makeup subscription box


Yay got extra samples from Birchbox (a makeup subscription box) nothing like awesome Harvey Prince body lotion and Stila all day liquid lipstick to bring up my spirits :D Bows and makeup make me feel more human. Even when I’m in pain I keep smiling and keep rocking that @hospitalglam Side note: a lot of people have been asking me about where I got my adorable bunny that has the same tubes I do. There’s a non profit called Tubie Friends! If you’re 18 and under you can have a tubie friend donated to you (only if you have central lines, trachs, or tubes) like they awesomely did for me and if you’re over 18 you can buy one or email them and they can help find you a sponsor. There is a lot of kids still needing a sponsor! <3 My cosplay group and I will be having a fundraiser on Halloween so we can sponsor a ton of kids! :D