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We Can't Do This Without You

Note: this is the first fic I have ever written.. Thanks to the AMAZING @enterprisewriting for all of the help. I couldn’t have done it without you!

“Lieutenant (Y/L/N), please report to the bridge,” a voice over the intercom says.

Perfect. I have been worried about this moment all day. I had been the leader of an away team mission that had gone terribly wrong and resulted in the deaths of two officers.
I enter the turbo-lift and select the bridge button. The ride probably lasts no longer than a minute, but it felt like centuries passed.
As the doors open, the warm air hits my face. I am greeted by the many sets of eyes that belongs to the bridge personnel.

“Lieutenant (Y/L/N), please make your way to the front of the room,” Capitan Kirk says gently, but with authority.

I obey. The room feels like it is moving in slow motion. I turn to face the crew. My hands are shaking, and I feel weak in the knees, but I stand strong and tall. Never before has breathing felt like such a difficult task.

“Lieutenant, we all know what happened yesterday..” Kirk begins.

I feel tears well up in my eyes, but I refuse to let them out.

“And I would like to personally apologize for all that happened. ”

Keep them DOWN.

“You handled the situation with in the best way you could, with the skill, grace, and composure of a model Starfleet officer, and…”

“But I could have done better!” I yell out.

“Lieutenant (Y/L/N), the situation was out of your control. ” Kirk continues.

“If I had been a little efficient and a little quicker, than the species would not have found out, and officers (N) and (N) would still be alive. ” I retort.

Tears start streaming down my face now.

“Capitan, permission to speak?” Lieutenant Uhura asks.

“Permission granted. Go ahead.” Kirk says.

“Lieutenant,” Uhura begins, “there was no way of knowing the aliens were coming. I checked all frequencies and scanners myself. I was sure. We all were sure.” She says while gesturing around the room.
Everyone nodded in agreement, but that brings me no comfort.

“I’m sure that you all were, and I know that this is the finest crew in the fleet. You are all great at your jobs, but I have the deaths of two people over my head.” I respond.

At this point, I am nearly shouting through the tears.

“Jim, she’s had enough. Let her go.” Bones McCoy says quietly. “Darlin’, I’m sorry. ”

Kirk looks at the ground, and back up at me.
“Lieutenant, you are dismissed and relieved of your duties until further notice.”

I nod and leave the bridge as fast as I can possibly walk, and run into the turbo-lift. As soon as the doors close, I press the button of the floor my quarters are on and collapse onto the floor.

“I’m sorry,” I say to no one in particular.

The turbo-lift arrives on my deck. Still sobbing, I run towards my room.
On the way, I receive many looks of concern from my fellow officers, but I keep my head down and continue running towards my quarters.

Upon arrival at my room, I am immediately hit with nausea. I quickly make my way to the bathroom, tie my hair up and empty the contents of my stomach into the toilet. The unpleasant flavour of stomach bile lingers in my mouth, despite rinsing it out with water.

I look in the mirror and notice the mascara that has run. Normally, I would fix this right away, but I am to tired.

The day has not been kind to me.

No longer full on crying, but with traces of tears still in my eyes. I am exhausted. The only way to make my day remotely better is to strip off my uniform, and change into my pyjamas, which consists of Starfleet Academy sweatpants and t-shirt.
I flop onto my bed. I can’t sleep, so I toss and turn for hours.
“At least I don’t have the Alpha shift tomorrow,” I try to joke to myself.


I end up spending two days in my quarters, only getting up to occasionally drink water. I am a class-A mess.

*Knock, knock.*

“Come in,” I say weekly.

I look at my door to find the bridge crew coming in.

“You were in your room for so long that I scanned for signs of life to make sure you were still breathin’, ” Bones grumbles.

“What is this?” I ask as Chekov walks in with a balloon bouquet.

“We wanted to make sure you were ok,” Sulu said, with Chekov nodding in agreement, making all his bouncy curls fall into his face.

