Don't you think this image seems suspicious?

Both kings are dead.

Three of the pawns are dead.

Only the red pawn stands up.

I heard of a theory that the green symbolized the Beta and the red symbolized the Alpha. Then I remembered Jane’s flash. Everyone is dead and will die except for her. And this chess match is not really the end…

What if UU and uu have just been playing a chess match all along? What if the reason UU can’t tell them her real name is because one of them has no name or they have only one name? The way UU and uu chats is particularly suspicious. If they are two different people, they would be in one flow - but no. One has to sign out before the other could reply. 

UU mentioned that uu is doing something with the pieces. Either he is eating them literally…we just don’t know. 

What if UU and uu’s actions summarize the entire five Acts so far? Or perhaps, some of them are spoilers?

What if Hussie is having fun on us fans creating theories and him destroying all of our hopes and dreams?

What if..

What if.

a little guide in rping roxy

here are the rulse

1. know the basics

roxy basically types like dave does without punctuations or w/e unless shes doeing her dramatics like …………………………….. for a dramatic pause or for her emoticons ;) and sometimes ~~ too and slo * aslo when correcting tpyoes *typoes

she types in all low caps and of course she typoes alot and EMPHASIZES like this but dude you must know that ROXY DOENT TYPO ALL THE TYPME AND THAT SHE DOESNT SOMETIMES GIVE A SHIT ABOUT IT AND JUST LEAVES IT she knows how to spell and she isnt some illiterate fuck

also when she typoes you dont need to replase the whole wrod like *word this but you can also just do *c to correct the typo i made on *repace **replac eeven tho sometimes her corrections are also typoes lol

she does use shortcuts like u y and sometimes replases some words that correspont to a number like 3dent and shit but sometimes if she felt like it she would say pretty much instead of p much

she also swear a lot like A LOT but remember to not over do it girl

[remember] her typoesd are basically an indicvation on how much drunk state she isd rn the more readable her typing is the more sober bfut if u cnt ressd the shit then shrwed sbe drunk as FUCK which is only on special occasions

also id like to piont out that most of the time you dont even see her typos like its not there no jack shittery of some sort but its there

it takes a while to master but soon you can do it almost perfectly i mean i dont even master it yet

[tip] when you feel like you need to end a sentence instead of using a period just hit the enter and you hve our job done

2. her attitude

roxy is carefree and positivly

she knows her situation is pretty much depressing but she tries to hve fun while hse *she can she also regrds her friends as important people in her life

she just doesnt go FUCK MY LIFE PITY ME like what we did w daves image altho she might say it ironicallty

she would rather suck it all up and work to get th ehappiness she wants. 

3. irony and le puns

believe it of not she does use irony sometiems

she uses her typos to make certain puns and if you refer to her confersation *v with dirk she used looooots of sexual puns (wich prolly is inteded intentionally for dirk idk im a biased roxy/dirk shipper oops)

if you missed it too bad im pointing it out anyways



she also used her typoes as unintentional puns unsexually or maybe still sexually like what “wholebible with jake and i cant remember anything for jane


i dont really get ironies but she does use to describe stuff and exagreate sometimes like dave 

TG: mybe i am 
TG: like a bow of ribbone 
TG: on a beiuetuifiul ponny 

TG: you gonna go after me again 
TG: get on your hornse 
TG: galloop me home like prince charming back to swoon kingdong 
TG: *OOOMG blushblushbluh 

that excerpt isnt really ironic but you get how she describes stuff 

that is very roxy like and she does that alot

4. read the perterlogs

it helps

by a lot

go on trollmegle for practice too!! ;0

but mostly i go rp roxy becaues its fun to rp her besides i naturally type like hwer when i hyper anyways

[tip] to typoe more effetively onkly look at one place either the screen or the keyboard *only

whichever is more comfortable w/ you chances are youll typoe more

also think in a mindset of a drunk 15/16 y.o. drag your fingers a bit that also helps especially if you type really relly fast that you miss some letter but who cares rite??

i literally just wrote this in around 20 minutes

can i just say this now? as a person who have studied child psychology, i just notice how dan and phil’s relationship is a lot like parent and child

no let me explain

if youve studied psychology, you might know mary ainsworth. she did a study that brought about different attachment styles that children have with their caregivers. but for this post, ill only focus on this one: “Secure attachment is marked by distress when separated from caregivers and are joy when the caregiver returns.

