making and taking and mostly not baking

prompt: prokopenko and kavinsky taking a silly seflie, daylight colors. suggested by @pynchinsky

(took a few liberties making this more of a sleepy/wake n’ bake stoned selfie than a silly one, also decided ‘daylight’ could mean ‘early dawn sunlight coming through the window’ lmao)


I saw this picture of one of my favorite humans, Hank Green, floating around and felt like I had to add these basic examples.

Yes, there are extremely harmful chemicals/molecules out there, but you can’t be afraid of all chemicals because literally everything is made of chemicals - from the air to your full body. Your body functions because it makes chemicals and reacts with other chemicals. Your senses are results of chemical reactions. Your emotions are chemicals, your food and nutrition are chemicals, your whole life is chemicals. Whether it’s a solid, liquid, or a gas. Chemicals.

There’s a big reason why you have to take a lot of chemistry when you study biology…

Life IS chemistry.

dating anthony headcanons


  • he would call you a different pet name every day
  • like sweetie, honey, love, babe, and stuff like that
  • sometimes you would ironically call each other things like sweet cheeks or smth
  • just ridiculous pet names !! but mostly really cute

he would spoil the shit out of u

  • like he would get you everything you want like u want shoes ?? ha he’s gonna get them
  • or you wanna go to a concert or something ?? he’s taking you and there’s nothing you can do about it

cuddles !! he would always want to cuddle you

  • like it doesnt matter if both of you are really busy 
  • hes gonna find a way to cuddle and still get shit done
  • because hes lowkey very clingy

he would insist on cooking something together all the time

  • “c’mon lets bake cookies!!! or make a cake!! lets make pancakes!!”
  • “anthony if you make a mess im gonna kick u out”
  • “who do u think i am i would never” *throws an egg at you*
  • but you like cooking with him anyway bc its always really fun

he would break into a song as if this was high school musical

  • mostly with stuff like you could say “how does-”
  • and hes being a nerd like “a bastard, orphan…”
  • which sometimes is annoying but its mostly really cute

he doesnt know how to take a compliment 

  • “anthony youre cute”
  • “whos anthony”
  • he would be a blushing mess and start mumbling and just,,, hes a mess
  • “ha im not cute i mean theres people cuter than me right ha what”

when he compliments you its a different story

  • you would be like drinking tea and be like “yikes this is hot”
  • and hes like “like you”
  • and you would look at him and see him smirking and just really proud of himself for that
  • its adorable honestly

i wanna date anthony ramos.

multifandoms99  asked:

Hey could you do "being Harry Potter's twin/younger sibling would include"?

(Yes, more headcanons, I haven’t gotten requests for stuff like this in so long.This one was so fun to do and I’d love to continue it as a through-the-years-at-Hogwarts sort of thing but it was already starting to get really long so if you guys wanna see more than drop me a link and maybe I’ll make a mini-series of it or something!)

Originally posted by mrs-marauders

Being Harry Potter’s younger sibling would involve [pre-Hogwarts]…

-You’re only a little bit younger than he is, like a tiny bit less than a year

-When Voldemort attacked your home, you were staying overnight at the hospital with a bad fever

-The doctors had just convinced James and Lily to go back home, assuring that they would call if anything came to light

-After the attack, Hagrid rescued Harry from the ruins and McGonagall retrieved you from the hospital

-Both of you were left with the Dursleys, despite McGonagall’s protest

-McGonagall offered to take you in herself since the prophecy did not apply to you but Dumbledore argued against separating you from Harry

-The Dursleys didn’t take much of a liking to either of you, though Dudley mostly ignores you

-You and Harry being closer than most siblings

-Having to share the cupboard under the stairs and the same bed until the Dursleys let you both live in the spare room upstairs and give you a mattress on the floor to sleep on

-Always trying to get each other little gifts on holidays or birthdays because you want to make it special, no matter what the Dursleys do (or rather, don’t do)

-You either buying or baking a cupcake for Harry on his birthday as soon as you know how and trying your hardest to find at least one candle for it

