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Youtubers AU

For @carryon-countdown!!!!! In which Simon and Baz are both beauty you tubers who couldn’t be any more different

  • Baz is a beauty guru that is honestly slightly terrifying to watch. 
  • He always scowls at the camera like he just fucking knows you’re putting the eyeliner on wrong and his is so sharp it could cut someone.
  • He only uses the best of everything, and his looks are ridiculously editorial. Cranky and Cool is his #thing. He always ends up looking unreal, with dark green metallic lip and dark purple eyeshadow, flawless skin, sharp ass cheekbones he spends hours on with his Kat Von D Shade and Light palette
  • IRL he’s an economics student in London with a really posh flat, and he uses Excel to organize his entire fuckin life, like don’t even diss Excel in front of him
  • His filming area is Minimalist™, grey desk, grey walls, all his makeup and brushes organized by brand on the wall behind him. 
  • He doesn’t even do an intro, he just blinks at the camera impassively for a couple seconds before he just starts in with the tutorial. But it isn’t even really a tutorial because he just expects you to KNOW how to bake your undereye concealer. Like, I’m telling you, watching him is stressful and intimidating 
  • But he somehow has taken the beauty world by storm, and he has 3 million subscribers that he rarely interacts with except to critique their technique when they tweet him a pic of them recreating one of his looks: 
  • “Did you use lipliner? I can see some bleeding in the corner smh. Try better”
  • Then there’s Simon.

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Beauty King

Summary: Nothing has been stopping Dan from making a makeup video but himself. So he does. Simple as that.

Word Count: 2,645

Warnings: Mild swearing?

Notes: So this has been sitting, finished and edited by the lovely @cantcatchmegaythoughts, for weeks now, but I’ve been so busy with AP exams and prom that I kinda forgot about it. So without further ado I give you my makeup Dan fic! I hope y’all enjoy, and leave a response in my ask if you get a chance, please!:)

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do you think laf John and Alex would ever start a YouTube channel/ make a video about their relationship to help people who are coming to terms with their sexualities? Idk I was thinking it would be really cute and start off just helping people but as more people viewed the video(s) they'd just do it for fun


100000% John’s idea

The channel starts between Alex and John. John is in love with the idea but Alex rolls his eyes at first. Their first videos are mostly arguments against homophobia, with Alex’s arguing skills and John’s editing. Then it turns into more relationship stuff, and as they start to get views, Alex finds that hey, this is kind of fun.

They get more popular. John gets into makeup tutorial videos. More videos, more topics, John answers questions from kids.

Then they get Laf into it. They introduce their three-way relationship and promote healthy polyamory. They answer questions together and Laf gets into it as well. Eventually, John and Laf start making videos about his Daddy kink - explaining it, explaining how it works for them, and emphasizing that it isn’t always sexual - the dynamic makes John feel safe.

Then, after a few years of this, they reflect back on their relationship and realize it’s gotten healthier, smoother. It’s like the videos - just a fun hobby to do together - have been therapy for them. Z


Yuri Plisetsky | Yuri!!! on Ice [Make up]

So I did a costest of Yuri Plisetsky from the Anime Yuri on Ice today and was like well you could also film it~ So I did. The Make up turned out okay… it isn´t really a “Tutorial” more like a “Get Ready With Me” but I hope you like it anyways!

Tutorial by:  Roxcesable
Tutorial Link:

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Ok so I'm currently home alone and I heard foot steps, freaked out and went to investigate. After a thorough search nobody is here. I'm still kinda freaked out by it so I was wondering if you have any ideas on calming down please let me know!

((Hey there! Glad to know you’re okay! :)
Anyways I’m on mobile right now so I can’t add links unfortunately, but I can share some of my ways of calming down!

-Slime videos. It sounds cheesy, I know, but watching slime being squished and pulled and hearing it being crunched is really relaxing. Go on YouTube and look up some slime videos. My sister recommends HelloMaphie and Karina Garcia as channels that make really good slime videos!
-On that subject, makeup tutorials are also really nice to watch too!
-Speedpaints are super chill as well.

If you don’t wanna go online, here are some offline suggestions:
-Take a hot shower. It helps relax your muscles and I find it’s a good way to clear the mind.
-Color, if you can. It’s creative and a bit less stressful than full out drawing.
-Read a nice book.

Hope that helps!))

Setting Spray - (Peter Parker x Reader)

Based on this post, which holy crap inspired me to write for the first time in forever. 

Summary: Reader does Peter’s makeup and when he gets home from stopping a robbery, he’s surprised to find that it’s still on

Warnings: None, pure fluff 

Word Count: 822

A/N: This is my first imagine on this account! I wrote it pretty quickly so if it’s crap, that’s why. Thanks for reading!

Originally posted by spideycentral

“You have got to be kidding me,” Peter sighed, looking up from his chemistry text book. You grinned at him from your place on his bed and patted the spot next to you.

