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Meet Laura Mercier Global Makeup Artist Michel Coulombe in Singapore!

The very suave Michel Coulombe is in town, and if you could use a few tips on applying your base flawlessly, and learning a few tricks to bringing out your facial structure and features (couldn’t we all), you can sign up for makeup workshops to learn how the pros at Laura Mercier do it.

Michel will be running a series of workshops at Takashimaya S.C. this coming weekend, and you can sign up for group sessions or a more intimate one-on-one consultation. 

11 Oct 2014

Takashimaya MBB

Group workshops with Michel Coulombe (Laura Mercier Global Artist)

1pm, 3pm, 5.30pm, 7.30pm

12 Oct 2014

Takashimaya MBB

One-on-One with Michel Coulombe (Laura Mercier Global Artist)

1-hr sessions available from 10.30am – 6.30pm

To check on available slots and details, call: 6235-2786

Registration fee is $80 per person, and attendees receive a doorgift including a free full-size Caviar Eye Stick. But if you quote “makeupbox”, you get a 1-for-1 deal so you and a friend (or mommy) can attend a workshop together for free.

adventurouskitten  asked:

All this talk about make up makes me think: Dwarves would have well known craftspeople that specialize in the creating of certain kinds of makeup. Like maybe they help make a lot of lip balms and eye shadows?? Plz consider this

YES. Imagine the cool makeup workshops they’d have; there would be bottles and jars and powders plants and pouches all over the place. Concocting cosmetics is an art form, lots of precision goes into measurements and specific colours. There are specialists for hair products too, though it requires a different form of training. Maybe there’s even a cosmetics guild?

Think of the competing producers, though: 

Broggûn Son of Ûhn’s latest collection is finally available at South Market!” 

“I prefer Ida IronEye’s products myself, she has a more diverse colour range year-round.” 

“Well she trades with elves to get her colours, not sure I trust anything supplied by an elf.” 

“…Well, Broggûn’s makeup hasn’t helped you woo a wife, has it now? Whereas, oh yes, IDA’S…”

“…ok don’t rub it in.”

Dwarves would be very conscious of eyes, I think, due to facial hair taking up varying amounts of the face. Same with lips. So dwarves learn which colours go best with their hair and eyes to be able to bring out the best of both. I imagine glittering eyeshadow would be HUGELY popular. They don’t use foundation as a means to cover blemishes (it never really occurred to them, and scars are a sign of pride), but rather around the eyes and cheeks to accentuate eyeshadow or to draw patterns on.

And not only is makeup for everyday application; no, there’s BATTLE MAKEUP. Smears of red/black/blue paint, geometric designs, kohl-lined eyes. If there’s tournaments, dwarves may wear battle paint on their bared skin and dark kohl to intimidate their opponents up close.

And I bet young dwarves would get makeup to draw tattoos on themselves and pretend to be like their parents (or impress potential partners).

Photographer Takes Stunning Surreal Photos With An Old $50 Film Camera

Oleg Oprisco is a brilliantly talented photographer from Lviv, Ukraine, who creates stunning surreal images of elegant women in fairy-tale or dream-like settings. There’s one significant difference, however, that sets him apart from other artists who create similar work – Oprisco shoots using old-school film photography.

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Lip Art Workshop with Karla Powell- Another NEW Date Announced in London.

Are you inspired when you see pictures of stunning, perfect lips? Well you could create them!

After my successfully Colour Run Lip series and Broken Glass lip series I get asked constantly- ‘How did you create those lips?’, ’I would love to learn lip techniques from you!’ And finally at my Lip Art workshop you can learn my lip perfection skillson this 1 day lip workshop!

During the workshop you will learn everything from tips for caring for the lips, selecting the ideal products for your look, applying with precision, working with lip accessories and different mediums and how to create original and creative lip art! You will be provided with all the best lip products to use as well as the best brushes from CrownBrush UK.

