✨Hoe tips #1 -✨💆🏻

Hope you like my first hoe tips and beauty tips thread! These pearls of wisdom really help me a lot. Let me know what you think.

-💗 COCONUT OIL WILL TURN YOUR HAIR INTO SILK leave on overnight or if u don’t have time use a hairdryer to heat ur hair for 10 minutes for the oil to sink in. Wash with shampoo to make sure the oil is out and enjoy ur beautiful hair

-💗 tie your hair before you sleep and during sex, preferably in a ponytail or a very loose and low bun, if its damaged and tangles/frizzes easily in bed. Trust me this has saved my hair from breaking apart

-💗 chuck out ur foam and shave ur coochie with baby oil hell shave ur whole body with this beautiful oil just be careful not to apply it too close to the vaginal opening as u should only wash that area with water or a feminine wash

-💗 bicarbonate of soda or COFFEE granules are cheap easy and natural face scrubs/masks and will leave ur skin baby soft

-💗 for acne - sudocrem, witch hazel oil, tea tree oil are all cheap and effective

-💗 honey, lemon juice and olive oil mask for acne scars use everyday or every other day for half an hour and keep it up for a few months

-💗 don’t use coconut oil to moisturise ur face it has been proved it blocks ur pores which can cause acne

-💗 always leave spare clean panties, leggings/trackies and a top in ur car so if u stay round someone’s place u can sleep and chill comfortably n keep sexy underwear with u in ur bag just incase

-💗 a cup of apple cider vinegar in your bath will restore ur coochie’s pH to its normal state so less discomfort for u ☺️

-💗 for soft baby feet, pumice the dry heels then coat them with Vaseline and put clean socks over before u sleep and ur bae will be wanting to stroke them all day

-💗if ur into guys, carry condoms in ur purse at all times; don’t expect them to provide them all the time because truth is they don’t always n u don’t wanna be in that position where ur risking ur sexual health

-💗 combo of double wear foundation n urban decay all nighter setting spray is sex proof

-💗 coconut oil is good natural lube for giving head to guys , and the taste is good too.

More to come! ❤️

Seven Tips to make your Makeup Better

1.  Take Care of your Skin

Makeup only looks so good on top of rough, red, irritated skin… so soften and heal your skin every day!  Proper cleansing and moisturizing are key for a flawless face.  Apply moisturizer and eye cream immediately before makeup application for the best results!  -Skincare Tags- 

2. Groom your Brows

Eyebrows are the frames to your eyes - for an instant eye lift and to make your face look more polished, trim excess hair and fill wherever needed!  To find the perfect brow shape for your face, use a pencil or brush against your nose.  Vertically against the ball of your nose for the proper place to begin your brow, against your nostril through the pupil for the arch, and along the outer corner for the tail end.  - Eyebrow Tags -

3.  Line Your Lips

Kardashian-lips are only achieved with an impeccable lip line!  You can cheat fuller lips easily with the right lip lining techniques.  Pick a shade just slightly darker than your natural lips, and create your ideal shape before you put your lipstick on.  Even without lip color, a nude lip liner will make your lips look like you have done injections… even when you haven’t!  - Lip Liner Tags - 

4.  Blend your Shadow

There are only two rules to applying makeup, and those are 1) Layer   and 2) Blend   Blend that eyeshadow as if your life depends upon it!  Harsh lines and separation between colors signifies an amateur, and we all know you don’t want to look like an amateur.  Get a nice fluffy blending brush and soften that crease, soften that under eye, soften that transition… soften everything!  The better your blur, the more insta-famous you’ll look!  - Eyeshadow Tags - 

5.  Buff your Complexion

Flawless foundation is one of the most impotent factors to achieving a perfect makeup look.  How to we achieve a flawless complexion?  The tools you use have the biggest impact.  A large, dense buffing brush or a high quality makeup sponge are best for this step.  Once you’ve applied your foundation and concealer, go in with a great tool and buff away any streak, line, or layer you’ve created.  You’ll maintain the perfect coverage while creating a skin-like finish.  - Foundation Tags - 

6.  Set Everything

Nothing ruins a makeup look as quick as creasing does!  To prevent oily lines and smudges on your face, set your entire look from beginning to end.  Pick translucent powder for your undereye concealer and around your nostrils, and a setting spray for the rest of your skin.  Setting not only prevents extra moisture and migraine of makeup, but helps it to look more like skin.  - Setting Powder Tags -

7.  Take your Time

Rushing through makeup application will never get you a perfect result.  Take the extra ten minutes and blend, layer, and laquer your makeup to perfection.  A really beautiful look usually takes more than five minutes, so don’t get discouraged if you’re trying to rush and the end result isn’t what you want.  We all have a makeup artist inside us just waiting to come out!  

Using coconut oil as eye makeup remover has changed my life for the better. My eyelashes have grown to the point where they curl and are visible over my eyelids. And it works wonders for stubborn makeup that can’t be removed by makeup wipes. It’s a 2 in 1 deal and it’s purely organic. Reblog to save a life

How to Apply Eyeliner

One of the questions I’m most commonly asked is how to apply eyeliner. Sometimes all you need to finish off a look is eyeliner, but it can sometimes be a tricky thing to apply (especially on the upper lash line)

You Will Need: Gel Eyeliner, Precision Eyeliner Brush, Cotton Tips, Eye Makeup Remover

For lining the upper lash line I recommend a gel eyeliner with a small, precision brush, this allows you to build up the liner as you go and get as close to the lashes as possible. Liquid is great too but can be more harsh looking and difficult to correct.  Which brings me on to correcting the eyeliner, I’ve found the most effective method is a precise cotton tip specifically designed for makeup with a little eye makeup/micellar remover.