“Thanks for thinking of me, but I look awful. Can you come back when I’m looking more presentable?” I whine.

“Ah, don’t worry, sweetheart. You look rough, but I’ve seen worse,” McCoy adds in.

Uhura shot him a sharp look.

“Really Bones?” Kirk asks.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be back,” Uhura says before disappearing into my bathroom.

“Lass, I don’t think you’ve eaten much, so I brought shortbread from the recipe my gran used to make. I guarantee it’ll make you feel better,” Scotty says with pride.

“Mr. Scott, unless if the substance is laced with medication, I highly doubt that a Scottish comfort food will miraculously cure the Lieutenant,” Spock chimes in.

“Green-blooded, pointy-eared hobgoblin with no soul,” McCoy whispered to himself, but loud enough for me to hear.

I giggle a little.

Uhura walks back into the main room with makeup remover and cotton pads.

“Here,” she said while gently wiping away the mascara that had run. “Much better.”

“Thanks,” I reply.

I turn back to look at my friends, balloons and shortbread in my room. All the things that should make me feel better, but instead I begin to cry softly.

“Oh no,” Kirk said while reaching over for the tissues on my bedside table and handing one to me.

“Did we do something wrong?” Chekov asks with great concern.

“Oh no, no. This is perfect. I’m so happy.” I say while tears run down my face.

“While I am not an expert on human emotions, I do know that tears have a direct correlation to sadness, yet you continuously say that you are happy,” Spock says.
He turns towards Uhura. “Noyota, I do not understand.”

“Not now Spock,” Uhura says.

“But this should be the opposite emotional reaction, likened to an anomaly.”

“I’ll explain later.”

“I.. I really am happy and appreciate the effort everyone put into this. I really do,” I say in my most convincing tone. “I just wish the circumstances were different.”

“Understandably, yet they can be unchanged,” Spock says.

“Spock, that’s enough,” Uhura whispers.

“I know,” Kirk says while pushing my hair out of my face, “This is what makes you so good. When all of these things happen, you still care so much. It gives me hope for what we do.”

The room was silent.

“Darlin’,” Bones chuckles, breaking the silence, and putting a hand on my arm, “you seem to think that the whole universe rests on your shoulders. Life will be much easier for you when you learn it doesn’t.”

“What do you mean?” I ask softly.

“I mean that no one puts as much pressure on you as you do yourself, and you get so worked up over everything that I wonder if one day you will come into the medbay and I will have to treat you for stomach ulcers.”

“What the good doctor means is you are your own worst enemy. You are smart, you care so much, and you can do anything if you put your mind to it. But you are holding yourself back by always thinking that you are never good enough. You can’t be the villain in your story. There will be plenty of people who are more than willing to do that for you, and try to take you down. So you can’t let them have that opportunity by doing that for them. It’s not fair to yourself,” Uhura says eloquently.

“You owe yourself that much,” Sulu says.

“If you need anything, just ask us. You don’t have to do everything by yourself,” Kirk says.

“(Y/N), you were the first person I came to when I was having trouble learning the authorization codes. You sat down and help me memorize all of them,” Chekov smiles.

“And you were the first person I came to when I got fluorescent slime from the class-M planet from the planetary science lab all over the hall to help clean it up before it caused any damage. Well, any more damage,” Kirk says.

“That was you?” Spock asks.

“Not now Spock.”

“The point is lass, we need you. You help this mission stay bearable and keep us together. We can’t finish this mission without you keeping us in line,” Scotty says. “Who knows what will happen if you leave us for too long.”

I believe it.

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journal page 12/?

pastel blues and pinks and makeup remover pads à la Marion Cotillard at Cannes2k16;

quote on the left is from The Picture of Dorian Gray and the writing on the right is the1975′s Loving Someone lyrics

Internship//Yoon Sanha

Originally posted by chaewoos

Pairing: Sanha x reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary:Anonymous said:
Sara!! So glad ure back ^^ hope everything’s well. Can i request an astro scenariowhere you are astro’s makeup artist? And is it possible for you to make the reader the same age as sanha (even though makeup artists are usually older than the idols)? Thank u so much

Author’s Note: Here you go my love! Sorry it took so long, i had so so many requests to do, but i hope you enjoy!

