A/n: Based on the @ask-multisaku (who has been working so hard lately!) drawing of Konan and Sakura having their own youtube channel

I was a scrambling mess because of Suisaku. And then I was stuck between suisaku and konansaku because I love both of them. But I’m also a mess because Konan does Sakura’s makeup. Holy shit. I’m not okay for the next 10,000 years bye. 

It’s also script format I hope that doesn’t mess up your reading. >.<


[0.04 minutes in]

[Sakura shifts the camera on herself and Konan. She blinks. Konan plays around with her makeup brush in the background.]

Sakura: Is this even on?

Konan: [Glances over] I think it is.  

Sakura: [Takes a step backward] Oh. Oh—[waves awkwardly and giggles]—hehehehehe! Hello everyone!

[Cue Sakura’s intro which consists of a questionable rap of the periodic table, followed by a cat with thick coke-bottle glasses. Bright bold red letters surface onscreen saying ‘The Nerd Corner’]

Sakura: What’s up guys! So guess what, today I decided to try that youtube channel challenge where your partner does your make-up! So my cute girlfriend is going to do my make up today!

Konan: [waves] Hey there. I’m the cute girlfriend.

Sakura: Let’s do this!


[2:14 minutes in]

[Sakura has literally fallen off the bed whilst Konan covers her face and laughs uncontrollably.]

Konan: I kind of warned you. [more muffled laughter]

Sakura: [distressed sounds] I’M FALLEN HEEEELP ME!

Konan: Do you ever just want to take a picture and frame it because she’s so adorable? 

Sakura: OhhhhEMGEEEE!


[3:50 minutes in]

Sakura: I’m kind of scared.

Konan: Why?

Sakura: You have this uh…evil look in your eye. Like you are having a lot of fun and that can never be good because you are doing my—eyeoow! [Nearly gets impaled by an eyeliner pencil]. I’m okay! I’m okay! I’m alive! I’m one of the living!

Konan: [Laughs] She’s alright! That’s why I told you to stop squirming dork! Here’s a fun fact for all of Sakura’s subscribers, I actually do her eye-liner sometimes in the morning when we are running late.

Sakura: Yeah! I start screaming because the eyeliner is all uneven and she does it for me and then she kisses me on the forehead and gives me coffee and everything is okay!

Konan: Yup. 


[4:00 minutes in]

[Sakura blinks slowly at the camera.]

Sakura: How do I look?

Konan: Beautiful.

Sakura: Did she do a good job? [tilts head cutely]

Konan: Of course. [brandishes brushes] I gave her that falling-off-the-bed look.  

Sakura: [laughs] I hope you guys enjoyed that as much as we did! Like and Subscribe!  Also we’ll be doing more stuff together so stay tuned for more videos!

Sakura and Konan: Bye! Thanks for watching! 


i actually..,..,.feel like i look..,,., semi my age in these photos..,.,??????

@blizzard where are the omnics that identify as she/her where are they don’t give me bullshit that they’re somehow any different from other omnics and fucking god forbid you give them metal tits or makeup and any other stupid shit give me omnics that go by she/her and better yet give me omnics that go by they/them we all know they exist where are they