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rory & logan | written in the stars


wow… it’s been 13 years. where do i even begin to say how proud i am of how far dbsk has come? as changmin once said (i paraphrase, since i can’t find the exact interview) that being together for 10 (and more) years was an accomplishment by itself, regardless of the number of fans they had or the number of awards they had won. that the fact that they could make people happy around the world was rewarding in itself, and their long journey was fulfilling in itself.

honestly, this gifset is not enough to encompass all that you have done. whether one considers the numbers above small or big, according to me, you have accomplished so much more than just your awards and milestones. i think you have shown your fans the true meaning of working hard and not giving up, no matter how many obstacles fall your way. from the start, you’ve had a tough journey and yet you’ve persevered. being broke, having sasaengs, having anti-fans, having practically no audience in a foreign country, being lonely in a foreign country, broadcasting at the weirdest timings, having an insane schedule, splitting up, dealing with more anti-fans, almost not returning as a duo, losing huge amounts of fans, amongst so many other things. and yet, all of you have come out stronger and better. 

even with those difficulties, you have strived to show the best of you to us, and there has hardly been a moment you have not made us proud. so, be it as five or two, thank you for carrying the name of ‘dong bang shin ki’ far and wide across the world. thank you being such a huge part of what k-pop is today, and thank you for giving your 110% all the time, even though you know you don’t have to. thank you for everything in the past 13 years, and here’s to many more to come. 

gifs are from: the latest tour, with: live tour 2015
compilation of statistics can be found here.


An alternate reality in which Jane Shepard comes from a parallel universe because of a random wormhole.

soft pastel-y ish giffing + colouring tutorial

ahhhh such a professional title 

so someone requested i do a tutorial on how i make gifsets but they didn’t request a specific set though so i’m just gonna do it on my most recent one (if there are any other ones any one wants to see then drop me an ask

all the gifs above used this colouring although it will not work for all scenes (trust me i learned this the hard way) but with a bit of tweaking it can work for a fair few

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-You let in the outsiders, with their sad eyes and wounded hearts. The orphaned, the abandoned. Let them in your home. Learn from them, yes but raise and love them. Offer them all the magic the whole world has to offer. Then they fuck you. Oaths? Meaningless. Love in their eyes, worthless. Heart they promise you will never be. - Marco Polo (2014-2016)


make me choosesuperman or batman (asked by anon)


get to know me - [1/8] favorite people → hilary duff
↳ I think I’m happy with who I am. I don’t know if I learned that from other girls or just people in general. It’s hard to stay true to yourself and what you want in life when there are so many distractions and so much craziness going on around you […] But I feel like I can be alone with myself at the end of the day and that makes me really satisfied.

I hate how much people on this website hate on anything from DC, yet kisses Marvel’s ass. If DC makes anything, none of the DC fans will be able to enjoy it, because the marvel fans will start making fun of it in 0.2 seconds. Even gifsets made by DC fans(who worked hard on making said gifsets, for the enjoyment of other people who like the things in the said fucking gifsets), are being hijacked and ruined, because someone from the marvel fandom felt like adding a snarky ass comment about why they think “DC is terrible” or some stupid shit like that, and then that comment will make the post get like 20,000+ notes. Then other people will add more anti-dcu comments on the post that was originally created for the enjoyment of people who actually liked the thing. We’re not allowed to enjoy anything without some Marvel fan coming in and ruining it for us. MARVEL FANS ARE THE ONES WHO ARE CONSTANTLY SHITTING ON DC TO THE POINT WHERE IT’S HARD TO FIND POSTS THAT HAVEN’T BEEN RUINED. WE CAN’T ENJOY ANYTHING WITHOUT IT BEING SHIT ON BY TUMBLR AND I’M SICK OF IT. IF YOU DON’T LIKE DC THEN THATS FINE BUT LEAVE US ALONE. STOP ACTING LIKE IMMATURE ASSHOLES AND LET ENJOY THEIR FAVORITE SUPERHEROES WITHOUT CONSTANTLY RUINING THE FUN FOR THEM.


Five years of freak-thefreak-out!

After 5 years of running this blog, my love for Victorious is still strong. The show had helped me though some hard times, it’s introduced me to some brilliant talented actors/singers, brought me some great friendships, a tattoo, and, most importantly, the most beautiful girlfriend ❤️
I know I haven’t been on here as much as I used to be, but I’ll still be around, checking in from time to time, making a post or gifset if one springs to mind.
So, I just wanted to say thank you to you all, for sticking with me and a blog about a show that’s been over for 3 years now. Thank you for the likes, the reblogs, the jori love, and reading my weird theories and headcanons.
Here’s to another few years.
Here’s to us.


evolution of jaime lannister (towards brienne of tarth) 

Jaime’s golden hand cracked him across the mouth so hard the other knight went stumbling down the steps. His lantern fell and smashed, and the oil spread out, burning. “You are speaking of a highborn lady, ser. Call her by her name. Call her Brienne.”
Connington edged away from the spreading flames on his hands and knees. “Brienne. If it please my lord.” He spat a glob of blood at Jaime’s foot. “Brienne the Beauty.


