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Makeup in Movies

Being the beauty addict I am I can’t help but pay attention to the numerous beauty products that appear as props in movies…

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days is filled with beauty products which isn’t surprising since Andie Anderson (Kate Hudson) works at a top Women’s magazine. Throughout the film Revlon appears with nail polishes and advertisements in “Composure”. Later on we can see an array of products that Andie has placed in Ben’s bathroom such as: Revlon Nail Polish, a Stila Palette, and an Estee Lauder Cleanser.

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here are the prompts! due to some circumstances, i’ve pushed it back just by one day, so that way with the other trans week, we can keep the good content flowing out.

2/23 love/admiration
2/24 self expression
2/25 comfort
2/26 sharing (a little clarification, can be sharing clothes/makeup/trans tips)
2/27 sleepover
2/28 shopping
3/1 beach day
3/2 free day!

if y’all have any questions, please message any one of us! make sure to tag your content transvoltronweek!

have fun, and spread the word!


Soft Rose. 

All of this moving and adulting has really drained me of my creative energy! Ugh.. anywho… I enjoyed this look because it’s super soft and wearable. normally my makeup is extra intense- so this was a nice change. Also stay tuned for a special announcement later!!!! :D

The Look:


1) Prime eye with white eye shadow primer and follow up with applying a light coat of white shadow

***Tips*** Applying a white or skin tone colored shadow on the lid will help you blend your shadows more easily.

2) Apply “Cake” from the UD Alice Through the Looking Glass palette on the crease of the eye.

 3) To add depth, add a small amount of “Jezebel” from Juvia’s Place the Nubian II palette to the crease of the eye- focus this darker shadow more on the outer v portion of the crease.

4) Lightly dab “Luscious” from the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette on your lid using a flat shadow brush.

5) Using your finger, apply Nyx Ultra Pearl “Mania” Loose shadow on the center of the eye.

6) Apply liquid eyeliner to the top lid and pencil liner to the lower lid.

7)  Using a smudge brush, smudge “Jezebel” into your lower lash line.

* On my lips I am wearing Nyx Lip Lingerie in Exotic

* Face: Nyx Eyebrow Gel- Chocolate, Black Radiance BB Cream in Honey Amber, Face Studio Master Concealer in Medium 40, Ben Nye Banana Powder, Laura Geller Gilded Honey Illuminator, and Black Radiance True Complexion Contour Palette (Medium to Dark)

Things might get a little heated 🔥🔥🔥

Makeup Tips to Hide Being Sick

We’ve all had those days… A friend’s birthday, a special occasion, a party, work, an important meeting. Sometimes these are things that you simply cannot afford to miss, despite the fact you’ve just come done with a tummy ache, a cold or a headache or simply aren’t in the mood to go out but the world still moves around and sometimes you just have to pull yourself together, get dressed, put on some makeup and conquer the day. Whilst the last thing you probably feel like doing when you’re sick is putting on makeup, it can make a lot of difference to how your feeling and your state of mind.

First and foremost your number one concern should be your skin. When you’re sick it’s easy to forgo your skincare routine and either just wash it or do nothing at all. Instead, try and stick to your regular routine and consider adding an oil or hydrating serum under your moisturiser. When your immune system is down it can take a nasty toll on your skin - and don’t you dare even think about forgetting lip balm!

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Makeup guru: I’m gonna show you how to get perfect long lasting makeup, all day, just follow my easy tips!”

*Busts out makeup products worth up to 1000$*

Me: “Girl, that ain’t no tip, with those products my makeup would last even in hell”


Sweet & Simple Valentines Day Makeup Tutorial (x)

with a special guest appearance from two of my birds.
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WORTH THE HYPE: Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner

Given that I try new products all the time in my role as a beauty blogger, I critique products to the extreme so it  takes a lot for me to declare something a “holy grail” item. Some products just do not pass the mark when it comes to quality, Stila’s Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner is not one of these products. It can be difficult to find an eyeliner that has a thin enough tip to create small and precise lines, but Stila somehow managed to create a tip that is extra thin and flexible, but not too thin and flexible, meaning you have the perfect amount of control when applying your eyeliner.  I can only base my experience with this eyeliner on the black shade, but boy does this product have some pigmentation. It’s not pure jet black (which I prefer anyway, I find jet black can look a little harsh) but it’s pretty close too it. I don’t feel the need to go over the line multiple times in order to get it looking intense. As for the staying power, let me start by saying I have oily eyelids, wait, no, scratch that. Extremely oily eyelids. Mascaras and eyeliners are often prone to smudging on me and tend to  transfer into my crease throughout the day. Combine oiliness with hooded eyelids and it can be a struggle to find something that lasts. Stila’s Stay All Day Liner, however, does just that, it stays all day, every day. I can apply my eyeliner in the morning and it will still be in its perfect glory when I go to remove it in the evening, no smudging, no flaking, no smearing, no transferring and no fading. Some may argue that Kat Von D’s Tattoo Liner is better, but for me Stila Stay All Day is my ultimate fave.

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5 General Makeup Tips For Spoonies

I love makeup because it makes me feel great. If I could spend 30 minutes on my makeup every day, I would. But because of my chronic illness, I physically can’t some days. So here’s 5 general makeup tips to help speed up your makeup routine. I hope you find them helpful! I’ll be posting a more in depth tutorial soon!

1. Stay organized

I know when I’m having a flare up, I can barely remember little things like where my eyeliner is. The easiest solution is to keep a basket of all of your every day makeup items, including brushes. This saves tons of time and energy. 

2. Avoid matte lipstick

You usually have to exfoliate before wearing matte lipsticks. To speed things up, wear a creamy formula. A creamier formula will glide over dry patches, unlike a matte formula which would cling to them.

3. Stick to neutrals

For days when you don’t have enough time or energy, wear neutrals. They go with everything. They also require less blending than darker colors and don’t appear as obvious when not blended thoroughly. 

4. Use multi-tasking products

It can be annoying when you deal with too many makeup products. Opt for products that can do multiple things. In the above photo, I use my contour palette for eyeshadow, as well as contouring. You can also use highlighter for eyeshadow or vice versa. You can also use lipstick as cream blush, but that could take more time; which leads me to my next tip.

5. Stick to powder products (foundation, eyeshadow, blush, eyebrow powder, ect.)

Unless you have really dry skin, power products are the best option. They don’t require as much blending as creams and liquids, which saves a ton of time. If you have dry skin, then use a BB or CC cream. Their lightweight formula will make it easier to blend.

beauty tip of the day:

want your makeup to have a matte finish? spray some mac fix+ on your face BEFORE doing your makeup. this gives the face enough moisture to allow a matte finish after doing your makeup, by not making it look too dry & cakey.✨


Date Night Glam Inspired by Beyonce’s Super Bowl Look.

So I didn’t have time this week to do a bunch of different Vday looks, but I love this look because its very wearable! It’s also very convenient that almost all of the colors can be found in the Anastasia Beverly Hills Self-Made Palette.

The Steps:

1) Apply Sephora’s Cherry On Top shadow to the crease of the eye. Then follow up with Hot Chocolate from the Self-Made Palette.

2) Apply Hot & Cold to the entire lid

3) Using Metallic Plum, apply to the inner and outer lid. You want to create a frame around the lighter color on the lid

4) Apply Treasure in the inner corner of the eye 

5) Lightly dab Pink Champagne in the center of the lid to accentuate the contrasting colors. 

6) Apply a white eyeliner

7) Line the eyes using a smudge brush and Spirit Rock. Stop applying Spirit rock when you reach the center of the eye, finish lining with Hot Chocolate. 

Additional Products Used:

Face: Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow- Ebony, Mac Studio Fix Foundation NC45, Face Studio Master Concealer in Medium 40, Ben Nye Banana Powder, and Black Radiance Pressed Foundation Powder- Rich Mahogany and Ebony.

Eyelashes: Andrea 45 Black

Lips: 231 From Ulta lined with Mac lip pencil in Chestnut 

Man could you imagine a magical girl magazine?? Fun articles about magical girl stuff (fighting in heels! How to unlock your next power upgrade! So your love interest has been brainwashed…) and articles for the regular folk! Eye makeup crystal power! Tips for getting through the day with confidence! Feminist articles on girl power and women and girls saving the world today! A SAILOR MOON SAYS ADVICE COLUMN….

I would read this.