-Being in the same year at school

-Harry being protective of you at school and making sure the bullies don’t harass you too much, even if it gets him into trouble

-Not really knowing all the things Harry does for you when you’re really little like giving you his piece of toast or slice of grapefruit so you have enough to eat or giving you his blanket so you’re warm enough

-You cuddling Harry whenever he has nightmares about the attack, though neither of you understand that he’s actually remembering a real event

-When you’re really little you keep drawing lightning bolts on your forehead because you want to be just like your big brother

-Hagrid taking both of you to Diagon Alley and teaching you about the Wizarding World

-You not really knowing how to react when people approach Harry and call him the Boy Who Lived

-They know about you too but you don’t have the scar and you’re not the Boy Who Lived

-A first being amazed and super proud of your brother because you always knew he was special no matter what the Dursleys told you

-Eventually getting tired of the hype and a little bit jealous once the excitement starts to wear off because you want to be special too

-Eventually feeling like you’re constantly in Harry’s shadow and, though you try to be supportive, it’s still hard sometimes

-Being amazed by everything you see and a little bit overwhelmed but it’s made easier by having Harry with you through it all

-Quickly taking a disliking to Draco when you see him in the robe shop because if your big brother doesn’t like him then you don’t either

-Even though it’s not your birthday, Hagrid gets presents for you too and buys you an owl

-Hagrid treating you like you’re just as special as Harry because you’re a Potter too

-Getting your wand and your books and school supplies

-Both you and Harry being so happy to be rid of the Dursleys, if only for a little while

-Trying to learn everything you can about Hogwarts before you get there and your excitement making dealing with the Dursleys bearable

-Being really reluctant to run at the pillar on the platform even after Harry and the Weasleys went before you

-Mrs. Weasley reassuring you that it’s completely safe and you immediately taking a liking to her because hardly anyone’s been that nice to you before

-Sitting with Harry on the train and being so nervous and excited that you can hardly speak because you’re both special and you know that you’re heading towards a new life full of magic and wonder with the best big brother you could ever wish for

15 Self-care ideas

Since I’m now on day 15/30 for the 30 day summer study challenge, I thought I’d make a list of 15 self-care things to do that (mostly) don’t cost money!

1. Take a cool shower. Not hot. Not cold. Cool. (Summer specific)
2. Put on relaxing music
3. Take a bath, complete with candles
4. Use lavender/ other calming scented lotions after a bath/shower
5. Read a book you haven’t already read
6. If it’s a good temperature outside, go for a walk/hike. (Night walks are fun too! And it’s cooler then)
7. Drink water (you probably need it)
8. Play with your pets!
9. Meditate
10. Bake something, then eat it
11. Spend some time with your family (if you get along with them)
12. Talk to a friend
13. Color
14. Sleep (you probably need this, too. Don’t stay up too late!
15. Have a cup of tea (herbal tea is great for relaxation since there is no caffeine )

2p Hetalia Headcanons #2 - The Allies pt 1

2p America:

• Thinks he’s a badass
• Can be a huge asshole sometimes
• Gets on everyone’s nerves
• Loves annoying 2p Canada
• Rebelliousness
• Vegan
• Has a sweet spot for oreos
• Works out often
• Will walk around shirtless during the summer everywhere
• Cat calls
• Mostly likely to break your heart
• Secretly super emotional but hides that trait about him well
• New York accent
• Has a nickname for everyone

2p England:

• Cupcake baby
• Bakes a lot
• Loves the color pink and pastels
• A sucker for flower crowns
• Wants 2p America to act decent for once
• Takes a lot to make him mad
• Doesn’t take much to make him upset
• Can get psychotic once in awhile
• Understands everyone well
• Likes prim roses
• Tries not to boss people around
• Sensitive about his freckles
• Cares about everyone
• A perfectionist
• Has a beautiful garden

2p Canada:

• Not the biggest fan of people
• Can and will kick anyone’s ass
• Serious anger issues
• Loves camping
• Usually outdoors
• Lazy
• Don’t wake him up
• Definitely don’t start annoying him after he just woke up
• Not a morning person
• Gets in fights with 2p America often
• Very protective of things he considers his own
• Only shows up to world meetings because he’s forced to
• Tries not to fall asleep during world meetings

You can read the ada version here if you want

Port Mafia

  1. Chuya
  • surprisingly well skilled in the kitchen despite almost never cooking at all
  • Mr fancy hat always uses red wine as the main ingredient for all his dishes.
  • most of his food preferences and skills were picked up from kouyou as a child but later obtained his own
  • very picky and won’t hesitate to tell you if your food is shit

      2. Akutagawa

  • eats out all the time
  • Very little to no knowledge about cooking. The only cooking utensil that pops into his mind is the kitchen knife because knife.
  • the only times he payed a little detail to food was when he’s tasked by mori to be food connoisseur for elise

      3. Mori

  • he would definitely take up a cooking/baking class for the sake of elise’s sweet tooth. He loves seeing elise eat food that he makes; preferably enjoying it
  • he would practice making elise’s favorite food every chance he gets to perfect the recipe
  • A new oven is purchased to replace the old and broken one at the end of each month

      4. Kouyou

  • she learnt to cook all by herself for survival reasons and mostly because she would have to be independent if she were to last in the mafia
  • because of that she would like to think of herself with the best skills in the mafia in terms of cooking
  • starts giving pointers to mori when he asks her for a quick taste test & would invite Chuya to help her out in the kitchen as a kid

      5. Higuchi

  • her time is mostly spent with Akutagawa, therefore she does what Akutagawa does. Which doesn’t include cooking at all
  • orders take-out almost every single time unless its the weekend and she’s in the mood for some instant noodles or pasta

      6. Gin

  • her cooking skills is as mysterious as her gender to most of the mafia’s members and she would like to keep it that way
  • for those who know her, cutely packed bento lunch boxes are her forte even though she would never admit it

      7. Hirotsu

  • Has plenty of ancient herbal recipes passed down from generations for medical use or just to maintain general body health. Have a joint pain? Feeling uneasy in the bowels? Just ask him and he’ll know exactly which herbs to use
  • he makes simple Japanese food at home, nothing fancy.

      8. Tachihara

  • He only knows how to make 1 dish.. but even so he makes sure he cooks it darn good
  • He’ll act as if he was some kinda young chef protegee since he’s the only person of his ranks that knows a thing or two about cooking
Types of Dates NCT 127 Would Go On

Donghyuck/Haechan: I think a lot of dates with Donghyuck would be pretty chill. Most of the time, you guys would either go to a café and hang out for a bit or go get take away and eat it at the beach. I think the date would mostly be about spending time together leisurely, rather than trying to fit in all of the dates you couldn’t have while he was touring. Binge watching shows on Netflix and cuddling would be real here.

Yuta: For Yuta, I think the majority of the dates not spent binge watching anime and napping would be active dates. For example, you guys would probably do things like hiking and swimming in the summer. For the winter, I could see Yuta taking you guys on dates to the skating rink, where he would hold your hand to guide you across the ice like in the movies.

Taeyong: This guy is 100% going to try to fit in all of the dates you couldn’t have while he was on tour into one big date. In one day, he is going to expect you to go to the movies, to a few different restaurants, and a theme park. Obviously that doesn’t work out, and after the movies and a café you guys would likely end up just walking around and enjoying your time together.

Winwin: I really don’t know why, but I see Winwin as a foodie. Not excessively, I just think he’d be really open to trying new foods all of the time, and he’d probably take you to sample foods with him on a date. Basically, imagine touring through Seoul to find all of the obscure and unknown restaurants and trying their best selling foods. Eventually, you guys would end up being pretty full, and end up having several Polaroids of each other eating food to commemorate the date.

Jaehyun: Dates with Jaehyun would be pretty cliché romantic. When you guys could have proper dates, everything would be planned out about a week in advanced. You guys would start off the date at about 10 a.m. and head over to get some coffee. Afterwards, you guys would likely go window shopping, finishing the date off with dinner and some ice cream.

