You and Dylan have been dating for years and living together for awhile. There are times when you guys can’t stand each other. Bickering, picking fights, difficulty communicating, having mood swings. For as long as you two have been together, it would be surprising if those sorts of things didn’t happen. 

But you also love each other quite deeply. Infatuated with one another’s quirks, obsessed with the other’s mind, body, and soul, adore the little things, unable to get enough of one another. 

You and Dylan respectfully don’t partake in PDA. You both like your privacy and everybody doesn’t need to know about your relationship. You’ll hold hands in public, but you prefer to keep your affection to a minimum while out and about. 

Now, when you’re behind closed doors, that’s a different story. 

Today, for example, you were both in a particular mood. You didn’t have to go anywhere, but Dylan had to go in the morning to set. He accidentally woke you up when he went to leave. When he realized you stirring, he gave you a peck on the forehead and whispered, “Sorry love, I’ll see you at dinner. We’ll make it a night in.”

You spent the day at home straightening up around the house and doing a little laundry. In the early evening you grabbed a quick shower and put on a cheeky pair of underwear and one of your favorite shirts of Dylan’s. 

You were making dinner when Dylan arrived home. The radio was on and you were humming along to it when Dylan wrapped his arms around your waist, resting his head on your shoulder.

“Whatcha makin’ babe?” he asks, placing gentle kisses on your neck.

“Chicken and pasta. Hopefully it turns out alright,” you answer.

Dylan’s hands wander, moving up to your breasts, surprised to find you not wearing a bra. 

“Oh calm down,” you laugh, “I need to finish making this without you distracting me.”

“I think you’re the one distracting me,” he mumbles into your neck. 

You laugh again and playfully shrug him off. “Go get a shower you goof and wind down for the night.”

“Movie tonight?” he asks, already walking off to grab a shower.

“Yeah, go ahead and pick one when you get out.”

Dylan grabs a quick shower, putting on only a pair of sweatpants on, and puts the movie in. You finish making dinner and join him, serving two plates on the coffee table. 

You sit down on the couch beside him and he starts the movie. 

“This is really good babe, thank you,” he says, shoving another forkful into his mouth. 

Once you’re both done eating, you situate yourselves more comfortably. Dylan stretches his legs out on the couch while you half lay on him and half beside him, your head resting on his chest. You both wrap yourselves up in a nice warm blanket, keeping your half naked bodies warm. 

At some point during the movie, you fall asleep. Between Dylan playing with your hair, and the warmth and comfort of his heart beat, the drowsiness took over.

Dylan wiggled his way out from underneath you, picks you up, and carries you to the bedroom. You wake at him picking you up, but you play lazy and just nuzzle your head into his chest.

He lays you down, pulling the covers over you. All you manage is a sigh.

He joins you in bed and you roll over and cozy up next to him. He puts his arm around you and pulls you in closer to him.

“I love you,” you whisper.

“Marry me,” he whispers back.

“Yes,” you smile, even as you kiss him with acceptance, suddenly very giddy and very awake. “Yes, of course yes.”

Doctor’s Appointment - Steve Randle Imagine

A/N: I hope you enjoy this! I feel like Steve, Darry and Two-Bit are so underappreciated so I love when you guys request things for them!

Word Count: 510

Warnings: None

Pairing: Steve Randle x Reader

“Babydoll?” Steve’s hand is on my back, gently caressing it. “You gotta get up.”

I can hardly open my mouth. My head is pounding, my throat is dry and every inch of my body aches. “No,” is all I can get out.

“Why not? Are ya sick?” He presses his bare wrist to my forehead and whistles, a sound that makes my head feel as though it’s pulsating. “You’ve gotta stay home. I’ll schedule a doctor’s appointment for you.”

My eyes snap open at the word “doctor” and I force myself to sit up. “No… I’ll go to work, actually.”

Taking my face in his hands. he studies me. “No. You’re not going to work.”

“Steve! I’m going to work! I have to,” I protest.

Steve shakes his head. “I don’t wanna boss you around, but you’re going to the doctor.” He picks up the phone and dials the doctor’s number, ignoring my glare. He schedules an appointment in forty minutes and hangs up.

“I hate you,” I mutter. getting up to make myself brush my teeth and look semi-decent.

“Is there any particular reason you’re so opposed to seeing the doctor?”

I ignore him and start brushing my teeth.

“C'mon, babe. Play fair and at least talk to me.”

Steve leans against the doorway, arms crossed, as I spit out my toothpaste. “I hate the doctor cause the doctor I had when I was younger completely sucked. All doctors suck and you can’t make you go.”

