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dallas & your ex - imagine

requested by @suuny96 - (thanks for requesting babe! im really sorry that it took so long to post!1! i’ve been backed up by hw :/)
warnings: mild cursing

To many, Dallas Winston seemed like an icy glare and a leather jacket - the guy that everyone knew to be outwardly hard, cold and mean. But Dally was yours; you knew that Dal wasn’t as cold as many thought he was. Sure, he had a pretty tough outer shell, but something told you that for as long as you two had been together, Dal had thawed out a little just for you.

He never really liked taking you out, always wanting to stay at his, yours, or very occasionally the Curtises’. Whenever he did take you out, it would usually be because you’d been bringing it up to him. So even though Dal didn’t really like watching movies and would normally fall asleep during the showing, he reluctantly promised to take you out to the moviehouse this time. Having time to kill before the movie had shown, you two stopped by at the DX to bother Steve and Soda.

“Well, Soda! Look who decided to show their faces,”Steve called over at you two, giggling with car grease on his cheek. His voice had made Soda look up from around a car hood.

“Dal, Y/N! What are you two up to over here?” Soda beamed, eyes gleaming as usual.

“We came to see Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee. Why else?” Dal answered, referring to Steve and Soda.

"Well, It’s good to see ya, but Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee are real busy today, Dal,” Soda said, eyeing the cars beginning to make a line down the driveway. Somehow, even before it got busy, Steve had been trying to work on two cars at once while Soda stood pumping gas. But out of the line of cars that waited for gas, a single car seemed familiar to you.  And then it hit you.

You knew exactly whose car that belonged to. You could even make out the despised facial features of the guy in the driver’s seat. It was your ex-boyfriend - the boy who you used to be deathly afraid of, who cheated on you like it was nothing. The boy who Dallas Winston knew absolutely nothing about.

He’d been drumming his fingers on the outside of the car, arm haning out of his rolled-down window. And then the dreaded moment came. He spotted you. 

"Y/N, baby? Is that who I’m lookin’ at?” he asked, sarcastically smirking before getting out the car to walk over.

Baby?” Dally turned around to the guy that had been calling you, his eyebrows furrowed and sat heavily upon his eyes - he was automatically bothered by the guy calling you ‘baby’.

“It is, isn’t it? Well, how’ve you been? Don’t tell me you’re Winston’s girl now,” he laughed, attempting to get under your skin. “C’mon baby, you know you belong to me! You don’t wanna be hangin’ ‘round a hood like him. I still care  about you doll. I know you still love me.”

“Alright jackass, back off before I give you a fat lip,” Dally said, almost instinctively stepping in front of you. "Y/N, d'you know who this asshole is?”

“Oh, Y/N never said a thing about me? Funny. It seemed like yesterday that she wanted to go on screamin’ my name.”

“Dal, he’s… this is my ex-boyfriend.” You gently spoke out from behind Dally, grabbing onto his arm for a quick second, your voice real low. “Dal, he was real terrible. I-I mean he used to beat on me and yell… I jus- we should just leave, alright?”

“He what?” Dal turned all the way back towards you.

“C’mon Dal, don’t make a scene.”

“I ain’t makin’ no scene. This jackoff deserves a fuckin’ broken nose,” Dally told you, pointing at your ex. You knew he was annoyed; he didn’t like the way you brushed off something like that.  He shifted his gaze back at your ex, a stare long and hard. Dal got close to him, nudging your ex backward with a heavy palm to his shoulder. “And if you know what’s good for you, you oughta shut your mouth and get lost, man.” 

Your ex didn’t take this all too well. You knew he didn’t like being shown up - he had some ego on him. “Received loud and clear,” he started, sardonically smiling. “But if you know what’s good for you - boy, you’d do exactly the same, my friend.”

The two glared at each other for quite a bit and your heart hammered in your chest. You did admire that Dal stood up for you, but you just didn’t want fists to fly. It had always irritated you, the way Dally would come home battered and bruised. So, thank god, before anything escalated any further, Soda stepped in, clearly bothered by the commotion while on the job.

