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Custom Hero confirmed for Sonic Forces.

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bsd really got me into learning about the rl authors, but ive been having trouble finding stuff about the japanese authors. do you have any recommendations for where i could start?

Ahhhh, I’m flattered you came to ask here for suggestions!  I don’t think I’m the best person to ask, honestly, but I’ll do my best to help! Since you said it was BSD that got you interested, most of my recommendations will be from the Japanese authors featured in the series~

Short Stories

This is only to get you started, a bit of a sampler for what some of the literary greats have to offer.

Rashomon & In a Grove by Akutagawa Ryuunosuke

– Akutagawa is the master of short stories, so there can be no better starter when it comes to dipping your toes in when it comes to Japanese literature. Most of Akutagawa’s works deal with exposing the egotism of man and the flaws of the human spirit. His writing may be elegant and refined, but to others it comes off as unfeeling and cerebral; you’ll have to find out for yourself where you stand.

Beneath the Cherry Trees by Kajii Motojirou

– “There are bodies buried beneath the cherry trees!” This line from one of Kajii’s most famous works is often quoted, probably because it associates the ephemeral sakura with the grotesque. Sakaguchi Ango also wrote a story with the same title, but I find Kajii’s to be the more memorable one between the two.

Separate Ways by Higuchi Ichiyou

– BSD may have you fooled, but Higuchi is actually an extremely popular literary figure in Japan, due to both the quality of her work and her all too short life. “Separate Ways” is quite a short read, but it has a heartbreaking realism most stories twice its length can’t even hope to touch.

The Human Chair by Edogawa Ranpo

– And now, we enter the surreal. Though more known for being the originator of modern mystery stories in Japan, Edogawa was also considered a master of gothic horror. Be warned, this story can be disturbing so skip this if you have a faint heart! (As an aside, Ito Junji put a spin on the tale and published a oneshot inspired by “The Human Chair“ a few years back.)

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William Adolphe Bouguereau
- was a French academic painter and traditionalist. In his realistic genre paintings he used mythological themes, making modern interpretations of classical subjects, with an emphasis on the female human body.



Born on this day…

April 4, 1928

Marguerite Annie Johnson (Maya Angelou): Author, Poet, Activist

Books (Autobiographies of Maya Angelou):

I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings 

captures the longing of lonely children, the brute insult of bigotry, and the wonder of words that can make the world right. Maya Angelou’s debut memoir is a modern American classic beloved worldwide.

Gather Together in My Name 

continues Maya Angelou’s personal story, begun so unforgettably in I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings…Maya Angelou, still in her teens, has given birth to a son. But the next few years are difficult ones as she tries to find a place in the world for herself and her child. 

Singin’ and Swingin’ and Gettin’ Merry Like Christmas 

in this third self-contained volume of her autobiography…Maya Angelou moves into the adult world. Maya struggles to support herself and her son through a series of odd jobs and weathers a failed marriage to a white man before landing a gig singing in one of the most popular nightclubs on the San Francisco coast.

The Heart of a Woman 

in The Heart of a Woman, Maya Angelou leaves California with her son, Guy, to move to New York. There she enters the society and world of black artists and writers, reads her work at the Harlem Writers Guild, and begins to take part in the struggle of black Americans for their rightful place in the world

All God’s Children Need Traveling Shoes

in 1962 the poet, musician, and performer Maya Angelou claimed another piece of her identity by moving to Ghana, joining a community of “Revolutionist Returnees” inspired by the promise of pan-Africanism…lyrical and acutely perceptive exploration of what it means to be an African American on the mother continent, where color no longer matters but where American-ness keeps asserting itself in ways both puzzling and heartbreaking.

 A Song Flung Up to Heaven 

opens as Maya Angelou returns from Africa to the United States to work with Malcolm X. But first she has to journey to California to be reunited with her mother and brother. No sooner does she arrive there than she learns that Malcolm X has been assassinated.

Mom & Me & Mom 

at last, the legendary author shares the deepest personal story of her life: her relationship with her mother.


There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.