Steve pulls me into a hug and gently rubs my back. “Babydoll, I wouldn’t send ya to a sketchy doctor. I’ll even go back with ya, okay?”

Resting my head on his warm chest, I nod. “Fine. I’ll go.”

The clinic is cold and smells like antibacterial soap was used to mop the floors. Steve checks me in as I start to have a sneezing fit, so the receptionist hands me on of the stretchy face masks. She has a blond beehive and the longest, pinkest fake nails I’ve ever seen.

Steve and I sit in cold, hard waiting room chairs. “I hate it here.”

Steve kisses my forehead. He’s about to say something, but a doctor who looks like he’s in his mid-forties comes out and calls me back.

I trudge back to his office beside Steve, then sit on the paper-covered bed. “Hi, Miss Y/N L/N. I’m Dr. Michaels.” I shake his hand and relax. He’s not a jerk.

Dr. Michaels asks about my symptoms and checks me out, then prescribes a couple things to get the flu out of me as quickly as possible. The appointment is over in twenty minutes and before I know it, I’m falling asleep in Steve’s car on the way home.

“Thanks for makin’ me go, babe,” I yawn.

Steve doesn’t answer. He just rests his hand on my knee, smiles and takes us home.

usuk writing 10/11; nsfw

hey there anon! u know i think its so funny that all of yall love this blanket series so much. i really didn’t spend a lot of time when i filled the initial prompt and expected it to get like 3 notes. it’s so funny that it’s my most loved fic so far!

so i will be honoring this prompt in celebration of the success of this series, as well as my recent milestone of 100 followers!!! i could not be more grateful to you guys, i never would have thought that i would become a fic writer as well after 5 years of simply reading usuk fics. with your support i plan to continue for a long time <3!!!! this chapter is a direct sequel to this chapter and the fic began with this chapter! here’s the link to the fic on ao3. i hope you enjoy this! 

The two of them stumbled into their nest. Arthur dropped the blanket so that they could grab onto each other more fully. They fell onto the few remaining sheets of their nest, kissing and touching each other as much as they could. 

One second without their lips together was one second too long. They had been waiting for this moment for years.

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anonymous asked:

The only people who made the cwc entertaining was ZSJ and he never signed with wwe cause he knew how trashy the division looked lmao

wait so you mean to tell me that

- johnny gargano vs tommaso ciampa
- kota ibushi vs cedric alexander
- tj perkins vs gran metalik
- jack gallagher vs akira tozawa

you mean to tell me all those matches were performed by “trash” wrestlers in a “trash” division?

anonymous asked:

Hi! I was wondering if I could request something? Like, MC casually telling the boys she thinks they're attractive? Just saying 'hey handsome' or calling them pretty or something? How would they react?


-he just gotten home from class 

-and he was tired but he hugged you anyways 

-he pulled away and you brushed his blonde hair out of his face 

-his violet eyes looked into yours and he blushed 

-”You’re so pretty Yoosung…” 

-you said it so absentmindedly 

-but his whole face lit up 


-”yeah I’ve never seen a boy as pretty as you” 

-he looked down but you could still see the smile on his face 

-you kissed his forehead 

-”I love you Yoosung!” 


-you were both laying on the couch 

-you were on top of him laying your head on his chest 

-you were both watching a movie 

-but you looked up at him 

-his eyes were on the tv and he had one hand holding his hair out of his face 



-he looked at you with those eyes and that face 

-”You look…unreal…” 

-he gave a confused look before chuckling 

-”is that your way of saying I’m handsome?” 

-you blushed and sheepishly nodded

-he leaned up and kissed you 

-”you also look unreal


-zen came home from practice and smelled something sweet 

-he walked into the kitchen 

-you were baking cookies with a big smile on your face 

-he wrapped his arms around you from behind and rested his chin on your shoulder 

-”whatcha makin babe?” 

-your smile grew 

-”hey handsome~ I’m afraid it’s a surprise” 

-he blushed 

-”well I am very handsome but it makes me feel so good to hear it from you” 

-he kissed your cheek 

-”you are very very handsome, and I’ll never let you forget that” 


-he sighed as he got out of the shower 

-he had a towel wrapped around his waist and he was using another one to dry his hair 

-you peeked into the bathroom from around the corner 

-he saw you and laughed

-”Was someone hoping to see me naked by chance~” he said teasingly 

-you blushed and just stood there a second 

-you took another look at him 

-”You know…you’re really beautiful” 

-his eyes widened 


-”You’re beautiful! Maybe even gorgeous!” 

-he ran up and hugged you his towel nearly falling off him 


-you laughed as he smothered your face in kisses

-”i’ll make sure to tell you more often that you’re beautiful!” 

