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Soooo I’m wearing that red “Devotion” by @milanicosmetics and although the color is beautiful I could not wear it alone. After like half an hour, My lips felt so dry! My lips just may not be cut out for liquid mattes lls. Cuz I’m having this problem with alot of the ones I’ve tried with the exception of the @gerardcosmetics hydramattes. I had to throw chapstick and lip gloss on top to rehydrate my lips!
Used shadows by @morphebrushes
And @anastasiabeverlyhills.
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All about the liner 🎨 Eyes: revlon Colorstay Skinny Liquid Liner in ‘Electric Blue’; @annabellecosmetics Liquid Eyeliner in ‘Black Out’; maybelline The Colossal Chaotic Lash Mascara in 'Blackest Black’
Eyebrows: @marcellecosmetics Accent Eyebrow Pencil in 'Brun Tendre’

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Hey guys! Today’s post is all about the beauty blender. 

I bought my first beauty blender in February without hesitation. There has been so much buzz about this product that I wanted in on its benefits. I can totally understand if you’re debating on purchasing one, I mean, its just a sponge that cost $16. Considering I like my beauty essentials to be worth the cash I’m shelling out for it, I think the beauty blender from Sephora lives up to its hype and price. 

When you first order it you may be surprised by how tiny it is in retrospect to all the youtube videos its been making appearances in. Don’t underestimate this baby because it increases in size as you run it under the sink, growing about 2 more times in size! I always use mine damp because unlike cosmetic sponges from drugstores, the beauty blender absorbs the moisture of the water and works to smooth out unevenness in makeup application. Drugstore sponges are great and I’m not knocking them at all, the two products should still be in your makeup bag but not for the same purpose. The beauty blender can apply your foundation for you, so if you’re in your makeup beginner stage you don’t have to wonder if you’re too much of a novice to start using this bad boy, you’ll be applying your foundation like a pro by purchasing it.

As for hygiene I’ve been concerned with how many youtubers I’ve seen use their beauty blenders in videos without cleaning them before hand. You should always clean your makeup brushes, and the beauty blender is not exempt from this either! Sephora sells two cleansers for the beauty blender but if you’re experiencing post traumatic stress induced makeup product purchasing, aka PTSIMPP for short, you can follow my tips to cleaning your beauty blender on a low budget :) 

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I’d like to thank notesfrommydressingtable,com for sharing these cleaning tips on her pintrest, shes got colorful tips about beauty right here :)

Step 1: Take regular dish soap ( I used Dawn) and rub a small amount into your beauty blender to get it a bit sudsy. 

Step 2: Run the beauty blender under water and squeeze the beauty blender. You should notice the bb get sudsy while removing product at the same time. Continuously squeeze product, water, and soap out until it returns back to original color and it looks as if all product has been removed. After rinsing there should be no more soap in beauty blender either. 

Step 3: Fill up plastic container half way with water, place beauty blender in container. Microwave for 1:40 (thats one minute and forty seconds). This will disinfect your beauty blender. 

Step 4: When taking out container from microwave be careful as the water and beauty blender are hot. Let cool. Eventually pour out water and squeeze beauty blender and let air dry. 

The beauty blender may be a squeeze out of your wallet if you’re a beauty beginner but I hope I convinced you its pros, but just remember to keep it clean!

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