Additional Quick Read:

Angelou’s Memoirs Place Her in Literary History 

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hey, why is gal gadot a racist? would u like to explain me¿

um she proudly supports the IDF, which is responsible for committing ethnic cleansing of palestinians… like i’m not informed to make a statement about classical zionism, but modern zionism is heavily correlated with racism. esp. considering that the state discriminates against mizrahi jews even though… they are equally as jewish as ashkenazi jews. like the vision of jewish unity is a false excuse to oppress palestinians, because the israeli state clearly upholds a hierarchy even among its jewish population with ashkenazi jews (white jews) at the top. so to be nationalist despite all these things happening in your country… lmao u tell me what that means

All the strange things aside like Classic being from a different dimension, I really do think this game looks promising and I think it will put Sonic back on the right track again.. I just hope that after this they will make a 3D game completely about Modern without Classic in it.

It’s one thing to take a classic car and make it look modern — but it’s quite another to take a new car and make it look classic. That’s the idea behind the Ferrari 340 Competizione ($TBA). Built to pay homage to the 1952 Ferrari 340 Mexico — which was limited to just three examples — the Competizione is a one-off that began life as a Ferrari 456 GT, and kept its 470hp, 5.4L V12 and six-speed manual while gaining new aerodynamics, suspension, brakes, an interior that recalls the 340 Mexico while retaining some modern niceties, and, of course, new aluminum bodywork. (FT)

Harry Styles | One Shot | Red Lips and Poker Chips

I duck my head down and step out of the black car, immediately being greeted by the highest people of the casino. The highest boss and probably one of the most greedy and money obsessed men I’ve ever met, comes walking towards me and gives me a steady hand, welcoming me back. I squeeze his hand a little harder back, showing him that I’m a little more important and richer than he is. The man recoils slightly, almost bursting out of his expensive suit because of his heavy posture. I turn back and thank my driver, walking into the big and expensive house of gambling.

Two beautiful ladies in gorgeous dresses step by my side to accompany me and lead me towards my reserved room. After a long day of work and closing an important deal for my company, I was looking forward to a quiet, brain wrecking game of poker behind closed doors together with some other powerful rivals of mine in this city. I like coming here, meeting new people for business deals and to celebrate business deals that I handled that same day.

I step into the room and everyone turns their heads towards me, all accompanied by a woman. I dismiss the ladies that led me inside and ask for my poker chips which they quickly take care of. I take a seat, my favourite drink already in stood on the table in front of me. I turn around and spot one of the workers here whom I’ve been friends with for a while. He gives me a professional nod and I smirk back at him as a thank you for already putting my drink on the table.

“Always in time at the last second, Styles.” One of the men says from his place opposite to me. I shrug and look down arranging the chips that the girls put down.

“You know me. Busy day at work. Finally finished off a deal that occupied me for over a year. I think we can celebrate.” I say casually and the booming of their laughter fills the room.

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So I saw “Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie”. I’m in kind of a love-hate relationship with it right now. It’s a noble attempt at bringing the captain to the big screen and certainly enjoyable on it’s own merits. But I feel it fails to really hit most the notes of what makes the books such modern classics.

☞ The first thing that should be acknowledged is that this movie, like most Dreamworks films based on children’s books, plays pretty fast and loose with the source material. Skimming through and shortening the events that lead up to Krupp’s hypnosis and skipping over the events of the first three books and compleatly altering the events of the fourth; so that two of the saga’s most iconic villains, the Turbo Toilet 2000 and Professor Poopypants, can be incorporated into the same plot. And that’s not even getting in to the many additions they make to the story.

☞ There’s this lunch lady character they included to serve as a love intrest for Mr. Krupp and to humanize him. I like her, but I hate her, and for things that aren’t really the fault of the character so much as how she’s utilized in the plot.

☞ The fact that they are trying to make Mr. Krupp likeable at all is kind of frustrating for me, since a lot of his apeal is just how much of a cruel, petty, and cartoonishly repugnant person he is. Some of it is still there, but they portray it more as a result of cronic loneliness rather than just a flaw of his character.