Mark: I think your average date with Mark would be pretty chill tbh. I picture dates with Mark mostly consisting of going to get candy and take away, and then going back to his dorm or your house and watching movies, playing video games, and throwing candies at each other’s mouths. The loser of the last game would have to clean up, but honestly you guys would mostly do the tidying together.

Taeil: Okay homie so for Taeil I can picture you guys baking together. Like from scratch. At the beginning I can see you guys seriously trying to make cupcakes, and measuring out things precisely. But as they’re in the oven and you guys are trying to make the icing, a full-fledged food fight would start, and the kitchen would be a complete mess. You two would be covered in food and laughing as the timer dinged signaling the cupcakes were done.

Imagine this:

Lardo, Farmer & Bitty all have their own Youtube channels about beauty. They still go to Samwell, still are in ties with the hockey team, everything’s the same except: 

Lardo does creative, artistic make-up, tries out all the new trends and creates extravagant designs with sometimes a bit more expensive products. She uses bold, bright colours, metalics and a shit-ton of glitter. Her halloween make-up’s are the best you can find anywhere on the net. She tries out the weirdest hacks she can find on the internet and talk people through everything she does, step by step. She doesn’t really talk that much other than that though, she’s very concentrated and focused on her work. Sometimes she also shows how she paints pictures and creates art. Those videos are very rare though because she likes to focus on the art process and sometimes the camera makes her nervous and gets her out of her mood. If she does them, though, she never talks. She just puts the camera up, paints, speeds it up and then overlays the whole video with music. 

Caitlin shows her subscribers how to take care of acne-prone skin and how to hide bruises & scars. (She’s got a lot of them from all the adventures she goes on and her skin has always been really sensitive.) She shows how to do light make-up’s that one can wear throughout the day without clogging your pores or losing all your money. One of her specialties are practical hacks that one can use in everyday life bc since she’s a really active & spontainious person, she needs stuff to be practical at all times. She also vlogs about her hockey matches sometimes but mostly about the hiking or biking tours she takes with Chowder, the vacations they take together and all the adventures she takes.

Bitty does what we all expect him to: He bakes, cooks & mixes cocktails! He creates the wildest things, though, sometimes and he’s known to start projects that seem absolutely impossible. A 5-storey rainbow cake for Pride, unicorn-shaped salted caramel cookies with chocolate filling: whatever you can think of, Bitty will create it. Most of the time, though, his recipes are healthy & lowcarb because he’s openly dating  NHL star Jack Zimmermann, who always has to come in for taste tests. But not just that: He also creates make-up (mostly from food), edible and chemical free. Eyeshadow DIY’s, Lipstick made from fruits, his creativity has no limits. He also uses the make-up himself, shows his subscribers how to apply it and promotes men to also use it. 

Now imagine them collabing for the ‘Boyfriend Does My Make-Up’/’Doing my Boyfriend’s Make-Up’-challenge. Shitty is so pumped for the whole thing, he wants Lardo to dump a whole bottle of glitter on him. He has no idea how to really use the stuff she presents him with but he knows the names to everything and Lardo’s really proud of him. He does a decent job on Lardo but is more excited about the freakin merman-makeup Lardo gave him. He says he’ll go back to Harvard, wearing it to all his classes now. 

Jack, of course, is hopeless. He tries pronouncing things and he puts effort in it but it’s just not in his line of interest. He constantly screws up and in the end Bitty’s face looks like an accident. Jack seems a bit disappointed but Bitty assures him that he doesn’t have to be able to put eyeliner on him. Jack does looks amazing with smokey eyes though, Bitty almost jumps him right then & there. 