another point id like to say is “social referencing” which is basically when a child looks at their caregiver for social cues and expressions and etc. you could think of it as if the child takes note of their caregiver’s reactions to certain situations as reference on how the child will also react. for example: a stranger approaches the child > the child looks at their parent for cues > parent acts hostile to the stranger > child begins to be cautious around the stranger

what im reffering here is that dan seems to be the child and phil is the parent, and sometimes its subtle but sometimes its really obvious

ever notice when both of them does something, dan has this split second look at phil BEFORE or at least WHILE doing the thing

the most common ive seen it is when they do that little dance antic during songs and about 4/5 times, dan looks at phil first before busting a move. this is also noticeable when theyre around other people ESPECIALLY some place crowded. usually though dan just stares at phil quite a lot to the point where phil tells him on it (i forgot what liveshow it was but if you know what im talking about, feel free to add to it) i dont know if he intended to look for referencing or just because he wanted to see phils reaction for himself

its no understatement that both of them have a very close relationship especially when you add to the fact those lonely tweets dan made when phil was gone on holiday and then he magically became his cheery self again when phil came back

but to make my point just remember that look dan and phil had during that radioshow where dan was alone

what im trying to say here is how dan is attached to phil so much so that his eyes always seem to find their way to phil. its like phil is the supporting wall in his life. there have also been many cases that support the idea: dan asking phil’s input in his videos (reason why he put the nutella video in his sidechannel cz phil said it wasnt “danisnotonfire” worthy enough, that one video that dan decided not to upload cz phil apparently said it was lacking (then after reading through other peoples discussions, the video was apparently the ‘im a mess’ video…im literally thinking from memory here guys, please help me if you know more), or even when he did his secret thursday liveshow and cooked at the same time. he asked phil to come and taste the rice to check if its cooked enough. when it goes down to it, phil’s support was the sole trigger that made dan create danisnotonfire in the first place

i could talk more about this but sadly im not that good at finding gifs, videos or sources to provide more depth to what im saying. and forgive me if i got some inaccuracies or whatnot, i love psychology but i hated my psych professor during college. i could totally see phil as the protective parent but my brain is too exhausted to find stuff to support this so im just leaving that to you guys


they support and care for each other in ways we can only dream of having experience ourselves

im sorry this has been sloppily written and lazily put together, but this idea has been revolving around my head for a long time already and id be glad to hear what you guys have to add

Guys, let's make this a birthday present for Phil, ok?

Remember when all of the Phandom banded together and voted for Dan for Hottest Lad? Well, this time, let’s all help each other vote for our dear, Phil.

I know Dan (actually, all of the Fantastic Foursome too) was nominated, and it would be awesome if everyone votes for them too - but I’m thinking since it’s January and all (coughPhil'sbirthdaycough), we should focus on getting Phil to stay on top. He’s been just the sweetest and amazing person to us and it would be nice if we could do this thing for him. It’ll be like a huge, warm group hug from the fandom with Phil in the center (oh no he’ll get squashed since there are a lot of us, but you get the idea). 

I trust in you guys. Click this link to vote! 


[ OPEN ]

Sketch }

  • CAD$10 (bust); CAD$15 (full body) + $5 per character

Chibi }

  • CAD$5 (just lines); CAD$8 (colour) + $3 per character

{ Colour }

  • CAD$20 (bust); CAD$40 (full body) + $10 per character
I will only accept payment by Paypal!  Please do keep in mind that I have a life outside the internet, as I am now a working adult, so it might take me a while to finish. I won’t do porn, mecha, or furry. I also won’t do backgrounds since they are my weak link. References are much appreciated. Send me a request via email with COMMISSION REQUEST as a subject so I wouldn’t mistake it as spam. I’ve put a little form thingy below so that it’s easier for me to know all the details.

Name: (your tumblr url or name) Style: (pick one of the drawing styles above) Request: (what you want me to draw and in here you could also include how many if you wanted to request for more than one character) Extra Information: (if there’s anything that you wanted me to know, for example what kind of expression the character would typically do if it’s an OC, style of clothing, etc. etc.)

