DIY Makeup Brush Holder
Level: Easy

You need:
- A glass jar/vase
(your choice, wide enough to fit your brushes)
- Glue gun
(Glue sticks about 1 -2 pcs are enough)
- Ribbons
(various colors and quantites, length depends on the size of your vase)
- Filler beads/salt/sand/pebbles (I used airstones - recycle and reuse!)

1. Clean your vase/jar (Dust-free!)
2. Prepare your glue gun, heat it.(Be careful!)
3. Measure the length you require for the ribbon, wrapping it around
the jar and measure another 2cm and cut of the excess.
4. Apply the hot glue to the surface, and immediately seal it with the
ribbon. Most importantly, the glue shouldn’t harden before you place
it and ensure the ribbons are equally aligned throughout all faces of
the jar.)
5. Repeat step above, if you have more ribbons to decorate with.
6. Tie a bow and glue it to the jar.
7. Fill your beads/stones/pebbles/sand

And the rest is magic. Have fun!


I am so proud of myself!! 🙌 This took $3.30 to make. #makeup #makeupbrushholder #diy #decor #vanity #makeupbrush #teamnatural #naturalhair #zebraprint #zebra #face #crafts #dollartree #thrifty #glass #love #rp #share


DIY: Spinning Make-Up Brush Holder (or Pen/Pencil Holder)

I found these spinning holders at Marshall’s for $6.99. Last year I bought a few because my teenage daughter wanted a make up brush holder. It was a hit! We gave a few out as gifts & I sold a few on ebay. As I shopped, if I saw one, I bought it, but I haven’t come across many since. With my last few I am making again & sharing the idea with you'all on FrugElegance Blog & FrugElegance’s new Etsy Store. Check our Etsy store out from time to time to see what special items we have for sale.

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My DIY for the day! Made my own makeup brush holder. Yes it’s not pretty but it works lol. #makeup #makeupartist #muod #loveit #sweet #diy #makeupbrushholder #homemade #handmade #sewing #brother #pinterest #etsy #crafts #artsandcrafts #artsy