“Please, Pete? I literally just watched MannyMUA’s tutorial and I need practice! If I’m going to become a makeup artist in the future, I need someone to test out looks on! Plus,” You paused, chuckling at your boyfriend’s face, “you have really great skin so the makeup will go on so nicely.“ 

Peter groaned, knowing that there was no way out of this situation. And, even though he would never admit it to another living soul, Aunt May had done his makeup before so he knew the drill. “Okay, okay. But just so long as you promise you’ll binge watch Pokémon: Indigo League with me.”

You let out a squeal, grabbing Peter’s hand and dragging him onto the bed next to you. “Okay so we’ll start with primer, which is one of the most important steps because…”

By the time you were done with Peter’s makeup, it was one in the morning. You had let him turn the television on to have something to focus on while you were working your magic. “Okay! Now the last step. I’m gonna use the Urban Decay Setting Spray which makes it so the makeup stays on all night!” You told Peter to close his eyes and mouth and spritzed his face with the setting spray. 

“And now we’re done?” Peter asked warily, opening one eye too look at you just in case you still had the can of spray up. You only grinned at him, nodding and grabbing his hand to put a mirror in it. Your boyfriend’s eyes widened when he saw his reflection, pivoting his head to get views from different angles. “Oh my god, I look like a girl.“ 

“A very pretty girl,” you assured him, kissing his cheek. He asked you a few questions about the makeup that surprised you, but you were interrupted when the news channel came back on, with the topic of a jewelry robbery that was happening a few blocks down from Peter and Aunt May’s apartment.

“Y/N! I have to go, how do I get this stuff off?” Peter asked in a panic, already changing into his Spider-Man suit. 

“It’ll take to long to get it off, you’ll have to leave it on,” you said with a sheepish look on your face. “I’ll take it off for you when you get back, just go!” You grabbed his mask and put it on for him, already pushing him out the window onto the fire escape. 

“I hate you, you know,” Peter said before swinging off down the street towards the jewelry store.

“You love me!” You shouted after him, giggling at the idea of Spider-Man wearing a face full of makeup underneath his mask. 


By the time that Peter came back from stopping the robbery, it was a little after three am. You were laying on his bed in one of his t-shirts and a pair of his sweatpants, watching a movie on your boyfriend’s laptop. The knock on the window startled you, making you pause the movie and look to see Spider-Man huddled outside on the fire escape. You got up from your spot on the bed and went to let him in, asking how it went.

“Good,” he replied, “it was that same guy who tried to rob the convenience store two weeks ago so it was pretty easy to catch him.” Peter took off his mask and changed back out of his suit into a pair of pajamas, when he caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror. “Oh my god, I totally forgot that you did that! How the hell is it still on?" 

When the doe-eyed boy turned back to you in shock, you already had the makeup wipes in hand. While wiping the foundation off of his face you replied, "Bitch, that’s what the Urban Decay Setting Spray is for." 

Peter looked at you with wide eyes before softening them with affection for you. "You’re such a dork for makeup,” he said while scrunching up his nose. You pursed your lips while rubbing the rest of the makeup off of his face.
“Yeah, well this is coming from the kid who got a score of 103 on the last chemistry test,” you teased him. After you finished taking off the makeup on his face, you pressed your lips to his nose for a few seconds, feeling his nose scrunch up once again against your mouth. “Thanks for letting me do your makeup, Pete." 

"Yeah yeah, just don’t make me your personal guinea pig,” he said with his lips ghosting against your own. 

“Oh no, I’ll make you my personal testing spider,” you grinned against his lips, closing your eyes before closing the space between him and you.

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MARTA!!!!!! YESSS!!!!! YOU! LOOK! SO! FUCKING! GOOD!!!!!! the lipstick goes great with your complexion and the eyeshadow really brings out your eyes omg!!!!! pls teach us how to be so pretty!!!!!!! Any guy would be so lucky for you to give them a second of your time!!!!!!! any person, honestly. You're so great. Keep posting selfies! Your beautiful face lights up my day!

okay, a tutorial on how to be pretty: I wake up looking like I haven’t slept in twenty-one years and my skin hates me, so I take a shower and then slap on a full face of makeup and pray for the best.

Thank you so much, boo. You are so so so sweet.

Voltron Characters as Types of Youtubers
  • Pidge: makes how-to Minecraft videos. Plays a lot of Nintendo/indie games. Also makes vlogs.
  • Lance: rage quit gamer like Michael Jones of Achievement Hunter. Plays mostly X-box.
  • Keith: basically cr1tikal.
  • Hunk: food vlogger.
  • Shiro: child-friendly Minecrafter. Doesn't really know how to play.
  • Princess Allura: hardcore COD fan. Only plays first person shooters. Occational makeup/nail polish tutorial.
  • Coran: diy home improvement. "what the heck is a viddy game?"
Professor Dallas chapter 8

I made a new chapter 8 because i couldn’t really come further with it, so here it the new chapter 8. Enjoy. 

Dirty, Dirty, Dirty Taylor ;)

My wattpad –>

I didn’t know what to do with myself, today was the dance and Adam would take me, because he asked me and of course I said yes.