If you want reminders or commission status updates about your commission request, you can also drop an ask.  Click here for the commission waitlistEmail: 
I'm actually sick and tired of people saying that "Jake and Jane" or "Roxy and Dirk" are siblings, BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT.

No, I am not bullshitting this.

Let me refresh your minds and redirect you to this pesterlog.

This shouts loud and clear that the Alpha kids and guardians ARE IN FACT the ones John made through Ectobiology IN THE BETA KIDS’ SESSION, and that they were flung to different time periods as a “request” to Skaia.

Now, if you guys can remember how John made themselves.

All the guardians (quote unquote, the Alpha kids) were MADE FROM THEIR OWN PARADOX SLIME, and that their DNA is then mixed to create the Beta kids babies. If that is so, it is IMPOSSIBLE for the Alpha kids to have relation with each other, let alone consider each other as siblings. Perhaps by name, you can call Jake and Jane as cousins, but that is all.

If you guys are still not convinced, please go and re-read the part where John did some Ectobiology majixx.

Thank you very much.

I love SAI

and you know what i love the most?


you just select a layer (most likely the line art layer) and select that shit

when you go to your fill bucket and see this, this is what happens

yeah thats cool, but when you DO THIS 


and then you start hearing the angels sing behind you because youve just done all that without messin with the wand tool or whatever!!



you originally want the colour to only be inside the smiley but because of crappy line art skills, THIS HAPPENS!!!!



DONT FIX THAT LINE ART if it looks fine to you then let it be

instead, you do this

take your marker tool and patch up the hole on the layer where you want to colour to be



i think i just discovered something

so i was drawing my second free! print and decided to draw them in pairs, and just as i was finishing my sketch. i decided to blot their colours so that its just clearer for me when i do the fine lining…thats when it kinda hit me

their colours completely match with their relationships as a pair…


mako is green and haru is blue; in the colour wheel, they are side by side. i found this interesting because these two are literally inseparable. theyve known each other for so long that they cant remember how they even met. like their colours on the wheel, they are naturally drawn to each other. when working with colours, sometimes analogous is the safe ground when you dont want to be too daring. it gives off a haronious and balanced feeling, and thats what describes the two of them perfectly.


this one is really obvious. nagisa is yellow and rei is purple and these two colours are literally opposite of the colour wheel. but like the name states, no matter how different the colours are from each other, they are compatible. they compliment what the other lacks. and i find it funny because that is literally what nagisa and rei is. the contrast between their personalities brings the best out of each other.


weirdly enough, i somehow think of pink as a colour for nitori. i tried looking at official arts and i found him wearing or at least accessorizing pink…so it was either that or gray because of his hair. but eitherway, rin being red and nitori being pink makes them a monochromatic scheme. like analogous, this one is also a safe groun, but it is much cleaner looking - much like how rin and ai has a senpai-kouhai relation ship - monochromatic colours usually bring the bolder colour as an eye catcher while the subtler colour provides a working canvas. much like how ai is willing to support rin desipite not being appreciated at times. but in the end, it can also go the other way around. 

so yea….it might not be accurate because i literally pulled shit out of my brain without research, but hey i love colours so much. i thought this was just way too interesting

Another day in Tumblr...

I don’t consider my guy friends as guys. I feel bad for them, but that’s what makes me comfortable talking with them in the first place. I may or may not know that you’re a dude on tumblr, don’t take it to heart but, I will think of you as a girl. It’s just a thing that I have settled upon. 

Besides, I don’t really care about it either way because some of you are girls that would like to be called guys, vice versa and such so on and so forth. If I have to check in on every single on of you just to know which pronoun to use, that’s bullshit. 

I’m sorry.

Two years later...

Your mail is here.

A package, perfectly and carefully wrapped. Your heart beats faster, your hands are sweating.

It is here.

You take it inside and proceed to unwrap it as carefully as if you were stopping a time bomb. “The Tumor.” you laugh at the inside joke. Memories flood you from long ago - about a certain webcomic, and all the memories about how you met your friends because you both liked the same “comic” and all the silly stuff you all did together when the “update” comes, but now your notifier stays silent - almost lifeless. Once in a while, your mind would play tricks on you and you thought the so familiar sound was there, but your frown when you look to check. 

The game looks polished under the light. You take it out of its case and loaded the game in which you have waited for so long to play. 

A familiar opening scene. A familiar music.