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What's the worst thing each of them have done while drunk? By worst it can be either embarrassing or bad and I mean besides the babes makin love

Alright, I thought about this!! And I wanna answer this! I’m still not so sure about it but it’s time that I finally answer this! And I want to!
*cracks knuckle* let’s get started!

Headcanons for Hip Hop AU

- I think for Bo and Kuroo there are just many drunken nights with lots of shenanigans and banter. Getting picked up by the police or banished from public places. But it was all fun and games. Like this one time they went to get food at 3 am and were so hyper and active that they confused the cashier and got their food for free. Or the other night when they did put empty garbage bins from the sidewalk on the top of parking cars and got chased by the police but didn’t get caught. They just have many fun stories and anecdotes to tell.

- when it comes to more serious stuff for Bo it would maybe be that time he got a tattoo when he was drunk. He was 18 and got the name of his great love inked above his heart. It didn’t take long until he regretted it.
Also having unprotected sex while being drunk.

- Next to all those fun stories Kuroo carries around some sad and bad memories he doesn’t like to think about. Those times when he struggled with addiction and alcohol and was homeless. Waking up on another friend’s couch and seeing the bucket next to him. Knowing that once again he was a mess up and a burden to his friends. Loosing track of space and time.

- Kenma likes to wander off and he also does this sometimes when he is drunk. He doesn’t get drunk often, mostly a bit tipsy if that. But sometimes it can happen. And when the room gets too loud and crowded he likes to wander off and get some fresh air. Once there were this construction site with its big scaffolds near by and in his drunken mind Kenma thought it would be a good idea to climb up there. It was easy and fun and he enjoyed the view from the top. But once realization hit he got scared and couldn’t climb back down again.
Kuroo who was already looking for him had to climb up there and get him back down. Kenma was drunk and scared, got all emotional and started to cry. He still is very embarrassed about this.

- I have to say I’m not so sure about Oikawa.
Maybe those times in high school when he was at a party, got drunk then sad and started to cry when he realized how alone he was and that non of those people there were his friends or understood him.
Or those time in college  when he finally found some friends and great people and started to experiment and try out new stuff. And he realized almost too late that it wasn’t a good idea to go with this guy. Suddenly he was surprisingly sober and aware. Luckily Oikawa was always stubborn and knew how to take care of himself so nothing bad happened. But there were some times, now looking back, he thinks he got lucky.

- Iwa is most embarrassed about this one time he had a little gig at this small festival and he got so drunk that he couldn’t remember his own lyrics. He then tried to freestyle, which he usually is quite good with, but not when his tongue is heavy, the mind fogged and all words come out all slurred.
Within his own words there came out some embarrassing lyric parts from some very cheesy and bad love songs he later denied to know. He got booed off the stage that evening. Kuroo loves to tell this story.

Frightening for Iwa are also those moments when he felt he got too emotional or touchy when drunk. Do you know that moment when you get drunk and start to hug your friends, or lay a arm around your best friend, and get a bit too close when you talk? Iwa waking up the next morning with the sudden feeling he did too much. Showed too much affection, got too close, or maybe looked at this one guy’s ass a second too long, or looked too much at Oikawa’s lips while talking too him..getting too close..thinking about kissing him…did he?..did he kiss him??? NO no, he didn’t!!

Those are the moments he wakes up mortified and swearing to himself to lay off the alcohol for some time.
Never anyone noticed but he is just too scarred he might slip.
Oikawa though did notice some of the glances at his lips and Iwa’s firm arm around him. One of those mixed signals he felt he got from Iwa and why he, drunk and careless, kissed him that one night.

Ahh thank you very much for this ask!! I’m sorry my answer is so late. I really had some difficults thinking about headcanons for this. I never thought about this before. But I really liked it and I hope my answer gives your question some justice. I don’t know if this is what you were hoping to get (/)v(/)

But thank you very much for this and your interest!! <3

I’m always up for questions about the AU! So if there is anything you like to ask or share, hit me up!!!

