making all the edits possible with one image: go!

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I'm going to vocally support right-click saving as optional! I can totally understand people who want to make all or some of their works unsaveable, especially considering the possibility of people reposting their art and earning Chips for them, but I certainly prefer to have the option to leave my works as possible for others to save. Besides, social media at large has a big culture around memes, where saving and editing images is often one of the biggest elements to contributing!

Seems like we’ll definitely have to make it optional if we implement it!

on the “dangerous teenage girls” trope going wrong

This post is prompted by having read this post by Maddie mythaelogy, which I recommend reading. You rock, Maddie.

[warning for a passing mention of eating disorders]

In fact, as I have discussed privately with a couple of friends in the past, I feel quite uncomfortable with the over-sexualization of teenage (which also means underage, obviously) girls in many, many edits you see going around. Like Maddie said, these edits tend to make the image of the “ideal” “dangerous teenage girl” a blur of short skirts, underwear, bruises, and lipgloss. It creates a glamour around a skewed image of girls and I feel like there’s more than one problem with that.

First of all, real teenage girls who see those edits. Many of them will see those and not see a reflection of themselves, and possibly grow to think that they should be like that — so they would try to force it upon themselves, or perhaps create hateful thoughts towards themselves for not conforming to that ideal.

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Balanced on a box of cereal

Word count: 2k

Summary: Based on Dan’s new video. When Dan’s making the tour of his brain he starts thinking about what to add to his lobe of regrets. Not continuing acting or playing the piano seemed like obvious, but then he realised a broken heart is what he regrets the most. And he wishes it wasn’t Phil’s.

Warnings: mild angst, existential crisis (don’t read it if you ‘what if’ a lot) 

AN: I literally started freaking out when I saw the broken heart in Dan’s video and then wrote this in like a two hours and forgot to sleep so this isn’t the best thing I’ve done

Dan smiled at all the responses he was getting to his new video. Everyone’s comments were positive and he couldn’t help but smile at the recognition Phil was getting because of it.

He had been nervous when he asked Phil if he could use the idea, watching as Phil beamed when he said he would love him to.

His heart had skipped a beat at that smile.

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Totally out of the blue question but what are the programs you use to do your edits? I guess I'm mainly just curious because I want to figure out what's the best kind of program or system to use to make graphics and transparents (I use Photoshop CC for my gifs). I try to make transparents but they never turn out like... they just don't look right, basically. lol But I also don't know the shortcuts and google doesn't help me find any tutorials that give me what I'm looking for.

Hey, sorry I’m replying late to this, I was out with my family and wanted to sit down and answer this the best that I could.

What I use for my edits and stuff is Photoshop CC too, I also have SAI for editing manga caps on occasion when I need to fill in things where the speech bubbles are left over (I also have a Wacom Bamboo tablet for this). Making transparents on Photoshop can be tricky, as it’s just a tricky program to use, but once you get the hang of it, it’s honestly not that bad. Still, with all of it’s quirks, Photoshop really is one of the best programs out there for editing purposes, so you’re already on a good track in terms of editing. The most helpful tool I use when it comes to making transparents is the Quick Selection tool, and I’ll show a small step-by-step process and try to be as clear as possible.

1. Start with having the image you want transparent opened. (I’ll be using the character designs from the Spoof on Titan Vol. 1 since it was the last thing I had opened)

2. Crop it down to the part you want.

3. Go ahead an erase any writing or whatnot that is on the image. It makes it easier for quick selection.

4. Make sure the layer is set to ‘Layer 0′ instead of ‘Background’ because it’s partially locked and you can’t clear selections from it.

That’s better :D

5. Yay! Now it’s time to work on making this transparent. Depending on the image you have this can be very easy or very difficult, please have patience in this process. Go to your tool bar and click on the ‘Quick Selection Tool’.

Then up to the status bar and click the first of the three icons which is the ‘New Selection’.

6. Start clicking in and around the image until you see dashed lines appear around certain parts of the image. Photoshop won’t know exactly what to select which is why it will select random parts of an image, so you have to play with it a bit from here.

Now that you’ve seen what selecting is like, try to select around the image so you only have a single outline selection around the image. If you have selections on the inside of it, just click and drag them to the edge using the ‘Add to Selection’ next to the ‘New Selection’ function in the task bar. (It has a plus on it) In addition if you select too much, there’s the ‘Subtract from Selection’ where you can do the same thing to reduce it. Once you spend a little while doing this, you should end up with a single clean selection like this:

7. Go to ‘Select’ in the menu bar and click ‘Inverse’ to invert the selection.

8. Hit delete to clear the selection.

And BOOM, there’s your transparent~

Save as a PNG file so it stays transparent and there ya have it! I hope this was helpful in some way. 

If you have any questions or need me to clarify something, please let me know!

Bonus: here’s the transparent image that’s free to use for anyone :D