So this scenario seems as real as possible, here are what some cues mean:

(Y/S/N)- your sisters name

xoxo Sara

Today was the day that you had been waiting for. All of your life, you have loved makeup. When you were five, you were found in your moms dresser, applying lipstick to your cheeks, in your moms heels, claiming you loved the feeling of the red roll of expensive lipstick.

It had seemed your older sister shared your passion for makeup, as she want to school for cosmetology. She had gone though many part time jobs while studying, doing makeup for parties, dragging you along to be her assistant, which you didn’t mind. You truly did adore the feeling of new brush Brussels against your palm, buying and testing out new eye shaddow palettes that came out.

The fun soon ended when your sister finally found a real job, much to your dismay. She had gotten a high paying job as the makeup artist for some band, a band she wouldn’t tell you the name of because she knew you listened to them. Even so, you begged and pleaded, putting on your puppy dog eyes and catering to her every whim, hoping you’d soften her up and she would take you.

“Alright, (Y/N),” your sister chuckled, packing up her carry-on and sliding on her flats, “Go get dressed. I’ll take you to work today.”

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I think this officially qualifies as a talent (Sorry for bad pics)


Stila In The Light Palette: $39

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Real Techniques shading brush: $6

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Golden Artist Colors x5: $10, $20, $15, $20, $12

Golden Fluids x3: $12

Total: $403.60

I’m making my boyfriend a painting for his birthday. I only went out to get paints. And then this happened. Oh my god. Lifting from Big Lots was interesting. You can kinda find good makeup if you dig through the mounds of crap. I think I literally got everything that was anywhere near good regardless of whether I wanted it or not just because I could.

forcing luke to perch on the edge of the vanity in the miniature en suite bathroom in your shared apartment despite the fact that he’d all but collapsed onto the couch upon climbing the flight upon flights of stairs after exiting your taxi, the straw like strands of his bleached blond wig catching in his mouth and over the thick collection of hair adorning his jawline and the spandex material of his leopard print top riding even further up his tummy. the darkness pooling under his eyes was a mixture of absolute exhaustion paired with the eyeliner ashton had so graciously filmed him applying. the dark ring of cobalt sharpening the soft blue hue inside his irises was all the more illuminated as you thumbed at the already smudged makeup, your smile soft when he furrowed his eyebrows at you. “m’tired, can we go to bed?” he bubbled, the lasting affects of alcohol fizzing out. “calm down rockstar, we have to get this makeup off you first. even glam rockers gotta keep their skin clean,” you chided. luke’s gaze was ludicrous as he warily eyed the makeup remover pad between your fingers, his head ducking lightly as you reached for him. he finally complied, shoulders sagging as you dusted the damp cloth across the underside of his eyes. “why do you do this every day? it hardly seems worth the effort.” you sighed, curving your nail at the clumps that you’d knocked loose as you tossed the dirtied pad into the trash bin beside the counter. rubbing your hands against your own ripped skinny jeans, you gently slipped both hands under the netting of his wig, lifting the now tangled blond strands from his sweaty mop of slightly curled blond. luke hummed somewhere in the back of his throat, eyes dancing to a close as your fingers massaged at his scalp, drawing out the tendrils to lay messily across one side of his forehead. “now we can go to bed.”

anonymous asked:

So uhmmmm Piece By Piece? Amazing!!! Can you do a part where she meets Alexis? :D

Absolutely, Anon! Thank you for being so patient. I hope you enjoy this!

More in this universe can be read here.

“Hey, babe.”