Preference #36: He's Your Best Friends And He Tells You He Loves You(Requested)

Harry: I don’t think my heart has every beat this fast in my life. I was having a nice time at home, chilling on the couch when I got a text from Harry. ‘COME OVER QUICK ITS AN EMERGENCY’ He has never asked my to drop everything I was doing to come over, on top of that he said something was wrong. I threw on the first thing I could find and drove to his house. Not even knocking when I got there, I just walked in. There he is just sitting on the couch, with sandwich in his lap. He took and bit and looks up at me. “What, What’s the emergency.” I urged, standing in  front of the TV. He looked confused. “Oh, oh that. I have t tell you something.” je said with a full mouth. “That’s it?” He nodded taking another bite of his sandwich. “ARE YOU SERIOUS?!” I yelled lightly throwing my keys at him. “If you wanted me to come over all you had to do was ask. And I could have obeyed traffic laws, or put on real clothes.” I chuckled plopping down next to him on the couch and grabbing the other half of his sandwich off his plate. His whole body stiffened when I turned to look at him. “Soooo, spit it out. What’d you want to tell me.” He swallowed hard and scratched his head. “I uh-. I wanted to um” He never looked up, he kept his eyes on my knees, like he’s nervous. “Harry, it’s only me. What’s wrong?” I reassured, worried that something I actually wrong. “That’s the problem…” He groaned falling back onto the couch. I am lost. He took a deep breath and sat up, looking right into my eyes. “Y/N, what I wanted to tell you is that—” He stopped again. “Oh for gods sake—” “I love you,” He interrupted shutting me up. “More than just a friend, I love you. I love being with you. I love when you smile. I love being able to make you happy. I love how you don’t try to hard when your around me. I don’t know why it took me so long to figure out. But, I love you Y/N.”

Liam: Your at your friends house one night and your phone rings. Liam’s names flashes across the screen. You usually talk every night. He’s your best friend and he loves telling you about the shows, or fans. “Hello” you answered. “Y/N what are you doing?” His loud voice boomed through the phone. “Nothing just hangin out with Y/F/N. How was the show?” you could hear the other boys in the background. “It was so sick I wish you could’ve seen it. The whole place was packed it was amazing.” You can almost imagine his smiling face as he talked. You guys talked for hours. At some point he must have gotten in bed. Because he voice got all quiet and raspy. “When are you gonna come out an see me?” Yawned. “As soon as I can,” you promised. “Li, you must be so tired. You should sleep.” He yawned again. “But I’m talkin to you, plus I have to be up in like 2 hours to go to the studio.” There is no way your going to be the reason Liam is grumpy in the studio. “You can talk to me any time you want. Use this time to sleep. Alright?” “Yeah, yeah” his voice getting softer and softer. “Night Liam,” you chimed pulling the phone away from your face. You almost missed it but you defiantly heard him say it, “Night Y/N. I love you.” Well that’s a first.

Niall: Since the day you met Niall. You both agreed it would be a better idea to be friends. He was always busy, it just wasn’t the right time. That’s how he became one of your best friends. That night you were walking back to his hotel from the nearby nandos when it started pouring rain. You both ran back as quickly as you could, but it didn’t matter your soaking. His blonde hair now almost brown, and is sticking up in some places down in others. “We should probably take theses off?” He asked looking down at the wet clothes. “YeS,” you agreed. Stripping in out of the wet clothes and throwing them into a heap on the floor. When you turned around Niall was staring at you, as you stood there shivering in your bra and panties. He was just as naked. His black boxers the only thing covering his body. You couldn’t help but let your eyes roam. The happy trial just under his belly button, was making you rethink the whole friend thing. He must have been thinking the same thing because a bludgeon was forming in his shorts. “This whole ‘lets be friends thing is a downer.” You confessed from across the room. Never letting your eyes leave his body. “I know, why the hell did we do that?” He asked. “I don’t know, but we should scrap that idea.” You remarked. Slowing making your way toward him. “Oh my god , y/n I love you, yes” he groaned walking towards you, and planting a heated kiss on you waiting lips.

Louis: “I cant understand you Louis!” you said to your long time best friend. You have know him forever. You went to the same primary school, went through the awkward growing up phase, and graduating schooling. You were there when One Direction started get big, and to this day your still here. “Just come over and bring every blanket and pillow in your flat.” He instructed before hanging up. So that’s what you did. Half an hour later you were walking into his flat with bag and bags full of blankets. He was laying on the floor in a enormous pile of blankets. wearing nothing but a par of sweats and some vans. “Hey! Good you brought blankets were gonna need ‘em.” He hopped up taking the bags and empting them onto the floor. “How are we supposed to know whos are whos?” You asked watching him as he ran around the open living room. “Really, it dost matter. I don’t use them so you can take what ever ones you want home.” You took off your coat putting it on one of the hairs that had been pushed against the wall. “Were going to build a large blanket fort and watch theses movies I just got.” He beamed throwing a pillow at you. “Really?” You asked amazed, at how much of a kid he still is. “Yeah! Really, do you not want to?” He asked his blue eyes dropping to the pile of comforters in front of him. “No, this is awesome lets do this” You replied kicking off your shoes. After 2 hours f hard work, and carful positioning, it was finished. His whole living room was draped with blankets. In the middle of the fort is a giant pallet made of all the leftover blankets and every pillow in the house. You both laid on it admiring your work. “Do you know how long I’ve wanted to do this?” He asked putting his hands behind his head. “Since you bought this place.” You answered laying your had on his stomach, you back against the floor, and one of your legs over the other. “Eleanor wouldn’t do this with me. She thinks it’s silly.” He confessed looking down at you. “Well she’s missing out” You laughed turning your head to look at him. His blue eyes scanned your face, and bored into yours. “I love you Y/N,” He said still scanning your face. “I love you too Lou.” You giggled giving him a smile. He sat up, forcing you to sit up to. “No I mean I love you, I’m in love with you.” You were stunned, your best friend of over ten years is n love with you. “Wha-What about El?” You stuttered trying to wrap your head around it. "I don’t know, But I love you.“ He said again complicating everything.