How stupid of me, I don’t even want to go to this dance, I would rather sit at home eating ice cream watching ‘The Vampire diaries’ because why not?

Running down the stairs, and into the kitchen.“ Good morning sweetheart,” My mom welcomed me, “ Good morning mom, dad,” I said, giving my quick kiss on the cheek.

And in that moment I actually forgot to ask if I could go to this dance tonight, and yes, I have to ask my parents.

“Mom?” I ask nervously. I always ask my mother first, because I’m good to manipulate her, “ You know there is this dance, tonight at the school and I was wondering if I could go,” I asked looking up to get an answer, she hesitated, “Taylor, you know we don’t like it, when you ask in the last moment,” Either do i but my best friend convinced me to go so, and then I forgot so I don’t really have a choice. “I know, but everyone on my is going to be there, and then it’s only me there is not going,” I said with my puppy eyes, begging to go. “Just let the pore kid go woman, it’s her first time,” My dad suddenly said out of the blue. My mom nodded, “Okay but be home at 12,” she said and I ran into her arms thanking her, and giving my dad a kiss on the cheek, running upstairs, calling Sky.

“Don’t call me and say you can’t go, I don’t take no for an answer,” Sky said, and I rolled my eyes at her comment, “No I’m not calling to cancel it, I’m calling saying I’m going,” I said, and bumbing down on my stomach in my queen size bed. “Okay? Didn’t you ask your parents before today?” She asked, “No,” I said back, wondering if I would have asked earlier. “You go girl, that’s my girl,” She screamed sounding proud,“ like I thought you already had asked but to my surprise you didn’t, damn, your mom should be proud,” no she’s not but we will work on that.

“Well no she’s not but whatever I’m going, so suck on that,” And the only thing I could hear Sky screaming, “Ohhhhhh,” in the other line.

“Why you so sassy today? I like that side of you,” She said, and I could easily picture her smiling, “ I don’t know, I’m just going to a freaking dance tonight, nothing new,” I said sarcastically, “ You need Jesus. Should I help you get ready or something?” She asked, “Hey that’s my sentence! No I can handle it myself, but thanks anyway,” I said, pulling some hair away from my face, “Okay well I will see you tonight,” she hung up.

Okay, good I’m alone right now and I need to look really good tonight, not looking cute or pretty or fabulous, I’m going to look sexy tonight.

Stripping my pjs down, I was about to take a long shower, washing my hair and body, and stepping out taking a towel from the closet, rolling it around my body and a new one in my hair, drying my body completely and massage some body cream that smelled like mangos, blow drying my hair and taking my favorite panties and bra on.

Walking inside my bedroom again, finding my dress and laying it on my bed, and my black high heels besides the bed. I was bending down at the moment feeling a little exposed, it was like someone was looking at me, burning holes in my back, standing up straight and looking to my left and right and after turning around.

There was, no one. it’s my mind playing with me, I’m sure about that. Still thinking that my mind was playing with me I turned around, I was wrong. “Hello Taylor,” His pink fully lips said my name so beautifully, I stood stoned, frozen everything that can’t move, he just stood there smiling with his perfect smile and lips and his white teeth. His hair was messy on his head making him look much younger, he had tight black jeans on, a black Adidas hoodie and black converse.

He looked so young, and care free, I think I could look at this man for hours without getting bored,

He looked up and down at me, smirking. In that moment i forgot I’m standing half naked in front of him. Looking down at myself, my cheeks turned bright red, and I covered my breast with my hands, not covering that much.

“Don’t hid your body from me, angel,” He said stepping closer to me, taking my chin in his hand, making me look up to him. “Your body belongs to me, angel and no one else,” he whispered touching my lips lightly. He was looking at me so directly not showing any emotions. “Is that clear?” He suddenly said, and i nodded, his lips turned into a smirk,“good, cause your ass look fucking good in those panties, angel,” he said leaning in, kissing my lips. One of his hands found my ass and squeezed it hard making me gaps. My hands found his over arms, feeling his muscles.

“I could take you right here, but your parents are down stairs, and then the would think things the shouldn’t think,” He said running his soft hand up and down my back.“ I will be quite,” I whispered, trailing my hand down his stomach, he looked at me, every move I made. Pulling my hand up under his hoodie, making him smile down at me. “Such a naughty girl, Taylor” He said taking my wrists in both his big hands, pinning me down to the bed, making me giggle.

“Oh Taylor, making you giggle is one of my favorite kinds of sounds , but you moaning my name have to be my all time favorite sound,” He said sending fireworks down my wetness.

“Well, well, well you already wet for me Taylor, that’s a good girl right there,” He said sticking two fingers inside me, making me arch my back,“stay still angel,” he said touching my naked stomach, I moaned, the feeling was just so overwhelming. Him pumping inside of my faster and faster.“ Cameron!” I moaned out loud, my parents probably heard me, but I didn’t care because every time I’m with him I forget all about my concern, everything that bugs me, leaves my mind.

