Get excited about our new foundation that will be replacing the Face & Body: Water Blend! Flawless, lightweight, buildable, 80% water, 20 shades. They are available at Make Up For Ever boutiques, and will be available on on 7/22! 


This weeks tutorial is a very simple but effective look that consists of an elegant winged liner with a pop of subtle Purple under the lower lashes, and the best part is… there is no eyeshadow involved! 

Last week I was invited to an intimate dinner with @makeupforeverusa and Charli XCX to celebrate the launch of their new AQUA XL line.
Charli’s makeup artist, Colby Smith, was also there to share his tips and techniques on how to recreate Charli’s looks using the new range. 

There are 20 colours in the Aqua XL line and they are all completely waterproof - they literally won’t budge! The MUFE tagline is: 

‘They stay on until you take them off’

And it couldn’t be more true. I found the best way to remove them is to use an oil-based makeup remover, the one I love is by Clinique and it’s called ‘Take The Day Off’. It’s a balm that turns into a liquid oil on contact. It’s non-greasy and non-drying, and removes even the most stubborn of makeup - such as these. 

On the whole, the Aqua XL pencils are the perfect product to use for festivals this Summer - they are heat resistant and super bright! What more do you need?!

The formula of these pencils comes in 5 finishes: 
S - Satin
M - Matte 
ME - Metallic 
D - Diamond 
I - Iridescent 

Below is a photo of the entire line with swatches to the left, inclusive of the colour number. Each pencil starts with a letter which indicates the finish of that pencil.
In the above photo that I created on myself I used M-92, which is the Lilac shade with a matte finish, as well as I-90 which is the brightest Purple, and has an iridescent finish. 

As I mentioned earlier, the formulation of these eyeliners means they are completely waterproof and all of them are highly pigmented.
They are a creamy texture which makes working with them super easy as they blend like butter!
The colour-combo possibilities are endless with this range.
I would have loved to have created this makeup look using the Blues and Turquoise shades from the range as they really makes Brown eyes pop! But having already produced a tutorial last week using Blues I decided to opt for Purple instead… and I love it!

The entire collection of Aqua XL eyeliners are available for purchase from the Sephora website. Each liner costs $21.00, which works out about £14.50 in GBP. 

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