She winces through the greeting, knowing she sounds guilty. She was supposed to have left her office already and they both know it. Any other night and it wouldn’t be a problem – he’s used to her workaholic ways – but tonight’s special and she doesn’t want to disappoint him.

“Hey,” he chirps, light and cheerful. She’s hoping seeing his daughter again will be more than enough to keep his spirits up, even if she does have to bail on their first dinner for three instead of just two. “I’m at the airport, her plane’s about to land. I made her one of those stupid signs, but I think she’ll love it.”

Kate laughs softly, pushing her hair behind her ear. “She will. She’s going to be so happy to see you. Maybe you’ll make a scene and it’ll end up on YouTube,” she teases.

“Wouldn’t be the first time that’s happened,” Rick quips easily, giving her the opportunity to sigh and roll her eyes at him.

“Of course not. You forget I’ve read your file, Ricky.”

“And you’re the unofficial president of my fan club.”

“Shut up.”

“My point, Captain, is that you’ve seen all the escapades.”

“Is that what the people are calling your naked butt these days?”

His laugh echoes across the line, warming her from the inside out. When he speaks again, he sounds content, despite the question he has to ask, “You’re still at work, aren’t you?”

Regret settles firmly in her gut again. “I’m so sorry, but the Wilson case went to hell and now their lawyer is threatening to sue the department, and I just know there’s something in those files you and I went through the other day, so I’m –”

“Kate, it’s okay. We’ll do dinner tomorrow night, or the next, or even lunch one day if that’s easier. You do what you need to do. The book’s not a best-seller yet; I don’t know if I can support us both if Wilson’s lawyer takes you to the cleaners right now. I mean I can try, but it’s probably for the best if we wait until the second book comes out before getting sued. Just for the financial cushion.”

Her breath freezes in her throat. He, what?

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jadedenton  asked:

I have a question about skin care. Every time I wear eyeshadow (the naked pallet, drug store brands) my eyes peel. They got puffy and swollen and I went to the doctor, and sure enough I was allergic, at least they all think I am. So I wear bare minerals and it works great! But I want a eye cream that will hydrate my skin because it's so incredibly dry and I don't want to irritate my skin, I also need a makeup remover that doesn't have harsh chemicals. I love you Zoella you are my inspiration. ♥️

I have a similar reaction when I wear quite chunky glitter round my eyes. The best things I have found to work well are the simple eye makeup remover with a cotton pad (being careful not to rub too hard) and the khiels avocado eye treatment (although pricey, it saved my eyes) x

Worth It - Calum Hood One Shot

Requested: No

Author: Julia

A/N: I really enjoyed writing this one, so I hope you enjoy reading it. not edited

Content Warning: swearing, relationship anxiety (I guess idk), and Arzaylea (ik a lot of y'all hate her)

Summary: (Y/N) and Calum have been very close for six months, but with (Y/N)’s trust issues, Calum’s sweet gesture, threatens their relationship.

Things have been going great with Calum, too great in fact. It’s only a matter of time before he realizes I’m not good enough for him, and he leaves me. But I’m going to enjoy my time with him, while I still can, we’ve been… very close friends for eight months, it’s going to happen anytime now.

He’s flown me out to see him on tour almost ten times, and I usually stay 2-5 days at a time. His friends are so sweet, they always keep me up to date on their weird inside jokes, and include me whenever they want to go out. Its almost like I’ve got this whole group of friends, I’m not used to that. I’m sure they’re just being nice for Cal’s sake.

Its 4AM here in LA, but I’m wide awake watching Calum’s beautiful face as he’s sound asleep. That sounds so creepy, but with his arms wrapped securely around my waist I can’t move, leaving me no choice but to watch his perfect features. His full lips move every so often, and his eyes squeeze shut, pulling his eyebrows together. I’ve already kissed his soft lips this morning, several times if I’m being honest, I just feel like I can’t get enough of him.

