MAC Wonder Woman Collection:

MAC teamed up with DC Comics this time to create a limited edition makeup collection inspired by one of the toughest ladies in comic book history. She fights crime in foxy hot pants (and sometimes a skirt) and has a penchant for practical accessories, like bullet-deflecting bracelets, magic lassos and boomerang headpieces, too!

It’s a stupid thing to be proud about, but for the past 4 years I’ve basically hoarded cosmetics, because not only is it my job; it’s my hobby. But, I went through my whole collection and found good homes for things I didn’t use anymore, tossed the plastic bins I had been using to store a stupid amount of product in, and got down to my absolute favorites. I’ve been cleaning out a lot of areas of my life lately, physically and emotionally and i just feel a lot more light and clean :) That’s all. End dumb rant.