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How to Look Like a 70s Gothic Horror Heroine

If you’ve seen any gothic horror movies made in the period spanning the late fifties to the early seventies, there’s a look you may come to recognize.  It isn’t period appropriate, but it works in the setting.  It’s sixties makeup filtered through a romanticist aesthetic, a strange blend of demure and baroque.  Basically, the women in these movies aren’t made up like Victorians- they’re made up like beautiful illustrations.

And here’s how to get the look yourself!

1. Foundation is generally matte, with rosy blush on the apples of the cheeks (how heavy is up to you.)  Fill in your brows to the best of your ability.  But all this is really set dressing for…

2. …the eyes!  Choose a pearly nude shadow based on your own skintone; if there’s a shade you use as a highlighter, grab that.  Cover your lid from the lash to the brow.  Next, get a liquid or gel eyeliner and start lining!  It should be thick on top, thin on bottom, and have a very small “kitten” flick.  If you’re good at applying false eyelashes (unlike me), now is the time for them.  If not, apply a heavy coat of mascara to top and bottom lashes.

3. Finally, choose an off-red color for your lips.  I think the idea was that coral, berry, or pink lips looked more natural than an obvious red.  I’ve never seen burgundy lips on a lady in Hammer Horror or AIP, but I see no reason why it wouldn’t work with the color scheme.

Now go put on a lacy top and find a monster to kiss!


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