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how to get into makeup

In the last few weeks, I’ve had a couple of different people tell me that they would love to start wearing makeup, but have no idea where to start. I’ve also had a lot of people ask me for product recommendations, tips for basic makeup application, ect. This post is for those people, and anyone else who wants to get into makeup. 

I’m writing this post as if I’m talking to someone who knows literally nothing about makeup, so I apologize if some of this seems obvious to you. I promise that someone out there really didn’t already know that, and I’m trying to make a post that literally anyone can understand. 

first of all, here are the products that you’ll need to buy for a basic makeup routine:

(I included links to the products I use – everything I use is cruelty-free, meaning it isn’t tested on animals, except for the mascara, bb cream, and blush)

  1. foundation or bb cream (These are both liquid products that go on your skin all over your face – the difference is that bb cream is more lightweight and foundation is heavier but has more coverage)
  2. concealer (This is another skin-colored liquid makeup, but is used to cover “troublesome spots” like pimples, scars, or the dark circles under your eyes)
  3. setting powder (This keeps your liquid makeup from sliding around on your face, and also cuts down on oil and shine)
  4. eyeliner – either a pencil or liquid formula (You use it to line your eyes – it’s in the name. Black is standard, but dark brown is great for a more natural look. I recommend the pencil kind for beginners, as it’s much easier to use. Work your way up to liquid.)
  5. mascara (Used to darken and lengthen your eyelashes. I promise it’s not as scary or difficult as it looks.)

Those five cover the basics, but if you wanna expand and experiment a little, you can buy some of these products:

  1. eyeshadow (Can change up your whole look by adding more color to your eyes. “Nude” colors are a good start, because they’re highly wearable.) 
  2. primer (Helps keep your skin healthy and your makeup application even by creating a smooth barrier between your skin and your makeup.)
  3. setting spray (Keeps your makeup in place and prevents it from fading, smearing, creasing, ect.) 
  4. blush (Adds a bit of rosy color to your cheeks. WARNING: A little goes a long way. Always use less blush than you think you need, especially if you have fair skin.) 
  5. lip colors (By far my favorite. Lip colors come in several formulas: matte, semi-matte, gloss, and tinted lip balms. They also come in literally every color under the rainbow, so it’s best to experiment and find the colors and textures that you like best.)

here are some tips for makeup shopping and application:

  1. When you’re buying foundation, try to match the color of the skin on your neck, rather than your hand or arm. You’ll end up getting a more natural-looking color.
  2. Your concealer should generally be slightly (but not a lot) lighter than your foundation.
  3. “Translucent” (aka “white” or “colorless”) setting powder works for most skin tones, and is easier than trying to find an exact match to your skin color.
  4. Waterproof mascara formulas don’t run and smear as much and when you use them your lashes hold their shape better.
  5. If you have acne-prone skin, a good primer might help prevent your makeup from breaking you out. It’s worth looking into.
  6. Always start off with less product than you think you’ll need. It’s easier to add more than to remove a ton of excess makeup.
  7. I highly recommend buying a set of professional makeup brushes, because the brushes/applicators that come with makeup products aren’t always good. (For example, the liquid eyeliner I use is a great product, but the applicator that comes with it is a nightmare, so I use my own eyeliner brush because it’s much easier and less frustrating.)
  8. If you’re going to go for dramatic eye makeup (like a smokey eye), stick with neutral colors (like nudes or soft pinks) for the lips. And if you’re going to wear a bold, statement-making lipstick (like a red lip or any “unusual” color, like blue, violet, black, or orange), go for a more natural eye look. Let either your eyes or lips take center stage – a dramatic eye paired with a bold lip DOES NOT work outside of fashion shows and magazine photo shoots, I promise.
  9. If you accidentally put too much setting powder on (which I still do sometimes – everyone slips up now and then), you can fix it by taking a clean, fluffy powder brush (which will look something like this) and buffing the powder into your skin in a circular motion. 
  10. DO NOT GO TO BED WITH MAKEUP ON. I DON’T CARE HOW TIRED YOU ARE. Sleeping in your makeup will clog your pores, break you out, and advance your skin’s natural aging process. Yikes. 
  11. Your eyebrows make way more of a difference than you think. You don’t have to fill them in with makeup (I don’t), but just brushing them a bit to neaten them up can make you look more put-together. 
  12. Some good cruelty-free drugstore brands are: NYX, Physician’s Formula, and e.l.f. Urban Decay is a really good cruelty-free brand as well, but they’re really expensive. Some good quality, cheap brands that unfortunately test on animals are: Maybelline, L’Oreal, and Revlon.

here are some easy tutorials to help you get started:

Easy, Very Natural, “No Makeup” Makeup: x

Quick, Professional Makeup: x

Basic Eye Makeup: x

I hope this post was helpful. You can also click here for a list of the skincare products I use and how I use them, and here for some hot-weather beauty tips (like how to sweatproof your makeup and keep your hair from frizzing up). I’ve also been getting more into countouring lately, and I’m planning to make a tutorial for how I do mine in the next couple of weeks, so look out for that. And of course, if you have any questions or requests, you are more than welcome to message me – I’ll try to help to the best of my ability. Good luck on your makeup journeys, babes. <3