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μ’s 4th Live radio drama translation.

Tatoeba konna Sweet Home [If there was such a sweet home] radio drama translation
First part > MakiEri + (a little of jealous nico
Second part > Nicomaki. In full glory with members giving their support. 

M - Maki N - Nico E - Eri
Maki is acting as a guy here. 

M: Urgh, I’ll be late soon. 
M: Yosh. I’m in tiptop condition today too.  
M: Well then, I’m off. 

*scooter screeching* 

M: Ah, that was dangerous. I’m sorry I was in a rush. 
M: Hey, aren’t you the one who moved in yesterday? 
E: I’m Ayase Eri, Nishikino Maki. 
M: Ah, ah, that’s right Ayase, Ayase. Hey, how did you know my name? 
E: That’s… because…. (embarrassed voice)
M: Ah, you live next door. It makes sense that if you know it. 
E: You really don’t remember..? 
M: Ah? What is it? Please don’t tell me you are confessing to me today because it’s Valentine. I’m only interested in soccer. 
E: Stupid. (baka in a soft voice) 
M: Get on! 
E: Eh? 
M: Come on, sit behind me. You don’t want to be late do you? 
E: Can I? Mackey. 
M: Eh? That nickname… 
E: T-th-this
M: Eh? What? 
M: I said just because it’s Valentine it doens’t mean I’ll accept chocolates….
E: Eat it! 
M: Har? 
E: Just eat it! 
M: Fine. I’ve not eaten breakfast anyway. 
(opens chocolate)
M: Eh? It’s handmade? Looks great. Well,I'm eating it.

M: T-This taste 
E: Do you… remember now? 
M: The flavour of borscht and pierogi and caviar mixed together, this flavour, this flavour is.. Eri! 
E: That’s right! Makey 
M: That’s because you look so different from how you were 10 years ago
E: I’ve never forgotten about Makey all this time~
M: Eri…. Me too… I’ve not.. 
E: Don’t say anymore. Because right now, you are only interested in soccer right? 
M: T-that, no. That’s because… erm.. 
E: hahaha 
M: Oi. Eri~ 
both of them: hahahahaha
E: Makey~~ 
M: Eri~ 
E: Makey~ hahahaha~ 

M: Well, how was it? 
Ha: How was it? Erm.. 
K: I-I think it wasn’t too bad, Maki-chan
M: That’s right. This is easy for me. 
N: Yeeeeeaaaaaah. You have such gre~at acting skills Makey~. *clapping* 
M: Uweah
Ho: Nono, Eri was cute too. Always remembering your childhood friend after 10 years. It’s really girlish. 
E: I-is that so..?
M: D-don’t be so happy Eri. 
No: Well, well, don’t get so agitated. Makey~
M: Stop calling me that, Nozomi. 
R: Eh~ Rin think’s it’s good too Makey~ Feels like Makey and Eri~ 
M: We are not a comedian duo! 
U: That’s right. This isn’t comedy. 
U: Ah~ It’s such a wonderful and sweet love story
M: That’s right that’s right. It’s wonderful isn’t it? Just like what Umi said. 
M: Well then, I’ll be announcing that it’s the end.
N: Encore~ !
H: That’s right! Encore~! 
M: Eh?!
Everyone: Encore~ Encore~! Encore~!
M: H-Hey, what are you doing
Everyone: Encore~ Encore~! Encore~!
Ho: It’s such a waste if it ends like this~ I want to see more of Maki-chan’s simulation of a love story
No: That’s right. It’s such a waste to just do it once 
R: I want to see Makey and Eri comedy duo again! 
M: Who’s acting as a comedian! I mean, I don’t want to act like that again. 
H: well then, act something else. 
M: Eh? So-something else? 
N: Yes~ yes~! Because Nico has a role she wants Maki to act~! 
N: Even though it’s also about childhood friends, but this time~~
M: W-why are you deciding things for me! I’m not acting anymore!
M: I’m not acting anymore!!!!

—- (she still acted lololol) 
2nd part 
Maki is acting a a girl while Nico is acting as a guy this time. 