Chowder, unsurprisingly, knows everything about everything. He knows all the brands, all the names, knows what to apply first and how to apply it. He knows what colours to use and Farmer ends up looking amazing. Chowder reveals that he’s been watching all her videos and likes to learn about all the stuff Caitlin loves because he loves her so much and wants to support her in everything she does. Farmer hugs him so tightly, they nearly knock over the camera. Chowder let’s Cait do a full-face make-up on him with lipstick and everything. He shows it off for the camera, smiling prouldy and complimenting her work. 

anonymous asked:

Are you a maladaptive daydreamer?

I had to google it.

And I don’t think so ?

I do daydream. But it definitely doesn’t disrupt my daily functioning. I have an hour long commute to work and some mornings I’m baking by myself so my mind wanders.

I do have continuous day dreams (Ashes tbh) but it’s not like i cant separate that from reality or put those thoughts aside. I’m just able to pick up where the previous dream left off.

If that makes sense?

My lack of sleep/healthy sleeping patterns is mostly due to my work schedule and coffee and overall not taking care of myself

anonymous asked:

Do you have any neat talents or skills?

…So excluding all the dirty comments that just ran through my head… I’ll list a few, I guess. I’m always trying to learn new skills.

1. Massages - Still a work in progress. I mostly know how to give Swedish massages, but I’m interested in eventually learning other techniques (aromatherapy, hot stones, deep tissue, etc).

2. Cooking - I love to cook! Bake too, although I’m significantly less skilled at it (especially cakes…).

3. Electrical/Networking - I never paid to take the exam, but I completed all of the coursework for CCNA certification. I also can handle a lot of electrical tasks as well (ex. run new outlet, lamp, etc).

4. Web Development/Graphic Design/Programming - I developed websites for a number of years for my brother’s company. I’ve developed sites for companies like Rainforest Cafe, Carpool, and YMCA. I also know several programming languages (although I’m most acquainted with Java).

I also have a bunch of random household/domestic skills that I’ve picked up over the years.

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"Hey Rock~ Its been a while since we had a real tussle. Let's fix that." Tussling with Bass right now would probably be a horrible idea, since he seems to be steaming. Like fresh baked bread.

Oh no.

“B-Bass…you’re one of the bots who got infected, aren’t you?” Rock takes a careful step back from said steaming bot and covers up his nose and mouth before speaking again. “I can’t. I have to cure you and the others before we have another epidemic. How did this happen?” The first guess Rock would make is that Wily released the virus again, but considering the handful of robots infected so far mostly consisted of his own bots, that didn’t seem so likely.  

A Compilation Of Cuteness-2

Originally posted by jung-koook

A Compilation Of Cuteness 1

//if you’re feeling down each member of BTS is here to make you smile//

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Their S/O is making cookies; Strawhats, Shanks, Yasopp, Law, Nojiko, Ace, Whitebeard, Vivi-- who snags some cookie dough?

I was a little confused by the wording of this ask, so I hope what I did was close to what you had in mind, anon!

Luffy: With Luffy around, you’re lucky to have any cooke dough left to bake! He’ll swipe as much as he can get away with. There’s a reason Sanji never lets him into the kitchen.

Zoro: Your cookies are safe with Zoro around. He’s not too huge on sweets, and doesn’t really bother you while you’re baking. He may steal one of the freshly baked cookies when nobody’s looking, though.

Nami: Nami might swipe a little bit of cookie dough on the tip of her finger while you’re baking, but not much more than that. She prefers the finished product.

Usopp: Don’t bake with Usopp around. He’ll likely steal little bits here and there, and then deny it if you ask!

Sanji: Your cookie dough is safe with Sanji around. He won’t steal any from you while you are baking—mostly because he’s had the dangers of eating raw eggs drilled into his brain since childhood— but he’ll probably snag a finished cookie to “see how they turned out”.

Chopper: Even though Chopper knows the dangers of eating raw eggs, he might steal a little bit of cookie dough anyway, just because. Just keep an eye on him, since raw eggs will probably make a reindeer more sick than a human.

Robin: She won’t take any cookie dough unless you explicitly tell her not to. Then it just becomes a game and she can’t resist teasing you just a little bit.

