ZOË - model: Zoe Kravitz - photography: Patrick Demarchelier - styling: Beth Fenton - hair: Nikki Nelms - makeup: Tom Pecheux - manicure: Rieko Okusa - set design: Josephine Shokrian - Allure June 2017

  • featured: (1st look) Simone Rocha dress - New York Vintage bracelet & rings - Scosha rings. (2nd look) Topshop Bride dress - custom made hair crown - Urban Outfitters hair clips - Daniela Villegas earrings (and Kravitz’s own) - Jacquie Aiche body chain
  • beauty notes: (1st look) Couture Mono Eye Shadow in Orient by Yves Saint Laurent  (2nd look) Top Secrets Lip Perfector, Eyeliner Effet Faux Cils Shocking in Majorelle Blue, and Full Metal Shadow in Eau d’Argent by Yves Saint Laurent

PAINT JOB / ORGANIC BEAUTY - model : Signe Romer - photographer: Frida Marklund - beauty stylist: Emma Unckel - hair: Joe-Yves - makeup: Linda Öhrström - Elle India August 2016

If you have trust issues with girls because of makeup, fake nails, false eyelashes, weaves/extensions, implants, push-up bras or filters, you really need to reevaluate your life and get over yourself.

discourse-y tag rant ahead, scroll past if you don’t want to read some serious salt


How to: DIY Makeup Room

what you will need:
• area or room
• all of your makeup/beauty products
• vanity
•ikea vanity cart (optional)
•mirrors (optional)
• etc.

1st: you need to find a open space where you can fit a vanity or a desk

2nd: you can either buy a vanity or you can build one (vanities at ikea arent that expensive)

3rd: once you build/buy a vanity, set it up in your open space

4th: decorate the space the way you want to

5th: if you bought mirrors, you can make a diy mirror wall (shown in the last picture)

6th: you can buy an ikea vanity caddy (shown above) if you have less space to save space

7th: buy or make some makeup organizers so your space is organized

8th: keep decorating it the way you want & make sure to have fun!

make sure to show me your DIY vanity using the #wonderwhorevanityroom