☞ While much of the books’ humor is still in place, there’s also Dreamworks’ signiture style of comedy trying to accommodate it. I laughed but I’m not entirely sure it was sincere.

Otherwise I can say I’m glad I saw it, even if I could have gone my whole life without having done so.

Something Crazy Part 2

Summary: Feeling happy with your trip you found Bucky again and you two get closer.

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Words: 1689

Warnings: Lots of Fluffy.

Part 1 

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Day 2

When you wake up this morning you are feeling alive and full of energy so different from yesterday. Maybe is all the ice cream that you ate or the fact that you spent most of day doing nothing besides tan and swim on the pool. When you see that is 7 am you feel happy instead of annoyed that you are up before noon at a Sunday.

In the living room you see Nat holding the bottle of vodka close to her body like a baby. You shake her shoulder gently “Do you want to go to the beach with me?“ she groans ” I rather die than see the sunlight.“ you kiss her forehead ” I will come back for lunch.“

On the beach you put a towel on the sand, strip off your top staying only in shorts and your bikini. You take a book of your purse and start to read. You can concentrate for feel chapters but after nothing happens in six chapters and main character is still in his normal life you start to get bored.

“Look who’s here.” You look up and see Bucky in all his glory shirtless he sits by your side in your towel. You want to be mad but you can’t he is to adorable and sexy for this “Please take a sit, be comfortable.“ You say sarcastic and he places a kiss on your cheek “Its destiny after all.”

“I doubt, maybe you are stalking me.“ he looks at you like you are hurting him” Words hurt Doll. Do you really think i would stalk someone before 10 am? My friend wanted to go for a run i just decide to join but then I remember that I hate run”

“So you are not trying to seduce me with your toned chest, great arms and the mix of the smell of your sweat and the ocean?“ he grins at you and you turn red” No i am not, but if is working who i am to complain? ”

“Don’t push your luck big boy.” Putting his arms around you he says “You love it. Doll what are you and you’re friend are gonna to do tonight?” You shrug “I don’t know yet, maybe eat some pizza.” He has the big smile in his face “Tonight put something sexy but confortable and come to the bonfire with me.”

“I don’t think my friend is gonna like to be a third weal all night.” You regret your words as soon as they came out your mouth “So this is a date!” You are pretty sure that you are as red as a tomato now “Come on Doll, your words. I guaranty your friend is gonna be fine.”

“Okay.” He has a huge smile on his face and you can stop yourself from being happy “8 pm at here. Do you want to pick you up?” you shake your head a no “My house is really close, only a couple of blocks away.”

You find out he is staying in a house three blocks away from you and that he is here in a vacation with his best friend. You hate to admit but you are starting too really like Bucky. Being around him was so simple and comfortable but at the same time he keeps you in your tiptoes. You couldn’t describe the feeling.  

He lived in New York like you and you are really started to think that it is destiny. The only difference is that he lived in the other side of the city with his roommate. You never felt so close to anyone in so little time, something about him makes you want to tell all your dirty secrets to him.

You don’t know how much time has passed you only know that is being a lot when you see 10 messages of Natasha and 3 missing calls. The clock says is almost midday you are talking for 5 hours straight with him. You decide to see what Nat wants feeling a little worried about her all alone in that house.

Where are you? I am hungry.

I found some cookies so I am good now.

I am going to the Beach to found you.

Never mind my head still hurts.

Why don’t you answer me?

Are you reading again? Go make out with some random guy.

Or don’t.

It’s been 3 hours since you left I am start to getting worried

You hate sand. Why aren’t you answering me? Natasha wants attention.

And finally the last one that was sends a couple of minutes ago.

I am officially worried. Please send me an emoji to know that you are alive but send me my favorite one so I know that you weren’t kidnapped.

You answer her with the ghost emoji and get up quickly putting your t shirt over your head “I had a really nice time Bucky I see you tonight.” Before he can even answer you kiss his cheek and leave the beach.

When you get home you hear Natasha voices “So where were you? Found the prince charming?”  You give her a dirty look “No, I was just enjoying the beach.” She walks in your direction “Sure, that’s why your cheeks are red and you look like a kid who eat all the Halloween candy?” You laugh is dry “Fine I found Bucky, we talk and he invited us to the bonfire.”