“Alright fellas, that’s enough. Lovebirds, you oughta  get to the moviehouse before you miss the showing,” Soda said, looking at you and Dal. Then, he looked at your ex. “And you - get gas or get lost, pal.”

At this, Steve sucked his teeth. “Naw, c’mon Soda! I wanted to see a fight. Ain’t seen nothing good all day! How ‘bout you swing by when Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee have break next time?”

“Whatever, man,” Dally brushed it all off and shrugged his shoulders. “C’mon, Y/N.” Dal protectively slung his arm around your shoulder, bringing you closer to him as you both made your way toward the movie house. Something about his face seemed heavy. More grave than the mug he gives to most people. There was something about him… he seemed contemplative, antsy or something - like something was eating at him. You couldn’t put your finger on it. To be fair though, he had never been the easiest person to read.

When you and Dal got there and went to find seats - which happened to always be in the back because of Dally, of course - he never sat down. 

“I’ll be right back, alright?” he said. Except he didn’t wait for a response - he just up and left. The bathroom maybe? An uneasy feeling settled in your gut. What was Dallas up to?

In what seemed like a decade, though only actually about 15 minutes, Dal was back in the seat next to you, a big black-and-blue sitting right at his cheekbone.

“God, what happened? Where did you go?”

“Nowhere important, Y/N.”

“Dal, please don’t go on telling me that you went after him.”

“I think it’s a little late for that.”

“Winston, what did you do?”

“Don’t fuckin’ worry ‘bout it. He got that broken nose we were talkin’ ‘bout earlier.”

“You did what?” 

Hearing the question, Dally leaned up against you, as if he was getting ready to fall asleep on you. He rested his head on your shoulder.

“Well, he was askin’ for it, wasn’t he?”  


a/n: i hope u liked it! it’s kinda hard to write for dally so im sorry if it sucked a lil <3


Would you look at that? C'mon… Now, that’s a pretty girl! Look at your eyes! A little mascara to bring it out? Your lips… Try some lipstick? You have nice, pretty lips! And your cheekbones… Look at your hair, it’s beautiful hair!

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I TAKE NO CREDIT. I JUST WANT TO SHARE THIS HEARTMELTING GIF MADE BY AN ANGEL (whoever takes credit of makin the gif) its the scene played backwards and it looks like Chloe is saying “I love you”.

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Little Games


Request: HEAR ME OUT:   Patrick x Reader (female) x Henry with a dash of the fact that those boys can talk dirty for daysssss   Also I hope you’re having a lovely day! x


Walking down the streets after school had never been fun. Especially if he Bowers Gang we’re cruising by, everyday (Y/N) would wish they had better things to do than drive around. But this afternoon they had been driving around, hanging out the windows and slapping their hands against the side of the car, wolf whistling to girls and cat calling them. They all retaliated somehow, whether it be screaming back at them or throwing something at them, everyone was used to their antics. But (Y/N) had enough, even if they were some of the most attractive boys she had seen, she didn’t like the attention one bit, especially when people would stare at her when the boys would start hollering. She always had to walk a few blocks each day to get from school to home, wishing she had a car. Although, despite the many times Patrick and the boys have tried to coerce her into the car, it wasn’t happening. Although, she had always wondered what it felt like to be close to Patrick - or Victor - or even the man himself, Henry Bowers. It was true, they were attractive but they were assholes. Even she had standards. “Hey baby!” She sighed as she heard the familiar voice behind her. She tried not to look, full well knowing Patrick was licking his lips, something that regrettably turned her on. That boy was fire and so was his counter part. “C’mon why don’t ya hop in? We’ll behave.” Henry cooed. She heard Victor and Belch’s chuckle. She often thought of Belch as the quiet one, the one who would be the most sane, her eyes met with Belch’s and he looked back at Henry and the boys and back to the road, he slowed the car, just cruising beside her so close she could smell the cigarette smoke.