I don’t know what I’m going to fo when he finally gets rid of Me. I stupidly let myself get attached to him, my one rule with guys, and I broke it. But how could I not get attached when he has been the only person, ever, to treat Me like I belong, and like I matter. Just the way he looks at me makes me the happiest girl in the world.

We met back in Australia, he had gotten separated from his security, and because he was so far from home, he had no idea were he was. He was outside a bakery I love, and there were fans and paparazzi everywhere. I was trying to get inside, an impossible task through the ocean of people, and once I finally got to the front of the crowd, some girl shoved me, making me fall by Cal’s feet. He helped me up, and told the girl that it was rude of her to do that.

Because I knew my way around, I helped him back to his hotel, and we ended up hanging out for an hour before his security showed up at the hotel looking for him. Neither of us really wanted to go, but he had to get to the venue for his show that night, so we traded numbers. We ended up talking daily for about a month, and then he invited me to Italy to see them play, our relationship just blossomed from there. Now eight months later, here I am wrapped up in his arms in some fancy LA hotel.

Now that my bladder is starting to hurt from holding it, I had no real choice but to chance waking Calum to get up. I lightly grabbed his wrist, moving off the top of my waist and to his side, then quickly got up and ran to the bathroom.

As I walked out of the bathroom, I noticed Cal sitting up and looking around the room, with a confused look across his face. “Did I wake you?” I ask apologetically, sitting in bed next to him. A sleepy smile found his lips as he fully opened his eyes, and saw me. He didn’t answer though, just pulled me into his chest and laid us both back down.

I chuckled, but chose to let the comfortable silence remain. About five minutes later he finally spoke in his gruff morning voice. “You didn’t wake me baby girl. Your absence did.” His soft lips brushed lightly against my neck as he spoke, sending chills through my body. “I’m not used to sleeping without you.” he added on.

I rolled in his arms to face him “You sleep without me more often than you do.” I laughed, kissing his nose. His beautiful chocolate eyes were dancing with amusement as he looked my face over “Maybe so. But when you’re here, and not next me, my body knows it.” He raised his eyebrows cheekily, pulling me even closer to him.

I laughed shaking my head “I don’t think that’s how that works, Cal.” His beautiful smile was making me feel like a little school girl who has a crush. Although I might as well be, I do like him more than anyone I’ve eber met. “It is baby girl, I just know it.” I bit my lip, holding back a giggle “Whatever you say babe.” I kissed him, and escaped from his grip.

“I need a shower.” I explain, seeing the sad look on his face. He rolled out of bed and followed me in to the bathroom. “Let me help with that.” he winked slapping my ass.

The rest of the day was a lazy day, we only left the room to go visit everyone in Michael’s room. “The cool people are here! Let the fun begin!” Cal announced as we walked in to the room. I shook my head at him, and decided to sit with Ashton, and Luke’s girlfriend: Bryana, and Arzaylea.

“Where have you two been all day?” Bryana joked, nudging my shoulder with her own. “Back in his room. Nothing too dirty, get your head out of the gutted Bry.” I joked, smiling as the two girls laughed. “Are you two coming out with us tonight then? Everyone is going, and two of Michael’s friends are tagging along.” Arzaylea asked nodding to Michael and the two people I don’t know. I looked over to Calum, who hadn’t mentioned anything about wanting to go out tonight “I’m not sure. I’ll ask Cal. He didn’t say anything about going out tonight.” I motion to Cal who is now smiling over at us.

I got up and walked over to Calum who’s talking to Ashton by the mini bar. “Hey baby girl.” he smiles at me once I get to his side. “Hey. Hi Ashton.” I smile at Ash who’s smiling back at me. I turned back to Calum and wrap my arms around his waist, and kiss his cheek. “Are we going out tonight? Bryana and Arzaylea were wondering.” he nods down at me, and kisses me. “I was thinking we could. But we don’t have to?” he asks, sweetly.

“No I want to, I just wanted to know if I should go get ready with the girls.” he smiles, and agrees, as I leave his side to go get ready with th girls. We only have an hour, and I haven’t even done more than a bun with my hair today.

