making a differnce


The only thing I want from life is to make a difference.  I want to look back in the seconds before I die and not have my own life flash before my eyes, but the lives of others that I’ve made a difference in.  I feel as though I can do that in many ways.  I can be a role model to young girls as a fashion model.  I can be an attorney, and change the lives of those sturggling, and also the lives of the other living creatures on this earth (because us humans tend to be selfish and forget about all the other important things living on this planet). All I want is to make a difference.  Not even to be remembered.  Just to know for my own selfish purposes that I have made someones life better.  I believe that that may be love, or at the very least a form of love.  Because believe it or not, love is selfish.  That is why with out love we feel alone, and for our own reasons we do not want that feeling.  Love for life.  I think that is what I want to call it.  Love to make a difference.

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Making a difference.

Lastnight someone said to me:
“as one person, you aren’t going to change anything by not eating animals. They are still going to kill the animals for meat.”
This might be true. But it’s the power of the collective which makes a difference. As more and more people stand together and choose a plant-based diet, the demand for meat decreases which inevitably causes meat production to decrease. It’s economy.
Never believe that you don’t have the power to make a difference. Be the change we need.