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HORIKITA MAKI  {a tribute to one of the BEST j-actresses}

Maki’s best roles throughout the years until her retiriment 

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chronologically ordered:

[2005] Nobuta wo Produce - Kotani Nobuta

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[2006] Kurosagi - Yoshikawa Tsurara

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[2008] Innocent Love - Akiyama Kanon

[2009] Atashinchi no Danshi - Mineta Chisato

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[2010] Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac - Sukuse Naomi

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[2016] Higanbana - Kinomiya Nagisa (her last role)

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* the above gif is from BTS of Kaitou Tantei Yamaneko, where Maki appeared as her character in Higanbana. It was a short but wonderful reunion between Maki and Kame. They co-starred in Nobuta wo Produce back in 2005.

Thank you for all the amazing roles you played, Maki. Your fans will never forget your talent and beauty. 

Stay always happy and blessed ♡

Today is memorable day for me, because 10 years ago (3.7.2007) was masterpiece of japanese dramas released! ♥ I feel soooo nostalgic :3 For me this drama is gold and I could watch it all the time and never get tired of it ♥♥♥ This drama (and Nakatsu) helped me to overcome difficulties in my life with its humor. I feel extra happy watching it. This drama is legend and nothing can replace it! Forever in my heart.

Happy anniversary HANA KIMI 2007 team ♥ :3 


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