making an actual post out of this one because it's perfect

Astro as students

MJ: that one kid who actually likes school, the one everyone asks for a piece of gum, actually could be a twelve year old

Rocky: that quiet kid that lands the most epic one-line jokes that he has been saving for years for the perfect situation to use it in, the guy that every girl has had a crush on at one point in time

Eunwoo: hangs out with moonbin too much, that kid you always see in the bathroom between literally every class who just goes in there to fix his hair, also that one guy in school that is inhumanly attractive

Moonbin: hangs out with eunwoo too much, that one guy that everyone knows as the “dancer”, he dances every chance he can, its the only thing he’s good at besides making cute exited noises

Sanha: that one freshman that thinks he owns the school, also that kid in class that makes too many jokes to the point of annoyance, popular with all the upperclass girls because he’s just “sooooo cute”

Jinjin: that one guy who always asks for a pencil and only carries three pieces of paper to class, also that guy you think is always slacking off in class but ends up getting a good grade in the end of the year


I’ve been in a very bad art slump lately (still tried to draw, but the results were horrible), but somehow managed to pull myself out of it with the hummingbird. so have some sketches!

I can’t find the post right now, but there was one about shirt dresses that are like actual nice dress shirts fused with skirts? I thought that concept was perfect for Sela, so I experimented with that for a bit. then I remembered their original Hummingbird Hero design and how much I still like it, currently trying to figure out the technical details (still working on the wing sleeves).