must be undergoing in captivity, but I hope to free it.

Do you remember the Niffler we discovered together a few weeks back? Well he’s proven to be quite the troublemaker. He very nearly escaped my case this morning. I believe he had his eye on a woman’s rather flashy necklace.

I do hope you’re doing well back home. I confess that I already miss you terribly. I could think of nothing better than to have you with me on this adventure, but I know what your work means to you.

The dinner bell has just been rung, so I’ll have to finish this letter at a later time.


The boat docked a few hours ago, and I have managed to procure a room at a local hotel. The view is positively wonderful. I’ll bring you home a picture, but it won’t compare to the real thing. Perhaps we can return here together sometime?

Since arriving, I’ve been doing some digging regarding the Thunderbird. Apparently it is indeed here. Think of it, a real Thunderbird! Evidently it was captured by smugglers a few weeks ago and is being held by them. With luck, I shall find and free him within a week.

I’ll try to write as often as I can, although you know better than anyone how…distracted I can become when working with my creatures.

Hope to hear from you soon,



Dear Newt,

That all sounds terribly exciting! I truly wish I was there with you. I’m afraid that not much has been going on here. The office is the same as it always has been. I will admit that without you here to calm me down, Mr. Hadley is harder to deal with. I may be a muggle, but I still want to cast away my feminine duties and punch the guy sometimes.

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I'm bi and i totally feel ya w/ the fluid sexuality probs! It's really hard for me particularly when my preference (or how i usually think of it is my "default, as my attraction to real people doesn't change, but my daydreams change genders, make sense?) anyway when my preference that day is more towards one gender, and i see someone really cute of another gender, i get attraction whiplash, and it's actually really difficult? but i can't talk about it to people bc biphobia. this got long, sorry!

tbh tbh tbh!!! bisexuality’s fluid nature is really hard to manage sometimes like sometimes i’ll go to bed gayer than i was when i woke up. it’s all very confusing and i’m… pretty relieved that i’m not alone in feeling like this


I’ll take it. Told him I love YSL and he said he loves me already (bleh I’ll create lust for sugar things). I cannot emphasize enough that you must bring up allowance after initially getting to know one another. I usually drop the question after 5-10 text messages lol. I’ve learned the hard way not to waste time trying to change salt into sugar. He actually makes at least 1 mill a year as a specialized financial advisor (bingo, these are the keepers bc he can drop 10k a month without being salty. Plus I have a family memeber married to one and they are one of the wealthiest people in my state). If you wanna go for the big bucks, target MBA mergers/acquisition, MBA finance.

i can’t believe how weird some ppl on here are. someone can make a post about how disappointed they are with their grades this semester bc they got two Bs & someone will chip in (directly or indirectly) about how they got 3 Cs or how they had to drop out of college to take care of their dying mother, always trying to one-up & be asses to one another. newsflash! disappointment is quite the shapeshifter. everyone has different expectations of themselves & of things in general. chill?!

bc i am now thoroughly jaded after having read threadbare i’m like… mmmm to calls to boycott trump stuff.

like bust is saying “boycott marshalls in favour of h&m and xxi!”

and i’m just… honestly? there is absolutely no ethical difference there. none. your money is going to someone corrupt no matter which you pick.

another of their boycott picks was nordstrom, which actually pays their retail workers (autocorrect changed it to shirkers v apropos) a close to living wage–bc they carry Ivanka’s line.

there are things i won’t partake in personally, bc they matter to me personally but i can’t be fooled that it makes a difference.

if you’re boycotting in favour of local businesses, small businesses, black or poc owned businesses–that’s one thing. but boycotting one bad business in favour of another is kinda ludicrous
altho do boycott People and any other news source not covering his sexual assaults omfg

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Hey I'm a transguy and im having dysphoria rn bc my period, can u give me some advice?

Yes my dude! OK first, exercise, water, and raspberry tea all decrease your flow by (from what I’ve heard) quite a bit. Wearing your favorite pair of underwear also tends to help with that sort of thing. What I usually do is wear two pairs- One that I wouldn’t mind messing up and then another one that I like on top of that, maybe one that makes you feel masculine, and if you have boxers or boxer briefs, that too. Second, keep in mind that a lot of guys also have periods! It’s a thing that you and many others like myself have to just deal with until testosterone, and it sucks, but you’ve got a whole group of guys who know exactly how you’re feeling. I find it helpful to also understand that once it’s over, you’re done for a good month my dude, that’s pretty cool too. 

Crazy - Jonathan Byers Fluff

REQUESTED: Yes! Requested by another lovely anon<3

Hi can I request an imagine? Idk, you can do your own lil spin on it but could you write something along the lines of you and Jonathan fighting because you think Joy’s crazy and the Upside Down isnt real and he’s saying it is bc him and Nancy have seen it and that makes it worse bc you know he used to like Nancy so you’re mad and he says something wicked rude and you just walk off and then eventually he comes over to your house and its basically just apologetic fluffy kisses and shit like that:)

WARNINGS: Slight swearing

SUMMARY: You think your boyfriend Jonathan’s mother is crazy, because she keeps going on about a place called the Upside Down, but Jonathan tries to convince you otherwise, as him and Nancy went there. You have a massive argument and storm out, but will you ever reunite?

NOTES: I started back at school today, and even though I only had two lessons, I am still so incredibly tired :(((

There’s only 4 of us in my Drama Class, and once I finish this imagine I need to email one of the girls some stuff about Berkoff and then try and write up my work from today for Creative Writing (which there is only 5 of us in).

Anywho, hope you enjoy!

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ANOTHER ONE OF MY FAVE INCLUSIONIST ARGUMENTS is when they go “um sweaty but the full acronym is LGBTQIA2BABAG” and they all… give different versions. I’ve seen LGBTQIA, LGBTQA, LGBTTAAIQ or something, that one with the 2 in it, etc.

Make up your mind on which is the full acronym, bc if it varies sm for y'all then we can claim our interpretation is ‘LGBT’ and that makes your argument absolutely useless

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my heart literally aches seeing all the hate boys receive from their own damn "fans". I have only been an ARMY for about 4 months now and I am constantly shocked about what people have the nerve to say. BTS works their ASSES off to make their fans happy and I can't grasp the reason why people aren't grateful and appreciative of that. Every member of BTS is lovely and it devastates me not being able to tell them that & it sucks that the negative comments outweigh the positive ones.

i know, i absolutely hate seeing some “fans” completely disregard another member bc they only care about another. like, how could you possibly hate on one member when they all so obviously love and support each other unconditionally? don’t you realize that by spreading hate you’re going against everything your bias stands for? i don’t understand the way these kinds of people’s minds think. i just can’t wrap my head around it. yes i have a bias, but i still remember to be grateful for all the members and to love them equally. it’s not that hard. just act like a human being, jisoos.

- admin faith