making a cyborg


DCEU AU: After Clark dies, Kara decides it’s time for her to step up, come out of the shadows and be a hero. Trouble is, without any resources, it’s a harder job than it looks. When Bruce and Diana go searching for others with special abilities, Diana hears rumors about a girl of steel. After tracking her down, Diana takes the mourning girl under her wing and urges her to become a member of the Justice League. [Featuring; protective dad, Bruce Wayne - who still holds some of the guilt of her cousin’s death]

Gorillaz aesthetics

2D - singing in the shower; waking up in the afternoon; walking to the gas station; graphic tees + ripped up converse; rebellion and individuality.

Murdoc Niccals - bonfires; silent crying; lazy sex; motels; neon signs; the feeling of someone watching you; paranoia; visiting old friends.

Noodle - drag racing; gymnastics; smoking; broken high heels; scars; highlighters; swearing; feeling free.

Russel Hobbs - paranormal activity; padlocks; graffiti; high school; winter; burnt out candles; the smell of fireworks; loneliness.

Cyborg Noodle - post-apocalypse; running water; blades; pent up anger; leather gloves; insomnia; dead flowers

‘’What will do you, now you became a part of what you despise the most ? You have to live with the consequences of your mistakes from now on. Reflect on that, Jamison. Your life is not meaningless. This is why we saved you.’’

‘’Your chest and neck has been damaged, in this battle. We had no choice to do this surgery an–’’


‘’Then ya’ could have left me die on the battlefield. This ain’t a life I want!’’



I feel like Murdoc would really struggle with how he feels about Cyborg 2D. He misses Stu so damn much and this robot looks like him and sounds like him, but he isn’t him, you know? Cyborg 2D would take all of Murdoc’s orders and obey all his commands. He doesn’t give sarcastic remarks or make fun when Murdoc does something stupid. He doesn’t fight back when Murdoc calls him names or threatens him. He sings what he’s told and doesn’t get in Murdoc’s way. He’s not clumsy or air-headed.

He’s everything Murdoc always wanted from 2D, the perfect singer, the perfect bodyguard, the perfect fuck toy, and Murdoc fucking hates it.  He’d give anything to just hear him say “Sod off, you old goth!”. Anything to have the dullard tell him his new lyrics are shite, or trip over his microphone cord in the studio and ruin the entire fucking setup. Again.

How can he settle for the smell of copper pennies, cold steel, mixed with cigarette smoke when he can’t forget that smoke used to be fused with butterscotch? Murdoc would give anything for those pretty black eyes to look at him with a smile in them, a frown, fucking hatred, for Satan’s sake; any goddamn emotion at all. 

He just wants his Stu back. 


MEMORY_GLITCH - A #Winter Cyborgs AU mini-comic

HYDRA hears rumors of a secret S.H.I.E.L.D. base and sends WS-01 and WS-02 on a quick scouting mission. WS-02 takes an unexpected trip down memory lane.

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Beast Boy: Tonight, I’m gonna make her a nice dinner, then I’m gonna put the ring in her champagne glass.

Cyborg: You might as well put it in her cham-lame glass.

Beast Boy: Okay, Mr. Know-It-All, what would you do?

Cyborg: Okay, first you gotta get, like, 50 candles, right?

Beast Boy: Mm-hmm?

Cyborg: You spread ‘em all over the room with some rose petals….

Beast Boy: That’s right, because the roses are beautiful, and they make the room smell amazing.

Cyborg: Like a meadow in springtime.

Beast Boy: Mmm.

[Raven walks in]

Raven: What are you guys talking about?

Beast Boy: Nothing; guy talk!

Cyborg: Yeah, bitches and hoes.