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Where can I find cute makeup storage? Like on the vanity? Something more unique/not ikea.

Hello, xo

You could get creative and use items that are normally for desk organization or bathroom organization! You could use marble toothbrush holders or small vases for brushes, marble or gold trays for display. 

Stores like Anthropologie have really classy and feminine home decor items for all your beauty stuff! Check out their gold and marble collection here.

Items like this Target Nate Berkus Letter Holder can be used for makeup palettes and the Nate Berkus Pencil Holder can be used for brushes or eyeliners/mascara. 

Also from Target, a white and gold desktop storage unit that could display products.

A cool idea could be makeup palettes stacked together/held together by cute book ends! These marble ones are from CB2.

You could display makeup on serving trays! The rose gold one below is from Target and you could find marble trays for cheap at places like HomeGoods or Target like this one here.


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Pairing: Hwiyoung x Older female!Reader

Genre: Romance/Comedy

Word count: 1364 words

Notes: This blog’s first request ever! I want to thank the anon who sent this, I had so much fun writing it!

Summary: Youngkyun wonders, on an almost daily basis, what is that special thing about you that attracts him so much. He also wonders, though, how is it to fall so hard for someone so out of his league.

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