ennotana week day 1: third year

There Needs To Be More Gay Greasers

Give me boyfriends having a smoke outside of the local diner together, staring straight ahead but their hands lightly dangling by their sides as their pinky fingers touch.

Give me silly tropes like buying each other milkshakes and sharing one at an empty diner at midnight

Give me rumbles where one boy is getting the shit kicked out of him and the other jumps in because ‘no one fucks with my boyfriend’

Give me hard kisses afterward because 'You scared me so fucking much, you asshole’

Give me gangs of social outcasts who are more accepting of homosexuality than socs, because those squares can get bent if they mess with my brothers.

Give me jacket swaps

Give me hot make out sessions in the back of a car at the local drive in movie.

Give me two boys lighting each other’s cigarettes with heat in their eyes.


anonymous asked:

When's the last time you got to snuggle up under a handmade blanket just for you (or handed down)? I will absolutely make you one if you don't have one.

this depends entirely on how you define ‘handmade blanket.’ if you mean like, somebody made a quilt or an afghan or something, probably before the war. most of the blankets we had were handmade by various family members. 

the stark tower stitch&bitch has yet to produce a blanket. i have no idea how, since theres like six of us all knitting and sewing and crocheting, but somehow it just hasn’t happened yet. too busy making hammer cozies and a pompom hat big enough to fit on the hulk.

however, if you define handmade blanket as a blanket somebody made by hand, then just last week i took a post-battle nap under a table at a press conference and clint made me a ‘blanket’ out of stark industries t-shirts.

not sure if that counts or not. 

  • BELLARKE s1, a summary: eye contact, i dont like you, i dont like you, princess, eyes contact, angst, angst, THAT'S WHO YOU ARE, eye contact, touching each other, LEADERS, eye contact, smiling, I NEED YOU, FORGIVENESS, LEADERS, touching touching touching, fliRTING, smILING, lauGHING, GUNS GUNS GUNS, eye contact, worried about each other!!!, neeerds, LEADERS, flirting, trusting each other, LEADERS LEADERS LEADERS, worrying about eaCH OTHER
  • BELLARKE s2, a summary: HUG ALERT HUG ALERT, heart eyes, GUUUNS, FORGIVENESS, subtle "together", worrying about each other, trusting each other, protecting each other, LEADERS, GUNS, worrying about each other!!!, I CANT LOSE YOU TOO, worrying about each other!!!, LEADERS, I WAS BEING WEAK (aka i love you too much), worrying about each other!!!, SMILING, eye contact!!!, LEADERS, TO-GE-THERRR, FORGIVENESS, cheEK KISS, SAD HUG SAD HUG, may we meet again
  • BELLARKE s3, a summary: worrying about each other!!!, ready to die for each other!!!, WE CANT LOSE CLARKE, angst, angst, ANGST, you need me? you left ME, angst, angst, angst, HAND HOLDING, angst, angst, eyE CONTACT, EYE CONTACT, taking care of each other!!!, HAND CARESSING, worrying about each other!!!, running into each other arms, LEADERS, worried worried worried, angst, FORGIVENESS, WE NEED EACH OTHER BELLAMY, TOGETHERRRRRRRR, HUG HUG HUG HUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG, TOGETHER!!!, LEADERS, touching, worrying about each other, eye contact, LEADERS, I TRUST /YOU/, worrying about each other!!!, saving each other!!!, LEADERS, I BELIEVE YOU, STUPID JOKES TO REASSURE THE OTHER, hanD HOLDING!!!, worrying about each other!!!, touching, touching, so much touching, WE WE WE (aka subtle "together")
  • BELLARKE s4, a summary: inappropriate flirting, worrying about each other, partners and co-leaders, PRINCESS, WEIRD WINK, eye contacts, MARRIED AF, suffering together, DAY TRIP #2, SMILEEEESSSSS, "YOU KEEP HER CENTERED / YOU GOT IT BACKWARDS", watching each other sleep!!!, SAVING EACH OTHER'S ASS OVER EVERYONE ELSE'S!!!, "IF I'M ON THAT LIST, YOU'RE ON THAT LIST", HAND NUZZLING, GIVING EACH OTHER'S HOPE, TAKING CARE OF EACH OTHER, worrying about each other, DRAMATIC EYE CONTACTS, SaViNg EaCh OtHeR oVeR eVeRyOnE eLsE!!!, casual touches???, wORRYING ABOUT EACH OTHER BECAUSE WHAT ELSE IS NEW, rover rover rover, saving each other AGAIN!!!, ALMOST LOVE CONFESSION, PARTNERS, MORAL SUPPORT, SAVING EACH OTHER, ANGGGSSSSTTTTT, ANGST ANGST ANGST, standing side by side even in hard times, TALKING ABOUT THEIR PROBLEMS, WEIRD ASS FLIRTING IN THE ROVER, MAKING EACH OTHER SMILE, SAVING EACH OTHER, WORRYING ABOUT EACH OTHER, co-leaders!!!, SAD HUG SAD HUG, HEART & HEAD, MARRIED WITH CHILDREN TO COMFORT!, wooorrrryyyying abouuuuttttt eaaaacchhhh oooothhhheeerrrr!!!!, ANGST, FEEELIIINNGGGSSSS, angst angst angst, The Notebook shit, missing each other!!!
紅木 春先生線画メイキング!(縦画面推奨)




Random Head cannon time… I guess?((to explain bendys fear I guess))
Joey is allergic to cats, because of this and the fact that they shed and scratch he really isn’t to fond of them either. Bendy looks similar but not quite as a cat, which somehow attracts stray cats to the studio. Bendy sees them outside and opens windows for them and lets them in, unknowing that Joey is allergic or what it means to be allergic. Bendy gets caught quite a few times, gets scolded harshly but continues to let his feline friends in. Soon Joey gets enough of this and takes out Bendys ref. He jots down whatever he can think of to get rid of the cat problem while Bendy sits with a cat on the other side of the studio. The reference sheet takes effect almost immediately, making Bendys biggest fear: cats. Bendy shoves the cat off his lap and ends up getting scratched in the face. He doesn’t let Joey know about this after the cat leaves, he instead goes to Boris and Alice who tend to the wound to the best of their knowledge by copying what they see others do when they get hurt. Sadly bandages are pretty noticeable and so they get caught by Joey. Joey decides the scare was punishment enough and fixes the wound. And thus, Bendys phobia was born.