An hour later, the girls and I walked back into Michael’s room, meeting the boys who are all ready.

Leaving the hotel was awful -as usual- there were fans, and paps everywhere. And again, as usual, questions were being shouted left and right at everyone, mostly to Cal, Ashton, and Luke about the girls and I. But even when we were asked questions, we didn’t answer, it’s impossible to say the right thing.

The club we’re going to is only two blocks away, so the nine of us in our group decided to walk. The most annoying part of this plan is that means fans and paps will follow us. Even with security, we’re still going to get followed.

Luckily Calum knows all the questions, and yelling gives me anxiety, so he held my hand the whole way there. Ten minutes later, we were at the club, getting right inside as the boys are who they are. We didn’t stay as long as usual, only a few hours, enough to have drinks and hang out for a while.

Around 2AM we all left feeling exhausted. Not as many paps were outside, but still enough to follow us. LA seemed to be even more crowded at night than during the day, making everything more annoying in mg tipsy state. All the boys, minus Calum and Ashton were messing around, pushing each other around, and just being obnoxious in general.

We had to stop at a cross walk, as there were dozons of cars driving by quickly. One of Michael’s friends yelled something, making me turn to see what it was, when someone fell into me. I fell backwards, and almost into the street, but something broke my fall moving me out of the way.

I turned to look behind me, and saw Calum sitting centimeters from a taxi, blocking me from the car. Both of us stood, taking a step on the sidewalk, the boys started praising Calum, pulling him away from me leaving me to walk alone on the sidewalk.

Everyone started walking again, the boys were a buzzing about Calum and what he’d just done for me. But all I can think about is that this stupid boy just threw himself between me and a car.

We were only two minutes from the hotel how, the boys were still in front talking, and now the girls were asking if I was okay. I just nodded, wrapping my arms around myself like I’m cold. Once we got back to the hotel, everyone split up, some went to the hotel bar, some to the gym to fight, leaving Cal and I in the elevator alone. “Are you okay baby girl? I was trying to ask but none of them would shut up!” I nodded, saying nothing and walking in front of him once the elevator stopped on his floor. Sadly, because I got to the room before him, I had to wait because he had the key card.

“Babe?” he asked scanning the card, opening the door. I walked in, walking straight to the bathroom to take off my makeup. “(Y/N)? What’s wrong?” he asks confused, watching me through the mirror. .“I gotta go home in the morning.” I mumble, throwing the makeup remover pad in the trash. “What? No! Why? You’re supposed to stay for two more days.” he turned me so I was looking at him, I did my best not to cry, that would only make things worse.

“Calum I’m going home. I knew this wouldn’t work. I was stupid to even pretend it would!” I snapped. In the few seconds that followed I saw hurt, confusion, and sadness cross his face. I had to look away, because it hurt knowing I caused him to feel those things. “W-what did I do?” sadness dripped from his voice as his grip on my arm loosened.

“I just can’t Cal. You’re so stupid, but so so sweet and I don’t deserve you. I’m not going to be the person that you stupidly try to save every time I get hurt. I’m not letting you do it.” I swatted at the tears falling from my eyes as a look of understanding crossed his face “You’re mad I didn’t let that car almost hit you?” I looked up to his sad, yet almost amused face.

“Its not your job to save me!” I mumbled angrily, looking away from him again. “(Y/N) I like you a lot. Okay?” he lifted my chin so I was looking at his soft eyes. “I know you don’t want to have someone treat you like the princess you are.Or maybe you think you don’t deserve it. I don’t know, but like you a lot. I have since the second I met you, and I want nothing more than for you to be my girlfriend.. But I know you don’t want to get hurt.” He frowned, moving his hand so our fingers were interlocked “I’ll never let anything or anyone hurt you. Please let me be that for you?” he ran the pad of his thumb across my cheek, wiping away my tears

I just nodded, resting my head onto his shoulder, wrapping my arms around him. “Please?” He asks again. I look up to to his soft eyes, and kiss him. “Okay.” I smile weakly “But don’t you ever do anything like this again, Calum. I wont let you get hurt either.” 

