maki naro


New York Fashion Week, which ended last Thursday, brought together the biggest names in haute couture to showcase some of the weirdest and wildest designs people could hang off their bodies. A number of bloggers took the opportunity to use NYFW as a backdrop to talk about science.

Our science comic contributor, makinaro, took it one step further. He wondered what would happen if designers took the most advanced technologies and scientific concepts to put into their fashions. We present his imagination at work.

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Vaccinate yourselves against the anti-vaxxers

Credit: Maki Naro (of’s The Nib)

He’s a widely respected cartoonist for Popular Science. Originally published on 15 Dec 14 at

Let’s get the facts out there to all the anti-vaccine lunatics and put this issue to bed. These guys are pretty much entirely to blame for the mumps outbreaks happening.