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Superman can fly, shoot lasers from his eyes, has ice breath, and once destroyed an entire galaxy by sneezing (Google it, it happened) but the second Godzilla or literally anything large takes one step on land suddenly every nerd pulls that fucking square cubed law out from their asses and complains that it’s “unrealistic” and “makes the story unbelievable”.

Fuck you, science fiction was built on unbelievable shit, that’s what the word “fiction” means you morons.

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I really love your work. You probably won't see this but even so I want to thank you for every piece of work you've made. Even though the drawings are of the dorkiest boys in the world the way you portray them is beautiful. I never get tired of reading your au's or looking at your drawings. Thank you very much and I wish you a happy life because it sure does make me happy every time I see a post notification from you.

Ialwaysreadmessages but Thanks for your kind words^_^

i am Shook i managed to keep this muse for an Entire Year wtf i honestly believed when i made my first blog that i would grow tired of izzy in a matter of weeks, i thought i would lose interest & move on but here i am !! 365 long days later, still trying to figure out tags & pretending i have no drafts 🤔🤔 n e yway !! if i follow you, you follow me, we’ve written together in the past, i luv u !! thanks for supporting my career 😘

now for the mushy, disgusting, gross !! part ; i owe a great part of my daily happiness to the following blogs, these are people i adore with my entire being & have made a tumblr a fun, happy, safe place for me & i just couldn’t be more thankful for them & their amazing portrayals !!

❣️  @goodncss  ❣️ @explcsive / @poshcliche / @worstwar  ❣️ @halfhell  ❣️  @forgedleader / @seraferi  ❣️ @serafeli ( are u even on ur other blogs anymore ? 🤔 )  ❣️ @rcbelborn / @eireniic  ❣️ @lovetouched@dawnbrought / @oncetragic  ❣️ @bloodthirstygod / @kalofhouseel  ❣️ @boyfluent / @icedcrown ( & all your blogs honestly wtf )  ❣️ @lockwoodspecial ❣️ @capablehands ❣️ @cluefound   ❣️ @assetrelocation / @hartiless / @notheroics  ❣️  @womenendure / @spelmans / @diangelic ( u have 2 many blogs i cry )  ❣️  @stillhvman  ❣️  @futurecrest  ❣️  @rougescion  ❣️ @shelazarus  ❣️  @tithonuscurse  ❣️ @strigc  ❣️  @climbwards  ❣️  @specterae  ❣️ @glossophobias ( i ain’t even gonna try to tag all ur blogs )  ❣️ @civicproud  ❣️ @ragwulf  ❣️


That was an interesting episode, to be sure. Very much a breather in the middle of this tense arc– I’m certain that the next episode will be where it all blows up and gets serious.

But that’s going to have to wait.

I rate episode 115, The Zoo, an 8/10!

With my next liveblog project approaching very quickly, I plan to give my blog a color scheme makeover! In just a few minutes from the time of this post, I will make my new look go live. So feel free to drop an Ask with feedback on my new look! After all, the last thing I want is for a whole lengthy show to be liveblogged with a color scheme no one likes.

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Hi there! I have recently come across your blog, so I'm unsure if you have answered anything like this too recently, I was curious if there were any anime series you might recommend! I just got finished watching 'Your Name', after meaning to watch it for some time now, the few posts I have stumbled across through you gave me that final push to watch it. I couldn't be happier with my choice, cause it was great! Visually stunning and a great plot.

awww of course I’d love to recommend you anime :”D i’m actually so honoured ;-; though I haven’t seen your name myself . although these aren’t similar to the movie, they’re my personal favourites (off the top of my head)! I hope you have a great time ♡ ♡

Light-hearted anime (romance, slice of life etc.):

  • Ouran High School Host Club
  • Barakamon*
  • Anohana
  • Free!
  • Hyouka
  • Kaichou wa Maid-Sama
  • Little Witch Academia (recommended to me by @eggpuffs  ♡)

Mystery/action/psychological/GOOD STUFF:

  • Zankyou no Terror
  • Death Parade
  • Death Note
  • Boku Dake ga Inai Machi
  • Psychic Detective Yakumo
  • Fullmetal Alchemist
  • Tokyo Ghoul*
  • Psycho Pass*
  • The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (this is a good movie!)

* = I haven’t watched yet

Oh god. Orientation Week starts next week. That means my currently peaceful university will be overrun by freshly-minted Matriculants who think they’re The Best™ because they were the top of their class in high school and got into UCT. Man, O-Week is annoying.

By the waaaaaaaaaaay if you wanna monetize your allyship into some sweet -material support of marginalized people- or support the time and effort it takes to make introductory posts like the ones I just reblogged on firearms or if you want me to help you with your homework with article responses or if you want to have me schedule an overwatch stream according to your schedule or you appreciate my posts and they’ve helped you or you hate me and wish I was busy with school so I would never cross your dash, you should drop a buck or a few per month into my patreon to help me get back in school! I’m pretty close to paying off the necessary bills, as well as a couple of other major bills incurred from health issues and if 10% of my followers pitched in $1/month I could wrap up payments on almost everything in less than four months, so hit up honestly!

i’d like to remind casually that i’m book canon only and am very iffy about show based/show only muses. i have a lot of negative views about the show and i’m sure plenty of people who enjoy the show don’t want to see it but i do share my opinions about it here (especially about how stannis was portrayed). i may not follow you because your show based but you’re free to send things in to see if i’ll make an exception.

you’re also free to unfollow at any time if my views or posts make you uncomfortable for any reason. i won’t judge, if anything, it’s completely justified

Good evening.. you all :) How are you? Sat here thinking I wanted to give you the most out of my blog - I want to know when the best time to post is. Time differens makes it hard for everyone to get my updates “live”. If you want to tell me, I woudl be glad. Where are you from? 

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can u stop posting personal things all the time just to make people feel sorry for you???? it's quite tragic if I'm being honest

or you know, you could just unfollow me and make both of us happy