“Shhh, stay quiet angel,” he said laying a hand over my mouth, I couldn’t stop I was a moaning animal, suddenly his fingers was gone and his big cock replaced it, and a screamed came out of my mouth out loud, but his hand on my mouth making the scream not as loud as it would have been if his hand wasn’t there.

He trust was hard and was on repeat again and again with same force, making my inside go crazy, my walls pulled against his cock, making him moaning my name so beautifully. “Shit Taylor, your pussy is so tight,” He moaned. Why can he moan if I can’t? That’s so unfair.

I closed my eyes feeling every trust he send me, feeling complete with him inside. I pushed my hips up meeting him halfway, I arched my back of the feeling, I was going to come.“You can’t come until I say so,” He said moaning.

The sweat was running down my head, and my body was on fire, I was about to release, but I couldn’t because I don’t have any permission. My hart was about to jump out of my body, if I can’t get my release soon. He trusted on more time,“ come for me, angel,” he said releasing inside me, his words was just like music to my ears and came seconds after him.

He was laying on top of me, his head in between my breasts, my mouth was free from his hand. While I was trying to get my breathing under control, Cameron head snapped up. “And I thought you said you would be quite, Ms. Summer,” He said lifting his left eyebrow. I pushed him on his hard chest, crying like he was hurt. “Ahh Taylor, that really hurt,” he said and fainted on my bed. I pushed I’m once again on his chest, lifting my left leg over his body, laying on top of him. He secretly opens one of his eyes, looking at me. “ Well professor, look who’s in charge now,” I said smirking, before I got pushed down, “Not so quick Ms. Summer,” he said smiling.

Then he looked up like he forgot something, he looked down on his iPhone, lifting himself off me. “Well Ms. Summer I think this is my clue to leave you now, so you can get ready for the dance tonight,” he said giving me a hand to stand up. His hand found my cheek pulling me in for a passionate kiss, and letting me go after. Walking to the door, turning around. “I can’t wait to see you in that dress, angel,” He said walking out of my room, leaving me alone.

The clock was almost 5 in the evening, and I really thought of taking another shower, because of the heavy sex Cameron and I just shared only moments ago. Yes I could just one quick one, I don’t have to be there before 6:30,- shit Adam, I completely forgot about Adam shit he would pick me up around 6:15 I think it was. Then I don’t have time for that damnit, you Cameron Dallas for making me feel so good and making me sweat like a pig at the same time.

I quickly put some black eyeliner on, I made a black wing in the end of my eye, not going all crazy on the makeup. Black mascara and some blush, I really didn’t that blush because I probably would blush a lot tonight anyways. I looked okay, I think, I never worn eyeliner before, but I have seen long makeup tutorial of how to make a wing eyeliner.

Putting my black short dress on, and not making anything with my hair, it could feel free to do anything it wanted tonight.

The clock said 6:10, just my luck, I took my high heels under my arm, running down the stairs, well my parents already left, damn I thought I we should discuss my kind of clothing toning but that’s no need for that anymore.

The doorbell rang, and I ran to the door and opening it, seeing Adam in a black suit, damn he looked good tonight. His green eyes meet mine and he smiled, “You look amazing Taylor,” he said,“Well thank you Adam, you look pretty nice too,” I said smiling back at him.

The car ride wasn’t awkward or anything, we talked all the way, and i was surprised that we actually have really much in common. And then he told me his dad died when he was 5 years, like that was so unexpected, but it was nice of him telling me that he trust me, and of course I told him that when he needed anyone to talk to I would alway be there for him.

When we came to the school, it was all decorated and stuff, it looked really pretty, I have to give them the credit for that. “Shall we go?” Adam asked offering his arm to me, and I gladly took it. We got inside the hall, it really looked pretty, the grey and white decorate was a good match. Suddenly I felt hands on my shoulder, turning around I founded my best friend. We ran inside each other’s arms,“Ohh Taylor you look so amazing, I think I’m crying,” she said and sniffed, “Oh no Sky, don’t cry please you look stunning,” I said hugging her tight.

'I will be over there if you need me’ Adam said to me and smiled, I couldn’t stop smiling, it was sweet of him making this a best friend moment, and walking away. “Where’s Adam?” She asked, “He walked way, because he didn’t want to ruin our moment together,” I said smiling, “Oh well that was sweet of him,” yeah, yeah it was sweet of him.

The clock was a little over 9 and this dance school party or whatever it was, was shit. Like really shit no one was dancing and it just looked bored. “Hey Tay, you wanna go to a club or something?” Sky asked, “Sure why not, but we’re not even 21 Sky, how the fuck do you want us to get in?” I asked, sounding maybe a little to harsh on her, but this party was shit and it made me in a shit mood.

“Let me take care of that sweetheart,” a familiar voice said behinds me, I turned around finding two pair of brown beautiful eyes staring into mine blue once.“ So you are taking us to a club?” I asked, not sounding to sure about this.“Yes, do you got a problem with that Ms.Summer?” He asked, whispering it in my ear. “No,” was the only thing that came out of my mouth, like I would object him and say so many thing, that this was wrong of a teacher, but kept my mouth shut.