7/17/15: Injured George Springer plays with a foul ball and it just gets away from him. 


This is how I feel about the trophy.

To be honest, made me feel a little sad seeing people saying “this prize doesn’t matter because is not a Korean one”. I don’t care what kind of prize is, or where it’s from. Just seeing those happy faces and twitts saying thank you to kissme, give me all the happiness in the world; and the real prize are those smiles. The real treasure. Not that material thing. Let’s celebrate the happiness in our boy’s hearts!! Congratulations, U-KISS! ♡ 

Parallels: Matt/Lily and Jenna/Richard on Life Advice
  • Question (from FanExpo Canada- September 2014): * to Matt Smith* What was the best piece of life advice you ever received and from who?
  • Matt Smith: My dad, who is a smart old fish always says to me, 'time is an imposition on one's dignity', so never let it be your ruler.
  • Question ( from Glamour Women of the Year Interview- June 2014): *to Jenna Coleman* What did your mother always tell you?
  • Jenna Coleman: Work hard and be kind to people.
  • Question (from AOL Build's Cinderella Q&A- March 2015): * to Richard Madden and Lily James* What kind of mottos do you have in your own lives that inspire you and that you live by?
  • Richard Madden: Work hard and be nice to people.
  • Lily James: Time is an imposition on one's dignity. *to Richard* I stole Matt's!

Toby Curtis Appreciation Week - Day One // Favourite Quote

I obviously have a lot of favourite quotes from him but I wanted to narrow it down to one because otherwise I’d have spent hours making multiple gifsets. It was really hard but I think this one wins (or at least ties with a few others). I think it kind of encompasses what I love about him. I mean, he has been through SO MUCH in this episode. He’s been kidnapped, assaulted, Collins has played with his head. Happy literally just rejected his proposal and he found out she’s been keeping this massive secret from him and yet he still puts love above all things. That’s what I love about him, I love that he doesn’t give up. He doesn’t stop believing. 


Paige Dineen Appreciation Week Day 5 (August 28th): Favorite relationship (romantic or otherwise) || Paige/Walter/Ralph

“I get so upset over Paige/Ralph/Walter and every dynamic within that, starting right off the bat in the pilot because Paige has no idea her baby is a super genius. She knows he doesn’t fit into the “normal” mold but she has no idea why - in fact she’s been told he has delayed development - but she works so hard at making Ralph comfortable and tries to help him believe it’s not his fault, and she clearly loves him so damn much. Then Walter enters their lives and recognizes Ralph (and Paige)’s potential. It’s wonderful - but it’s not like Walter fixes something that was broken. It’s like he’s just their missing link, the missing point of their equilateral triangle, when they didn’t know something was missing but still felt the absence. It’s not ‘boy sweeps in and saves mother and child’ or vice versa. It’s this family unit that finally found all of it’s people.” - amtrak12


Guys we need to talk! lol. So in the last like two weeks I’ve seen people repost my gifs at least 5 times, and that’s a lot. I don’t mean to be an ass, but I work hard on those and all the other wonderful people in this fandom do too, and it kindda sucks to see a gif that I made (for this specific one I stayed up till ten in the morning with zero sleep to make, due to the time difference after the Hamildoc aired) reposted without credit… 

So all I ask is if you like my post, just reblog don’t repost. And if you like a certain gif from a gifset and wanna use it for your post just give credit… Writing “I didn’t make any of this gifs” is not the same as linking the creators…

Sorry to be doing this, it was just really bothering me… 

Friendly reminder that it’s not kind nor respectful to take someone’s art, manip, gifset, graphic, or any other form of fan art or art and paste it into an original post on your blog. 

Every time you copy art onto your desktop or phone from Tumblr or Twitter and then make an original post (especially without giving proper credit), you are stealing praise and affirmation from the artist. 

It takes time, energy, thoughtfulness, and hard work to make art. The least–and I mean the very least–we can all do is reblog an artist’s work so THEY get the kudos, reviews, tag flails, likes, favorites, and notes. 

If you see something you like and want to share it because of how much you love it that’s great, that’s wonderful. But pause, stop, and take the time to find out who made something. There are artists’ signatures on work, there are questions you can ask other people to find out who made something. 

Be thoughtful. Be kind. Be respectful. 

It goes a long way.


CS + Compliments

Dedicated to the lovely i–refuse–to–sink–xo

So I probably could have filled this gifset with Hook complimenting Emma. There are plenty of those to fill more then one gifset, but I wanted this gifset to be about both of them complimenting each other.

For Emma it’s harder to give a compliment, it may reveal her true emotions that she have been working so hard to hide. But ever since they came back from the EF past, she has been trying so hard to open up, to give Hook the credit he deserved. We are seeing this woman truly evolving and changing for the best and I think that every compliment that comes out of her mouth is just so significant because it took her so long to get there.  

Send me a word and I’ll make you a CS gifset inspired by it.