She stayed silent, figuring they’d just go away if she ignored them. “Don’t be shy princess.” Patrick drawled. “If you get in, we’ll stop makin’ a goddamn scene.” Henry cocked his eyebrow. She slowed, turning to look at the boy. She took in his soft but harsh features. She turned her attention to Patrick, dragging his tongue over his bottom lip, grinning like a psycho. “Will you leave me alone?” She asked, stopping beside the car. She secretly hoped they wouldn’t. “You’ll have to find out.” Victor perked up. She crossed her arms and sighed in defeat, sweet, sweet defeat. Patrick climbed out of the car and opened the door. She stepped forward and felt Patrick’s large hand place itself on the small of her back. She looked back at him then her eyes flickered back to the seat in the middle. “Are you gonna get the fuck in?” Henry groaned, his mood shifting drastically. She nodded.

Belch’s car was small, she knew she would have to be squished against the boys sides but she wasn’t denying that she’d always wanted to. She slid in beside Victor who grinned to Belch and Patrick. Patrick slid in after her. She was right, this car was small and her body was meshing with the boys’.Her heart was racing, faster and faster each breath she drew, inhaling sharply the scent of all different colognes and cigarette smoke. She was trying to figure out which cologne belonged to which boy, she hadn’t noticed Patrick’s eyes gleaming in her direction. He leaned towards her, she inhaled instinctively. Her nostrils filled with his scent, disgruntled by the fact that her favourite scent belonged to Patrick Fucking Hockstetter. “You seem tense little one…” He purred in her ear, sending shivers down her spine. “Leave the girl alone, Hockstetter.” Henry groaned, his eyes meeting yours through the rear view mirror. She silently thanked him but he didn’t notice. Patrick rolled his eyes and leaned back towards the window. They pulled up outside her house. As she went to get out so did Henry and Patrick but Patrick didn’t go back in. “You boys coming?” Henry asked the others. “I have to take Vic home and then my dad wants my help.” Belch shrugged. “My mom needs my help.” Vic said meekly. Henry shrugged them off and turned towards the house walking towards it. “Well? You coming? There’s no fucking way I’m wasting my time looking for your bedroom.” Henry opened the front door using the key he found under the welcome mat.

His knowledge about her home had truly scared (Y/N) how much did they stalk her? She walked ahead of Patrick, Henry now stood in the entrance way, waiting for her. She took the lead nervously. “So why are you guys here?” She asked, timidly walking up the stairs to her room. “We’re gonna hang out…” Henry’s voice was dripping with mischief. She let them into her room and as if it were their own they immediately got comfortable, taking refuge on her bed and her desk chair. She sat on the bed beside Patrick, facing them both. “So babydoll… We’re gonna play a little game. We play it with all of our whores.” he said. “Your whores?” She spoke up. He snickered crossing his arms. “What? You think once we got you in the car we’d just let you go? Especially after months of trying? Damn you sure ain’t smart.” Henry grinned. She swallowed the lump in her throat, “what are you gonna do to me?” her voice was shaky and it didn’t help that Patrick had let go of her hand a few moments ago. “Oh darling don’t you worry. We won’t hurt ya.” Patrick cooed. “We just like to play.” He added.

Patrick leaned down to her ear and made sure no one else could hear him, “don’t worry, it’s just us.” His fingers entwined with the tendrils of her hair. She felt a shiver run down her spine. “We’ll start easy. Truth or dare.” Henry’s suggestion almost made (Y/N) laugh, it was such a juvenile game but she knew deep down that if she played with with these boys, it would be the least juvenile game she’d ever played and will ever play. “Y/N… Truth or dare?” Henry shifted comfortable, placing his elbows on his knees and leaning forward, dropping his hands in front of him. “Truth.” She muttered, Patrick giggled. “Okay… Would you fuck at least one of us?” He cocked his eyebrow, expecting her answer to e a disgusted no and for her to try to leave. “Yeah.” She deadpanned. Henry’s eyes widened, a small boyish smirk playing on his lips until he looked over to the boy beside her. His features became stone again as he saw her glance at Patrick and back to himself.