“Well then let’s go!” He said taking my hand in his, and beginning walking up to his car. I couldn’t really believe that this was a real moment, he was holding my hand, and sometimes he squeezed my hand, smiling down at me. This was a real moment, I didn’t want to let go of this, never.

We sat in the car silence, not saying a word to each other.

Then Cameron pulled up in front of a club we instantly got inside, I don’t know why, maybe do Cameron know some of the workers here, I think but that’s none of my business.

A waitress showed us to a table upstairs, where the VIP apparently was,“ What do you girls want?” He asked. “I don’t care just give me something,” I said, I didn’t want to sound stupid because I don’t know a shit about alcohol, so he can just choose for me. He nodded, and Sky wanted the same. the waitress came back and he ordered something, I don’t know what was.

“It’s a nice club,” Sky said to Cameron. “Yeah I’ve been here many times, that’s why we’re in the VIP,” he said smiling. A man a little younger than Cameron come up to him, and start talking. “Sup bro, what are you doing here man?” He asked, and Cameron pointed at us,“ You got 2 girls at once, that’s so cool bro,” he stared screaming, and Cameron pushed his chest, much harder than I did it this evening. Whispering something I couldn’t hear.

“He is hot,” She said still looking at the blue eyed boy,“Eh I don’t know, not my type,” I say looking at her,“I know, are you go for our English professor?” She asked, and I blushed. “ I knew it!” She yelled, making both Cameron and the other guy turning to look at us, and then turning back around still talking.

The waitress came back with Cameron’s order, she had 3 big glasses of something in it, and 20 shorts, I knew they were shots because I’ve seen Sky take them to here 16 years birthday party.

The other man nodded to Cameron, turning around and winking at Sky, she blushed, she just blushed she never blush! Never to a guy, I’ve known sky for almost mo whole life and I have never seen her blush, because of a guy. She took her drink in her hand,“I will be back, I promise,” she said smiling, waking in that guy’s direction.

“Your drink,” he said and handled me the drink,“thank you,” I said tasting it, It was okay I think, and then I took a big gulp,“Wow, wow, wow do you wanna get drunk tonight or what?” He asked laughing,“No, I’ve never been drunk before,” I truly said,“Well then I will suggest you don’t take that much at the same time, angel,” He said squeezing my thigh, wow it’s already hot in here.

I got the drink all down, and Cameron and I both took 10 shots each, like I was so done after that one. Cameron didn’t even look drunk, maybe because he have tried it before and I haven’t.

Cameron’s hand was still on my thigh, and my mind saw about to go down, I needed him right now, I was so horny right now, the only think I could think about was sex. And as my mind was saying, I wanted it now, and I don’t care if anyone is looking, it just want him, now.

I pushed my right leg over him, so I was sitting on him,“Taylor what are you doing?” He asked placing both his hands on my hips,“I’m not doing anything Mr. Dallas,” I said rocking, forward and backwards.

“Such a naughty girl, Ms. Summer,”

my long overdue eybrow tutorial (sorry !!!)

okay so my eyebrows literally look like that first image before i do them.  first of all i put my foundation and all that on first. 

i have litereally like a $3 waterproof eyeliner pencil from NYC makeup or something that i use to do my eyebrows. ive never really done brow wax and plus this way is cheaper. 

Find something waterproof (so it won’t fade if u sweat or get a drip of water on ur face) a little on the softer side of medium; kind of smudgy that you can sharpen to a good point.

If you’re going for natural colour, find something slightly grayer and lighter than your actual hair colour (unless you have very dark skin like lupita nyong'o for example, then just go for black) and make sure it’s matte. 

[if you’re NOT going for natural-looking brows you can disregard everything i say about how to match it to your hair colour.]

im a natural blonde but i dye my hair black, so i have a dark ash brown pencil. 

The vertical line is where i marked where i want the eyebrow to start angling downward at the top. Lightly brush your pencil over the inner half of your natural eye brows.

here i’ve followed the curve of my browbone with just one line for now, starting to angle it down at the vertical line. the shape i’m doing is angular, not rounded brows. Depending on the shape of eyebrow you have a different type of shape might work better but this one looks fairly natural pretty universally. 

that next line is more or less where i’m going to have the top of my brow. if you have highly arched brows you probably don’t need to follow this as closely but i don’t so to make them more arched i draw them like this. 

okay so then i’ve got everything filled in and it’s gonna kind of look weird. For the outside edge of the eyebrow i taper the width toward the outward edge. 