Your sight is staring to get blurred by the tears. You cry as you look at your messaging devices, alerting you about your friend’s texts and chat notifications like clockwork. You take a deep breath and with your trembling hands, you reply to them, after wiping your tears,

It’s already here.

anonymous asked:

wait so dirkroxy isn't incest but daverose is?

I am sure that this has been explained countless of times by different people other than myself, but it just saddens me how much people are still so misguided about the Alpha kids. 

Let me get this clear: DirkRoxy is not incest. JakeJane is not incest.

The short answer to your question is that when the Alpha kids were created, their genetic material was taken from their own alternate selves (Roxy - Mom, Dirk - Bro, Jake - Grandpa, Jane - Nana). They are called PARADOX CLONES for a reason. 

Meanwhile, the Beta kids were created from the mix of the Alpha’s goo. That is why Dave and Rose, and John and Jade are ECTOSIBLINGS.

The long answer to this question is this:

External image

When John cluelessly became an ectobiologist, he made ghost imprints of their guardians that turned them into babies. Before the idea of the Scratch was even in place, these babies were supposed to be sent back in time to live as the Beta kids’ guardians - thus completing the loop and enabling John to create them in the first place. This is how paradox clones work.

External image

When the guardians were born, the goo that is left was separated into two groups and mixed together, Mom and Bro’s goo was mixed and made Dave and Rose, while Grandpa and Nana’s goo mixed together and made John and Jade. That is why they are ectosiblings. Ectobiology is basically the same principle as making a baby through sex, but without the actual intercourse part. In fact, they don’t even have to meet.

External image

External image

Originally, these eight babies will be sent to Earth through meteors where the guardians will grow up to be the guardians and the kids grow up as the kids - HOWEVER - the Scratch happened.

Rose said it so in her journal that when the Scratch was initiated, they were basically making a request. When the babies were sent via meteors, Skaia simply switched the timelines. The SAME eight babies that John made in the lab - so instead of the Alpha living as the guardians and the kids as the kids to complete the loop, Skaia changed it. I am repeating my words here, but that is the purpose of the Scratch. 

So to summarize, DirkRoxy and JakeJane will, is, and NEVER was incest because THEY ARE NEVER RELATED TO EACH OTHER IN THE FIRST PLACE. They were created from John’s session - NOT THE ALPHA SESSION, but the BETA SESSION. 

Dirk was made from Bro’s imprint and was supposed to grow up as Bro, if it weren’t for the Scratch - now, he is just Dirk. The same goes for the others. If you are wondering that the loop is broken (because the Scratch reset it) so they aren’t supposed to exist anymore - how the fuck do I know? Can you logically explain why Bro was able to cut a burning meteor like a cake and didn’t get incinerated in the first place? I am not making up stuff about the Alpha kids being not incest - this is not a theory. It was LITERALLY said PLAIN AS DAY on the webcomic when Rose was trying to explain what the fuck was happening on the new session to Dave - who was just as confused as the rest of the fandom.

I have long since tolerated anyone who called these ships as incest, and I have tried to politely explain, but now it is just getting on my nerves. I’m sorry and I deeply apologize if you’re just innocently clueless about the situation, but I’m not trying to be rude, I am just ticked off…I will probably edit this post with actual pages from the webcomic to back up my words, but it’s already past midnight right now and I’m going to bed soon.

I hope I at least made it clear to most of the people who are still stuck with the idea that the Alpha kids are also ectosiblings. Now we can go back to our DirkRoxy prayer circle.

Thank you for reading.

(btw, if you’re still confused, don’t hesitate to drop a question on my ask box and I will try my best to politely respond)


Here are some links - that I have found through some intense digging in my blog - of my past intellectual arguments and debates with other people concerning the issue with the Alpha’s incest theory. There might be some possible grammatical errors on there thought. Please read them if you want to have a headache. 

original post = response , response 

I’ll add more when I find more in my blog.


Can someone please tell me that these two aren’t being too obvious? Someone tell me why I shouldn’t make these are shipping fuel. SOMEONE TELL ME TO STOP SHIPPING THE STRIDERS AND RIFLE GIRLS BECAUSE I WILL. I WILL SHIP THEM UNTIL I DIE.

Dave and his one pixel smile and Roxy resting her head on her hands in a cute way.








\cries in the corner