“Henry… Truth or dare?” She cocked an eyebrow, seeing that she had him right where she wanted him. “Truth.” He narrowed his eyes at her. “If you could fuck anyone, who would it be?” She asked. he snickered and stared her down, “You.” She wasn’t all that shocked but she still expected him to name a famous actress or Victors mom. “And baby I’d fuck your pussy so hard you wouldn’t be able to walk.” He winked, earning. raspy chuckle from Patrick. “Wouldn’t you like to try.” She teased. He cocked an eyebrow and leaned closer, “is that an invitation?” He bit his lip and she held back a laugh. “Patrick-” “dare.” Patrick interjected with a smirk, leering at (Y/N). Henry was frozen, there was nothing he could dare Patrick to do without having him touch or interact with (Y/N). Patrick would do anything, that was a fact. Henry took a risk and allowed Patrick to have his moment of egotistical fun. “I dare you to pick something from (Y/N’s) closet and then get her to wear it.” Henry shrugged, out of ideas, wishing it were just him and (Y/N). “Actual clothes, Hockstetter.” Henry warned, seeing the look on Patricks smug face, knowing full well he couldn’t have this girl half naked around Patrick, especially if he wanted her to himself, God they both did. Patrick smirked with a nod and headed towards her closet, opening it and looking through, a look of determination and confusion on his face. He reached in and plucked a dress off of one of the hangers. “This. Now this is a dress!” He pointed to the item of clothing he held. it was a light blue dress, short and low cut. Patrick motioned for her to stand up and she removed her shirt, taking the dress and putting it on, then taking her jeans off from under the dress gingerly. “Fuck. You should wear dresses more often.” Henry praised quietly from his corner. She grinned at him. “You wish, Bowers.” She said. “Alright, girlie… truth or dare?” Patrick licked his lips as he leaned back onto the bed using his elbows as support with his legs crossed. “Dare.” She said, sitting back down on the end of the bed, facing Henry and Patrick. henry’s eyes flickered towards Patrick, his eyes met with Patrick’s, Patrick looked back towards the girl in front of him, “kiss me.” he said breathlessly. Her heart began racing, her cheeks began to burn.

Whatever she had gotten herself into, she liked it. She turned her body towards him, scooting closer to his crossed legs. Patrick didn’t move, he didn’t lean in, he sat still, waiting for her to come to him, which she did. Kneeling in front of his legs she gripped the headboard behind him and leaned in, her other hand sat at the base of his jaw, her lips centimetres away from his, she let a shaky breath escape, her heart was going wild and her breath followed suit. She connected their lips, feeling the soft warmth of his lips, he kissed her back. His tongue ran along her bottom lip, one of his hands coming up to hold her throat gently. Henry’s jaw clenched and he cleared his throat, the pair slowed down, she took his bottom lip between her teeth and tugged lightly before pulling away. Her cheeks a deep crimson, she tried to fight the smile creeping onto her lips, especially when she saw Henry’s cold facade, knowing he wasn’t pleased. “Henry… Truth or dare.” She licked her lips, making his breath hitch. “Dare.” He sighed, pretending to be bored. “It’s your turn to kiss me.” Her words shocked both the boys, neither wanted to share her with anyone, let alone each other. Patrick smirked lightly, seeing straight through her little game, Henry on the other hand, his vision was blocked by the gorgeous girl, wanting to kiss him, he hadn’t seen this as a game, he saw this as her fantasy and he was into it.