Next, take an eyebrow brush or washed and dried old mascara brush and brush the smudgy pencil through your eyebrows so that it is evenly coated. If your brushing over skin without hairs on it do so gently bc you don’t want the pencil to scrape off (a lot of this looking good is practice honestly, so don’t feel bad if it ends up looking like a mess at first. it happens)

so after the colour is brushed through i apply powder (this doesn’t need to be special powder just get some eye shadow that’s matte and a similar colour to your pencil)

If your hair is very dark or wiry/thick and won’t stay into place, you can always brush lightly with mascara to help set the hair. hairspray or gel sometimes help too.

clean up any oopses and ta-da!!! you’re done and you have rad eyebrows. here i am wtih the general finished look. Almost as good as if u were born with them that great :)

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I totaly see Lydia as a fashion blogger/youtuber, doing a tag of boyfriends and girlfriends with Stiles. It would be so cute!


  • Lydia is this super popular fashion blogger from the time she’s fifteen
  • She has this insanely popular website that just makes her popular at school, and Stiles freaking Stilinski is always on it, looking at the way she poses despite the fact that he really doesn’t give a rat’s ass about what she’s wearing. 
  • It’s this extra thing that makes her seem so above him… so intangible… but also, in a weird way, humanizes her for him. 
  • She also has a youtube channel that she uses less often, but she uses it mostly to do hair tutorials and answer questions, etc. 
  • The supernatural shit kicks in and she definitely uses it less. The fashion blogging stops. Her youtube channel lays dormant. 
  • But one day they’re hanging out after school (post all the nogitsune crap, post the wild hunt, post everything) and Stiles is watching Lydia get all of her clothes off of the floor and slide one foot carefully into her panty hose. And he says, in a slightly hoarse voice, one that is muffled by the comforter that is pulled snuggly around him, “Why don’t you ever use your blog anymore?”
  • Lydia blinks at him. “What blog?” she asks, even though she knows exactly what he’s talking about. 
  • “You know what blog,” Stiles chides gently, rolling his eyes. “I think you should start using it again. It used to make you really happy.” 
  • “How would you know that?” Lydia asks, sliding her shirt over her head to hide her small smile. 
  • “Because I was at least a million of your bazillion hits,” he teases. She looks back at him, the expression on her face contemplative. “It feels silly now. After everything.” 
  • “Isn’t that kinda why you should be doing it again? Getting back to… life?”
  • Her hair had been in a complicated updo earlier today, but now she simply braids it back and slides back into bed with Stiles, deciding that reapplying her makeup can wait because she’d rather lie in bed with him. 
  • He tugs her closer by sliding a warm hand up the back of her shirt and she pushes her knee between his legs, tangling the two of them together. 
  • “You really think I should?” she asks, considering it carefully. “Yup,” says Stiles, nose brushing against hers as he nods. “It made you really happy.”
  • The next day, she enlists Kira to come with her and do a photoshoot of her outfit. They do it the next day. And the day after that. 
  • Slowly, Lydia’s followers come back, and she starts to gain new followers. Her blog starts to climb in hits. it’s just a hobby, but it’s something she loves and something that she’s good at. 
  • For the first time, she also does makeup tutorials. She doesn’t think that her bare, unmadeup face is the worst thing in the world anymore. She’s okay with sharing what she knows. 
  • And she gets a tumblr and starts to answer asks about hair, makeup, and fashion. 
  • Stiles is constantly stealing her phone and snap chatting on the story for her beauty blogger snapchat. He takes videos of her getting ready and doing photo shoots. 
  • Sometimes they do tags together, which is always really funny. They sit in front of her nice camera together in a well-lit room and Stiles either asks her questions for her to answer, or they answer them together. 
  • You can always see how well they get along because Lydia spends the whole time smiling and trying not to laugh whenever Stiles says anything. 
  • And the way he looks at her starts to become legendary on the internet
  • People start to call them Stydia
  • It’s awesome. 

Okay so I know a lot of you guys here on tumblr really loved the death’s head moth look I had posted a while back. Well, I now finally have a tutorial for you guys showing you how to recreate this look! Yayyyy! I hope you guys like it!

Please subscribe to my channel for more deadly moth looks :D


Okay, so quite a few people have asked how I do my makeup.

I dunno why they ask but they do. Now here’s a really non detailed tut for you guys. 

So sit back and enjoy. 

A'ight so first we got our nice clean face. Now my face was gross and greasy so I washed it before this tutorial. It’s good to wash yo’ face. I don’t ever do it but lets pretend I do. 

(horrified screaming in the background)

As you may remember, I shaved off half my eyebrow and now it’s growing back and that’s why it looks so damn patchy. 

But I digress. 

Now to the foundation brushes.

These are from Ecotools. The ones shown here say ‘airbrush concealer’ (the thicker brushy lookin’ one) and 'concealer’ (the flat one) on the bottom. Idk if I’m using them right but they work for me so hey-o here we go. 

So I take the flat concealer brush and dip that into my cheap ass liquid concealer which is like two tones lighter than my actual skin because I’m trash. 

Actually now that I look at it it might be darker lmao shit. 

This is Pure Beige by Maybelline it seems. It also says Fit me. Idk what that means.

ok so now I put the liquid foundation on the areas marked above with the flat brush (haha look at my face) 

and then slightly blend it with the other brush. 

Then after that I take my big ol’ fluffy brush (idk what the brand is since the handle snapped off) and just go around blending what’s left of the foundation in (which shouldnt be much unless I guess you caked on the foudnation).