Franky: He’ll mostly leave you to your baking. He’s not a big fan of cookie dough and will probably only have a cookie after you start giving them to the rest of the crew.

Brook: Brook will largely leave your baking alone. He doesn’t usually like a lot of raw foods, even when he was alive. But he will absolutely have one of your cookies later with a tall glass of milk.

Shanks: He’s gonna steal cookie dough left and right, just to get a rise out of you. If he knows it bothers you, he’ll do it. If you make him think that it’s not an issue, then he’ll leave you alone to your baking. It’s really more about teasing you than getting sweets for him.

Yasopp: He’ll steal a little bit, but not much to really make a difference. It’s more of a thing where he wants to have a taste before you put the cookies into the oven.

Law: He’s not going to steal any cookie dough. He’s got a reputation to uphold, you know! But honestly, he just doesn’t have much interest in sweets. You pretty much have to force-feed him a cookie once you finish baking them.

Nojiko: She’ll generally leave your cookie dough alone while you are baking. But once you’ve put them in the oven, she loves to lick the bowl.

Ace: He’s just as bad as Luffy, except that he may also fall asleep face-first into your cookie dough if you aren’t paying attention.

Whitebeard: Unless you’ve got sake in that cookie dough, he’s not gonna bother with it. Give him a cookie after they are done and he’ll be happy.

Vivi: It’s unbecoming of a princess to steal cookie dough while her significant other is baking. She totally swipes some when nobody’s looking.

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Can you do how the 2p!Allies are as a daddy (kink)?


He spoils you. Constantly. Present here, flowers there. Everything. He’s not really strict at all, just protective. He gets really jealous is you talk to almost anyone else.


He’s slightly strict. Just sit in daddy’s lap and watch some T.V until you both fall asleep. Exploring with his baby and giving them ALL his attention if they get hurt, or even just almost trip over a branch or something.


Unexpectedly kinky daddy. Baking with him, random kitchen ‘activities.’ Spoiling with attention is his strongest suit. He does gives you presents, but attention.


You’ll do just about everything with him. Kisses all day, every day. His daddy relationship, is mostly about sex. MOSTLY. Not all of it. He’s a working progress.


Random daddy tbh. He takes you to the Zoo almost all the time. You two spend the most time there. He’s really childish too, but is really affectionate and caring.


He’s really strict. He’s very sweet though. He makes up for it by letting you act dominat every so often. He’s one to pick you flowers or have you help him grow them a lot. You two do a lot of stuff like normal couples tbh.

(Damn it, kinky anon.)

(Same. Wink.)

Voltron Youtuber Au

Oh look, it’s another one. I’m sure the fandom is tired of seeing these HCs, but I really wanted to try my hand at one! XD I kinda really like what I have, so I might make something of it when I get the chance.

There’s more under the cut. Turned out way longer than I meant it to. >->



  • would run a cooking channel
  • He’s an intelligent person, great with mechanics, but he’d use cooking as an outlet for relaxtion and freedom of expression
  • most of his videos would be about recipes and how to whip up a good meal based on diet, money and necessities
  • Baking is especially his favorite because coming up with cool designs on cupcakes and cookies is a lot of fun
  • Shay is a frequent special guest of his. Together, they take on harder baking projects with varying results.


  • would have a gaming channel
  • She’d play all sorts of games from first person shooter to a JRPG
  • She’s mostly a PC gamer (even goes so far to call it the master race) but does own a variety of other gaming systems and will play them if the mood fits
  • On Saturdays, she hosts a stream where she plays competitively with other players and kicks major ass
  • Lance is a frequent special guest in two-player games. He talks a big game and Pidge enjoys making him eat his words

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Thoughts on MBTI from a science person

[Some of the discussions going on in the tumblr community and the 11 questions tags, plus the seminar-esque classes I’m in right now made me think about this. Also the new motto for this blog is apparently “Do I contradict myself? Very well, then I contradict myself”*.]

