Makeup or Fakeup?

No, this is why you will never have a real relationship because you will never get to know someone for who they really are because you can’t see past the superficial. Whoa, okay that was a mouthful. I am a devout Instagrammer (is that a word?), and for the past two weeks or so, people that I follow have been reposting this and getting a real kick out of it. I, however, have not been able to laugh at this meme so much when I look at it, and believe me, I love to laugh.

I forgot about this picture until today, when I got on Facebook and saw more people sharing and reposting this photo and even the video of her doing her makeup. People are saying that she is trying to fool people, she is fake, and other things like, “I am so glad that I am pretty and do not have to put on this much makeup like she does!”  These terrible words and judgmental statements are coming from both girls and guys.

Today, I took to Instagram and ranted only a little bit (lol), about how angry this picture makes me. I am the type of person that tries to find the best in people, and get to know others for who they really are. After a lot of weeding through comments and Google searching, I finally found the name of this young lady and her YouTube channel. She is a very talented makeup artist and seems to be a very sweet person.  What sucks, is that people are judging her by the amount of makeup she is wearing and believe that she is fake or deceiving people because of the amount of makeup she chooses to put on.

The creator of this meme and the people –both girls and guys-who agree with and make rude comments about it are sadly judgmental and slightly hypocritical in my book, let me tell you why. Girls: because we all know the struggle and hard work that we put into looking good or presentable on a daily basis. Maybe you don’t wear makeup, say you like to work out to maintain a certain weight or figure, whatever it is, we as women all know our struggles to look good or look how we desire to. Guys: because they have no idea what it is like to be a woman. We women put a lot of work and consideration into how we look; nails, hair, shaving, and makeup, if you like to wear makeup. Guys do their hair or get haircuts if they want to and it is not a standard per se, for them to have to shave their arms, legs, and armpits as us women do.

I wonder when people will stop associating wearing makeup with being insecure, low self-esteem, trying to fool people, or being fake. Sometimes people wear makeup just because they want to, or it’s a hobby for them. There are all kinds of reason that people like to wear makeup. It really kills me when guys vocalize how much they hate makeup and weave, yet, they drool over and Woman Crush Wednesday pictures of Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj, and others alike. I am not taking away how beautiful these women are and how great of a person they may be, but my point is that guys fail to realize that these celebrities are contoured, made up, and surgically altered to the max.

If this woman, or other women who choose to wear makeup to give them the appearance they want are guilty of being “fake” and “deceitful”, then we all are fake and deceitful on a daily basis, i.e. colored contacts, dying our hair, wearing Jordan’s and other top notch brands while our rent is overdue…etc.

All in all, I just hope that one day, people will get to know people for who they are on the inside and not so much from their appearance. Makeup and the amount you wear is a choice and many people have different motives for why they do so, it is not our job to ridicule people and question them as to why they do so.

P.S. that awkward moment when the young lady in the meme is a successful YouTuber that is married, while you are still single and making memes out of people from your mother’s house!

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i hate seeing all these mean ass comments about makeupd0ll’s weight gain. most of the people talking shit are women, and that makes me even more mad??? like, you don’t know what’s going on in someone’s life. especially after she was placed under such harsh scrutiny and publicly humiliated in those months one of her makeup tutorials went viral on social media and people were making fun of her normal uneven skin tone and captioning things like “this is why you take her swimming on the first date” like people are really so disgusting and mean and horrible fr

That makeupd0ll scenario really annoyed me because she seems like a nice person through her youtube videos who just trying to live and help y'all beat y'all faces and y'all do disrespectful stuff like that to her videos and make racist sexist memes about my girl but y'all moms don’t love y'all anyway


For some odd reason her channel came up in my Youtube suggestions, I honestly clicked on it because she’s pretty, lol, but I thought some of the girls that follow me might appreciate her. She’s stunning.


She’s so gorgeous!! Love her <3

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Can you tell me good makeup artists I can watch on YouTube?

These are who I consider some heavy-hitters on youtube in no particular order:

Jackie Aina
Alissa Ashley
Destiny Godley
Raven Elyse
Peyton Charles
Missy Lynn
Queen of Blending
Naptural Elenore
Makeup With Mariam Musa
Vicky Logan
The Island Beauty