makiko ohmoto

Makiko Ohmoto with others at the launch party for the Kirby anime.

The caption she wrote (with my clarifications in square brackets) reads:

“From the left: Hikaru Tokita [Sword Knight in the anime], Fujiko Takimoto [famous for Young Link, in the Kirby anime she voices Tokkori], me, and Chiro Kanzaki [Blade Knight]. Photographer: Meta Knight (laughs).”

In another caption, she said that the cake was huge, and tasted really good.

Hello everyone so in Japan today of makiko Ohmoto birthday she 42 year old she lot year of voice actress of anime and game she best voice likes Kirby and also everything. So I draw of makiko Ohmoto outfit and with Kirby and ness and also room for cake candle have 42 Is little cartoon makiko Ohmoto and writing of Japanese name, so I hope she love her birthday in Japan 😊. I just I remember I hear voices and her name too I play game and anime too I have lot of memory. 🎉Happy Birthday Makiko Ohmoto! 🎉🍰 😄


Also i draw at school and home too