Zayn: “Bye Zaynie. happy birthday bro.” A very drunken Liam said, to and equally drunken Zayn. “Byyye” He waved before getting into my car. As best friend it is my responsibility to make sure he gets home and into bed safely. He sprawled out in the seat next to me trying way harder than he needs to take off his leather jacket. “That was funn, it should be meh birthday more often, ya?” He yammered. He looks so funny like this. His eyes half shut, his usual neat hair a mess. He managed to get his jacket halfway off before he gave up. I couldn’t contain my giggles as I pulled up to the sidewalk outside his flat. “What’s so funneh?” He asked letting his head fall in my direction. “You are gone…” I laughed. reaching for the door handle. He grabbed my wrist pulling me back toward him. His face inches from yours. “Are you makin fun of meh babe? I thought were friends, you don’t make fun of friends.” He informed staring at me with squinted hazel eyes. His breath reeked of alcohol. “Oh my god, yes you are gone.” I tease getting out of the car.  After I helped him into the house he stumbled out of his shoes and toward his bed room. “Z?” I yelled after him. “Zaaaynnn” I called following his path toward the bed but no response. Then a loud bang. He was franticly trying to set a lamp up right on the bedside table. “I got it” He giggled to himself. “Zayn, get in bed.” I sighed turning off the light. I could still see him with the glow from the street lights. He pulled his shirt over his head, and kicked out of his pants. My eyes lingered at little longer than they should have, but hey he has a nice body. He got into bed and pulled the blanket over his shoulder. I turned to leave but his no raspy voice stopped me in my tracks. ”Can you stay with me?” I gave in right away. It was either his bed or his couch so, why not. I climb ontop of the blanket and lay next to him. “C’mere,” He instructed. I scooted closer my head next to his on the pillow. His eyes were closed but he smile when I got closer. Just as I shut me eyes I heard him whisper. “I love you Y/N”.

Be My Prince Charming Ch. 6

(Be My Prince Charming -Index-)

Casually dating, Dean thought to himself as he watched the man across from him sip at his coffee. He said the two words over and over in his mind as if they would make him feel anything less than guilt welling up in him. They two of them had been ‘casually dating’ for about three weeks now and Dean knew it was selfish of him to ask so little out of Castiel. He knew that Cas wanted something more, that he was waiting for Dean to make what they had into more. But every single time Dean thought of the word ‘boyfriend’ he clammed up and ran away.

“How was work today?” Cas asked as his eyes fell on anything in the coffee shop except Dean’s eyes.

“It was work. Y’know, it sucked.” Dean tried to play his voice light but he understood what was happening here.

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The One with the Talk

Author’s Note: As always, I gotta send a huge thanks to @theycallmebecca for being an awesome beta! I owe ya big time! 

Warning: Angst…I apologize in advance

Yoga had kicked Sammie’s butt. She had done yoga more often in college and even a few years ago, but it had been awhile since her last visit. Yoga had always been a way to help her refocus and recenter herself, but with everything going on, she wasn’t able to focus well enough to have yoga work for her as well as she wanted it to. Some of the tension had been relieved and she hoped to keep it that way, too.

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She lifted her head, expecting to see the older face of a nurse but instead was greeted with a beautiful young one. “Um…” Before going with her first instinct that would result in the girl coldly turning the stranger down she shrugged “I guess if you have nothing better to you.” She sat up in her bed, placing a pillow by the base of her back to keep her upright.

As she waited for a response, she was almost immediately captured by the window that centered the wall, watching the outside that fell behind the glass pane. Though her voice snapped her from her trance, and she inserted herself in to the room before gently closing the door behind her. “Just tell me if I’m makin’ you feel weird, babe.”