Whether you are wanting to brush up your skills or learn something new, this workshop guide will give you the confidence and expertise to create amazing lip art looks and leave you feeling inspired!


DATE: 16th March 2014

TIME: 11am-5pm


PRICE: £150

There are LIMITED places for this exclusive, one day workshop. Due to high demand this event is expected to sell out extremely quickly, so be sure to email.Places are very limited and will be booked on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVED basis.

Email: to book your place on the course.
Once you have been confirmed you will be contacted with all the information you will need including a full itinerary, terms & conditions and details for further payment.

*Payment will be accepted by Paypal and BACS.



archerywithartemis  asked:

Oh, sterek and 19 please? :)

19. “The paint’s supposed to go where?”

So this was supposed to be a drabble but do they ever turn out that way?

Inspired by this photo shoot by Carlos Medel.

Also, I would like everyone to be aware I have no idea how photo shoots actually work nor how they go about the process of makeup and stuff. I’m mostly writing this with knowledge gained from America’s Next Top Model and lots of speculation.

Stiles had been a makeup artist for a good few years now. Sure, it wasn’t the career he had originally pictured for himself, but he loved his job more than most. Plus, he got the added bonus of meeting celebrities with pretty much every job he did. Scott was constantly jealous. As were Lydia and Allison, who made sure to grill him every day for information.

Lydia was particularly frustrated this time, though, and she was not afraid to let Stiles know this.

“Derek Hale?!” 

Stiles winced a bit at the higher pitch her voice took.

“Yes, Lydia,” he sighed. “Derek Hale.”

“You mean the male model Derek Hale?”

“Yes, Lydia.”

“The one who has done shoots for Gucci and Hugo Boss?”

“Yes, Lydia.”

“Mr. Tall Dark and Handsome who also dated Charlize Theron last year?”

Yes, Lydia.”

His eye was starting to twitch in irritation. Lydia seemed to notice because she halted her interrogation in order to stare at him with calculating, narrowed eyes.

“You have to get me on that set.”

Stiles sighed again, long and low and with a hint of a growl just creeping in when Allison finally spoke up.

“Wait, can you actually do that?”

Stiles didn’t miss the hopeful shine her big brown doe eyes took. 

“No,” he said pointedly and Lydia scoffed. “I will get fired. Maybe if I got prior permission but considering I have to be at the shoot in,” he paused to glance at his watch, “45 minutes, I don’t think they would take too well to me bringing two random strangers with me.”

Allison managed to look properly chastised around her disappointed pout but Lydia didn’t bother at all to hide her own aggravation with the situation, though, thankfully, she didn’t comment any further. Stiles managed to escape the coffee shop with nothing worse than an icy glare and a slightly violent flick of strawberry blonde hair sent his way.

He was glad to say the least, once he arrived at the photo shoot. It was for some sort of obscure magazine Stiles had never read and was to be shot indoors at the main office downtown. He was lucky to have got there on time with how crowded the streets were at this time of day. One thing Stiles actually disliked about New York City was its crazy lunch hour rush.

Gulping down the last dregs of his coffee, Stiles threw the to-go cup in the first trash can he saw as he stepped into the building and let the secretary sitting in the lobby escort him to where he needed to be. 


“Hey, Kira,” he greeted warmly as the woman ran over to him.

“You’re late.”

“It’s 12:31,” Stiles said incredulously.

“Well, according to Harris, you’re one minute late.” She shrugged at him sympathetically while she dragged him by the elbow to an area off to the side set up for makeup. It wasn’t the set up that he was used to–a comfortable chair, mirror and vanity with ample lighting, and a spread of supplies–but rather a small circular platform with a table next to it holding a tray of paints and…glitter.

“Harris didn’t say anything about glitter,” Stiles hissed accusingly at Kira.

“Don’t ask me Stiles. I just do what he tells me to,” she said with another shrug and then disappeared in the small crowd of people milling about the room.

