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This is probably my fave piece I’ve done so far askjdsy

It was a lot easier than the others and the background was super fun too!!

Natsume Takashi is my precious son ;;;;; I love him pls protect him


Finally got some decent pictures of her!! It was difficult since the background is so dark, my phone wouldn’t pick it up - so I had to dust off my old digital camera to try and show it omg. I’m now realising that my camera is kinda grainy and it might be time to invest in a new one.

But here she is!! Hinoe my beautiful daughter. She took me about 6.5 hours and a very late night.

UmiMaki Week
Day 3: Genderbend

Fluffy Tomato Prince and Literal Archer Prince.
Don’t even try to fight me on this but Male UmiMaki would definetly be the hottest guys in school which everybody swoons over but later finds out they’re gay AF for each other.



I should be finishing my uni portfolio but instead I’m getting some pretty industrial vibes out of these succulents. Using the Makey Makey, Raspberry Pi some effects pedals and my first proper Python script.

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I have a lot of regrets (namely only painting one side of the flowers and forgetting to add a piece until it was too late) but my legs are tired and aching after spending almost 8 hours tucked underneath me to make this

So ! here is Natsume as Houzuki

ive doodled somethin like this before but like

i imagine on the rare occassion that irkens do fall in love, they get stupidly over-protective in a weird posessive kinda way so like

if u walked in on dib sleepin zim would go bananers like “if you wreck this asshole’s sleep schedule more than he already has i will personally eliminate you from existence in this and all dimensions do u hear me”

idk aliens n shit


I mean it’s not perfect?? (And it won’t be bc it’s the first pattern I’ve actually made if u don’t count the pants) but I mean it works and fits alright. Again not perfectly but I got it on her and only made one hole in the process ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

μ’s 4th Live radio drama translation.

Tatoeba konna Sweet Home [If there was such a sweet home] radio drama translation
First part > MakiEri + (a little of jealous nico
Second part > Nicomaki. In full glory with members giving their support. 

M - Maki N - Nico E - Eri
Maki is acting as a guy here. 

M: Urgh, I’ll be late soon. 
M: Yosh. I’m in tiptop condition today too.  
M: Well then, I’m off. 

*scooter screeching* 

M: Ah, that was dangerous. I’m sorry I was in a rush. 
M: Hey, aren’t you the one who moved in yesterday? 
E: I’m Ayase Eri, Nishikino Maki. 
M: Ah, ah, that’s right Ayase, Ayase. Hey, how did you know my name? 
E: That’s… because…. (embarrassed voice)
M: Ah, you live next door. It makes sense that if you know it. 
E: You really don’t remember..? 
M: Ah? What is it? Please don’t tell me you are confessing to me today because it’s Valentine. I’m only interested in soccer. 
E: Stupid. (baka in a soft voice) 
M: Get on! 
E: Eh? 
M: Come on, sit behind me. You don’t want to be late do you? 
E: Can I? Mackey. 
M: Eh? That nickname… 
E: T-th-this
M: Eh? What? 
M: I said just because it’s Valentine it doens’t mean I’ll accept chocolates….
E: Eat it! 
M: Har? 
E: Just eat it! 
M: Fine. I’ve not eaten breakfast anyway. 
(opens chocolate)
M: Eh? It’s handmade? Looks great. Well,I'm eating it.

M: T-This taste 
E: Do you… remember now? 
M: The flavour of borscht and pierogi and caviar mixed together, this flavour, this flavour is.. Eri! 
E: That’s right! Makey 
M: That’s because you look so different from how you were 10 years ago
E: I’ve never forgotten about Makey all this time~
M: Eri…. Me too… I’ve not.. 
E: Don’t say anymore. Because right now, you are only interested in soccer right? 
M: T-that, no. That’s because… erm.. 
E: hahaha 
M: Oi. Eri~ 
both of them: hahahahaha
E: Makey~~ 
M: Eri~ 
E: Makey~ hahahaha~ 

M: Well, how was it? 
Ha: How was it? Erm.. 
K: I-I think it wasn’t too bad, Maki-chan
M: That’s right. This is easy for me. 
N: Yeeeeeaaaaaah. You have such gre~at acting skills Makey~. *clapping* 
M: Uweah
Ho: Nono, Eri was cute too. Always remembering your childhood friend after 10 years. It’s really girlish. 
E: I-is that so..?
M: D-don’t be so happy Eri. 
No: Well, well, don’t get so agitated. Makey~
M: Stop calling me that, Nozomi. 
R: Eh~ Rin think’s it’s good too Makey~ Feels like Makey and Eri~ 
M: We are not a comedian duo! 
U: That’s right. This isn’t comedy. 
U: Ah~ It’s such a wonderful and sweet love story
M: That’s right that’s right. It’s wonderful isn’t it? Just like what Umi said. 
M: Well then, I’ll be announcing that it’s the end.
N: Encore~ !
H: That’s right! Encore~! 
M: Eh?!
Everyone: Encore~ Encore~! Encore~!
M: H-Hey, what are you doing
Everyone: Encore~ Encore~! Encore~!
Ho: It’s such a waste if it ends like this~ I want to see more of Maki-chan’s simulation of a love story
No: That’s right. It’s such a waste to just do it once 
R: I want to see Makey and Eri comedy duo again! 
M: Who’s acting as a comedian! I mean, I don’t want to act like that again. 
H: well then, act something else. 
M: Eh? So-something else? 
N: Yes~ yes~! Because Nico has a role she wants Maki to act~! 
N: Even though it’s also about childhood friends, but this time~~
M: W-why are you deciding things for me! I’m not acting anymore!
M: I’m not acting anymore!!!!