I actually embrace the vagueness of MBTI because at a certain point, science is very vague. I deal with radiation physics and just attended a lecture on the effects of very low doses. The answer is that in a large population, you’ll see an effect, but the individual risks are very low and difficult to calculate accurately. There are so many things in this world that we can observe, but have many different hypotheses for, none of which we can rule out.

For all I talk about mistyping, the fact is when you’re dealing with typology, it’s all going to be probabilistic. I’m reading an Enneagram book right now, and for my type, which I’m decently sure of (and this is just for the core), people who select the paragraph corresponding to type 1 only have about a ⅔ chance of truly being type 1, and also we don’t even know how to define “truly type 1.” And I’m kind of cool with that. This is a model that currently fits, and in much of science that’s the best we can do until such time as we receive new information. You shouldn’t be deliberately complicating things to fit your existing biases (eg: no, these bones that we find in the ground were almost definitely not put there to test our faith, do you not understand how sand works) but maybe our theories about dinosaurs being more lizard-like than bird-like were wrong, for example. Incidentally this is why I feel justified in saying people are mistyping despite the vagueness. There’s variation in interpretation of information (Umbridge as ESTJ vs ESFJ), and then there’s failure to understand/clinging to bias (INTP Hermione, who is forever my example because Harry Potter is well known and also I’m a little afraid to see what will happen if I use others).

I also find MBTI really interesting from the perspective of reverse inference. This is a common problem in lots of neuro studies. For example, assume that you’re doing a brain study that allows you to see areas of increased activity when the subject does something, and you make them talk about their childhood home. You notice that when they do so, the motor cortex lights up, and then you publish a study saying that people’s memory of places activates the motor cortex because they use the same cognitive process - in other words it’s like they’re walking through the house. The problem is the only inference you can make with certainty is that talking about their childhood home and walking cause the same area of the brain to be active. They could be related, but they don’t have to be.

The same thing happens a lot in MBTI: That ENTP is inventive so any inventive person must be an ENTP! That ISFJ bakes cookies, so cookie-baking is true for all ISFJs, and not true for anyone else! In fact, all we can say is that some people who use dom Ne are inventive and at least one ISFJ bakes cookies, and we have minimal insight into the root cause. Which I think is exciting. If we knew everything, science would mostly be, as Lord Rutherford said, stamp collecting: we do a thing, take the data, we have the data, it tells us we’re right, we’re done. The fact that we’re not done is the cool part. To make the MBTI analogy, the fact that we can’t definitively say “yes, you are this type” means that your type not only doesn’t, but can’t determine your potential actions. You’re not locked into one career path and you’re not singularly compatible with certain people. Isn’t that great?

*Walt Whitman: I’m going to guess ESFP?

Pancake-Egg Breakfast Muffins

This is my go-to breakfast for workday mornings because I can have my breakfast made in advance, the muffins are filling and nutritious, and they’re good hot or cold.  


  • pancake mix + usual necessary additions (egg, oil, milk)
  • 8 large eggs scrambled OR 12 small eggs, whole
  • Optional: shredded cheese, chopped peppers, diced breakfast meat 
  • Feeling indulgent? stir some maple syrup into your pancake batter or line each muffin cup with a strip of bacon


  1. Mix up your pancake batter. I use Aunt Jemima pancake mix, and one recipe makes enough for exactly 12 muffins. 
  2. Spoon two tablespoons of batter into each muffin cup
  3. Bake at 350 Fahrenheit (177 C) for 5 minutes, or until pancake is set but not browned
  4. Pour your scrambled eggs on top of the pancake until each cup is mostly full OR crack one small egg into each cup
  5. Top with your choice of toppings (I suggest red pepper and cheddar cheese)
  6. Bake at 400 Fahrenheit (204 C) for 15 minutes or until browned and firm
  7. Pop out immediately and cool on a wire rack (otherwise they’ll stick to the pan and/or paper)

The whole cooking process takes less than half an hour, and two of these muffins are the equivalent of a full breakfast: two eggs, three pancakes, and whatever vegis or meat you choose to throw in. I usually make these on Sunday, and then pop two in the microwave each morning to eat on my commute.