makey things

ive doodled somethin like this before but like

i imagine on the rare occassion that irkens do fall in love, they get stupidly over-protective in a weird posessive kinda way so like

if u walked in on dib sleepin zim would go bananers like “if you wreck this asshole’s sleep schedule more than he already has i will personally eliminate you from existence in this and all dimensions do u hear me”

idk aliens n shit

for that thing where i was supposed to draw my ocs in different outfits

Viktor’s in the stuff i’m wearin rn (my preschool teacher shirt and some hello kitty pajams) and Mikhail – whose name is actually Mauvesa!! I remembered that – is wearin a ridiculous Egyptian Mau kitty cap to match his ridiculous and entirely canon Egyptian Mau kitty pajamas.

in other words this was nothing but an excuse to draw two 30 year old men having a pajama party

you’re welcome

[edit: whoops! re-uploaded with Viktor’s scarring! i remembered to make his nasty smoker’s teeth yellow but forgot literally a huge feature of his character design, wow]