—- (she still acted lololol) 
2nd part 
Maki is acting a a girl while Nico is acting as a guy this time. 

M: W-wait up! Nico-chan~! 
N: …. Maki 
M: Hey, why did you go home first? Don’t we always go home together usually~? 
N: Isn’t this fine. 
M: It’s not fine~!! Have you forgotten what day it is today? 
N: Why would I know. 
M: Ha? What are you saying?! It’s Valentine isn’t it? Valentine day! 
N: I said I didn’t know already. 
M: Nico-chan! Because you are always like this, you aren’t popular with the girls. By the way, aren’t you acting a little odd today? 
N: I’m not. 
M: you are weird~! 
M: I feel that you have been avoiding me the entire time. 
N: I’m not avoiding you! 
M: N-Nico chan.. ?
N: If you are done I’m leaving. 
M: Ah! Wa-wait up! 
M: Look, here. Valentine day chocolates. 
N: Chocolate? 
M: D-don’t be mistaken! There’s not special meaning to it. It’s the same as always! It’s because we are childhood friends 
N: I don’t need it. 
M: Eh?
N: I don’t need it. This sort of thing. 
M: W-wait, what do you mean by not needing it! By the way, Nico-chan 
don’t be mistaken. This isn’t anything special. Just accept it like usual.
N: I said I don’t need it!! 
*the sound of chocolate falling*
M: W-what are you doing?!
N: Don’t get close to me anymore! 
M: Eh??
N: Goodbye. 
M: W-what is wrong with you Nico-chan. That’s weird. That’s really weird. Why did you have to say such a thing. Aren’t we childhood friends? 
M: From primary school, to middle school, to high school, weren’t we always together? And so why?!? 
N: There.. isn’t a particular reason
M: You’re lying! Unless, Nico-chan has someone you like already…? And you’ve received chocolates from people besides me….  
N: That’s not it! 
M: Then, why?! I.. I love Nico-chan so, so much and yet!! 
N: W-woah. Maki
M: Nico-chan… 
N: I can’t!  
M: T-that’s true.. I’m just a childhood friend to Nico-chan. 
N: You are not just a childhood friend! 
M: Eh? 
N: Maki… you.. you are my real sister!!!
M: Ha??? Sister?!?!?! 
N: And! Furthermore, we are twins! 
M: Twins?!?!?!?! 
N: I heard of it from my father yesterday. Do you understand now? 
N:  You and I.. We can’t be together.. 
M: It doesn’t matter! 
N: Maki?! 
M: All of these doesn’t matter! 
M: I, I, I love onii-chan! (hahahahahahaha. 
N: Ohhh! Maki! Me too!! 
M: Onii-chan~!
N: Maki!!!! 
N: I will never let you go again! Maki…. 
M: Yes, onii-chan~! 

(sorry I couldn’t help but go HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA 


Ho: Ah~~ It’s the best! 
Ha: Forbidden love!! Furthermore the both of them stuck with their true feelings!  Ah~~ This story is the best! 
K: Yes! Me too. I nearly cried! 
M: W-what are you all saying!? 
E: Maki!! 
M: Eri??
E: I will support the both of you!! 
M: Eh?? I-it’s just acting…
U: I will support the both of you too!!!! 
U: I will slice down everything, everything that get’s in the way of your love ( HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA
M: U-Umi too… 
No: Maki-chan had it good, but Nico had to suffer… 
No: Nico-cchi had to pretend to be cold for Nico’s sister’s sake.. What a good person. 
N: Eheheheh. That’s~ right~~!
M: What are you so happy about? Nico-chan! 
M: I said, everything is just a simulation! It’s not real!
R: Then, why don’t the both of you start dating for real? (good job rin!!!!
M: Eh?!  
Ho: That’s right! You just need to start dating! 
Ho: Since both of you love each other isn’t it? 
M: W-what are you saying?! This isn’t possible isn’t it?
U: Don’t worry. Blood relations do not matter in front of true love. 
M: This isn’t related!! Besides we don’t have blood relations. 
Ha: Then, there’s no problem now! 
K: That’s great! the both of you! 
M: No, I mean, I said, this isn’t the problem!!
E: Nico, you have to work hard when you meet his parents. 
No: Please take care of your body, Nico-san.  
N: Yes Father. Yes Mother. 
N: Nico, is going to marry Maki-chan now. 
M: You don’t have to marry into my family! 
M: Nico-chan, why are you even acting along ! 
M: Besides, aren’t you acting as a guy? 
M: I mean, wait, this isn’t the problem of who is the guy or the girl. 

*everyone stares*

M: that’s why stop looking at me with eyes full of expectations!!! 


I nearly died of laughter while listening+translating

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This is seriously one of the coolest things I’ve seen.