“Baby girl, why are you so mad that I helped you?” I shook my head, as he picked me up bridal style, walking to the bed, sitting with me on his lap. “Hmm?” He prompts. I look into his eyes and give him the complete truth “I’m not used to people caring about me.” I whisper, looking away from him quickly.

“Well get used to his baby girl. Because you can’t stop me from caring.” He kissed my temple, holding me close to him. “So will you be mine?” He asks, moving my face to look at his. I nod shyly, only seconds later he kissed me. “I love you (Y/N) (Y/L/N).” 


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i just got one and it contains:

1 makeup bag

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1 all-over eyeshadow brush

1 small eyeshadow brush (crease/contour)

1 face primer

1 (brown) double-ended brow pencil/brush

1 double-ended black/white eyeliner

1 mascara

1 blush/highlighter duo palette

1 palette of 6 mini eyeshadows with mattes and shimmers, neutrals, silver, and gold ranging from bright highlights to dark contours

1 dark purple matte lip cream

1 natural/muted medium-pinkish lipstick

1 lilac nail polish

Drabble-ish #6 of …

Prompt Number Six by… well, me: Serena has a lot of things to say. I am sorry. I feel conflicted and I simply had to write this.

Her laugh would have ripped her wide open, would have her torn to pieces, to shreds, had she been away from the ward that still held her respect and devotion. Oh, but she laughed. In the safety of her office, their office, she laughed – unrestrainedly, hysterically, desperately. She laughed until her throat felt coarse, until her stomach hurt, until her breath was unwillingly stolen from her – an assisted suicide.

She had almost apologized for a moment of pleasure that had fallen short, a moment that had tasted of rust, that had her convinced that her sexuality wasn’t a label but a person. She had almost apologized for a moment of clarity, a moment that had allowed her to let go of the anger that would have otherwise consumed her. She had almost apologized for having lived, for having survived. All of this to a woman that had radio silence deaf under the weight of absolutely no need.

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Having Valentines Day with EXO

Sorry for not updating for such a long time >< I am a bit tired and not inspired at all these days , so please do forgive me . And please continue supporting me writing and pls do give me ideas by sending me request , its would be very nice of you all . 

By the way , Its Valentines day today , how will EXO spend this special day with their special ones ? This is what I think …

P.S. This is super sweet , melting while writing this >3<



You opened the door of your department , you walked straight into your room without caring about anything , because you are just far too tired to hear or even open your eyes . When you are blinding rushing into your bedroom , you suddenly feel someone wrapping your waist behind you . Your heart skipped a beat , since you didn’t notice someone would be here . 

“ Happy Valentines Day , welcome home ” said a soft and warm voice , you can feel the heat from his breath dispite the cold weather . You hold his hands which where on your waist and said “ Suho oppa ”

“Saranghaeyo” he whispered into your icy ears . 



The two of you walked along the winter streets of Seoul , you can feel his big warm hands holding your icy cold small fingers . The two of you actually looked pretty weird , one pretty tall boy holding the hand of a girl who was slightly just next to his chest . But the two of you didn’t care , in fact you kinda liked it , because when you were being wrapped by him , your ears were right against his chest , and you can hear every beat of his heart . 

When you looked up to his face , he smiles back at you brightly showing all his snow white teeth which you like the most . “Happy Valentines Day ” He said with a smile . You hold his hand tighter and said “ I love you ” , which made him crack up and his yoda ears were like flapping . “Whats so funny ?” you asked . 

“I just thought the same with you” he said happily while wrapping you with his body . You can hear his heart so clearly this time , it feels like a melodic tune …



You gently pour some makeup remover on the cotton pad , you lightly wiped the thick eyeliner on his pretty eyes , without the make up he looks so clean and fresh and kinda cute , you blushed without doubt . 