You look at yourself in the mirror feeling happy with your appearance your make up was on minimal and your hair was natural giving you a simple but sexy look. With a pair of black shorts a floral tank top and some converse you are the perfect mixture of comfort and sexy without tying to hard.

“You look hot.” You turn around and see your best friend in a beautiful black skirt and a white top “You look amazing I will look like a potato by your side.” She gave you a sympathetic look “You should give yourself more credit you look beautiful. Now come on you don’t want let Bucky waiting.”

The beach is beautiful decorated and you see around 25 people around. You search for a little while and see Bucky sitting on a rock with a couple of people around him. One is a blonde man really gorgeous and really tall must be his friend and the other is a pretty girl with brown hair and intense eyes.

You hear him calling you “Doll you look beautiful. This is Steve my roommate and Wanda she works with us in New York.” You introduce yourself to them and Natasha does the same. The five of you are all talking about all the songs that are playing and how you all feeling old since you don’t recognize most of them.

One of your favorites songs start to play “I love this song.” You watch as Bucky gets up and take your hand in his “Let’s dance.” You two start to dance in a ridiculous away. You are in his arms and every once he would twirl you around.

After the song end a slow song start to playing he places his hands on the small of your back and you put your hands around his neck. “We are awful dancers.” You say making him laugh “Is this modern music. Put some classics and I will show you how good dancer I am.”

“I bet you are.” For the whole song your body is closer to his you can feel his chest rising and falling as he breaths. You can feel the smell of his cologne and his scruffy in your neck. You two dance for a couple more songs until you feel tired.

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He hands you a bear and sit you by your side “Are you having fun?” you agrees and say “This two days I had most fun since college.” You two stay in silence appreciating the atmosphere and the moonlight.

You can see Natasha dancing with Steve very close to each other, Wanda talking with a group of people closer to the fire; some guys were around the Keg seeing who could drink more bear. This was one of that rare nights was everything seems to make sense.

You don’t realize how tired you are until you almost fall sleep in his shoulder “Come on baby girl I take you home.” He helps you get up and when you shrive from the cold, he takes his blue sweater and put over your head. “You don’t have to do this you are going to be cold.”

“You are cold and i am a very warm person.” To prove his point he put your hand on his chest when you can feel the heat radiant from his body. You two are leaving the beach when you see Natasha shoot a wink at you.

“Thank you for invite me.” He holds you closer to his body with his arms around your shoulders and yours in his waist. “Was my pleasure it’s fun hang out with some one that doesn’t know my whole life history.” You can see in his eyes that he regrets this last sentence but doesn’t say anything.

“If you want to talk about I will be here.” You stop at your door steps looking at him with hopeful eyes “One day I promise that I will but right now can I kiss you?” you go in your tip toes and put your arms around his neck “Yes.”

You feel his soft lips in yours you can taste bear and mint in his mouth. The kiss is full of passion and lust his hands never leave your back and you thankful for that because you are pretty sure you would be on the floor if he wasn’t holding you.

He let you go but give you a peck on the lips. You are taking his sweater of your body “Keep it you can always give back later.” He gave you one more peck on the lips “Good night baby girl.” You watch him leave “Good night James.”

Part 3 

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Something I've wondered is what is your favorite type of music? And favorite artists and songs? ♥️

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmUSIC. I love all types of music. if you can’t tell from the Lydia spotify playlist that’s posted somewhere on this blog………

My main go to artist is the piano guys, they take modern day music and make it classical which is awesome.

My songs I like, :When can we do this again by Owl City, Something like this, Viva La Vida, and Fix you by Cold play, um Batman evolution, and Kung Fu Piano by the piano guys.

(Hard question because my music taste is all over the place.)


La La Land (2016) dir. Damien Chazelle

I don’t do this often, but I urge everyone and anyone to see this movie. It was life changing, and possibly the best movie I’ve seen in years. It amazed me with modern movie-making skills, while also winking at the classic musicals I grew up with. Can’t stop raving about this, it deserves endless praise.