M: W-wait up! Nico-chan~! 
N: …. Maki 
M: Hey, why did you go home first? Don’t we always go home together usually~? 
N: Isn’t this fine. 
M: It’s not fine~!! Have you forgotten what day it is today? 
N: Why would I know. 
M: Ha? What are you saying?! It’s Valentine isn’t it? Valentine day! 
N: I said I didn’t know already. 
M: Nico-chan! Because you are always like this, you aren’t popular with the girls. By the way, aren’t you acting a little odd today? 
N: I’m not. 
M: you are weird~! 
M: I feel that you have been avoiding me the entire time. 
N: I’m not avoiding you! 
M: N-Nico chan.. ?
N: If you are done I’m leaving. 
M: Ah! Wa-wait up! 
M: Look, here. Valentine day chocolates. 
N: Chocolate? 
M: D-don’t be mistaken! There’s not special meaning to it. It’s the same as always! It’s because we are childhood friends 
N: I don’t need it. 
M: Eh?
N: I don’t need it. This sort of thing. 
M: W-wait, what do you mean by not needing it! By the way, Nico-chan 
don’t be mistaken. This isn’t anything special. Just accept it like usual.
N: I said I don’t need it!! 
*the sound of chocolate falling*
M: W-what are you doing?!
N: Don’t get close to me anymore! 
M: Eh??
N: Goodbye. 
M: W-what is wrong with you Nico-chan. That’s weird. That’s really weird. Why did you have to say such a thing. Aren’t we childhood friends? 
M: From primary school, to middle school, to high school, weren’t we always together? And so why?!? 
N: There.. isn’t a particular reason
M: You’re lying! Unless, Nico-chan has someone you like already…? And you’ve received chocolates from people besides me….  
N: That’s not it! 
M: Then, why?! I.. I love Nico-chan so, so much and yet!! 
N: W-woah. Maki
M: Nico-chan… 
N: I can’t!  
M: T-that’s true.. I’m just a childhood friend to Nico-chan. 
N: You are not just a childhood friend! 
M: Eh? 
N: Maki… you.. you are my real sister!!!
M: Ha??? Sister?!?!?! 
N: And! Furthermore, we are twins! 
M: Twins?!?!?!?! 
N: I heard of it from my father yesterday. Do you understand now? 
N:  You and I.. We can’t be together.. 
M: It doesn’t matter! 
N: Maki?! 
M: All of these doesn’t matter! 
M: I, I, I love onii-chan! (hahahahahahaha. 
N: Ohhh! Maki! Me too!! 
M: Onii-chan~!
N: Maki!!!! 
N: I will never let you go again! Maki…. 
M: Yes, onii-chan~! 

(sorry I couldn’t help but go HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA 


Ho: Ah~~ It’s the best! 
Ha: Forbidden love!! Furthermore the both of them stuck with their true feelings!  Ah~~ This story is the best! 
K: Yes! Me too. I nearly cried! 
M: W-what are you all saying!? 
E: Maki!! 
M: Eri??
E: I will support the both of you!! 
M: Eh?? I-it’s just acting…
U: I will support the both of you too!!!! 
U: I will slice down everything, everything that get’s in the way of your love ( HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA
M: U-Umi too… 
No: Maki-chan had it good, but Nico had to suffer… 
No: Nico-cchi had to pretend to be cold for Nico’s sister’s sake.. What a good person. 
N: Eheheheh. That’s~ right~~!
M: What are you so happy about? Nico-chan! 
M: I said, everything is just a simulation! It’s not real!
R: Then, why don’t the both of you start dating for real? (good job rin!!!!
M: Eh?!  
Ho: That’s right! You just need to start dating! 
Ho: Since both of you love each other isn’t it? 
M: W-what are you saying?! This isn’t possible isn’t it?
U: Don’t worry. Blood relations do not matter in front of true love. 
M: This isn’t related!! Besides we don’t have blood relations. 
Ha: Then, there’s no problem now! 
K: That’s great! the both of you! 
M: No, I mean, I said, this isn’t the problem!!
E: Nico, you have to work hard when you meet his parents. 
No: Please take care of your body, Nico-san.  
N: Yes Father. Yes Mother. 
N: Nico, is going to marry Maki-chan now. 
M: You don’t have to marry into my family! 
M: Nico-chan, why are you even acting along ! 
M: Besides, aren’t you acting as a guy? 
M: I mean, wait, this isn’t the problem of who is the guy or the girl. 

*everyone stares*

M: that’s why stop looking at me with eyes full of expectations!!! 


I nearly died of laughter while listening+translating