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Makeup Tips to Hide Being Sick

We’ve all had those days… A friend’s birthday, a special occasion, a party, work, an important meeting. Sometimes these are things that you simply cannot afford to miss, despite the fact you’ve just come done with a tummy ache, a cold or a headache or simply aren’t in the mood to go out but the world still moves around and sometimes you just have to pull yourself together, get dressed, put on some makeup and conquer the day. Whilst the last thing you probably feel like doing when your sick is putting on makeup, it can make a lot of difference to how your feeling and your state of mind.

First and foremost your number one concern should be your skin. When you’re sick it’s easy to forgo your skincare routine and either just wash it or do nothing at all. Instead, try and stick to your regular routine and consider adding an oil or hydrating serum under your moisturiser. When your immune system is down it can take a nasty toll on your skin - and don’t you dare even think about forgetting lip balm!

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Okay so if it’s canon that Shiro wears eyeliner and has the most perfect wings e v e r (seriously wtf Dadiro I bet you cheat with that robot arm of yours), the next question is where the heck is Space Dad getting his eyeliner cause it’s not like Team Voltron has had a chance to stop at the space equivalent of Maybelline or whatever and I don’t think anything Allura might have had survived 10000 years

So pls consider: Lance wears makeup (my proof: his amazing highlighting and general vanity)

Headcanon the nerd carries around a makeup bag too bc Lance sure as heck isn’t going to risk a bad face day

Look what I’m saying is that Space Dad gets his eyeliner from Lance bc no way is Lance gonna let his hero look anything less than picture perfect

Eyeliner, Eyelash and Eyebrow Brushes: Eyeliner brushes come in all different shapes and sizes so you will always be able to find one that suits your fancy and gives you the look you want to achieve. Whether you want a super thin precise brush or a thick, dense brush chances are you’ll be able to find one. Brushes aren’t essential for the lashes, but having them on hand means you can do a few nifty little tips and tricks. The everyday girl or beginner doesn’t need every one of these brushes and can just stick to an angled brush and spoolie to get perfect eyeliner and well-groomed brows.

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Metallic Brown Smoky Eyes!


Colorful stacked liner look

This is a simple look for the season, recommended by Beno, MAC Singapore’s Senior Artist. 

Color is in, but it can be quite daunting trying to decide how to wear a bright blue or fuchsia or green on the eyes without looking completely bonkers or just unlike yourself. 

The tip is just to wear it as an eyeliner, by using a stroke of pencil as a base, and then the right brush (flat, firm, angled brush) to gently dab powder shadow onto the line. 

The black liner at the base of the lashes is one of the things you should not skip because it will help to define your eyes and stop your lashes from disappearing when you’re wearing bright, strong colors near there. 

Another thing to look out for is a neutral shadow to define your lids and socket line, but you might want to look for something that contrasts with the liner shade you’re using. The color combi Beno recommended was MAC Amber Lights on the lids, followed by Freshwater as a bright blue liner. 

I redid the look the next day using a softer combination in case you want to try it for work or school. I used Patina on the lids, and Bright Fuchsia pigment as liner color. 

How to Maintain Your Brow Shape

Whilst brows should be thick, there is no such thing as a universally flattering shape. This is merely a guide on how to reshape your brows, I highly recommend that everyone visit a brow specialist at least once in their life, you can keep them in shape yourself. A good brow stylist should be able to figure out your ideal shape just by looking at you. Make sure you do your research and ask a lot of questions before choosing a brow stylist.

Whether you choose to wax, tweeze or thread is entirely up to you. Waxing and threading are best for removing large amounts of hair where as in tweezing is best for precision and removing small amounts of hair.

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Seriously Alo’s lashes tip is a game changer! I barely, if ever, wear falsies but my best friend does all the time, and I thought she got extensions when she first started doing this…but nope. She just changed the way she put on her lash glue. 

It takes tonnes of practice, but I hope it works out for you. Here’s an additional video Alo uploaded to show how real they look - 

Also, if you plan to comment on her video - please say you saw this on Fuck Yeah! DIY.


A “Jelly Lip” Summer: Layering Lipstick over a Gloss Base

I seldom apply gloss over lipstick because I find it makes everything thick and heavy feeling, and causes lipstick to smudge, fade, and wear away unevenly. On its own, Gloss usually has so little color that one shade looks like any other.

So I do the jelly lip.

This isn’t some amazing trick obviously. I just apply lipstick on top of a gloss base to just add some pigmentation without taking away the sheen and “jello-like” translucence. You also get the lightweight feel of a gloss with slightly better lasting power.

This is another quick way to stretch those bright lipsticks that you don’t quite dare to wear out!

Some favorite combinations are above. Try a:

  • neon pink over a transparent pink gloss
  • a soft blush-pink over a nude gloss
  • a coral over an orange gloss
  • a deep wine over a beige gloss (below)

And it’s not hard to maintain. A couple of hours in, if you need to touch up some shine, just apply more gloss. You don’t need to touch up with a slick of lipstick until after you eat or drink something.

P.S. Lip Care

Someone sent me a message asking about lip care and how I keep my lips smooth and line-free. Well I don’t naturally have many visible grooves or deep lines in my lip so I can’t give any advise about it. But grooved lips are beautiful; look at Angelina Jolie. Don’t worry about what’s naturally yours (grooved, lined or not) and just keep them in the best state they can be. This means not flaky, cracked or chapped.

Mine do get flaky and chapped actually. Usually after I try on a new product and develop a sensitivity to it. You don’t see them cos I obviously don’t do any lip-related posts on those days when my lips are extremely sore!