makeup template

anonymous asked:

Hi! what face makeup (freckles, blush, nose makeup/template) are you using on your sims, for example on your skysims 163 models? they look gorgeous!

Hi :D

Oh, that’s a really old picture anon ^^ Thank you though, I’m glad you like them :3 I’m going to have to go from memory on this one, because I can’t check for you in game. I might miss something, but I’ll try to get it all.

The freckles are probably either Alkaloid’s nose freckles (these are my favs), or the ones in this post by Lilith.

The blush is most likely this one by Lilith 

I don’t think they’re wearing a nosemask or nose makeup. Those look like the noses that come with the Honey skintone (again by Lilith. If it had been nosemasks, they would have also been by Lilith XD)

I hope that helps!