makeup workshops

adventurouskitten  asked:

All this talk about make up makes me think: Dwarves would have well known craftspeople that specialize in the creating of certain kinds of makeup. Like maybe they help make a lot of lip balms and eye shadows?? Plz consider this

YES. Imagine the cool makeup workshops they’d have; there would be bottles and jars and powders plants and pouches all over the place. Concocting cosmetics is an art form, lots of precision goes into measurements and specific colours. There are specialists for hair products too, though it requires a different form of training. Maybe there’s even a cosmetics guild?

Think of the competing producers, though: 

Broggûn Son of Ûhn’s latest collection is finally available at South Market!” 

“I prefer Ida IronEye’s products myself, she has a more diverse colour range year-round.” 

“Well she trades with elves to get her colours, not sure I trust anything supplied by an elf.” 

“…Well, Broggûn’s makeup hasn’t helped you woo a wife, has it now? Whereas, oh yes, IDA’S…”

“…ok don’t rub it in.”

Dwarves would be very conscious of eyes, I think, due to facial hair taking up varying amounts of the face. Same with lips. So dwarves learn which colours go best with their hair and eyes to be able to bring out the best of both. I imagine glittering eyeshadow would be HUGELY popular. They don’t use foundation as a means to cover blemishes (it never really occurred to them, and scars are a sign of pride), but rather around the eyes and cheeks to accentuate eyeshadow or to draw patterns on.

And not only is makeup for everyday application; no, there’s BATTLE MAKEUP. Smears of red/black/blue paint, geometric designs, kohl-lined eyes. If there’s tournaments, dwarves may wear battle paint on their bared skin and dark kohl to intimidate their opponents up close.

And I bet young dwarves would get makeup to draw tattoos on themselves and pretend to be like their parents (or impress potential partners).