“Mr. Stilinski.”

Stiles straightened from where he’d been watching Kira walk away in disbelief and turned around with a small cough to clear his throat. Harris, with his usual pompous and unimpressed expression, stopped a good couple feet away with his companion at his side and Stiles had to refrain from rolling his eyes. It wasn’t as if he was terminally ill with an infectious disease.

“Yes sir?” 

“This is Derek Hale, your model for the afternoon,” Harris spoke, gesturing to the man next to him.

Stiles took a moment to swoon, quickly eyeing Derek up and down. Tall, dark, and handsome didn’t even begin to describe this guy. Sure he was tall, but no taller than Stiles, and he had dark, thick, and soft looking hair that curled around his temples with a beard to match. His bone structure was every makeup artist’s dream, chiseled and defined and his eyes, oh god his eyes. Stiles may have gotten lost in them for a moment but he pulled back when Harris continued.

“And this is Carlos Medel.”

Another man had just stepped forward and Stiles instantly recognized him from the countless blogs he’d read about the photographer. Medel was one of his favorites. And Stiles may have been trying his hardest not to grin like the crazy person he was inside. He couldn’t help his excitement but he knew how to be professional.

“It’s wonderful to meet you,” he said sincerely, shaking Medel’s hand with maybe just a bit too much eagerness.

Medel nodded with a small smile and Stiles moved to shake Derek’s hand as well.

“Medel will explain to you exactly what he’s looking for,” Harris stated and promptly walked away.

Stiles blinked for a moment and then turned to the two men beside him. 

“Well! Let’s get started then.”

“Let’s,” Carlos said. “Derek, if you please.”

Derek nodded and pulled his jacket off to drape over a chair placed next to the platform. Stiles watched nervously as he began to strip before stepping up onto the platform in just his tight black briefs. It took perhaps a moment too long for Stiles to direct his attention away from the model’s abs.

Despite being used to constantly having to interact and work with attractive people, it always took Stiles a moment to contain himself. He was a young, bisexual, and frankly horny young man. He really couldn’t be blamed for when his libido decided to act up. And when it came to Derek, he for some reason could not get a hold on it.

Derek wasn’t the first ripped model Stiles had ever seen–not by a long shot–but there was definitely a certain level of intrigue to the man. Despite the fact that his skin was tan, his muscles defined, his chest and stomach dusted with enough hair to be sexy, his hips sloped down into a ‘V’ shape leading farther down into the hem of his briefs…well despite the fact that Derek was very obviously and objectively hot as the sun, he didn’t flaunt it. He stood comfortably, not self-conscious (not like there was any reason for him to be whatsoever) but casual as if being half nude in public was his natural state. Seeing as he was a model, Stiles would have to guess that was probably true.

It was a nice a change of pace though. Most models he worked with were nice enough but still held that edge of superiority, as if their looks somehow made them better than anyone else in the room. Derek simply looked at ease, listening to Medel intently with a serious gaze. Stiles could appreciate that. 

And those biceps. He could appreciate those all night long.

By the time he realized he hadn’t really been listening to Medel’s explanation, Stiles tuned just in time to hear: “…and please make sure that there is an even coat around the groin and hips or else the paint could flake. Of course I’m sure you are well aware of that.”

Medel paused and looked at him expectantly but Stiles was still stuck on the last thing he’d said.

“I’m sorry. What was that?” he asked hesitantly.

“Is there something wrong?”

“No! No I just…I could have sworn you said…the paint’s supposed to go where?” Stiles choked out as he felt his stomach drop in anticipation of the answer he knew was coming.

“Well each photo will have different schemes but in the full nude shots, Derek will need to be covered around his groin. Is that a problem?” Medel asked with a raised brow.

Stiles inhaled deeply and sent him a tense smile.

“Of course not.”


And then Derek dropped his underwear to the platform with a soft thump.

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