“Whats the matter?” He suddenly said . “N..n..nothing” you continued your work on his flawless face . He smiled suddely , just like a fallen angel . Suddenly , he moved up suddenly , make your faces just iches away from each other . You were so shocked that your brain was blank for a few seconds . He showed you his cute smile , which you loved since you first saw them . “ Will you be my valentine today ? ” he said seriously , “Wh…at ” You uttered … You never thought this would be coming .

He kissed lightly on your lips , and said “ I said will you be my valentine" 



I touch the puppy’s fur lightly , rubbing his belly . ”______ ah" This made you lift your eyes away from the puppy reluctantly . “Are you here to play with my puppy or to be with me ? ” he said with a pretty sour face . “ Ofcoures I am here because of …” You said as you stand up , “ummm…” You put your arms around his neck , “the puppy ” You touched his nose playfully and continue to play with the puppy on the floor . Realising that he is being tricked by you , he kneel next to you and whispered “Do you think this is fun ?” . Before you could react , he already pressed his warm lips against yours .

“Happy Valentines Day ” he whispered after your kiss . You hugged his waist and said “ Happy valentines day , my little puppy " 



You waited for sehun in the school gate , you wondered why would he suddenly ask you to meet him next to the school gate . When you were still wondering , a familliar figure ran towards you . ” ______ ah , you are here “ he said with a cheerful smile . ” Ofcoures I am here , whats the matter Sehun ?“ You smiled . He hold your hand and said "come on , I want to show you something ”

The two of you ran to something like a greenhouse , basically is he who pulled your arm and made you run . When the two of you stopped , you asked “ Why are you taking me here ? ” He smiled and push the doors open , you walked inside slowly , all you see a big piece of green with many other color scattered around it . “ Its so beautiful …” You said . “So are you ” he said softly . You turned around to face him . “ This is a secret garden , no one really cared about it , I took care of it since I found it , it is just like my heart . ” He said while looking at the floor . “ Will you share it with me , can you be the owner of this lonely garden ?” he said while looking into your eyes .

You walked slowly towards him and said “ I think I am in love wit this place ” you wrapped his skinny body in your arms . 

“Happy Valentines day , saranghae ” he whispered . 



You wake up in the morning , feeling the morning sunshine shining on you softly . You woke up and walked into the kitchen , then you saw him wearing a apron making some breakfast  . “Good Morning” You said . “ Good Morning , baby” He replied . You walked behind him and hug him at the back . “ Go and wash yourself” he said gently . 

After washing yourself , you walked to the dinning table , seeing a sunny side up in a heart shape and a sausages made into small hearts . You smiled and eat the breakfast . “ Do you like it ?” asked him . You smiled and say “ Its really nice ” . “ I will make it for you if you like it ” He said (OoO) “ I want you to make this for me every valentines day . ” You said .

He showed his smile and said “ Ofcoures , happy valentines day my dear " 


This is what I think EXO will be like on valentines day , I will post the M version tomorrow and please look forward to it . >< Lastly , happy valentines day and have a nice day . 

                                                                                Lots of love 

                                                                                   Imagine exo miracle

My little bathroom corner and daily routine! I’ve gotten into this amazing habit every night of taking care of my skin and it’s incredible how much it’s made a difference!

My night time face/skin routine:
1. Take off my makeup with makeup remover and eye pads
2. Wash my face with warm water and Noxema; wipe away with a wash cloth and pat dry with a towel
3. When face is dry, take an eye pad and pour some Thayer’s Peach Witch Hazel. Gently apply around face and neck
4. When dry, massage Yes-To Grapefruit Even Skin Tone moisturizer onto face and neck
5. Generously apply Eucerin Plus Intensive Repair lotion to arms and legs (especially kneecaps and elbows)

Seriously saving my skin from this early winter, and allowing me to go out with less makeup and still feel incredible ✌️