He shifted in the desk chair and stood up, taking a step towards the bed where she sat. He closed in on her and leaned down, his hand caressing her cheek, he pressed his lips against hers, still unsure but when he felt her tug him closer he smiled into the kiss. Patrick grinned ear to ear, rolling his eyes. Her hands gripped Henry’s tank top and pulled him into her, their lips moving in synch, her tongue sliding against his own, his hands gripping her side. She pulled away from Henry, reaching out for Patrick’s collar and pulling him over to the pair and as he was close enough she attached her lips to his, Henry’s hands caressing her body and her tongue exploring Patrick’s mouth. She pulled away from Patrick who kneeled on the bed, towering over her. Her hands on his hips, tugging at the hem of his shirt she lifted his shirt half way off his body and he pulled it the other half way off, throwing it aside. Her hands began trailing down his torso lightly and reaching the waistband of his jeans, looking up at Patrick and reaching up, snaking her hand around the nape of his neck, she pulled him down. She kissed him and began leaving a trail of warm kisses along his neck and collarbone, palming him through his jeans, a moan escaped his lips. “Oh fuck… You really are our little whore…” He muttered. She pulled away and moved back to the side of the bed, sitting on the edge, facing Henry who was still standing at the bed, he’d been watching her with Patrick and he couldn’t wait for his turn. She pulled him back into her, letting him step between her legs, she pulled him down and connected their lips, her hands running up under his shirt. She let her hands fall back out of his shirt and took it from his body. Her eyes scanned his torso, she reconnected their lips hungrily, letting her hands explore his body for her. Henry’s hand tugged at her hair and the other was stuck on her neck.

She grabbed his shoulders and threw him onto the free space on the bed beside her, climbing on top of him and straddling him, her hands planted firmly on his chest, she planted her lips on his and enjoyed the feeling while it lasted, she dragged her lips down to his jaw and trailed light kisses along his sharp jawbone her hand resting on the other side of his jaw. Her lips left kisses from his jaw down to his chest, she could feel him bulging against her, she rolled her hips, forcing a groan to escape his lips, his hands held her hips in place, stopping her, his lips parted as if he were panting heavily, his eyes pleading for more but his hands said otherwise. Patrick snickered from beside the two, earning her attention, she gestured for him to come closer, to which he obliged. She sat upright, resting on Henry’s bulge. (Y/N) took her shirt off and took note of how both boy’s eyes began to analyse her gratifyingly. She grabbed Patrick’s face and pulled him into a kiss, one of her hands trailing to find his bulge, which was easy enough. She began palming him again, his lips quivering in pleasure, his eyes rolling back into his head and a sick grin plastered on his face. She felt Henry’s grip on her hips loosen and taking her chance she rolled her hips again, feeling the boy jerk underneath her in pleasure, “god fuck!” He moaned, closing his eyes. She pulled away from Patrick and began to kiss Henry again, rolling her hips slowly, he moaned against her mouth, “fuck - you like - bein’ a - slut?” He taunted to which she rolled her hips and kissed him harder.

her heart dropped when she heard a door slam shut. The front door slammed shut. She jerked away from Henry and looked to Patrick who had already stood up off of the bed. “Y/N, you home?” She heard her mother call. “Shit.” She cursed under her breath before getting off of Henry and putting her shirt back on. “You guys need to go. Right now.” She whispered, both boys located their shirts and pulled them on quickly. “Out the window!” She muttered as she heard her mother’s footsteps against the first step. “I’ll see you guys tomorrow. We’ll play tomorrow.” She winked as Henry climbed through the window, smirking at her, his cheeks flushed. He jumped down and Patrick began to climb out, he pulled her close to him and held her waist with one arm and used his other arm to hold onto the window not to fall out. He pressed his lips against hers, pulling away and licking her bottom lip. He left with a wink and just as he jumped, there was a knock at the door. “I’m getting changed.” She sighed. Her heart had been beating at a million miles per minute. “Okay. Come down when you’re done, I’ll be in the kitchen.” (Y/N) peered out the window and watched as the two boys were making their way down the road, glancing back at her house. She began to chuckle to herself silently, closing her eyes, resting her forehead against the window. What had she gotten herself into?



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When you think she gon’ “take you to church” and she literally jus’ take you to church hallelujah