Ok then comes the powder

Maybelline is cheap as shit at Rite Aid idk why. So that’s what I buy lmao. Anyway this is Soft Cameo 02. It’s like 5 shades lighter than my skin because again, I am trash and their “dark” is like ridiculously dark. According to them humans only got 3 skin tones. 

Anyway, using that same brush I just go ahead and sploosh that on the rest of my face since the only place that’s got liquid foundation is where I put it. 

taaa daaa

Ok now are my eyebrows. 

Now I just trimmed 'em so they’re all nice and not scraggly here but here we go. 

Ive got this angled brush that’s supposed to be used for eyeliner but it serves me no purpose there. The brush is from Wet n Wild and it’s like the best thing I have from Wet n Wild because Wet n Wild sucks asshole.

Ok so I got the black eyeshadow since my eyebrows are hella black. Eyeshadow is from L'Oreal. 

Now I lick the tip of my brush to get it wet. It’s prolly smarter to dip it in water but I’ve lost control of my life so I lick the tip because, again, I am trash. 

So now you’re gonna fill in your patchy ass eyebrows. You can brush them. I always forget to so w/e. 

(I forgot that I could make gifs so I just did them after) This is what it looks like when I fill in the front. Don’t dip your brush back into the eyeshadow otherwise it’ll be too black. Just use the residue that’s already on there. Maybe lick it again to get it goin’. 

Ok so now I thicken the top with an actual eyebrow pencil (wow) 

This one is Maybelline EXPERTWEAR. Again, it was cheap as fuck. 

so you basically make a small obtuse as fuck triangle on the curve of your brow. 

i got this trick from my “Retro Makeup” book. 

and again here we are 

Ok so moving on to BLUSH

I had an old roomie who had all these weird small tester blushes from Bobbi Brown so I stole one from her and this is Calypso Coral 2 from them with an Ecotools blush brush. 

and i mean y'all know how to put on blush just pull a fish face and slap it on yer cheekbones. 

I mean it all depends on the shape of your face (just google some shit about that idk) 

i use very little of this blush because it’s so pink and I don’t wanna be lookin’ all trashy n whatnot.

I mean I am trash but I ain’t lookin like trash you feel.

Ok so now we got the eyeliner:

This is like the “hooker” brand because it’s so cheap. I wouldn’t know I just use the eyeliner. This is NYC Liquid eyeliner. it’s like 3 bucks as opposed to like $10. I’m broke as fuck don’t look at me

So basically I just do one wing first 

They say to do the eye that you fuck up on the most first so your good eye can save it when you get around to doing it but i always forget these tips so i just do my good eye first

So honestly just sell your soul to satan and pray these wings come out even 

Good e-fucking-nough

I have the fortune of wearing glasses so that always covers up my fuck ups with my wings

For y'all who don’t wear glasses

I’m sorry my friends 

Anyhoo that’s my makeup tutorial and here’s the end result ft. glasses

(see how it covers em up) 


anonymous asked:

I got "glomped" by a Homestuck cosplayer with unsealed paint and my cosplay was rendered unwearable. Unsealed body paint is such a douche move. I confronted the girl about it as she was walking away and she claimed I was shaming her for being a beginner cosplayer. I was tempted to report her.

As someone who loves nothing more than helping out the younger cosplayers and being a cosplay mentor and watching people get better at their costumes….

….That is 1000000% report-worthy.

At that point it isn’t about her being a “beginner cosplayer” which she may have been but literally every body paint tutorial that I have ever seen (and god knows I’ve seen tons of them!) includes information on how to seal your paint so it doesn’t casually rub off. If you’re using a tutorial on painting yourself there is absolutely zero reason to not know about sealing your makeup or how to do it so you don’t damage other people’s costumes.

Not to mention glomping without permission. I really, really hate that. Touching others without permission is not okay. Like if it’s a good friend who gives you a surprise hug and you have that sort of relationship it’s fine but if someone has unsealed paint and you don’t know them and they’re glomping you that is SOOOOO not okay. To be fair, I have some extra loathing specifically for glomping without permission…. I was seriously injured at a con ten years ago by someone who glomped me with a running start and knocked me over onto the ground and then ran off leaving my friends to help me up. I had multiple pulled muscles, several ordinary bruises, and a bone bruise on my elbow, and it took me over a month before the pain went away and I was mostly healed. There is no reason to do that to someone else.

I get that wearing your first costume is exciting. I get how excited you can be when you see a favorite character. (I have to stop myself from squealing like a little kid when I see certain characters let me tell you all this because it’s TRUE, and I’m older than most people reading this blog.) But ruining someone else’s costume because you can’t control yourself from touching them AND you are wearing entirely unsealed makeup? No. No no no no no no no. Just grab some fucking baby powder and the cheapest kabuki brush for buffing and seal your fucking makeup or so help me. And then learn how to say “OMG [character name]! Can I have a hug? Don’t worry, I’m sealed.”

anonymous asked:

Maybe you guys can help me out. I am Indian/Pakistani so I have brown skin (I guess?) and I have been looking for make-up tutorials but can't find anything. On youtube I found some wedding make up tutorials, but I want daily make up, smokey eyes for going out, something to wear with my dress to kill, something when going to the opera with black eyeliner so sharp to kill the white men wondering what a brown girl is doing there (not literally though). Do you know what I mean?

