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NDRV3 Casts' "Normie" Version Design Comments From the Guidebook

This whole section is/implies a heavy spoiler to NDRV3 Chapter 6.

Proceed with care.

You can see the scans for the pages of these here

Done by @manlyronpa

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I commented my JP to EN translation on this video! Basically contains Ouma explaining the fuck he did this time. (Also, Saihara not caring about Ouma’s well-being and he does “the heartbroken face” was pretty funny to me). 

If you can, please drop a like on the Youtube comment (sort the comments to “newest” to see mine!), and reblog so everyone gets to read!

Translation of this video is also accessible under the cut.

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Nicomaki pixiv doujin translation. 
\Happy birthday Nico-chan!/

I would love to finish Nico school idol diary translation for her birthday but I’ve got midterms next week and I’m busy on the weekends so I gave up on finishing it on time. 
The good news is I’ll be working on them during my summer holidays. 
While i work on my comiket preparations (^^;)

Author: maka
Pixiv ID: 44860926

Lovelive Secret Shortcuts, Cut 1 translation

Sorry for the lack of updates. I was busy. I still am though. D: 

There’s still a school idol festival nicomaki bit to translate, although it’s only a small portion. 

Even though they didn’t separate Nico and Maki’s speech, I’m adding N and M to make it easier for everyone to read. 


N: Let me in~!

It was as a voice jumped out from my mind, I got a shock. 
I turned around franctically, as expected. 
It was Nico-chan.

N: That’s great! I’ve been here waiting all this time♪ Waiting for a kind person to share an umbrella with Nico♡ But no one walked past. I thought it didn’t matter whoever came by, I just wanted someone to come along, even Maki would be fine, and you appeared♪ 

M: He-hey, I didn’t say I’ll let you under it! Ah! And wasn’t it raining since morning, why didn’t you bring an umbrella? Don’t tell me you forgot it. 

N: Yup, that’s right♡ Nico’s umbrella, was probably taken by someone in the family. 

M: Even if that’s the case, shouldn’t your house have a 500yen umbrella? Why did you have to purposely come under mine

N: It doesn’t matter does it~ Don’t make me sound so evil! Nico was waiting because Nico wanted to go home with Maki♪

M: Didn’t you just say that anyone would be fine

N: Well, to be honest, Nico was waiting here because Nico wanted to confess to Maki♡ And so, Maki, please hear me,  I had these feelings for Maki since way back"

Even though I understood clearly
I knew that she was joking, but when I saw her large eyes, my heart ended up beating even faster, I really hate this sort of me

N: Nico loves Maki~ ♡ ♡ ♡ Can you walk me halfway? 

Towards the Nico who hugged me, I replied as such

M: If it’s only halfway… wouldn’t you still end up getting soaked! It can’t be helped, I’ll walk you to your house!

Nico had a complacent smile on her face

Ahh. I’m really weak.

Even though I know I shouldn’t do this… But.
Today is a rainy day. And so, it can’t be helped isn’t it?  
It’s fine for us both to go home together like this sometimes, right? 



Ryuusei-gun - Haruka x Makoto doujinshi

Title: Ryuusei-gun (Meteor Shower)
Circle/Artist: Speed Collector/Kugami

Fandom: Free!
Pairing: Haruka x Makoto
Rating: All Ages
Release date: 2013.11.17 
Scans & Translation: Myth
Cleaning & Typestting: Maki ♥

It’s a special and very sweet doujinshi that was released for Makoto’s birthday back in 2013. I think it’s even more relevant today. 
Please don’t repost it elsewhere. There are a couple more doujinshi that I’m thinking of doing this way.

Hope you enjoy~

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