Hi there!

I’ve actually had the same problem in the past myself. It’s hard to find actual tutorials for makeup that suit our skin tones. I resolved to following makeup tutorials by black women with skin tones closer to mine and found that helped me figure out colours that would suit me, makeup styles, contouring and so on.

However, I do know a few Indian subcontinent youtubers that I have definitely found useful.

  1. Kaushal Beauty: She’s so beautiful! I think she has a great variety of videos she does, which is pretty cool. She also does a lot of celebrity makeup tutorials which is great too.
  2. Sweetfantastico: Saira unfortunately hasn’t been making videos recently, but I love going back to them every so often. I actually ended up the Estee Lauder Double Wear after watching her review of it. Also she’s got this real cool smokey eye tutorial inspired by Frieda Pinto. I’ve yet to try it, because I’m not too keen on darker shadows, but it’s definitely worth the watch.
  3. Stylesecretsx: Naiya does really nice neutral/simple everyday kind of makeup tutorials. I feel like they’re pretty memorable and easy to follow along to. Also, she’s got a great sense of style and her styling videos are super cool.
  4. Priyathatsmyname: Okay, so maybe I have a bit of a girl crush on Priya. But WOW. She’s so adorable. She doesn’t have a lot of videos, but man, are they diverse or what? A bit off topic, but I really liked her DIY makeup storage tutorial. One thing I especially like about Priya is that unlike the above youtubers, she’s got a darker skin tone and I personally can really relate better to her tutorials.

Most of these people don’t make videos regularly, but their older ones are really useful. I hope this has helped you out. Thanks for your message!


Boyfriend challenge AI

“Hellooooo!” you waved to the camera. “Hope you all are having a great week!” you were a famous YouTuber, 3 million subscribers. you do all sorts of videos, challenges, blogs, advice, tutorials, everything.

This week you are doing a “boyfriend does my makeup” challenge. “You’re in for a treat this week! So this video has been requested loads, but I was missing something, a boyfriend, and well you kinda need a guy for this. So, I got my Best Guy-friend to do this with me. Which just happens to be,” you tapped your desk, mimicking a drum roll, “Ashton Irwin! “

He laughed and took a seat beside me. “Hows it going?” He smiled at the camera. you were really close to the 5sos lads, they had been in so many of my videos already. “Okay, so are you ready ash?” you smiled at him, no one knew this, but you really liked him. A lot. Since you met him actually, and you couldn’t do a single thing about it.

He gets thousands of prettier, skinnier girls fangirling over him every day, and you were nothing special.

He nods “Alright lets do this” he looks down at your desk where you lay all of your makeup items and his face drops. “You put all of this on your face?” You laugh. ” Yup”

He picks up a foundation bottle “HA! I know you put this on first!” He beams proudly. You laugh and nod, “Well done” he then continues his search for a brush. “You have like 18 brushs, how do you know which ones which!?” ” Practice” You reply.

He studies the brushs for a minute and sighs “you know what I’m just going to use my hands.” He pumps two pumps of the foundation on his fingers and smushs it on your face. You srunch up your face. He spread it around your face and rubbed it in “Hey I’m not so bad at this!” 

He then got the bronzer and dusted it all over. “This is really dark I think you should get a lighter one…” he said to the camera. You sucked in your cheeks to stop yourself from laughing. He then got your liquid eye liner “this looks hard” he said. “it is!”

He picked up your eyelash curler and said “this looks dangerous” not being able to hold it in anymore, you burst out laughing. “what?” “You look so fascinated by all my makeup! ” you continued to laugh, clapping your hands. 

At the end you picked up the mirror and turned to the camera “I’m scared” You whispered to the camera.

The moment you saw your reflection you laughed. “I am a really tanned panda” he put your eyeliner all around your eyes, bronzer all over your face and a really Dark lipstick on your lips. ” Pandas are cute!” He said, proud of himself. “What do you guys think? Comment below!”

You turned to him and he burst out laughing “what?” You said “oh yeah, my face…”

“You look so adorable! ” he continued to laugh. You smiled “thanks”

“Uh, take off this lipstick, I can feel it drying into my lips.” You mumbled, forgetting to turn off the camera. “I got it” he said and wiped his palm across your lips. And then everything got quiet, and slow. He then traced your lips with his tumb and leaned in. His lips pressed against yours and you sat there in total shock. You snapped back into reality and pressed back before he could pull away.

“I really wanted to do that” he said “since I met you” a smile broke across your face “you like me?” “A lot.” He said

“Okay guys” he said a while later. “Turns out this really was a ‘boyfriend does your makeup’ challenge”